The Young Cuckold

Written by Ainsley00 / Apr 9, 2009



The following story is closely based on a true story involving my beautiful curvaceous wife, myself, and our very best friends who enjoy the same sacrament of marriage that my wife and I entered into.. I dont mean a 4 way marriage, just the traditional hetero church style marriage that got a little complicated later on. To protect identities and reputations, names have been changed but the facts are largely the same. A little about my wife and I. I am a bit of a loner from a single child family who's parents raised me in the traditional early 20th century style. My parents got together after failed marriages, and decided to simplify their lives by leaving the industrialed rat-races of New-york and the Californian half. They moved to a not too unfamiliar land thousands of kilometers away. It is here where I was born and raised a catholic boy, and taught morals non-existent in the modern united states of America.

Most of my childhood was spent under the guise of my dominant father, and my pleasant and loving but shy and timid mother. We went to church every Sunday, but went to the closest public school as that was all my aging welfare dependent parents could afford. Nevertheless my father was a good man, and wasn't prepared to let his son (his second chance in life) fall by the wayside of a modern casual urban lifestyle. I was home-bound after school most days, and only hung around kids whose parents were religious or ethical and well mannered. Anyway, I soon got used to my dad's strict expectations, and spent hour upon hour at home studying for my end of high school examinations (tests). These are to see if I'd qualify for university. My dad convinced me that this was the only sensible option for the smart young man he thought I was.. My grades however were only a reflection of the number of hours I spent reading my textbooks, not my intelligence. Thus I lost out on a social upbringing. I had no friends, just a few mates I hung around with at lunch time.

I had all kinds of ideas growing up of what to do with my life, but none seemed all that forthright that I'd go against the wisdom of my pre-second world war father. The great depression taught him to be prudential and avoid risk. So off to uni I went to become a teacher. Teaching after all is a secure profession, as governments always provide at least basic educational opportunities for the less fortunate children. Also I had become used to a reclusive lifestyle with my head stuck in a book instead of a pint of lager like most of my peers. Newly graduated teachers were given easy access to jobs in rural areas.

Things quickly changed when I started university. I was in student accommodation, and had to be self driven. I totally lacked an intrinsic interest in teaching however, and just cruised through my first year of studies. I was jealous of all of my peers who effortlessly fitted into the social party circles that uni offered, but could never fully break into it myself. Lack of interest in my studies lead to me dropping out, but not until another 2 full years of failing and lying to my proud father. Eventually I was expelled and had to find work. My dad would have had an early death if he knew I had become a factory slave. So I covered everything up, and worked on an escape plan. My plan was to build a revolutionary business around phone and internet sales. My plan could have worked, however I lacked capital, and so entering the "blue collar" workforce was my only option. Facing student debts, no drivers license and no crash-pad, I relied on the help of an old friend. We were going to set a business up in partnership, but we'd both have to work and save for it. I am in no way interested in the opposite sex, but apparently he had an interest in me. After a couple of more than forthwright advances on his part I had to break free.

I was no alpha-male, but still had some charm and so managed to catch the eye of a young lady named Tammy. She was my first sex partner, and had a truckload more experience than me. She was a slender 5' 5" girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, and she knew how to work it. I was a complete novice, but god the sex was good. She was full of life, and opened my eyes up to a completely different world. However I was just a fling for here, but because of her I was forever changed. After she left me at that trailer park, I wasted no time. I broke the ice with a very curvy, beautiful girl from my work who had hollywood looks. We didn't waste any time. I made up for my lost teenage years and went for her like a comet heading for the sun. She was only 19 and I was surprised at how unreserved she was. I fell madly in love with her and we had sex on our second date, and every day for the next week. Needless to say unprotected sex leads to all kinds of things. Her hormones must have been skyrocketing, and before she knew what landed her in the psychiatric ward of the local hospital, she was pregnant. I comforted her however, and told her I'd be there for her and possibly "OUR" child. I say possibly because she had just kicked out her two-timing fiance before we met, and regrettably we weren't sure the baby was mine. However dating-ultra sounds concluded that the baby definitely was mine. Although the sex was full on, we hardly knew each other. I found out later that she'd need a full page notepad to write down all of her boyfriends and one-night sexual encounters, but I couldn't hold this against her. It was of course her upbringing. She lacked love from her parents and after her mother died in her late teens, went in search of it in all of the wrong places. As a result, an event occurred that will forever crystallize my perception of my wife.

After her confirmed pregnancy test, and me carelessly doing something stupid to lose my low paying job, we went out to the biggest night club in town. They played all of the best music of the last 3 decades in a dark and crowded basement, and they sold overpriced drinks. But I didn't care about the money, my life I figured was forever changed and I'd do for Anika whatever she wanted. As it turned out she wanted to dance a slow dance with a co-worker, but assured me that they were just good friends and that I should go outside for 5 minutes so I don't get jealous. I stayed outside for double that. When I came back in, I couldn't find her. The room was small, but it was dark. I kept scanning and re-scanning across the room, and just as I was about to give up I spotted her. Hands were all over her and her back was arched, and was looking up straight into the eyes of the co-worker. My heart skipped a beat. I instantly noticed that he had his tongue fully embedded in her beautiful face and that she was doing nothing to stop him. They pressed hard against each other and kept increased their tempo. I couldn't handle it any more. I was thinking about punching his lights out, or reversing over her in the car-park, but numb from my excessive alcohol consumption, I could do nothing. Anika's friend Breanda saw what was going on, and grabbed her by the arm and lead her away to the girls bathroom. I was furious, but something happened to me. I couldn't help this feeling that it wasn't her fault. It was most probably the alcohol, and definitely her wild teenage years that were the culprits. Strangely I was turned on by the sight of her infidelity, and this would shape our relationship for the rest of our lives.

At this point in my life I was keen for some certainty and direction. I didn't want to be a loner any longer, but could no longer live up to my fathers career expectations of me. Despite her brief and unfulfilled infidelity it seemed like a practical decision to propose marriage to her and at least have some certainty in my life. I couldn't hold the fact that she was more sexually liberal than me against her. So we then proceeded to put together the great OZ dream. A beautiful wife, hardworking husband, children, and a 4 bedroom house to call a home. Took a while to make this all happen, but I was determined. Naive as I was I also thought there'd be room for my own grand business ambitions. So, against the will of my newly married wife Anika I moved to a new state. She of course followed, but was keen to smash my plans to smithereens. After a month of searching I landed a high-paying / low skilled job. The rate of pay was good, the night-shift loading was great, and the amount of overtime was out-standing. It seemed like anything would be possible. Ambitions were one thing, but it seemed that I didn't pay attention to the most important things, "my family". Anika needed love and was lacking it, and after a two pregnancies, baby blues, and only seeing me briefly between my 70+ hours of work that I did every week, she went out in search of it. Even on my only night off work, I was beat and was only too happy to let her have a night out on the town while I relaxed and watched some sports on TV.. After all, babysitters are very expensive, and so are nightclubs. As it turned out Anika didn't need much money to have a good time on Saturday nights. Blokes were only too willing to buy a drink for a vixen like my wife. Although I was jealous of the attention she gave these men, I felt strongly that she wouldn't leave me. I was prepared to give her this freedom, as I figured I wouldn't be able to satisfy her needs that she has been able to fulfill in the past. With little effort I was able to live my sexual fantasies vicariously through my wife's casual encounters. Occasionally things would get more serious for her.

As much as we were both enjoying the freedom and excitement of a new life in a strange new city, we lacked a sense of belonging and a family support network. Before long we decided it would be beneficial for her to branch out to parenting networks during the day. At first she was shy to meet other mums, and only had a few acquaintances. A playgroup in Sefton provided the ideal location for our children to play and my wife to make new friends. A year later after the birth of our 3rd child and first girl, my wife broke the ice with a tall beautiful woman named Monika. They hit it off from the start, and become best friends. As their friendship grew, they met up for coffees and meals and went to family department stores together to buy everyday needs. Soon I was introduced to Monika and her husband Sedric. We held a lot in common. Monika and Anika were stay at home mums, and Sedric and I worked long hours as the sole bread-winners in our respective families. I envied Sedric however as he had a much higher paying job than me, and had plenty of time off from work to spend with his family. The money I earned was good, and paid for our everyday needs, but was not quite enough and my dreams of starting the internet business quickly evaporated. But what the heck, I had just been introduced to a couple that would become our best friends in the world, and my wife had a smile on her face that I hadn't seen since we first met. Also I had just become a permanent member of staff at the factory, so I could finally get us out of the rent trap. Blue-collar slavery never seemed so good.

It soon became the norm that we met up every other week for a bbq and bourbon drinking session (girls had mixed vodka drinks). It was great, we talked and laughed about issues that surrounded our lives. I had never met a joker like Sedric. He was the kind of bloke I wish I could be. He had charm, personality, quick wit and looks that made my wife turn red whenever he'd look at her. Along with his very masculine day-job, he has also been in some beer commercials and Law&Order style TV crime shows. What a guy. Despite my obvious inadequacies, he seemed to accept me on an even playing field with him. He was a talker, and I was a listener. He told wild yet true stories that I'd struggle to keep up with, and all I could offer was my admiration for his eventful fulfilling yet sometimes perilous lifestyle (being an unpaid security bouncer at an exclusive Kingscross nightclub)... Those days were of course behind him and now he is as content as I am with my settled down lifestyle.

As time went on, our nights out got wilder and wilder. We never managed to go on any double dates as such, but we did do girl night and guys night.

We also went on a nature weekend to the mighty Murray river chalets. Thanks to Anikas loose lips Monika and Sedric in turn learned about our somewhat open marriage. To my surprise, it didn't bother them. They of course wouldn't dream of stepping over marital boundaries (So I thought), but were astonished and intrigued by my relaxed approval for my wife's wistful ways. I occasionally fantasized about a day things might progress to wife swapping between us all, as Monika was a stunning looking woman. However I wouldn't ever wish to jeopardize the great friendship we all had by overstepping any boundaries. Not to mention Anika would kill me. Id have to say that I'd do anything for Anika, and this is what makes me a true cuckold.

Constructive jealousies ran red hot. I don't mean infidelity, more of a "keeping up with the Jones's" kind of scenario. He had a great job, I had a slightly larger family. Monika had a well maintained model like body, and Anika enjoyed sexual freedoms Monika would only dare dream of. Their grand ambition of building a beach-side mansion was coming along nicely, and it wasn't long before Monika became pregnant with their 2nd child. Anika and I were very happy for them, and would do anything to help them out. Strangely as fate would have it my youngest boy developed a fever which quickly turned into convulsions. My wife panicked as you would expect, and alerted her friend Monika who quickly rushed over to our house. An ambulance came immediately after to take our son Jason to the hospital. I rushed home from work and thanks to Monika who watched after the other kids, I was able to follow the ambulance. Jason soon returned to normal, but we were forever thankful for Monikas generous use of her time. No more than a week later Monika fell extremely ill with appendicitis. Her unborn baby and her own life was highly at risk. Sedric had just gotten back from his offshore work and spent day upon day at Monikas bedside. Looking after their girl Sarah was the least Anika felt she could do for them. The massive infection in Monika's appendix had her on the verge of death. Anika and I didn't know what we could do for them. Sarah knew nothing about what was happening to her mum. It was a difficult time for all of us. After two whole weeks in hospital, emergency surgery, and gallons of intravenous antibiotic drips, Monika was finally cleared to go home.

From then on our friendship was forever cemented, and we'd do anything for each other. Time went on, and it seemed that my beautiful wife Anika was just a little jealous of Monika and her rather obvious baby bump. We'd already had 3 our selves, but when you are on a winner, there is no stopping lady luck. Anika and I had sex occasionally, but we lacked any real passion when we did it. Anika did of course have casual encounters with other men, and made sure she used protection everytime. She was not serious about any of these men, they were just an escape for her from her ordinary traditional housewife existence. However she did have an eye on my best friend Sedric. I sensed a connection and chemistry between them both as they both shared similar experiences back in their wild teenage years. Occasionally while at their house I'd be settling one of our kids down for the night, Monika doing the same with Sarah, and I'd overhear electric conversation coming from their lounge room. I often fantasized about what this could lead to. It was a hot wild thought in my mind. My bombshell of a wife being enraptured by our best friend with an almost gladiator like appearance, I couldn't help wonder how far this might go.

A week later my wife confided in me that she thought Sedric was hot and would sleep with him anytime. Although we had an open marriage, her admission still came as quite a shock.. I knew Monika would never allow it, so I asked Anika why she would risk a great friendship. She told me that it would be a risk that she was prepared to take. She said, it wouldn't hurt Monika if she never found out. I knew my wife was a risk taker, that's what excited me about her, but I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. I said to her "I dont know about this, these are good friends of ours, and you shouldn't just take them for granted". "We may never meet friends who could replace them", I continued almost out of supporting arguments. "Don't worry, I'll be careful if anything ever happens, probably wont happen anyway hun, so stop worrying" she said in an attempt to set my mind at ease. It didn't work though, my mind was racing, and my family jewels were of a mind of their own like diamonds in the rough.

After yet another busy week at my job, I was gasping for a Saturday night bender, and some casual conversation (Maybe even to see Anika do Monikas make-up again) God she looked hot. What actually occurred I was not prepared for. Anika and I had a massive argument that morning about household chores and who was pulling their weight around our home. We both couldn't wait til later that afternoon when we could finally hit the ol bourbon bottle with our best friends and forget about our differences. When we arrived at their house, Monika was not up for it. In her second trimester, she was experiencing constant morning sickness and I felt very bad for her. Anika and I were about to head home when Monika told us we could stay. She didn't mind if Sedric had a drink with us while we watched a few movies. She on the other hand hit the sack early that night, but we were only 1/4 the way through our bourbon. seizing the opportunity it seemed, Anika made it her job to mix the bourbon and coke. Anika doesn't normally like the hard stuff, but I guess she made an exception on this occasion.

While I was listening to another one of Sedrics stories about his off-shore work, I noticed Anika had mixed a couple very strong drinks, and then an even stronger one. As it turned out she handed me the stronger one. "could she be trying to get me drunk?" I thought. "Why would she do that?" She normally hates seeing me with a hangover and sleeping-in in the mornings. Anyway, I drank up. We had a few more rounds, and the bourbon was almost finished. I had almost totally forgotten about what we were talking about, and started to drift off. I still had an awareness however of the escalating conversation between Anika and Sedric. They poured another drink, but decided not to pour me one as I appeared to be falling asleep on the sofa. My eyes were shut, but my ears were passing on every spoken sylabol to my brain. At this point I didn't care about ethics, and maintaining good friendships. I was itching to see how far my wild, beautiful and bodacious wife would go with this.

They went outside but left me inside. I could still hear some of their conversation. I could hear occasional phrases like "doesn't give me enough attention", and "spends more time at work than he does at home", intermingled with silences and sobbing, and Sedric saying "its okay". what I was hearing was driving me crazy. The conversation was pretty intense for over half an hour, and suddenly it seemed to drop off. I no longer heard any sobbing, mostly just silence. I then started to hear the rustling of clothes. My mind was racing "was she getting naked in front of him", "or was he the one instigating clothing removal"? Pretty soon I hear my poor dear wife softly moaning. At this stage I knew it was happening for sure. I had a massive hard-on, and didn't know what to do with it. Seemed Sedric was taking away my options. I slowly and bravely opened up one eye in an attempt to see through the concrete wall. As it turned out, I didn't need to have super-hero x-ray vision, I could see the outline of my wife's shoulders, and large breasts garnished by her long flowing blonde hair in the dim late evening light. I could see her outline as she opened her lips and let out a cry of shear pleasure. It was now quite clear to me that she was on all fours, and my best friend was now buried deep inside of my wife. I could see her through the thin mesh fly screen wire as he rode into her like a bull-fighting stallion. I quickly reached for the TV remote, and slowly proceeded to turn the DVD volume down so I could hear more of my wife. I could also hear chimes ringing in the early summer breeze. All I could see was my wife, maybe she wanted me to see this.

Soon Sedric came into view as he laid his muscular suntanned six pack on my wife's creamy bare back. Their movements were getting faster now, and my wife sounded like she was on the edge of the abyss. I couldn't help my self, seeing this awesome sight made my blood thicken up like tree-sap amber. Sedric swifty but carefully grabbed a hold of Anikas hips and turned her around to face him. He then positioned his potent baby-maker at her opening. He quickly and expertly guided it all of the way in, as she was now fully lubricated. In the missionary position their rhythm quickly ramped up to locomotive speed, and before long she let out an uncontrollable shriek louder than I've ever heard. "He must be a lot bigger than me" I thought. I've never brought her to orgasm like that. As quickly as she became loud, Sedric covered her mouth with one of his large hands for fear of waking Monika up I guess. His pace picked up and suddenly he bottomed out on top of her, I can only imagine filling her up with his eastern european baby making seed. She then, moved his hand away from her mouth and softly uttered "thank you" to him. This was then followed by a deep passionate kiss that lasted twenty two seconds.

When Anika and I arrived home, we put the kids back in bed. I couldn't wait to discuss the events of the evening. She hopped out of her nightie and laid on the bed in a lewd yet beautiful away, and asked me "so what did you think hunny"? I told her I was breathless, and couldn't conjure up words to express my feelings on the events that occurred. I asked her if she was on the pill, to which she told me that it wont mix with her anti-depressant medication so she stopped taking it. I opened my mouth to state my obvious worries, to which she placed a finger on my lips to stop me, and told me "dont worry hunny if I am pregnant we can afford it, you are on good money, and besides Sedric is your best friend, he's not just some stranger off the street". She added "A little variety wont hurt" she added "remember that nature documentary about evolution? Well, maybe we'll have a champion soccer player in the family after all". To that I went weak at the knees, and looked into her deep blue eyes and said "yes! a little Ronaldo would be a great addition to our family, but.. Monika can never find out about this". Anika was pleased by my compromise and said that she would reward me. I was all too excited, and stripped my pajamas in a flash and hopped on top of her. She then said "NO" not like this hunny, Im going to have Sedric's baby, this hole is reserved for him in the mean time. She then turned over and not so soberly crashed out flat on her tummy with her beautiful mango shaped cheeks looking at me. She told me not to take too long. "I have never had such a wonderful privilege as this" I thought. Sedric may have muscled his way in on some parts of my wife, but has also opened up a door that has never been opened to me before. I hopped on top of Anika with my rock hard placebo shooter. I slowly entered her gorgeous curvy and not to mention "virgin ass, and she was as tight as a rubber cover on a cricket-bat handle. Almost as soon as I got all 5 and a half inches inside of her I was about to cum. I went in and out about 4 times before I lost it and shot my load all at once. She then said in a soft voice "I love you hunny". Anika then rolled over and became alive again. I asked "what are you doing". She said "Im going to masturbate now". A minute later as she was working up a rhythm with her fingers I asked her "what are you thinking about?" She giggled and said "ummm... you know, Sedric".

Anika and Sedric have had a couple of encounters since this most poignant moment in our marriage, but have been very careful not to let Monika know. Sedric told Anika that he doesn't want to lose the friendship that we all have, and more importantly his own marriage and family. On the other hand, he said he doesn't want the good times to end either, so Anika and Sedrics' meetings will have to be well planned and with all bases covered. I dont want it to end either, i have never before seen my wife with such a radiant glow, and she looks so incredibly sexy with her tummy poking out like an oversized bowling ball and belly button looking straight at me.. I've now cut my work hours back, to help out more around the house. My wife needs to conserve her energy to deliver a healthy baby.

God I love my wife, and if I'm not too sentimental about it I love our best friends Monika and Sedric also. May we all live long and prosper. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Oh and that reminds me, Sedric is coming over tonight to deliver Anika an early Christmas present. A little double-thick cream on

her Christmas pudding perhaps?
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