Another Night At The Colony

Written by Anonymous / Apr 23, 2009



It was Thursday night and we decided to visit a local xxx theater/club. Mary dressed for the occasion in a white halter top, short black skirt, thigh high lace top stockings and heels. The skirt barely concealed the tops of the nylons. The top didn?t really conceal anything as her nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy material.

It was a nice summer night so she didn?t need a jacket, but I was surprised she elected not to wear one. Our next store neighbor got an eyeful as we walked to my car which I had left in the driveway. I suspected it was going to be quite a night. During the drive, Mary used a small vibrator on herself, while I made a point of driving alongside every truck we passed to give the drivers a chance to watch her. By the time we got to our destination, she had both feet on the dashboard as she worked the vibe into her pussy and ass.

We arrived about 9 pm. We paid at the counter in the lobby, got our key to the couples only theater and headed to the cocktail lounge. It was deserted. Apparently the place wasn?t as popular as it had been. We checked out the dance area but it was empty too. After a few drinks we went into the couples theater and watched a movie. At one point I went to the men?s room and on the way back checked out the coed theaters. While there were men , they didn?t look like anyone we would care to party with. When I got back in the theater a new movie had come on. It was a compilation of gangbang scenes. Mary was enjoying it. She was sprawled back on a couch. Legs spread as she worked over her cunt with one hand. ?Having fun?? I asked.

?Get over here.? she replied.

As I stood, she undid my trousers and began to suck my cock. I sat next to her on the couch and began to finger her pussy. On the screen a woman was taking cocks in her pussy, ass and mouth. ? Wow. Don?t you wish that was you??

Mary looked up. ?Yeah. God I could use a good fucking like that.? I pushed her back on the couch and she spread her thighs as I mounted her.

As we fucked her eyes were glued to the group action on the screen. I pounded into her as she urged me on. When it was time I asked her where she wanted my load.

?Come in my mouth. I need to taste cum.? I stood and she clamped her mouth on my cock as I exploded. After she had swallowed it all, we went back to the cocktail lounge. I saw 2 guys playing pool. They looked promising. I directed Mary to a table closer to the pool table after the bartender brought our drinks.

The men were in their 30?s, well dressed and black. Mary checked them out. I asked her what she thought.

?I think I still need a good fucking.?

? Well, show them that wet cunt of yours.? She turned on her stool. Placed her heels on the top support rung and spread her knees. As one of the guys, bent over to take a shot, it was clear he was being rewarded with a view of her pussy. They seemed to linger over any shot at the far end of the table.

I went to get more drinks and when I returned Mary had struck up a conversation with the men. She introduced them as Ben and Roger.

They challenged us to a game of pool. I accepted despite Mary?s protests that she wasn?t very good. The first game went quickly. True to her word, Mary was terrible but certainly entertaining. Every time she bent down to shot, her tits threatened to spill out of her top. Her skirt rode up in back exposing the firm flesh above her stocking tops. I racked the balls. The second game lasted longer . It seemed the guys were intentionally missing shots and leaving the cue ball in the center of the table, forcing Mary to reach on all her shots. They won again. As I racked, Roger suggested a friendly wager. ?What do you have in mind?? I asked.

?Oh I don?t know. A beer for the winners?? he answered.

I pulled Mary close to me. ?I have a better idea. If we win, you buy us a drink. If you win, Mary sucks both your cocks. How about it babe?

?I?m game.? Mary announced. The guys quickly agreed.

The game was over in a flash. As Roger lined up the final shot on the eight ball, I set another quarter on the table. As he sank it I said ?Double or nothing??

?What do you mean?? Ben asked.

?We win, we get 2 drinks. You win, we take her in the theater and you two get to fuck this wet cunt.? I replied pulling up the front of Mary?s skirt. In response, she spread her legs and bent her knees slightly. ?Here have a feel.?

They both approached and began fondling her legs , pussy and ass. I headed to the bar. When I returned , Roger had Mary pinned against the wall. Her tits were hanging out of her top and his hand was buried in her cunt. She had her head thrown back and was moaning.

Ben meanwhile had racked the balls and broken. He began to make quick work of the solids, making 5 straight shots. When he missed he approached Mary and handed the cue stick to Roger. ?Switch. ? he called out as he grabbed Mary and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Roger reluctantly released her pussy and came to the table.

I quickly assessed the table and sank 6 of the 7 stripes in a row. ?Shit man we been hustled? Roger complained. I sank the last stripe.

?What the fuck?? Ben shouted.

I lined up my shot on the eight ball. I looked at Mary. She was watching intently. Ben was roughly twisting one of her nipples as he jammed at least 3 fingers into her cunt. Her breathing was ragged and she was grinding her pelvis against his hand.. Her teeth were biting her lower lip and her eyes were glazed. I could tell she was on the verge of her first orgasm.

?What do you think?? I asked. She nodded. I scratched on the eight ball as I heard her shout out as she came squirting on Ben?s hand and the floor. The guys had won.

?Shit.? Ben said as he stepped back ?Look at that pussy squirt.?

I gave her a minute to recover, then straightened her clothes and led her back through the bar to the couples theater. I unlocked the door and the four of us entered. Mary wasted no time. She sat on a couch and undid their trousers. She began to suck the offered cocks alternating back and forth.

Soon both guys were fully erect and she was taking them to the root, slightly gagging herself in the process. As Mary once told me, ?Its not a real blowjob without a little choking?. These were real blowjobs.

Finally Ben pushed her back on the couch and moved to mount her. I handed him a condom. Roger moved up to her head and offered his cock to Mary. He began to fuck her face as Ben rolled on the condom. He then grabbed her legs and hooked her knees in the crook of his elbow. He slid into her in one motion. ?Man she is so wet. I?m gonna fuck this pussy like its never been fucked.? Ben said as he began to hammer into her. This went on for a good ten minutes. Then Roger backed away.

?I need a break or I?m gonna cum down her throat ? he said to me. Gotta save it for her pussy? he laughed.. He happened to look up to the screen. ?Damn look a that horny bitch? I checked out the movie where a blonde was taking on 3 guys while 2 more watched. ?That?s hot? he said

?Yeah. That?s more like what Mary was looking for tonight? I laughed.

?No shit man. She?d do that.?

?Done it and will again.?

On the couch, Mary was babbling. Urging Ben to fuck her harder with his big cock. Finally, he tensed and shuddered as he came. As he fell back, I handed Roger a condom. As he put it on , there was a loud knock on the door. ?Closing time. Everyone out? a voice called. The door opened and the manager and bouncer entered. ?Sorry folks, gotta close.?

Roger complained and pleaded fo 5 more minutes but they held firm. I helped Mary up from the couch. I think she was just as frustrated as Roger. Her legs were rubbery and she stumbled in the dark. I put her clothes back in place and began to escort her out the door. Roger and Ben followed us to our car, Roger begging the whole way for his turn. Offering to go home with us. I explained we didn?t host single guys at our home.

?Come to our place then.? he suggested.

?Its late? I replied.

?Come on man. A bet?s a bet. I didn?t get to fuck her.? he whined.

?That might work. But it would have to be something special to stay out later.?

?Special? Special like what?? he asked.

?Like the movie.? I answered.

?You want a gangbang. I can arrange that.?

?Tonight?? I asked skeptically

?Sure. No problem. We got friends.? He went and conferred with Ben. He came back to our car.

?Follow us.? he said. ?We?ll head to our place and call some guys on the way.?

?I have a better idea. No offense, but I don?t want to get lost in this area. You ride with us? I said, opening the rear door. He yelled over to Ben and climbed in the back seat. I then opened Mary?s door. ?You get in back and keep him company? She got in a we took off following Ben in his car.

As we drove, Roger made a call. I could only hear his side of the conversation.

?Yeah man, what?s up. Wanna party??

?Our place. Listen man, me and Ben gotta us a white girl who wants to fuck?

?Yeah I got her right here. She sucking my cock. Ben already fucked her once. She?s a horny bitch.?

?She look fine. Big tits. Big ass. Met her at the Colony. Her old man is with us. He driving?

?No I ain?t shitting you.?

?Hold on.?

?Hey can we stop by a bar. My friend wants to see if this is for real.?

?Sure. Where to? I replied. He gave me directions.

?We?re on the way. Five minutes. That?s it baby take it all. Listen to that man? he laughed putting his phone near Mary?s busy mouth. He hung up then called Ben and told him the new plan.

We pulled into a parking lot and I drove to a darkened area on the side away from the door of the bar. Roger called and told them we had arrived. I exited the car and went to Mary?s door.

?Let?s get her out so they can see her? I suggested. As she stood, I pulled her top down so her tits were free. I then tucked the front and back hems of her skirt into her waistband, exposing her cunt and ass. The front door of the bar opened and 4 men emerged.. ?Over here ? Roger called out. The men approached . One of them called out , ?Holy shit look at that bitch.?

?I told you man. She is crazy for cock.?

The men circled Mary and began groping her. She held he hands above her head to give them complete access. Their hands probed everywhere. One roughly grabbed her ass cheeks. ?Look at the ass on the bitch. Can we fuck that too Rog?? he asked.

To be honest, I was afraid he had gone too far. Mary has never liked verbal abuse, especially being called a bitch. I half expected her to climb in the car. I was surprised when she turned to face the car, put her hands on the window, bent at the waist, and spread her legs . Looking over her shoulder, she said, ?You can fuck any hole you want. I?m a horny bitch and I?ll do whatever you want.?

That sealed the deal. One guy reached out and slid a finger into her ass. Another began to ram 2 or 3 into her pussy. I thought they were going to do her right there. Then everyone in unison was saying lets go and headed toward their cars. One of the newcomers hesitated. ?Roger , you got beer at your place??

?Ah man, no.? he answered. ?Hey we stopping at Ace liquor for beer.? he shouted. To the other cars.

?I?ll ride with you? said the new guy. Roger and he sandwiched Mary in the back seat. ?Follow that car? he told me. I took off and in the rearview mirror I could see both men groping Mary as we drove. Soon she was bent over sucking their cocks as they pulled her head back and forth by her hair. As she sucked Roger, the other guy began pulling at her top and skirt. ?Get that off. I like my bitches naked when I fuck them.? He practically tore the halter apart getting it off, then roughly ripped her skirt off leaving her in just her nylons.. He pulled her left leg across his body then grabbed her by the waist and sat her on his lap facing him.

?Sit on my cock bitch. Ride it? he ordered. Mary did as she was told and impaled herself on to his erection.

?Hey man I found her and I ain?t even fucked her yet.? Roger complained.

?Too bad. I ain?t had no pussy in 8 weeks and I?m not waiting for my turn. Fuck .? he grunted as he began lifting his hips to meet Mary?s downward thrusts. I followed the car into a parking lot and pulled into a parking spot away from the door but under a light. I turned in my seat to watch the action in back. I also noticed the guys from the other 2 cars greeting people in the parking lot and gesturing to my car.

Pretty soon a group of 10-12 guys began walking over. While the original men had been in their 30?s, the ages of the men approaching appeared to range from the 20?s to the 60?s.As they neared, I flipped on the interior lights and rolled down the windows. They gathered around the car and looked in. Meanwhile, the guy fucking had grabbed onto her tits and was using them to pull her up and down on his cock.

?Yeah bitch, that?s it. Fuck my cock. Oh fuck, here it comes.? And that?s when it dawned on me I hadn?t given him a condom. As he stiffened, Mary apparently reached orgasm as she cried out and collapsed against him.

?Look like Joe got his nut off in that white pussy.? one of the men laughed. ?Lets see this cunt? someone said as the back door was opened and Mary was pulled out.

In retrospect it must have been quite a scene. A black BMW 745IL, in a parking lot at about 1:30 am, surrounded by a group of black men, with a white woman in nothing but stockings, one of which was now drooping to her knee, being pulled out and leaned against the car with her legs spread and cum running out of her pussy and dripping to the ground.

All the guys were talking at once. Laughing, calling each other names. Commenting on Mary. Calling her names. Some fondling her tits. Mary standing on wobbly legs recovering from her orgasm letting them do whatever they wanted. Finally one guy said ?Lets get this bitch to the apartment so we can get this party started.? The original group agreed. One of the new group, a guy who looked to be maybe 20 years old asked if he could come too. Other chimed in with the same question.

Mary looked them over. ?Fuck it. I?ll fuck you all.? With that, Roger pushed her back into the car and immediately mounted her. I guess he had waited long enough. Everyone jumped into cars and we headed to the apartment. Just as the car in front of me pulled to a stop at the curb, I heard Roger grunt and he flooded Mary with her second bareback load of the night. He pulled up his trousers then opened the door and pulled Mary out. I?m not sure what the neighbors saw or heard as Mary was led naked, with cum draining down her thighs across the parking lot, into the lobby and up the stairs. She had to negotiate at least 150 yards. I do know some teens on bikes circled her the whole way, offering to fuck the ?white cunt?.

Once in the place, Ben produced a single bed mattress which was thrown on the floor in front of the television as the coffee table and couches were moved to create a space for it in the living room.

Mary was pushed down onto it and spread her legs in anticipation of the next man who would use her cunt. And she was quickly rewarded as one of the younger guys knelt between her legs and rammed his hard cock into her. He didn?t last long and was replaced by a guy in his 60?s with an impressive cock, 10?+.

?I haven?t had any white pussy in years. You ready for this baby.? he asked as he slapped Mary?s belly with his erection.

?Yeah. Put that big black cock in my white pussy and fuck me.? Mary replied reaching down to grab her ankles and spreading her legs wide.

?Here it is bitch? he grunted as the head of his cock easily split her lips.

?O god yes. Fuck me like a dirty slut. Shoot a load of cum in my cunt?

He proceeded to pound into her for 10-15 minutes as her head lolled from side to side begging him to give it to her. He poured another load into her. The next guy was the one who had asked about her ass. He ordered Mary onto her knees. As she assumed the position, jism began to run from her cunt onto the mattress.

?No sloppy fourths for me. I?m getting some fresh ass.? he crowed. He placed the large cock head at the entrance to her ass. Fortunately she had lubed up while using the vibrator in the car because he didn?t hesitate as he pushed forward and the head pooped in. Mary gasped then moaned as he began to work the entire length of his dick into her. ?Is that good bitch? You like it up the ass.?

Mary could only nod as she closed her eyes and bit her lips. Soon though she was urging him on until another guy shoved a cock into her mouth. From that point on, she was used by 2 or 3 men at a time. She took multiple loads in her pussy , ass and mouth. Most of them took several turns with her. At one point some guys decided to giver her facials. Soon her face and hair were caked in cum. The party continued well past dawn.

When the last guy was finished, Mary was lying exhausted in a pool of cum on the mattress. I found a sheet in a closet. I helped Mary to her feet and tried to wrap her in it. She was still unstable so her tits and pussy were exposed despite my best efforts. I led her to our car. I assume the neighbors sitting on surrounding porches knew what had happened. How many 40+ year old women stumbled around, essentially naked so early in the morning.

She slept on the way home. I pulled directly into the garage. While our neighbor had undoubtedly enjoyed Mary?s little show as we left, I didn?t think our suburban neighbors were ready for the way she looked now. Naked, face and hair covered in drying cum with a steady stream of it running down her thighs from pussy and ass.

As I helped her to our bed, Mary groaned ?I can?t believe I did that. Are you OK??

?I?m better than ok. You know that. I loved it.?


?Of course. You know I love you. And I love it when you let loose.?

?Well after last night, I shouldn?t need to party for quite awhile.? she said as she lay on the bed.

As I pulled up the covers, I whispered ?Well if by ?quite awhile? you mean next month, I?m OK with that.?

?Huh?? she asked.

?You seemed to be enjoying your self so much last night, when one of the guys mentioned an upcoming bachelor party next month, I couldn?t resist. I booked you as the entertainment? I told her .

?Entertainment? What will I do??

I gently patted her ass. ?Oh it won?t require much. All you will have to do is spread your legs and open your mouth like the cum hungry slut you are. They will do the rest.?
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