Wife Fucks Younger Persian Stud

Written by Uch uch / May 7, 2009



My wife, Sandy, started fucking this younger guy who worked at the local 7-11 when she was 40, and he was 19. He is a buff Iranian guy and with a big dick, and she is a pretty American blonde. He was coming over and fucking her at our house while I was at work.

Here's how she met this guy. This young Iranian dude was working at his uncle's 7-11 as a clerk, and she used to go in there, and they'd flirt with each other when she bought gas. But she thought nothing of it at the time. She just liked the attention from a handsome young guy. And as you'll see below, he definitely liked what he saw too.

It turns out that this kid also went to community college part time and was majoring in computer technology. So one day Sandy invited him over to our house to help her with something that was wrong with her computer. She said he was sitting close to her working on her computer (I'm sure there was alot of sexual tension in the air), when he turned her computer chair around and started kissing her on the mouth. She was hesitant at first, but they continued kissing. Soon his hands were all over her body, and before she knew it, they were on the floor passionately kissing, and with him on top, she could feel his hard on pressing against her leg. She had a denim skirt on, and soon his hands were reaching into her panties, rubbing her pussy first through the fabric of her panties before reaching under for a direct feel.

She said she had been attracted to him for a while, and although hesitant, she gave in and decided to let this young kid fuck her. They were naked before they got to our bedroom. There he put her on the bed, put on a condom, and with Sandy on her back, he started fucking her good and hard. She said it didn't take long for him to cum, but he stayed hard, so he fucked her again before he left. That's the nice thing about being young...

So they continued fucking each other for a few years. She said the sex was very good, partly because of his large dick, and after he got an STD test, she let him fuck her without a condom. One time he fucked her so hard in our bed that it broke, and they had to fix it before I got home.

Then another time, he came over and even before they left our entry way, almost before the front door had closed, he had her sundress up at the hem, her panties pulled aside (but still on Sandy), and he stuffed his already hard cock into her pussy. He then proceeded to fuck Sandy against the wall with her legs wrapped around him right there in the entryway. Then he carried her to our bedroom and fucked her over and over again all afternoon long....he barely made it out of there before I came home from work that day. Sandy's cunt must have still been oozing his semen when I walked through the door.

She loved the fact that she could still attract this younger guy - and that this younger guy would come over and fuck her brains out with his large and always hard dick. And that kid was probably thinking "wow, this is great, I get to bang this slutty hot MILF." Not bad for a kid who who worked at a 7-11. I wonder if he was telling his friends about how he was banging this slutty MILF.

A few times when I'd come home from work, Sandy would be washing the bed sheets even though she had changed them recently. Little did I know until later, it was to wash the musky smell of sex and cum stains out of the sheets from her fucking by this young stud.

I was pissed when I first heard about this affair, but now I am totally aroused by it.
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