The Nanny

Written by archiver / Feb 27, 2009



My wife, Amanda, and I are both working professionals with two young children. The daily grind of getting the kids up and off to the baby sitters, and getting us off to work was getting too stressful, so last year we decided to bite the bullet and try a live-in caregiver, at least until our older child was in school. We thought about it for quite a while, since we were not sure how we felt about having someone live in the house with us, and we weren't sure about the cost. Having a room mate is always an adjustment, with perpetual questions about chores, weird habits, etc. That just gets even more complicated when a married couple has someone live with them.

To further complicate matters, Amanda and I always sleep nude, and often walk around the house nude, or semi-nude. We aren't really nudists, but we certainly don't mind being nude in our own house. I guess you might call us closet nudists. This would have to be an adjustment as well, if we had someone live with us. Since we sleep with our door open so that we can hear the kids if they wake up at night, having a live-in caregiver would even mean having to wear clothes to bed. Yuck!! And what about sex? If the kids ever heard us having sex they would never know what the noise was anyway, but another adult just down the hall certainly would.

We weighed all the pros and cons, and decided to give it a try. After some searching we found a caregiver, Helene. She was 23, from France, and quite attractive with a nice figure, including quite large breasts. Despite the language barrier the kids took an instant liking to her, so we figured everything would go well. When Helene moved in Amanda and I talked more about the nudity thing, and decided that we had better wear clothes to bed. At that point she was certainly a bit jealous about having this young, good looking woman in our house.

The sleeping with clothes on bit went okay, and we did have sex, although less frequently than normal, and more restrained, so as to be more quiet. We don't know if Helene ever heard us or not. But when the weather started to warm up, wearing clothes to bed became a problem. With our room getting hotter and hotter at night, and no air conditioning, I could not stand wearing clothes to bed anymore, and frankly, neither could Amanda. So we started sleeping in the nude again. And besides, we agreed, Helene always went to bed before us, got up after us, and never got up during the night. So the risk of her seeing either of us, or in particular me, nude, was pretty slim.

A couple of nights later, after a particularly hot day, our youngest son was more restless than normal during the night. Like the rest of the house, his room was pretty hot, and he was having trouble sleeping, and woke several times. Bleary eyed, I went to his room, nude, for the fourth time that night, when, just as I was approaching Helene's bedroom, her door opened, and out she came, wearing only a long tank top. I guess our son was not the only one having trouble sleeping. She looked right at me. What could I do? I was caught. So, as naturally as possible, I continued on my way to our son's room, brushing past her in the hallway as I went. No matter which way I had gone, she would have been able to have a good look if she had wanted. So I went and got our son settled down, and she went back to bed. I doubted that Amanda heard our little encounter, and nothing was said about it, so I decided that I would continue sleeping in the nude.

I am always the first person up in the morning, and every morning I bring coffee to Amanda and Helene. This morning ritual always treats me with the sight of Amanda, naked, in bed; a sight that still turns me on after almost 10 years of marriage. It also treated me to a few glimpses of Helene's cleavage and legs, and once even a tiny bit of nipple. But she always slept clothed, so it was never more than that, at least, not until after our midnight encounter. A couple of mornings after our encounter, I brought her coffee, and, while she was covered with a sheet, it was obvious that she was naked underneath. The next morning was the same thing, except that one of her breasts was exposed. I paused to savor the sight before placing the coffee on her night stand.

As I walked out of her room I wondered: was she now nude in bed because it was so hot, or because she now knew that we slept nude and figured she could be comfortable doing the same thing, or was it a direct response to her seeing me nude, and a bit of a sexual challenge.

The next morning, the plot thickened further. It had been particularly hot in our house during the night, and when I went into Helene's room her sheet was down at her waist, her breasts and belly completely exposed. With the early morning sun shining through her window she looked gorgeous! When I placed her coffee on her table she sat up and picked up her coffee, without making any attempt to cover herself up. In fact, the sheet slipped lower, exposing some of her pubic hair. I walked out as she said "thank you", my head spinning with confusion. She was behaving totally innocently, as if she didn't care that I had seen her tits, and didn't see anything sexual about the situation. And maybe, being from France, that was how she felt. After all, how many summers had she spent on the topless beaches of France? Thousands of men before me had probably been treated to the same sight. Or maybe not. Maybe this was a show, meant for me. How could I know?

Up until then, I had never really fantasized about Helene. But after this last encounter, she entered more and more into my sexual fantasies. However, most of my fantasies about other women involve threesomes, with the other woman, and Amanda. None of these fantasies had ever come true, but Amanda knew I fantasized about a threesome, and I had always hoped that one day, I would have a chance for a threesome.

This pattern continued on throughout the summer heat wave, and Helene and I had a couple more hallway encounters, both of us nude, and I saw her completely nude in bed in the morning on several occasions. Nothing was ever said about it, and I was sure Amanda never knew anything about it. While it continued to be a real turn on to see Helene nude in bed in the morning, it became more and more natural too.

One weekend in late July Amanda was away at a friend's cottage, leaving me and Helene to hold down the fort, so to speak. The heat wave was continuing without relent, and on the Saturday night Helene and I had yet another midnight encounter in the hallway. I commented to Helene about how hot it was, and that I was thirsty. It was the first time we had ever spoken during one of our midnight encounters. I asked her if she wanted to join me for a drink in the kitchen, and she agreed. We went to the kitchen, got something to drink, and then went out on the deck to sip our drinks and cool off. We live out in the country with no neighbors close by, so we didn't have to worry about anyone seeing us, so we sat quietly talking, while trying to cool off. Only I was finding it very hard to cool off. In fact, I was finding it very hard to surpress my hard-on. I steered the conversation to the least stimulating subjects possible, in an effort to stem my hormones.

And then Helene asked if I could rub her shoulders. In the evening, while watching TV, I often rub Amanda's shoulders, eliciting moans of pleasure. Since Helene often watched TV with us, she knew I can give a pretty good shoulder rub. And I had given her brief shoulder rubs a couple of times before. A day chasing after the kids can be hard on the back, and I knew it.

But here we were, both naked, at 1:00 in the morning, on my back deck, with my wife 100 miles away, and Helene was asking me for a shoulder rub. I felt awkward saying yes, but equally awkward saying no. After all, the only thing sexual about the situation was that we were both naked, and by then we both seemed pretty comfortable with that. So I agreed, and she got up, grabbed a cushion off her deck chair, and came and sat in front of me. I started rubbing her shoulders and neck, and she was obviously enjoying it and becoming more relaxed. I, on the other hand, was sporting a cock getting harder by the minute. Fortunately she couldn't see it, although all I could think about was what I was going to do when it was time to go back upstairs. It's hard to hide a hard-on when you are naked!

Then, after several minutes of my rubbing her shoulders and neck, she put her hands on my knees, and pushed herself up onto the seat in front on me, practically sitting on my cock. Amanda often does the same thing when she want me to rub her mid-back, so I figured that was what Helene wanted, but the way she was sitting, my hard-on was actually pressing up through the crack of her ass. There was no way she could not have felt my erection at that point. We continued talking, and I rubbed her mid-back, while wondering what was going to happen next.

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to happen next. I didn't want things to go any further, since I didn't want to cheat on my wife, but my hormones were definitely starting to have other ideas.

Then, to turn up the heat even more, Helene started rubbing my knees and lower legs while I rubbed her back. After a couple of minutes of that, she leaned back into my chest, with my hard-on pointing into her lower back. She grabbed my hands, now at my sides, and wrapped my arms around herself, just below her tits, which glowed beautifully in the moonlight. It was soooo tempting to start caressing her nipples, which we standing out in the cool night breeze. She turned her head to look up at me, looked into my eyes, and then leaned up and kissed me on the lips. She then sighed, and whispered "thank you so much for the wonderful massage. I guess we better head back to bed before the kids wake up again." Well, I guess she had made the decision for me about how far things were going to go. It made my decision easier, and while my libido was feeling a little let down, I was glad that the situation was not escalating further.

We headed in the house, and I followed her up the stairs, staring at her gorgeous ass as I went up. When we got to the top of the stairs she turned and hugged me and kissed me again, this time a long, gentle kiss on the lips. As her tits pressed against my chest, and she ground her hips a little against my cock, she again whispered, "Thank you again. It's been lonely over here, and months since anybody touched my body like that. My pussy wants to feel you, but my heart says no, I don't want to come between you and your wife." She then kissed me again, and then broke the hug and headed to her room. If I had invited her to my bed just then, I know she would gladly have joined me, but I really felt I couldn't. So I stood at the top of the stairs, speechless, my hard-on still raging, and watched her walk back to her room. As she closed her door she turned and blew me a kiss.

I returned to my bed and began stroking my erection, imagining what might have been. Sex on the deck in the moonlight has always been one of my fantasies. I stroked myself to orgasm, and then drifted off to sleep.

The next day, before Amanda arrived home, Helene and I talked briefly and agreed that while the scene on the deck had been pretty steamy, nothing had really happened, and it would remain our little secret. Amanda arrived home that afternoon and life returned to normal. My midnight encounters with Helene became an almost nightly occurrence, and every morning when I took her coffee I was treated to the sight of her wearing only a beautiful smile. A few times I even stole a good morning kiss.

A couple of weeks after Amanda's weekend away her parents took the kids to their cottage for the weekend. That left Amanda and I kid-less from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Just what every parent needs every once in a while! We really wanted the house completely to ourselves, and we figured Helene needed a break too, so we suggested that she get away for the weekend, but she didn't really know where to go, so she just figured she would go into town to do some shopping and sight seeing. Amanda and I were a bit disappointed that we wouldn't be alone at night, but at least we would be able to be alone during the day. With any luck, Helene would be gone before we even got out of bed.

Saturday morning Amanda and I slept in until about 9:30, something we never get a chance to do together with the kids around. Then, we indulged ourselves in a wonderful shower together. As the shower stall got steamed up, so did we. Obviously this was going to be a good weekend, just as I had hoped! Little did I know just how good. Standing in the hot sensuous streams of water, we got each other lathered with soap, and then rinsed off. Then, with the water streaming down, we hugged and kissed passionately, and began to caress each other. My hand moved lower and began to rub Amanda's pussy, while she gently started to stroke my cock. As we got each other more turned on, I knelt down and began gently licking and kissing Amanda's clit, while gently fucking her with my fingers. In no time at all she was moaning to orgasm, and I held on for the ride, continuing to go down on her until her waves of pleasure subsided. Then, she turned around and got down on all fours, and I started fucking her from behind.

Just then I looked up and in the bathroom mirror I could see Helene's reflection. She had slept in too, and I guess she had heard Amanda's moaning, since our bathroom door and our bedroom door had been left open. I don't know how long Helene had been watching, but she was wearing a long tank top with one should strap down. She was rubbing her exposed breast. With her other hand she had pulled her T-shirt up and was finger-fucking herself. We made eye contact in the mirror, and I put my finger to my lips. My message was clear. Please stay and watch, but don't make any noise, because I wasn't sure that Amanda would approve. With that, Helene stopped for a moment and removed her tank top, and then resumed fucking herself, while with her other hand she held one of her tits to her mouth and starting licking her nipple.

The sight of Helene doing that, and the tightness of Amanda's cunt when I fuck her from behind was too much for me, and I started to explode in orgasm. Amanda began to moan, and I knew she was close again too, so I kept fucking her until she reached orgasm. I looked at Helene, and from the look on her face I could tell she was coming too.

I then pulled out of Amanda and stood up. As I helped Amanda up I looked in the mirror to see Helene pick up her T-shirt and head out of our room before Amanda could see her. Amanda and I then dried each other off, put on our bath robes and headed downstairs for breakfast.

We were out on the deck in our robes, sipping coffee, when Helene stepped through the screen door to join us. She was wearing a very low cut tank top and a miniskirt. When she bent over to put her coffee down her braless tits all but fell out of the top. She was standing in front of Amanda, and Amanda couldn't help but notice Helene's tits inches from her. Helene then sat down across from Amanda, and when she sat, it was obvious she had nothing on under her mini skirt. The morning sun was glistening off her pubic hair, which was clearly visible to both my Amanda and I.

I had no idea what to make of this exhibitionist display on the part of Helene. She had never done anything like this before, at least not when Amanda was around. I hoped that, perhaps, inspired by her voyeurism of earlier in the morning, she was getting into the spirit of the day.

A few months before, Amanda would probably have been quite threatened by the sight of this beautiful, scantily clad woman on the deck with us. But today, basking in the afterglow of her two morning orgasms, she seemed very at ease. We talked for a little while, enjoying the growing heat of the morning sun. When Amanda finished her coffee she lay back in her lounge chair, and as she did so her robe slipped open, exposing her pussy and most of her breasts. Surprisingly, she did nothing to cover herself, even though Helene could plainly see her. Before the kids were born, and even when they were very young, we had often nude sunbathed on the back deck. Sure beat the tanning salon, or a crowded beach.

After a few minutes, to my shock, my wife stood up, removed her robe, and said "time to work on my tan". In the morning sun, she looked gorgeous. Amanda has kept herself in great shape since our marriage, and that never shows more than when she is nude. She has shoulder length blond hair, a beautiful face, and a body that many younger women would love to have. She's not quite fit for the pages of Playboy, but the sight of her standing there, nude, in the sunshine, was enough to get my cock's attention.

Amanda lay back town on her lounge chair, her tits pointing to the sun. She then asked me to get the tanning lotion and put some on her breasts so they wouldn't burn, since, she said, "this is their first time in the sun this year." As I got up, my robe slipped open a bit, and I made sure Helene got a look before closing it again. I didn't think Amanda would want me nude in front of Helene, although at that point in time, I really didn't know what to think anymore.

I went to get the lotion, and when I got back to the deck, Helene had her top off and was in the process of taking off her skirt! Apparently my wife had asked her to join her. Then, to my even greater surprise, my wife told me to take my robe off too. Did she just want to share with Helene the wonderful feeling of nude sunbathing, or were sexual thoughts dancing though her mind? Did she know how often Helene and I had seen each other nude? She knew that I often fantasized about a threesome. Was she thinking that this was the time? I slowly took off my robe, not sure quite what to do next. Then, fighting to hold back an erection, I started putting the suntan lotion on Amanda, while Helene watched intently.

Kneeling on the deck beside Amanda's lounge chair, I started at her feet, massaging the lotion into them softy and gently. Instantly, Amanda's body began to relax, and she put her head back and closed her eyes. I spent lots on time on her feet, knowing that it really turns her on to get a good foot massage. I then started to slowly work my way up her legs, and as I passed her knees, Amanda spread her legs, revealing her glistening wet pussy to me, and to Helene, who was still watching. I then moved up past Amanda's pubic area and started rubbing lotion into her belly and on her sides. Then, as I moved up to her breasts, Amanda reached down beside the chair and started to gently stroke my cock. Helene was still watching, and while she might not have been able to see my cock from where she was sitting, she could certainly tell what Amanda was doing.

Taking Amanda's advances as a sign that she did, indeed, have very sexual thoughts going through her head, I began to slowly and sensuously rub the suntan lotion into her breasts and nipples. I spent several minutes massaging her breasts and the cleavage about and between her breasts. Amanda's nipples hardened to my touch, and she began softly moaning in pleasure. Becoming more turned on, she spread her legs further, causing her pussy lips to spread, and revealing to both Helene and I just how turned on she was.

I looked up to see what Helene's reaction was, having no idea what she would be thinking about our little show of exhibitionism. We had never done anything like this before, and I was not sure how much further it would go, or whether or not Helene would stay on the sidelines. I was hoping against hope that this was going to develop into my long fantasized after threesome, but that was still just a hope, and I decided not to involve Helene yet, content rather to let Amanda take the lead.

Helene was looking flushed, and was obviously getting turned on by what she saw. And she was starting to run her hands up and down her soft, silky skin. Seeing this, I decided to change gears. I knelt up higher, so that my cock and Amanda's hand stroking it were clearly visible to Helene, and, not breaking my eye contact with Helene, I leaned over and began to suck on Amanda's rock hard nipples. Amanda's moans became loader and more passionate, and as I watched Helene, she began to rub her hands over nipples, causing them to harden instantly. Helene then moved one hand down and began to massage her pussy. As I watched her, she slowly inserted a finger into her soaking pussy, and as she did so, she moaned.

Hearing Helene moan, Amanda opened her eyes and looked over to Helene. This was the first time she had opened her eyes since I started massaging her, and her gaze was immediately riveted to the sight of Helene slowly finger fucking herself. Continuing to stare at Helene's pussy, Amanda took one of my hands and guided it to her own pussy. I started to rub her hardened clit, then slowly inserted first one, then two fingers into her soaking pussy. I finger fucked her for a couple of minutes, while continuing to suck on her nipples. Watching us, Helene continued to masturbate, and suddenly, she arched her back and started to moan loader. She fucked herself harder and faster as she brought herself to orgasm.

Amanda watched the whole show intently, and now seemed in urgent need of her third orgasm of the morning. She started to push my head down towards her belly, making it obvious that she was ready for me to start eating her out again. I pulled her further down on the lounge chair, knelt on the deck, and then dove into her pussy with my tongue. I fucked her with my tongue, and then moved my mouth up to her clit and re-inserted my fingers into her cunt. She was obviously close to orgasm, and within moments she began to buck and moan. Her orgasm was so powerful she actually sprayed her juices onto my face. Amanda then lay back in the lounger for a moment, spent.

In the meantime, Helene was still lying back in her lounge chair, watching us, and still finger fucking herself. She looked so hot, and yet so lonely. I knelt on the deck with my arms on Amanda knees for a moment, watching Helene. Then, without saying a word to either of them, I stood, walked over to Helene, knelt in front of her, and immediately started eating her out. At that point, I was certain that Amanda was in complete approval. Even though Helene had just had an orgasm about 5 minutes before, she exploded to another orgasm almost the instant I touched her. It was the first time I had ever performed oral sex on anyone except my wife, and the first time I had touched another woman sexually in more than 10 years, and my head was spinning.

I sat down on the deck in front of Helene and started to caress her legs, gently running my hand from her calf to her pussy and back again. Behind me, I could hear Amanda stand out and come over to us. While I continued to caress Helene, Amanda started to stroke my chest and nibble on my ear. That always drives me crazy, and my cock was growing so hard, I thought it was going to burst. I moved up beside Helene, and she immediately reached for my cock and started jerking me off.

With Helene's hand on my cock, and Amanda still working my nipples and my ear, I knew I wouldn't last long. But I wanted the day to last, since it was still only morning. So I asked Amanda to take it easy, and I asked Helene to slow down. I wasn't about to cum in Helene's hand.

Amanda then moved away from us, stood up, and walked out into the back yard, into the shade of a huge old oak tree, out past our pool. She beckoned us to follow. I helped Helene to her feet, and we walked hand in hand to the place where Amanda was waiting for us. We all stood and embraced, and I noticed Amanda starting to caress Helene's back and buns.

Early in our marriage we had bought a few issues of Penthouse to read the letters, and while most of the letters had turned Amanda on, she always found the letters about women with women a turn off, and was usually even more turned off by the pictures of women with women. So seeing her caressing Helene's ass was just another pleasant surprise in a morning full of many.

We all lay down on the soft grass, and I resumed caressing Helene, paying particular attention to her tits. In the meantime, she resumed stroking my cock. Amanda knelt beside me and continued nibbling my ear, but with a free hand she starting playing with Helene's tits. I moved down, leaving Helene's tits to Amanda, and I began to work on her pussy. I slowly and sensuously ran my hands over her pubic hair, and began to rub, just above her pussy. After a couple of minutes of this, I slowly ran my hands lower, and parted her soaking wet lips. Helene's legs spread wide in invitation, and I dove in, using one hand on her clit and the other to slowly, gently begin finger fucking her.

I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I wasn't paying attention to what Amanda and Helene were doing, until I heard Amanda let out a long, low moan. I looked up from Helene's dripping pussy and saw Amanda sucking hard on one of Helene's tits. Meantime, Helene's hand entire hand looked to be inside Amanda's pussy, while her other hand was rubbing Amanda's nipple. Amanda was clearly enjoying the attention she was getting from the sexy young French woman.

I decided I needed a better look at the action. Afterall, I had fantasized about this for years, and now it was happening right before my eyes! I moved around and nestled my head in between Helene's legs and started going down on her clit, while slowly working a couple of fingers in and out of her soaking cunt. This gave me a great view of the action between Amanda and Helene.

Amanda was obviously very turned on, so much so, that she could no longer concentrate on Helene's breasts. Helene pulled her closer and drew one of Amanda's nipples into her mouth, and Amanda let out another long low moan. Helene's hand was still fucking Amanda, and each time she drew it out I could see in dripping with Amanda's juices. I don't think I had ever seen Amanda quite so turned on. Helene then let Amanda's breast slip from her mouth and she started pulling her lower body around. After a moment, Amanda got the hint, and got up and sat herself down on Helene's face, facing me. Helene started tongue fucking Amanda while working over her clit with her hand. Amanda was caressing her breasts, and alternately drawing them to her mouth so that she could suck on her nipples. She was obviously very close to coming.

I continued working on Helene's pussy while Amanda got closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly she let out a long animalistic howl that came right from the fire in her loins. She leaned down with her head inches from mine, as her orgasm shot through her.

Once Amanda's orgasm had subsided, she remained on top of Helene, and started, tentatively, to kiss Helene around her pussy. In the meantime, Helene was still gently lapping at Amanda's pussy. Gaining courage in her first time exploration of another woman, Amanda moved her head a little lower and planted a kiss on Helene's clit. This elicited a moan from Helene, which encouraged Amanda to continue on. She starting licking and nibbling at Helene's clit, while bring her hand to Helene's pussy and slowly sticking a finger inside. Helene continued to moan in approval, and Amanda started working more enthusiastically on Helene's clit, while increasing the tempo of her finger fucking. Helene's moaning was becoming more urgent, and she was obviously close to coming. Amanda started going at Helene's clit with great energy, while at the same time she finger fucked Helene more agressively. In no time at all, Helene exploded in orgasm.

Amanda rolled off Helene, spent, but still obviously very horny. The two women lay on the grass for a moment, their naked bodies entangled, while they caught their breath. After a moment, Amanda looked and me and said "wow, that was incredible. Now I know why you've fantasized about this for so long." Then she looked at my cock and realized that her and Helene had been so busy with each other that they hadn't spent much time tending to my sexual needs. With that, Amanda pushed me back on the grass, and Helene joined in. Amanda started nibbling on my nipples, and then I felt Helene's mouth slowly go down over my cock. What an incredible feeling: two beautiful women using their mouths and their hands on me. I knew it wouldn't be long before I was ready to burst. They both picked up the pace, as if feeding off my energy as I approached orgasm. Before long I could feel the pressure building in my balls, and I exploded into Helene's mouth.

Amanda helped her lick up the leftovers, and the attention on two mouths on my cock ensure that I stayed hard. They continued lapping at me for a couple of minutes, while at the same time exchanging gentle kisses between them. Amanda then stood and first helped Helene to her feet, then sat her down on my cock. My wife was offering this sexy woman to me to fuck. Certainly not an offer I could refuse.

I started slowly thrusting into Helene's cunt, marveling at how different it felt than Amanda's. She rode on top of me slowly at first, both of us knowing that it would take a while to reach orgasm again. Helene then leaned over so that it could suck in her tits while we continued to fuck. In the meantime, I could feel Amanda behind us. With one hand she was caressing my balls, while with the other she was stroking Helene's ass and gently poking at her asshole.

We all continued this for several minutes, and then needed to change positions. Helene and I embraced and, with a little help from Amanda, we rolled over, my cock never slipping from the warm confines of her cunt. Helene them pushed herself up onto all fours, and I started driving into her from behind. Amanda then slid in underneath Helene, and started to alternately lick my balls and Helene's clit, and even run her tongue along the shaft of my cock and over Helene's pussy as we fucked. With the extra stimulation from Amanda, Helene and I both moved steadily to orgasm. Amanda sensed that we were both close, and started sucking and nipping more intensely at Helene's clit, while using her hands to caress my balls and tickle my asshole. With that, Helene's cunt started to throb, and I fucked her harder and deeper. With one final, deep thrust, my orgasm erupted inside Helene. Feeling my cum splash inside her, Helene's cunt contracted forcefully and she began to cum to.

We all stayed the for a moment, my cock still inside Helene, and Amanda continuing to kiss us both gently. We were all, for the moment, to tired to move. After a couple of minutes, I pulled out of Helene, and we all lay in the grass, recovering. After a few minutes Amanda slowly rose to her knees, took us each by the arm, and said, "Let's go for a swim." We all dove into the pool for at least 45 minutes we swam and frolicked and kissed and hugged and caressed each other. It was the perfect end to an incredible morning, one that I will never forget.

We never did get dressed again that day, in fact, none of us got dressed until about an hour before the kids got home on Sunday afternoon. Helene seemed quite comfortable joining us in our semi-nudist lifestyle. And of course, all being nude led to more sexual encounters before the weekend was over. By the end we were all exhausted and sore, but in a state of sexual bliss.

It was a weekend that changed our lives forever. We had several more threesomes with Helene before she left to return to France. And we certainly never worried any more about wearing clothes to bed!

Now that Helene is gone, Amanda has started thinking out loud about who our next threesome partner should be, and who we should try a foursome with. I can hardly wait! I will be sure to tell you all about it.
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