Strip Poker

Written by wifescreampie / Mar 11, 2009



Well, it all began last Saturday when we went rafting with another couple, Todd and Robyn. After a day of sun and a lot of drinking, not to mention some real good pot, we went to Todd and Robyn's for dinner. After dinner and drinks, everyone was feeling pretty relaxed. When Todd suggested some fuck flicks, he and I left for the video store in a flash.

During the flicks, my wife Geri suggested we all play stop poker. Everyone just laughed and kept watching the videos. Well, Todd and I quickly got hard-ons, and I caught Geri looking from Todd's crotch to the hot scenes on the screen and then to my throbbing cock. Robyn seemed uninterested, so I didn't expect anything much to happen with her. After the flicks, Todd brought out the cards. Robyn said she was tired and was going to sleep on the couch, so Todd, Geri and I went into the dining room. After a few hands of stud, we decided to play strip poker. I lost the first hand and took off my shirt. After that, Geri lost?but she took off her wedding band. Needless to say, eventually she would have to drop her shorts, and the prospect of my wife sitting there naked in front of Todd really turned me on.

Todd lost next and removed his shirt. Then Geri lost again. She looked over at me as if to tell me that she was getting hot. She seductively lifted her shirt over her head and, when those thirty-eight-inch tits came bouncing out, I thought Todd's eyes would pop out of their sockets. I've always been turned on by seeing my wife turn on other men, and she was at her best this night. I had a monster of a hard-on.

When Robyn had bowed out and gone to sleep, all I could think about was having Todd and Fred entirely to myself, even if just for a little cock-teasing. I knew they were both hornier than hell from the bulges I'd witnessed during the videos. I was pretty hot myself. By the time I removed my blouse, my nipples were straining to get free. I think I have rather nice-looking tits?and judging from the look on Todd's face, I could tell he agreed. The knowledge that he was looking at my bare tits only made me hotter, if that was possible.

After a few more hands, Geri was totally nude. Todd was obviously enjoying what he saw and Geri was all fired up. Now that she had nothing left to reveal, Geri said that she would give head to the winner of the next hand. When Todd laid down three aces, he said he would collect his prize later, and Geri licked her lips in anticipation.

Then Todd got up and sent Robyn to bed without telling her what was going on in the dining room. Next hand, I lost my shorts. Geri's eyes were on fire. She was determined to get Todd's shorts off?and, after another couple of hands, she succeeded. When Geri then excused herself to go and freshen up, Todd and I retired to the living room. Geri, when she joined us again, leaned over and gave me a very hot soul kiss. She then looked toward Todd and asked me if I minded what she obviously had in mind. I kissed her and told her that I didn't, so she went over to Todd and went crazy on him.

When Todd's undershorts had finally come off, I wasn't disappointed. I couldn't wait to go down on his huge uncircumcised cock, and from the looks of things he couldn't wait for me to suck him off. With Fred's approval, I leaned over and gave Todd a deep French kiss. He was very receptive. I slowly kissed my way down his body, lingering awhile at his chest to nibble on his nipples. My own nipples were soon rubbing against his swollen cock, driving us both crazy. When my tongue and lips reached the head of his cock, I was in heaven. The shaft was so big and hard, and the head felt as soft as velvet in my mouth.

When Geri's mouth reached Todd's cock, she really went to town. Watching my wife at work was such a turn-on that I couldn't help but jack off. Her whole body moved voluptuously as she sucked his boner. When I reached for her dripping pussy, she spread her legs apart to give me access. Geri has always loved having two men at a time and this night was no exception. I soon eased the head of my cock into her pussy and she sat back on it with a deep-throated moan. At that, Todd and I smiled that dirty-boy smile at each other and started going for broke.

Having Todd's cock in my mouth and Fred's in my hungry pussy was almost more that I could bear. The feeling was beyond compare. I didn't want it to end, but I soon sensed that Todd was about to come, so I stopped, gave the base of his cock a little squeeze with my hand and said, "Not yet." Before he came, I wanted to feel that big, beautiful cock of his in my pussy. Realizing what my words meant, Fred backed off and I sat on Todd's lap. Todd and I kissed for a while, and then I took his cock in my hand and guided it to my waiting pussy.

When Geri climbed on top of Todd, I dropped to my hands and knees for a better view. It was then I noticed that Todd's cock was bigger than mine, and I knew that Geri was in for the ride of her life. I saw her take all he had, right down to his balls, and. then she started moving her hips slowly, rhythmically. Before long, they were humping in a frenzy. I soon stopped jacking off because I was about to come, so I just sat back and watched them go at it. As they fucked, they were kissing passionately. I'd never seen Geri in such ecstasy. After awhile, I stood and grabbed her by the shoulders. She leaned her face toward mine and we kissed with a mad passion while Todd was fucking her cunt and sucking on her tits. During all of this, they never missed a stroke.

After a lot of wild fucking, Todd asked me to suck Fred's cock so he could watch. I happily obliged. As I sucked my husband's harder-than-rock tool, Todd reentered my dripping pussy, this time from behind. Fred was in heaven with my hot lips around his cock and the sight of Todd enjoying the pleasures of my love-box. Before long Todd started to fuck me harder.

I knew Todd was about to come. The look on his face gave it away. Geri met his every thrust. She stopped sucking my cock and started to kiss me, saying that she never wanted to stop. I pinched and rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers as she ground her pussy in perfect rhythm with Todd's pistoning prick. When I saw the look of total pleasure on Todd's face, I realized that he was filling my wife's snatch with his hot jism.

I felt Todd emptying his balls into my pussy and knew there was no stopping him. When he finished, he sat back. I proceeded to lick our mingled juices off of his tool. It was the most delicious combination I have ever tasted. Then I felt Fred enter me from behind. With each of Fred's thrusts, some of Todd's come would squish forth and run down my leg. It wasn't long before Fred emptied his load on top of Todd's.

I knew Todd must have shot a huge wad. I could tell from how Geri's pussy felt, and I just went wild thinking about it. Scenes of my wife sucking and fucking Todd filled my mind, and before long my cock unloaded everything my balls had to offer. Then, not wanting Geri to be cheated of an orgasm, I rolled her over on her back and started to tongue her dripping pussy. I love to eat her and she loves to be eaten. She came at least three times in a matter of minutes. Just before her final orgasm, she pulled Todd down and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

When Geri's pussy came up to meet my tongue, she began bucking like crazy and experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. It seemed to last about ten minutes. I sure do hope this scene can be repeated, preferably with Robyn joining the fun. God, would I love to see Geri and Robyn go at it together!

That night was fantastic, and I, too, would love a repeat performance. Getting Robyn involved would certainly make it better?although it was terribly exciting to know that she might have awakened at any moment and caught us. When Robyn got up that next morning, she asked what we had done after she went to bed. We all just smiled and Todd replied, "We just had one hell of a poker game." As for me making it with another woman?well, only time will tell
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