Getting Ready For Date Night

Written by boxthorn / Mar 12, 2009


GETTING READY FOR DATE NIGHT by boxthorn This is the first story about my wife and I, and what happened with our shared fantasy of her cheating on me. It was finally quiet in the house and the evening was winding down. At 7:30 it may still have been early, but I was ready for some peace and rest. As I walked into the bedroom my wife, Lara, was getting out of the shower. She looked wonderful. 34 years old and still as sexy as the day we first met. I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched her towel off.

Lara dropped the towel and started to do the thing that women do when they're in front of the mirror - looking at herself and applying moisturizer and whatnot.

I asked her, "What are you up to?" "I'm going out tonight," was her brief response. She then looked at me and smiled. It wasn't a normal smile and I thought to myself that she hadn't previously mentioned any plans that evening. A fantasy that we regularly shared popped into my head and it instantly flipped a switch within me.

"Oh," I said, still unsure and half joking. "You've got a date, eh? I didn't realize that tonight would be a Date Night." I had butterflies in my stomach as I wondered out loud but Lara didn't acknowledge my question. Lara came into the bedroom and was fishing around in the dresser. She pulled out several pairs of very sexy bras and panties and compared them. I offered, "Those dark lacy ones have always been my personal favorite. Your buns look really good in them, hon, and the bra makes it difficult to look you in the eyes." Lara smiled slyly again as she looked at me and pulled the panties slowly up her legs. She walked into the bathroom again with a grin on her face as she finished putting on her bra and positioned her breasts. Man, my wife looked yummy. "Where are you going tonight Lara?" I was curious. She usually isn?t so mysterious. However Lara and I had talked a lot lately about the possibility of her sleeping with another man. It had started out as a casual fantasy of mine as part of our four-play. The fantasy started out about her, not as my wife, having sex with a man. It then got more elaborate and about how she, as my wife, would take a lover. She started to spin the tale as well, adding details and bits of fantasy. Finally it started to become her fantasy, where I would start the story but she would take it in the direction she desired, exposing her innermost thoughts to me.

Then most recently she started to toy with me. She would massage my dick and ask me if I really wanted her to sleep with someone else. She'd tell me that if I did, I should cum in her hands. She would urge me on and whisper in my ear, "Cum for me. Show me that you really do want me to fuck another man. Show me that you want me to submit to another man and let him have me." It certainly didn't take much for me to blow my wad. Afterward she would push me down and I would eat her out as her hands held firmly onto my head. Her stories became more descriptive as she talked about "her boyfriend". He started to have a very particular and consistent description in her fantasies lately so it made me start to wonder if there was someone real she had in mind. She told me she had met a man recently who she found very sexy. He was younger than us and she made him sound very athletic. They met when she went for drinks one night after work with the girls. I guess he saw her alone and proceeded to chat her up. She found him so attractive she let her guard down and flirted with him. She talked to him alone several times after that at the same bar. For some reason she ended up telling him things that she would have otherwise been embarrassed to tell anyone else. They talked about her being married and what was good and bad about it. She said she had told this man that we were in love, but that we had been seriously wondering what it would be like for her to have sex with someone else. I think it started out as flirting and then went farther and farther. She made him sound very sweet but seductive. And being a man, he said that if she every needed a stand in?

I couldn't quite tell the difference between truth and fiction, but I knew I liked the way she was heading with the story of late. As the fantasy developed the last few weeks she added that she was thinking of meeting up with her new ?boyfriend" to see where it would lead. That was sometimes as far as she got before I would cum. As I sat on the side of the bed I wondered why she hadn't cleared things up by saying she was going out tonight to meet friends or going someplace in particular. So I took the lead. My voice softened as I fell into the mood. "You're going out with him, aren't you honey? You're going out to be with him?" She had been standing in her black lacey underwear applying her makeup. Lara stopped and turned her head to look me in the eyes. With ever so slight a smirk on her face she slowly nodded her head. My eyes opened wider, and I had an instant erection. Lara walked into her closet and came out with a beautiful strappy black satin dress that was low cut and short. I watched her put it on and continue getting ready. "Oh" I said, my voice a bit hoarse. It could have been because all my blood had rushed to my cock. I said while breathing more heavily, "Then you are out with your boyfriend, huh?" She responded without looking at me. "Just for a little bit. I told him we could grab a bite and a drink." But we already ate an hour an a half before. "Something tells me you aren't really planning on going to a restaurant, are you?" Saying it out loud made me feel good. She shook her head ?no? as she did the makeup around her eyes. I continued to stare at her as I removed my pants and freed my hardon. While I stroked it Lara said to me, "You're right. We won't actually make it into the restaurant. At least I'm not planning to." I leaned back on the bed with my cock in hand and looked at my wife up from her soft lily white feet to her lovely chest. She looked so hot, and it wasn't for me. While I was staring and still stroking myself she looked over and smiled very coyly at me. She wasn't offering any details easily so I decided to describe the situation myself to see what she would say.

I said out loud in a passive tone of voice, "You're going out with your boyfriend tonight - just the two of you. And leaving me here to think about you two together. He's going to pick you up and you'll drive off with him." It felt so good to stroke my prick as I thought about the situation. "He's going to take you to someplace nice but before you get there you're going to ask him to park somewhere quiet so you two can sit and talk for a while." I thought about them parking in the back of a lot and him looking at her bare legs. He would stroke her skin as they talked. "I think you'll kiss him then. Will you kiss him? Will you make the first move and make out with your new boyfriend in his car?" I imagined him running his hands up her back and massaging her breasts through her dress as they made out. "Keep going" she said. "You seem to be enjoying this and you're not far off." She stopped then and looked at me quite seriously. "You want this, don't you? You want me to go out with my boyfriend?"

"Yes" I breathed. "I want you to be with your boyfriend. I want you to be with another man."

The fantasy I was describing was very similar to what she had described for me many times. I knew it was what she had been thinking about when we lay in bed and I had wanted it as much as her. "No man in his right mind would be able to keep his hands off you the way you look. I think he'll slide a hand up your dress and feel what has until now been mine. As he starts to run his hand over your panties you'll reach down and rub his cock." Again I imagined my wife rubbing him - a cock that wasn't mine - the first new cock she's touched since we met.

"I can see you opening his pants and looking down at your new toy."

Lara was standing at the door of the bedroom as I lay on the bed with my clothes mostly off and my penis in my hand. She had her shoes on now and looked truly stunning. She rarely got this dressed up but when she did she was undeniably smoking. I jerked off as I described for her what I thought would happen. I told her how she would bend over and take his hardon into her mouth and that she would suck him there in his car. She asked me if I really wanted her to suck his cock, if it was OK. "Yes" I replied. "I want you to suck his cock, honey. It?s OK." My mind skipped ahead. I pictured him pulling my wife's dress up her body and over her head. She would move her mouth from his penis long enough for him to disrobe her. Kneeling there on the front seat of the car dressed only in her panties and bra she would stroke and suck his prick. She would work enthusiastically at it, her only intention to please her new man.

I describe for her how he would have one hand holding down her bobbing head and the other roaming over her almost naked body. And then that he would undo her bra so it would fall away and leave her swinging breasts. "You'll lay back on the seat for him then. He'll pull his pants off and slide over on top of you. Kissing you lustfully he'll pull your panties to the side as he gently slides a finger into you."

Lara asked me a question. "Do you really want this man to fuck me, Michael? Do you give me permission to break my wedding vows?"

I didn?t have to think about it. "Yes! I really want him to fuck you. Will you please fuck him, Lara, please?" It sounded so loud when I said it. I was being really rough with my dick.

And then Lara asked me a second question. "Do you want me to fuck him without a condom? I'm not on the pill. Are you sure you want his cock in me bare?"

I'm laid there before her stroking my cock very hard. I look her directly in the eyes. "I want him to have you bare back, Lara. I don't want you to take any precautions and want his bare cock inside your pussy. That's how he should have you."

I must have looked ridiculous, but I was powerless to stop. My legs were slightly splayed as I lay there tugging furiously at myself. My beautiful, sexy wife before me had my full attention. "You're going to let him pull your underwear to the side and rub his cock along your slit. You're so hot and wet. His pre-cum is mixing with the wetness coming from your hole."

"As the two of you let your tongues roam in each other's mouths he'll push into you. You're looking at each other lustfully. Your boyfriend is thrusting his cock into your unprotected and open pussy. My wife's pussy. He has his hands on your body feeling you and you're fingering your clit. I know how much you want him and I know you want him to fuck you hard."

My wife takes a step closer and watches my hand rubbing myself so fast it is hard to see.

"I want you to fuck him Lara. I want you to enjoy what he can do for you. Let him have you. Let him take your pussy." My voice is wavering as I shake. I can see him fucking my wife in his car in a secluded spot. Her leg bumping the door as he moves on her. His cock is so far inside her. She wraps her legs around him. I can imagine how hot she is getting and that her climax is building. "Do you want him to cum Michael? I mean do you want him to cum in me? Do you want another man to cum in your wife?" "Yes, darling. I want him to cum in your beautiful unprotected pussy. I want him give you a load of cum like you've never seen before, deep, deep in your belly. In your womb. I want him to take you totally. I can see you moaning at him to give it to you. I can see you telling him to give you his big cock and cum inside you."

She stood over me looking down at me, standing with her legs slightly spread and her arms crossed. It made her breasts stand out and she had a complete look of control in here eyes. I was lying back on the bed furiously jerking my cocking. "If you really want me to go do this, Michael," she said, "cum for me. Cum for me right now Michael. If you want me to cuckold you then show me how much you want it. Cum all over yourself and show me that you want me to go fuck my boyfriend. Show me you'll still love me even if I break our marriage vows like a complete slut." She smiled wickedly down at me. I can't imagine what my face looked like except perhaps bewilderment mixed with a little fear. My mouth opened in exclamation from the feeling I was giving myself but nothing came out. I could smell her perfume and her skin looked so soft. She looked like a goddess and he was going to have her. He was going to have my wife and fuck her. I couldn't take it any more and I finally started to moan as my buttocks clenched. My cum sprayed farther than I ever remember it doing before, signaling my submission to my hot wife and our cheating fantasies. It landed across my chest and some sprayed me in my face. My eyes closed as I stopped my hand. Slowly opening my eyes she was still standing there. I lay there breathing hard covered in my own cum. "That all sounded pretty good, dearest hubby. I want you to know I am going to fuck him. But I'll make sure not to leave you out. I'll bring home something special afterwards just for you to enjoy. Think of it as dessert, something from me for you to savor. I'll let him cum in me and save it for just for you." With that she turned on her heels and casually walked out of the bedroom. A few moments later I heard the front door open and heard her talking. "Yeah, he's inside. Somewhat incapacitated," she said to someone. I thought I heard a man's voice and then what sounded like a wet kiss. I imagined her with her arms wrapped around him. And then the door closed. My cock started to stir again as I realized it wasn't just a fantasy anymore. She'd left. On her date with her new boyfriend. My cock twitched. My hands wrapped around it and I wondered how many times I would cum before she came back home. Almost three hours later Lara returned home to me. Her hair was a mess and her dress wasn?t on straight. In her hands she carried her shoes. I met Lara at the door and we kissed. She tasted different. Lara headed straight for the bedroom, dropped her shoes and fell back on the bed with her arms outstretched. She looked whipped. As I came into the room she beckoned for me and reached her hand out to me. I lay down beside her. There were red marks on her neck and cheeks. She smelled strongly of sex. Smiling at me Lara said in the soft tone of voice you save for the bed, ?I had a really good time.? She caressed the side of my face.

Lara continued, ?I did it Michael. I was nervous at first, but also really turned on. So I did it. I made your fantasy real. Do you still love me?? Emphatically I said I did. ?Good? she said. ?I know you?re probably really turned on right now, but I don?t think I could have sex again tonight, but don?t think I forgot about you. I brought home your special ?treat?.? My wife started to lift her dress up past her panties. There were more red marks and shiny wet patches up and down her legs. ?I left these on so I wouldn?t lose too much.? She meant her panties. He had fucked her and cum inside her beautiful unprotected cunt. My own hardon was sore from the punishment I had given it since she left. But that didn?t stop it from being as hard as it ever has been. I kissed Lara first on the lips and then the tops of her breasts. Moving down her I breathed in the smell from body. It was a mix of perfume, cum and sweat. Finally getting down to my present, I ran my hands up and down her legs a few times, enjoying the smoothness of them. Then I slowly peeled down her panties as bits of them stuck to her skin. Her pussy looked a wreck. It was engorged and there was shiny cum all over it. Lara looked down at me and smiled. She really had gone out and fucked him. She?d taken a lover. Leaning forward I put my mouth on her pussy lips and started to lick her. The taste was strong but I was so turned on I loved it. Here I was licking the cum of my wife?s lover from inside her. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me into her. Then she crossed her legs behind my head and as she came again squirted the white sticky mess into my mouth. I didn?t think I?d be able to, but I came again.

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