Ultimate Humiliation?

Written by Tommy / May 22, 2009



My name is Tommy and I wanted to share with you my ultimate humiliation.? If you check out my other stories I have a little dick that measures about 4 inches hard.? My wife, as likely many women, wants a bigger package than 4 inches?between a guys legs and want?men who can actually satisfy?their physical needs.? I truly enjoy the humiliation aspect of this when I watch her have "big dick sex" with them.? I'm often amazed what?"fits" inside her and her reactions to a big package.? Watching her eyes, smile, hands, and actions that, although she loves me,?I know I can't provide. ? I think it's erotic when she pulls out his big cock for the first time and gently plays with it and watching it grow under her efforts.? There have been some guys that she can honestly use both hands on it and still be so long that she has enough to suck on!? Try that with a 4 inch penis. ?

It was the morning of?the big date and we were talking in bed.? This one was going to be memorable.? He was a tall, young, good looking, super hung stripper and ... black.? She never made it with a black guy before and she said that he was so big it likely would be a challenge.? His stage name was Python and said the name fit him very well.? She got a chance to talk with Python and set up a date.? Like the other guys there he knew of our situation.? This time though, unlike the others, he had his own expectations and my wife knew she would need to talk to me.? She said Tom, you know how you like to be humiliated for your tiny penis... well... and then there was a pause.? I said "what"?? Well, Python has done this before with white couples and although he likes white women... pause...? well... he really likes humiliating their husbands or boyfriends.? He wants to humiliate you in front of me and for you to suck his dick.?

I said one word "nope".? She seemed a bit disappointed.? She said -think of it as the ultimate penis humiliation.? "Nope".? Well, you've played with other dicks before.? I told her yes -but that was to feel the difference between theirs and mine.? The weight, the girth, the length.? I can admire a big dick but it doesn't mean I want to have sex with it, to suck it.? She said well we can do a tag team and you just help me. We will pass it from mouth to mouth. "Nope".? She said?how about I pump it with my hands and you just have the head in your mouth? ?"Nope".? She said she had told Python that likely I wouldn't go along with sucking his big dick.? He said that little white boys should worship his superiority.? Then she asked me well if you won't suck it... will you lick it?? "nope".? Will you kiss it?? "nope". She asked well whats the harm of you simply kissing it and his big balls.? That way it's outside your mouth.? She seemed almost desperate.? I asked whats the problem?? She responded that he wouldn't screw her, no matter what gratuity was offered, unless I assisted her in worshiping his package.? ?

I decided to take a long hot shower and many thoughts were going through my head.? Obviously, my wife wanted to have his big cock inside her at almost any cost.? What would you do? ? ?

Later I'll tell you what was decided... ? ?
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