Sold My Wife For $350

Written by Bhura Lund / Jun 4, 2009


SOLD MY WIFE FOR $350 By Bhuralund

Once when I was returning from a night out with my friends, I was waiting for a cab. A black Indian man was waiting for the cab in front of me. It was late in night and there were to cabs in sight so he struck a conversation.

???Life is really miserable these days.???

???So it is,??? I said thinking what an asshole.

???And you know I am just on a business trip here so far away from my family. So that doesn???t make matters any easy.???

???I am sure,??? I said, wondering how come this business man looks so shabbily dressed.

???Are you married????

???Yes I am,??? I said thinking why he smelt so lousy.

???What about any kids????

???None. We are trying for the last 10 years but nothing yet.??? I said, suddenly bored.

???So it???s just you and your wife at home.???

???Well, yes,??? I said inhaling that subtly intoxicating smell of mushrooms and starch.

???And how???s your work????

???Could be better with some more income,??? I said and stared at the road, still no sign of a cab.

???You know what? Don???t misunderstand me but would you be interested in making some quick money????

???Of course, why not,??? I turned to look at him, interested in his conversation for the first time, ???What do I have to do????

???Well, I just told you that I have been on the road for too long???if you would just let me see you wife???s thighs, I will give you $200.???

???WHAT? What nonsense. Are you crazy???? I was seething with rage.

???Well, I could give you $300, if $200 is too little. I am just dying to see a woman???s thighs.???

???Eh??? Thighs, even if my wife would agree, why would you give $300 just to see a woman???s thighs.??? I muttered, although having just spent $200 on booze for some worthless friends, the money didn???t seem too bad.

???What can I say? I only get aroused by seeing a woman???s thighs.???

???umm???.I dunno. I don???t like the idea of showing off my sleeping wife to strangers,??? I said unconvincingly even to me.

???How about $350, then? Look here, mister, a cab is coming this way, and if you agree we could just finish this business immediately and it won???t take more than 10 minutes anyway???so it???s settled then.???

???I am sorry???what???eh,??? I mean I did like the idea of getting $350 just to let this black Indian man have a look at my wife???s thighs and then get going...but as he held the door open for me, I found myself getting in.

???Rozen Court,??? I said blankly to the black cab driver as he sped away.

???So when we get down, you go in first and see if everything is okay and then I shall just go in, see your wife???s thighs for a while, get aroused, use your bathroom and hey, I will be on my way and you will be on yours.???

???Sounds good,??? I heard myself say. So we were in for the deal. I just hoped my wife had also had a couple of drinks so she would be blanked out when we did the deal!

Anyway, in 20 minutes we were home and I heard the black Indian man tell the driver, ???Wait for me here. I will be back in 30 minutes.??? 30 minutes? Whatever.

So we went up and I asked him to wait outside and quietly went in to check. Sure enough my wife was sound asleep and although there were no empty wine bottles there was a half drank gin and tonic and an empty foil of sleeping pills. Whoa! Just my luck. So I went back and ushered the smelly Indian black man in. He was reeking of sweat but that made me horny rather than upset. We went inside the bedroom. My wife was sleeping on her stomach, one leg curled up next to her chest and the other straight. Her night dress was pulled up till her knees. It was very dark so I switched on the bathroom light, suddenly there room was bright enough to see clearly. The Indian man was just behind him, shushing him, I pulled my wife???s nightie slightly more, revealing her meaty, full rounded white creamy thigh.

I heard the black Indian man sigh ??? a deep sigh of satisfaction, and I felt good for making him feel better. Hopefully he was getting aroused looking at my wife???s thigh and would be able to get his nuts off. To make it easier for him to see, I pulled her nightie up a little more, revealing more of her inner thighs and just a hint of her panty covered pussy, a few bristly hairs peeked out from the side of the panty. I was aroused definitely. The black Indian man looked like he was in heaven. He was slowly rubbing his cock from over his trousers. I was so proud that my sleeping wife had such effect on him.

I smiled and pulled the nightie over my wife???s waist ??? now she was lying there in her full glory ??? white smooth thighs, legs everything on an erotic display all the please and arouse that black Indian man. I smiled at the burly man and pulled the side of her panty just a little to show him what her hairy slit looked like. The man gave out a low rumble of a moan and rubbed his crotch some more. Then I thought that he was after all going to pay me $350 so I must make the most of the deal for him. But before I could say anything he asked me in a slow mumble, ???Can I touch her little bit????

???Sure but be very gentle and don???t make any noise,??? I whispered. He nodded and sat down on the bed. With a trembling hand he touched her thigh, his left hand furiously rubbing his cock over his trousers. I was filled with sadness on his state. So when he asked, ???Can I just touch her pussy,??? I couldn???t say no. I watched mesmerized as since we got married 10 years ago, a strange man ??? black at that ??? parted my wife???s panty and lovingly traced a finger along her moistening cunt slit. He rubbed his thick black finger up and down three times and as I was half expecting, his slick finger slipped in, dipping in my wife???s pungent honey. Then he sniffed his pussy-juice coated finger like a breeding bull and licked it his eyes closed like a wine connoisseur.

I didn???t realize that while I was watching him lick juices off my wife???s pussy, he had pulled out his cock from his pants. Omg, what a humongous cock it was. It was so heavy that it couldn???t stand straight, it kept dropping down but it was definitely aroused now that he had seen my wife???s thighs. The jet black cock was covered with a fine, thick foreskin and thick veins were protruding from all over making his cock look like an ugly alien. And it was slick with thick precum. He dipped his finger in his own precum and with the same finger fucked my wife???s pussy a few times. Then he pulled out, coated two of his fingers some more with his prefuck juice and inserted them in my wife???s opening pussy. She sucked the two fingers till the last joint effortlessly and seemed hungry for more.

Then he stood up and squeezed the base of his massive cock and dripped some precum directly over my wife???s cunt and then rubbed it in. It was a highly erotic sight for me ??? never seen in the hundreds of pornos I have seen. He bent over my wife and fucked her with his fingers, alternating between gentle and furious; and at the same time he beat his own cock just an inch or two away from my wife???s musky pussy slick with his precum and finger fucking. All of a sudden, he slouched and stopped. I thought he was cumming but no. He was edging or holding back. He beckoned me. ???Can you just hold her leg slightly higher for a few minutes so that I can jack off easily and finger her pussy at the same time????

He had already finger fucked my wife???s cunt just now so I didn???t see any harm and lifted the right leg as he has requested. He then bent some more and started fisting himself slowly. As I peeked from the other side I realized that he was actually gripping his heavy cock from the base to make it rock hard and by doing so he had easily, and without my permission, inserted the head of his purple cock inside my wife???s pussy.

???Hey, you are not supposed to fuck her you know,??? I admonished him in mock anger.

???I am not fucking her, I was only rubbing her pussy with my cock but she is so wet that the cock just slipped inside. Now that it???s already inside, let me feel the tightness for two minutes.??? He was pleading so much that I gave in. ???But no matter what???don???t come inside her okay????

???Of course,??? he reassured me as he increased the tempo of his thrusts and started fucking my wife without any further inhibitions. I could see that he had slipped in almost eight of his 10 inches long cock meat inside my wife???s tight pussy. She was moving slightly but was still sleeping under her pills influence. Lucky for me. Black Indian man fucked her for 20 minutes and despite my protests, jammed all of his 10 inches inside my fertile wife???s cunt and tried his best to impregnate her with his thick creamy sperm. Once he had emptied every single drop in her cunt he pulled out and wiped his still leaking cock on her nightie.

Then he washed and dressed up. I followed him outside.

???Please pay what you promised me,??? I said shakingly.

Unemotionally, he called the black cab driver out and when he was in hearing range, said, ???It was not worth it, so if you want the full payment, let this cabbie fuck her too.???

I was stunned. As I mulled all this in my head, the black Indian explained everything to a grinning cabbie, who started pulling his cock in anticipation. I thought and thought and realized that if she was already fucked once, what difference a second cock make. ???Okay fine but please be quick.??? The Jamaican cab driver was out of his pants in five minutes and stroking his purple nine-inch cock along my wife???s fucked up pussy. As he gained length and girth I was shocked to see its six inch girth???omg, I thought as he impaled my wife???s pussy on his fat mumba African cock. He fucked her for all of 10 minutes and added his African cum-slime in my wife???s pussy.

When both of us came out, we were shocked out of our minds, the black Indian man had already gone, driving the Jamaican???s cab away. As the cabbie cursed and screamed, I found loose change flung all along the corridor outside my house. And it was exactly $3 and 50 cents.

The end.
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