Wife Tells Details Of Her Affair

Written by J E / Jun 4, 2009



Even though Kaye had told me of her first time with Dan I still wanted to hear more detail. It didn???t take much coaxing from me to get her to do so.

As she sat there telling me about her affair with him, her voice trembled. She paused a few times and shifted around in her chair. It was difficult to tell me her story as her mind kept drifting back to her weekend with him. Even though it had took place eight months earlier she was vividly reliving the event in her mind as if were yesterday.

Even though she???d made it expressly clear to him that they were meeting to have sex she hadn???t planned on things starting out the way they had. As soon as they were inside she walked over and sat down on the sofa. He???d just stood there in the center of the room staring at her for a couple of minutes before he very coldly asked. ???What the hell do you think you???re doing????

Confused and even slightly afraid she???d answered, ???Sitting here, waiting for you to join me.??? His attitude changed and it surprised and scared her as he told her. ???Don???t just sit there. Stand back up and take off your clothes. You told me when you asked me out because you wanted to get together so we could fuck.???

Her reply had been, ???I did, and I do want to fuck.???

He???d replied, ???Well, show me what you???ve got.???

She asked him if they could slow down and asked for a drink. He didn???t answer her he just stood there and undid his pants. As he was allowing them to fall to the floor exposing his cock to her, he hadn???t been wearing underwear he told her, ???You don???t need a drink. All you need is this and I want you to be totally sober when I give it to you.???

She had obviously gasped when she???d gotten her first look at it because she said he had proudly and braggingly announced, ???Eleven and a half inches long and eight inches around. It???s been measured quite a few times.???

At the time her mind didn???t comprehend the figures that he told her. All she could grasp at that particular moment was the actual size that she was looking at. And it wasn???t even hard.

???It???s so big!??? She said as if in a stupor.

???Don???t worry, ??? he promised her. ???If you???re half the woman I think you are it will all go in and you???ll love every inch. I???ll make sure of that!???

He???d stepped out of his pants and started to lower her back onto the sofa. Even though she was in a semi state of shock she realized that he obviously intended to fuck her right then and there. ???No, not here Dan. Let???s go to the bedroom???.Please.???

He allowed her to get up. She followed him to his bedroom. He removed the rest of his clothes and was standing next to the bed waiting for her to undress. She quickly removed her own clothes. Her body was trembling with a combination of fear, excitement and anticipation. After she removed her last article of clothing she flopped onto the bed, legs apart offering her hairy pussy to him.

It was at this point that Dan???s actions again started to change.

He kissed her mouth, fondled her tits and started slowly finger her pussy with one finger. All the while she held onto his huge cock with her hand. After only a couple of minutes it was her turn to be in a hurry. Squeezing his cock hard she pulled at it saying, ???Put it in, put it in.??? ???Fuck me.??? she begged. ???Shove it right up me. Fuck me right now. I want to feel your big cock inside me Dan.???

???Not so fast, ??? he calmly told her. ???Have you ever had a cock this big inside you????

???Of course not, ??? she responded impatiently. ???That???s why I want you. I want to feel you inside me, right now.???

???Well I can???t just shove it in if you???re not used to its size. I need to take time to prepare your pussy so it will stretch out.???

She thought he was talking about taking a couple of times together to prepare her for the final act of putting his cock inside her pussy and she started to protest. ???I???m a married lady. I don???t have the time to fuck around seeing you two or three times while you???re busy stretching my pussy so your cock will fit. I want you now, tonight damn it.???

???That???s not what I was suggesting. Just lay there and let me loosen you up some before we get down to the real fucking.???

As he spoke he sat up on the bed and re-positioned himself to a place where he could better access her pussy. He slipped one of his fingers back into her pussy and probed around with it just a little. ???Ummmmmm. You???re nice and tight. I???m gonna like this. It???ll be just like doin a virgin.???

As he fingered her she could feel her pussy starting to heat up. It didn???t take long before he added a second finger and then a third. By the time he added a fourth finger she could feel her pussy being stretched and her pussy-juices had really started to flow. He used four fingers on her for what felt like a long time. Then he abruptly stopped. ???I guess that will do.??? he said as he removed his fingers and stood up.

She was nearing an orgasm when he???d removed his fingers. But, she didn???t complain about the fact that he???d stopped. Even though she was disappointed she was hopeful that they would soon be on another level.

He took a couple of steps over to his nightstand where he opened a drawer and took out a bottle of lubrication. Having done so he poured some onto his cock and rubbed it on with his hand. He then poured some into his hand and rubbed it on her pussy lips. The coolness of the oil felt cool and made her pussy muscles twitch almost making her have the orgasm that had been so very near only a moment earlier.

???Every little bit of lubrication helps.??? he told her as he tossed the bottle aside and got between her wide spread legs. Once in position he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and sort of leaned into her. The plum-sized head of his cock forced her pussy-lips apart. She groaned as he started to enter her. At the same time she did something that no other woman had ever done, at least not during the first initial penetration. She moved her legs and locked them behind his back, raising her hips upward at the same time. He pushed some and she squealed in pain, unlocking her legs from his back and throwing her arms out.

???Oh GOD!! She screamed. ???Oh God it hurts.???

???Just relax, baby, ??? he told her. ???You???ve just got the head in. There???s a lot more to go.???

???Oh, it is so big??? she told him.

He paused waiting for her pussy to adjust. As he was doing so he let the weight of his body put pressure on his cock. She breathed deeply as she started to relax. As her pussy-muscles relaxed a little more sank in, and then some more, and then some more.

???That???s it, just over half way, only a couple more inches to go. I don???t wanna go too deep, at least not for your first time.???

She was more or less gasping for air as she threw her legs back up on him and tightened her leg muscles around his back. ???Oh God, Oh God, ??? she whimpered over and over again.

Having gotten to this point he finally started a slow back-and-forth movement. Every five or six strokes inward he would push a little more of his cock inside her. After about a dozen strokes he had about eight plus inches inside her when he started to slowly withdraw right to the knob, making her groan and cry out even louder, clutching at his ass cheeks with her hands and trying to hunch her hips upward in and attempt to get more of his cock inside of her.

She was absolutely delirious with pleasure. ???Oh, Ohhhhh, shove it in, please, please give me more, ??? she whined. ???Fill my pussy. Do it, Oh God do it!???

Pausing momentarily he told her, ???There???s only about three more inches to go. How does it feel????

???Oh God, it feels wonderful, keep going, ??? she almost demanded.

???Am I deeper than your husband has ever been???? he asked.

???Oh God, yes. About twice as deep.??? she answered.

???Is this virgin territory???? he teased.

???Oh God, YES, no one has ever been this deep in me! NO ONE, only you Dan, ONLY YOU! Please, please, shove it all in. Please shove the rest in!???

By now she was begging him to shove the rest of his long, fat cock inside her pussy.

???Are you sure you want the rest???? he teasingly asked her.

???Oh yes, I???m sure. Give me the rest of your beautiful cock.??? she pleaded.

She once again moved her legs, put them flat back on the bed and spread them wide.

He finally gave her what she asked for in one quick shove he pushed the last three inches into her waiting pussy.

She???d never felt such a variety of sensation all at once. There was pain, and an indescribable sensation of pleasure both at the same time. She???d felt an incredibly hot sensation in her pussy and there???d been a tingling sensation in her nipples. She???d felt light headed to the point of feeling dizzy. Then it had happened, even without him moving, she had an orgasm. An orgasm so strong that it had taken her breath away. She almost passed out.

Dan had obviously seen the same reaction from other women because she said that he never moved. He just remained still between her legs with his big cock still inside her. When she regained her composure enough to speak she asked him if he???d came and he???d told her. No, that he only came when he wanted to and when he came that she???d know it. Once he knew that she had regained her senses that he started fucking her. Slowly, at first, then with increasing force. She had no idea how many orgasms that she had or how long they actually fucked. She seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. They came one right after the other as he fucked her. She finally had to tell him she couldn???t take it anymore.

He made her beg for his cum before he finally gave it to her. He???d stopped moving and had buried his cock as deeply as he could inside her. When he did decide to give her what she wanted he raised her hips up off the bed and placed her legs up on his shoulders. Being in that particular position that it must have changed the angle of his penetration as well as the depth because she could feel his balls resting up against the cheeks of her ass and the tip of his cock pushing at the mouth of her cervix. It was then that he finally came.

He had been right about her knowing when he came because even though she???d been fucked to the point that her pussy was almost numb she knew he was cumming. She could feel his cum being shot not into her pussy. It felt like he was shooting it right up inside her cervix. She could feel his warm cum as it splashed inside an area where she never felt anything before. It was the most incredible feeling she???d ever felt. On top of that she said he came so much that it was like her pussy couldn???t hold it all and it started overflowing from her pussy. It was at that point that he started moving again. He fucked her hard again and she had one final orgasm so intense that the room started to spin and everything went black. The next thing she remembered was Dan propping her up with a couple of pillows as he handed her a glass of orange juice with vodka in it. In one gulp she swallowed the entire contents of the small glass. The sharp bite of the drink jolted her somewhat back to her senses.

???Whew, that was something, ??? she told him. ???I???ve never felt anything as intense as that.???

???You haven???t felt anything yet.??? he told her as he moved from the edge of the bed where he???d been sitting and went to the end of the bed. Once there he grabbed her by the ankles and used his powerful arms to pull her toward him, turning her over at the same time. With her lying on her stomach he pushed her legs apart and moved in between them. Then he reached down and by grasping her hips pulled her to her knees. Being in that position, with her ass in the air she thought he was going to penetrate her ass-hole. Panic immediately set in as she said, ???NO DAN, NO! NOT MY ASS! NOT THERE!???

???I???m not going to fuck your ass.??? he told her. ???I???m going to do you ???doggie style???. If you want to feel something intense I???ll show you intense.???

She knew he would be right. Even Jim felt bigger when they used that position. A sense of panic quickly came over her fearing that it would hurt. Her worries about pain quickly passed, but it was very, very tight as he inched his way in. Deeper and deeper he continued to enter her and hearing no objections he continued even deeper. She couldn't believed what she was feeling, it felt like someone was mounting her on a flagpole and she half expected to feel his cock coming up through her throat. Then she felt his balls making slight contact with he clit. He had bottomed out in her. This huge cock had filled her to the max.

She kept telling herself mentally ???Deep breaths....Deep breaths....Relax ... Relax.???.

The feeling of tightness slowly dissipated as her pussy became more and more accustomed to his size.

???That???s it ... That???s it ...Relax...Breathe???, she kept on repeating in her mind.

He felt her pussy muscles starting to relax as he withdrew his cock out, almost to the head.

Fearing what was about to happen next she braced herself. Then without warning he shoved his massive cock back in. The thrust was firm as he re-entered her. She squealed in delight, it felt incredible as he once again pulled out and gave her another deep thrust. Her toes curled as he picked up the pace.

"OH...MY...GOD!!!" she screamed.

His big cock stretched her pussy out with each deep pleasurable stroke. He continued this for several minutes at a furious pace and she found herself making more noise than she had ever made in her life, but she couldn't help herself, he was driving her mad with lust.

Just as she was nearing orgasm he pulled out and flipped her over, re-entering her from the missionary position. As he stroked deep into her she once again, approached orgasm. He could read it on her face. She was also wearing a huge grin as she repeatedly threw her head back in pleasure.

"You've really never had a cock this big before, have you?" he asked as they looked deep into each others eyes.

"Oh Fuck!" she wailed as he thrust into her again, "No Dan....UH..Uh..Never!"

"You like it, don't you?"

"Oh God! Yesss!" she squealed in response, "I love it. This is the best damn fuck I've ever had in my life!"

"Tell me how much you love it, Kaye." he said as an evil smile crossed his face.


"You like big cocks, don't you Kaye?" He smiled.


He fucked her hard and at a furious pace. She had orgasm after orgasm. Her pussy was in a constant state of orgasm as it spasmed uncontrollably. When he finally allowed his own orgasm to occur she was totally exhausted and quickly fell into a much needed sleep. When they finally stopped it was the wee hours of the morning.
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