Black Co-workers Raid My Wife On A Company Paid Ski Resort Holiday

Written by Bhura Lund / Jun 4, 2009



I just started working for a shipping logistics company. The privately owned company has a close knit staff of about 250. I was the newest staff and everybody around me tried to make my life easy here. I was really delighted to be part of such a considerate company. We only work for two ships which means when these ships in docked we go crazy working 24-7 every three weeks. But every fourth week is like a holiday where almost 90% of staff doesn???t have much to do. And that is when we have real fun.

Second month in to the job, I was told the company has organized a retreat for the management. We were going to a ski-resort for one week ??? all expenses paid. And the bonus? Well spouses were invited too. I was over the moon as my wife and I hadn???t had a holiday for a long time and were getting a bit jaded. When I told her about it she was delighted just as I expected. We packed our bags on Friday evening, all ready for Saturday???s big journey.

There were not that many of us in the management level and the company had hired a luxurious bus to take us to the ski-resort in the north. I drove to the office at 3am to board the bus. I was shocked to see so many people. The bus was packed and there were still a few of them outside arranging their luggage in the bus-boot. Anyway I asked my wife to get in first to try to get some seat for us while I arrange the luggage.

About 30 minutes later when I hopped in ??? as the last passenger ??? I had trouble finding my wife. When I shouted her name, I heard a feeble voice from the back of the bus, ???I am fine here BL,??? and I heaved a sigh of relief and balanced myself among the packed crowd of staff. Apparently the management allowed junior staff (without their spouses) to come along when the resort offered a heavy discount on renting the entire resort. Unfortunately we couldn???t arrange another bus at the last minute.

The bus lurched to a start and the first thing I heard was my wife???s scream. Not used to traveling in buses, she had fallen down in the lap of one of the supervisors. A friendly looking black, he had laughed away her apologies. But just as my wife straightened up, the bus lurched again and my wife fell down again. In five minutes she fell down the third time and then I along with the rest of the staff heard him say, ???Sweetie, we have just started and it???s a long journey, I really don???t mind if you continue sitting where you have been falling.??? He sounded very sincere and my wife, polite as ever, readjusted her big round ass to comfortably sit on the black supervisor???s lap especially when all staff around her also echoed her to ???sit, sit, sit???.

Slowly I eased myself in closer to my wife. I was still a few seats away when I noticed that one of the black supervisor???s big black hand was resting very casually on my wife???s thigh and she seemed oblivious to it. The black veiny hand was slowly tracing fingers in circles on her thigh. Although she was wearing a denim skirt she would have definitely felt it but her face didn???t show any emotion. I was amused by this oblivion from my otherwise sensitive and conservative wife.

Anyway, after reaching the city suburbs, the bus moved to a mountainous road turning and lurching, and I could see my wife slowly falling asleep with the regular shaking movements. She fell asleep and gradually her neck came to rest on my black supervisor???s shoulder. But her head kept falling down so the black supervisor gentle pulled his hand under her head. This was his other big black hand rested right on top of my wife???s melony boobs. Her face, cocked towards his face was just inches away from each other???s lips ??? his black thick nigger lips (which he kept wetting with his tongue) and her pink soft rose petal lips. Accidentally during a lurch or two, their lips met and I noticed some of his wet saliva coated my wife???s lips which she accidentally licked in.

Then with one lurch, my wife???s head jerked in the opposite direction thwacking the bulging crotch of ??? what???s the name of that African Janitor we have? Hmm???yeah Jishan. Just the act must have got his cock???s attention because in front of my eyes, I saw his cock grow inside his jeans and soon I could see the shape of his big black boner outlined from his jeans. The really fat and thick rod like cock ???now being used as a pillow by my wife???s resting head.

Then the driver switched off the lights for everyone to rest. And suddenly everything was pitch black including the two black men by wife???s sides. I had to move in closer somehow to protect my wife and I slid in through jam-packed bus. When I reached there my eyes had already adjusted to the dark and I was shocked to see that Jishan???s cock was outside his fly and inside my wife???s mouth. And she was no longer pretending to be asleep but slowly sucking on his meaty, fat black cock. She must have sucked for 10 minutes or so when Jishan held her ears tightly and started trembling like a man having fits. I could almost see thick strands of his black nigger cock cream streaming past my lusty wife???s throat. Once he was done, he pulled his limp but still an impressive 8-inches black cock out of my wife???s battered mouth and tucked it in his tight jeans.

Black supervisor had somehow made his hand disappear in her blouse under the jacket and I could see the flaps go up and down as he mauled my wife???s perky big boobs. Just then my wife looked up and to see me. I managed to shut my eyes just in the nick of time for her to believe that I was sleeping holding on to the handrails. And I could just about hear a sigh of relief escape her mouth as she slowly pushed the black supervisor???s hand away.

Anyway, within a few minute the break of dawn made it very bright inside the bus and the rest of the journey was uneventful. Once we reached the ski-resort, we all disembarked from the bus and headed to rest for a while. The vista was fantastic ??? miles and miles of white snow was spread like a velvet sheet???it was magnificent. I saw a black dog playing in the snow and the contrast of black and white reminded me of the black cock in my wife???s white mouth ??? my ego deflated a little and my cock hardened a lot. Just then my wife, emerged from the bus and kissed me. It had been about 40 minutes since she sucked that black nigger cock but I could still smell the musky, sweaty, animal- like smell from her mouth. I shuddered involuntarily when I felt an uncontrollable desire to feel that cock in MY mouth. I quickly spat to get rid of that unsavory thought but the connection was already made.

A staff from the hotel came to greet us and informed us that we would be organized in three groups of 20 people each and every group will have a guide from the resort to arrange for the activities. Each group was allotted room on the same floor. As luck would have it, my wife and I were in the same group as Jishan and the black supervisor whose name I learned was Shakal. They were being extra friendly with my wife and to my mental (and ???physical???) torment my wife was responding to their flirtations.

Jishan smiled at me and with his hand wrapped around my wife???s waist, said, ???Hey man, didn???t know you were hiding such a foxy wife at home??? if I knew I would have been extra nice to you.??? Then all three of them laughed. Just not appear a prude I joined in half-heartedly.

Once all the members of our group had assembled I realized that there were only two women in the group ??? my wife and a single staff who was rumored to be a lesbian. As we headed for the champagne brunch prepared in our welcome, my wife started making friends with all. She is quite a social butterfly even back home and in no time she was laughing with the others as if they were long lost friends.

Jishan and Shakal were behaving as if she was with them completely ignoring me. They sat down at a round table. Just as I was about to sit, my wife asked me to get her a glass of champagne. By the time I returned the table was full ??? Jishan had invited some other blacks to join them even though they were not from our group. I was pissed but my wife plucked the two glasses out of my hand, said, ???thanks sweetheart,??? and handed one to Shakal and poured one straight down her own gullet.

???Honey, my shoulders are aching from the bus ride, could you give me a nice sexy rub???? she said and I started my famous massage. My wife sighed, silencing every man on her table, closed her eyes coquettishly and exclaimed, ???Wow, amazing???your hands are just amazing man???can???t wait to go to the room and get you to relax my legs and feet.??? Before she could finish an oldish black man, whom I had seen sweeping the toilets responded, ???Why should you wait? Here, let me rub your feet right here.??? With that he picked up my wife???s foot and slowly took off her shoes and then socks. He then pulled the jeans up to reveal my wife???s sexy calves and started massaging her foot. Just as he moved from the feet to the calves and the knee, he placed her foot between his legs right where his crotch was bulging rather obscenely. I noticed that she slowly started rubbing my wife???s foot over his fat erection on the pretext of massaging her legs. But she didn???t seem to mind.

It continued for a while till another man ??? a younger man ??? a Muslim man from Ethiopia, urged the man to let him try too. When the old man ??? unwillingly moved away, the Ethiopian sat down one foot on the chair and one on the floor and slowly he placed my wife???s foot between his legs just the same way as the old black janitor had done. The only difference was that the Ethiopian was wearing a traditional robe and because of one foot being on the chair his robe had become like the doorway for my wife???s foot to enter his pleasure abode aka his groin. My amused wife pushed her foot deep inside his robe and suddenly her eyes widened as her foot touched something ??? most probably the Ethiopian???s black cock. All this while there was a steady flow of Champagne to the table and all the junior (only by hierarchy of positions in the company but not by their age) staff were downing flute after flute of frothy mind-numbing bubbly and getting rowdier and louder.

Suddenly the Ethiopian started bucking and his face contorted in weird grimaces. I was about to give him CPR when he bucked one last time and sat straight as if he had lost his mojo. After five minutes he eased up and went to get some food. Grabbing the chance I quickly sat down on his chair. My wife???s foot was still there and I gently picked it up and started rubbing it. I was a bit alarmed to see some sticky white stuff all over her sole. And there was so much of the stuff that no matter how much I rubbed it just wouldn???t disappear. So I scooped some of the sticky, gluey and mottled stuff and started rubbing it all over her calves and knees too. It had a weird after-sex kind of smell but I sipped my champagne and massaged my wife???s feet. Pretty soon my wife decided it was time to go to the room and rest. Just then Shakal whispered something in her ears and she smiled wickedly. She beckoned the Ethiopian, now nursing a big satisfied smile and large champagne in his hand, and asked him something softly. He only whispered back.

I was getting a bit irritated with all this and got up. Just as we were leaving, my wife asked me, ???Honey could you help Kofuka here with his luggage to the room, he has a back problem and can???t lift heavy weight. Then he also needs some help with a broken radio???you are so good at fixing things aren???t you???? Not wanting to be a prude, I nodded yes and followed the whistling Ethiopian to where his luggage was. I heard just as I was picking up Kofuka???s really heavy suitcase, ???Shall we help you carry your stuff to your room???? and then my wife???s laughter, ???Do you even need to ask????

I would have carried my own baggage first but to honor my wife???s word, I lugged Kofuka???s suitcase and followed him in the lift. Once I had got his luggage in, he asked me to help myself to a large bottle of rice wine as he searched for his broken radio. I immediately got busy with the radio ??? it being my passion and hardly noticed when Kofuka took out his robe. He was not wearing a stitch of a cloth underneath??? man how he survived in such cold weather, I thought, staring at his rather long and uncut black cock. He cleared his throat to indicate that he had caught me staring at his black cock and I blinked in embarrassment.

To my astonishment and cockache the Ethiopian sat down right in front of me and even as tried my best to repair his broken radio, he slowly started wanking his fat black cock. It was impossible to avoid it no matter what I did. The chair I sat on was just adjacent to the bed and he was lying right there, his legs spread wide and his throbbing cock just two feet from me. With shaking hands I continued looking at the radio even though the blurred hand motion kept distracting me. Then he just sort of fell on his back and pulled the blanket over his body in such a way that although his head and torso were covered completely his legs and cock were bare ??? the cock jerking on its own and leaking copious amounts of glossy prefuck juice. Soon he started snoring. He must be tired, I thought and openly started staring at his still hard and huge cock.

Kofuka? Kofuka? I called out aloud a few times but he didn???t respond. All the free-flowing Champaign must have droned him to sleep I thought and touched his bare, hairy thigh. When he didn???t react, I got bold and slowly moved closer to his crotch inhaling his manly musky smell. Then I threw the radio aside and gently guiding his fat black cock towards my mouth as if I was in a trance. The moment his big-mushroom shaped cut cock-head entered my mouth, blood rushed to my head and I felt like I was on a high. A nasty but intoxicating smell engulfed me as I slowly imitated my wife???s blow job skills and sucked the black Ethiopian???s magnificent cock. I licked his sweat-encrusted balls till they were shining with my saliva and licked his entire 10-inch long shaft from its flared piss slit to the fat root. Some of his wiry pubic hair got stuck in my teeth but I was like a man possessed. I had to extract his cock juice and drink it all without spilling a drop and without waking him up. I was so engrossed in my cock-sucking ritual that I didn???t even notice when Kofuka clutched my head in a death vice grip and started fucking my mouth like a two-dollar whore???s pussy. I was gasping for breath and thought I would black out but nothing like that happened. As my eyes teared up, the ugly Ethiopian plunged his long black cock one last time in my throat and thrust in a hot volcanic eruption which went straight to my gullet. After a full two agonizing moments he released my head and wiped the remnant of thick strands of his black cum on his black bony fingers and fed me. I sucked his fingers clean like a bone licking his bone.

Then he turned his back to me and fell asleep.

I got up and after fixing my sperm-laden face and hair, went up to my room. It took five hard knocks before the door opened. It was not my wife but a red-faced Scandinavian waiter ??? not a day older than eighteen - his titanium blond hair striking on his tanned face. His shirt was unbuttoned and a mammoth uncut Scandinavian cock dangled from his fly. He looked flushed and a little afraid but a booming voice gave him much needed confidence. ???Come on brother, finish what you have started. He won???t mind. Willya buddy???? Jishan smiled at me with a lopsided killer smile, his hand massaging his thick and long black cock slowly. Five other black men including Shakal were in different stages of undress, only common thing being each of them had their big black cock out in the open.

???What???s going on here???? I summoned my loudest voice and asked my wife ??? blindfolded and sitting on all four, her dress bundled up at her waist, and her hairy pussy quivering in anticipation of something hard and big. I was quite ashamed that rather than sounding authoritative, my voice only came out like a weak, meek puppy whining.

???Don???t be a spoil sport, honey,??? my wife thundered in a voice that spelled anger, ???I will lose a bet of $100 so stop and don???t be such a prude wimp.???


???Yeah, Jishan and Shakal bet me 100 bucks that I can???t guess how long this guy???s dick is. I had almost got it right just now and you interrupted. Hey kiddo, come on and let me finish the bet. I am sure I will win this hands down.??? I kept quiet after all I had just eaten a thick load of fresh cum straight from a black nozzle ??? with what face could I stop my wife from winning $100.

Encouraged, the Scandinavian lad stroked his monster white cock to full hardness and positioned himself at my wife???s naked rump. First he rubbed his uncut cock head up and down her hairy slutty pussy a few times as if testing waters and then slowly he entered her moist pink pussy. ???Ahhhh,??? my wife moaned in pain as the waiter pumped his entire 10-inches of man meat inside. I had never seen such a giant white cock and sat down on the bed next to my wife so that I could watch it properly. The waiter surprised me when he asked, ???Mister, can you hold my shirt up, I can???t see if my cock is all in or not.??? And I was more surprised when I complied with his command lifting his shirt ends from both sides so he could watch his fat cock pump in and out of my wife???s meaty pussy.

One of the black man I had no clue about got up on the bed and pulled my wife up between his legs so that her blindfolded head hit his crotch. My wife groped around and caught his humongous uncut black and brought it closer to her mouth. But before engulfing the purple, foreskin-covered cock in her salivating mouth, she said for my benefit, ???Oh so you want me to guess how big your cock is using my mouth? Sure, I am game for it but let???s bet $100 for it. Okay????

To which he replied in rather incoherent intonation, ???Slut, I got no $100 bills in ma pocket, or I won???t be the cleaning the toilet in ma rig???all I got is this two dollar bill, you want it you can haf it.??? My wife smiled and said, ???A bet is a bet - $2 or $100???here goes.??? And with that she gobbled his black dirty cock in her mouth and started sucking like it was a life saving black banana. After suck for about 10 minutes and after the waiter had fucked for 20 minutes, my wife pulled the still hard and still not spent black cock from her mouth and said, ???I think, this one in my mouth has got to be at least 6 inches and the one is my cunt got to be at least 5 inches.???

???Holly shit, honey,??? I interrupted as a dutiful husband, ???You are gonna lose the bet this way. The black cock in your mouth gotta be surely 10 inches if not more and this white Scandinavian cock in your pussy definitely has to be 11 inches.??? I heard unison of chuckle from the black men but my wife ignored them. ???Are you sure honey, they are as big as you are claiming????

???I mean I can???t be 100% sure but they must be close??????

???Okay honey bunch, now be a sport and call for a measuring tape from the hotel,??? she asked me and I quickly dialed the operator. Meanwhile, not wanting to lose their erections, both the black and the Scandinavian cocks???er???I mean guys swapped positions and resumed their cocky assault on my willing wife. I was amazed they hadn???t cum still???I would have cum in five minutes flat. Anyway, just to end all this in a positive outcome, I rushed to the door as I heard a knock but Shakal was faster. I was just going to open the door slightly and take the measuring tape but the nasty black supervisor opened the door completely and invited the shocked but enterprising old black hotel staff in.

Closing the door behind him, Shakal explained to the black old man, ???Brother, we are playing a game here???the whore here is going to guess the size of everybody???s cock in the room. But we don???t want the husband (and he pointed to me) to play foul to her advantage. Do you some time to help us out???? And I saw he winked at the old black man who smiled and nodded yes. The old man went to my wife and asked the black cock fucking her pussy to pull out. As he pulled out his slime covered fat cock out, the black man frowned and made a face, ???I am not going to touch another man???s cock,??? he said flatly disappointing me. ???But,??? he added with a smile, ???What I can do is that maybe I can measure how deep her pussy is and then we would know who went in the deepest and that way we will know for sure.???

I was confused and repeated the equation in my mind to see how it would work. But by then the old man had pulled his pants down and started rubbing his soft but impressive black cock on my wife???s pussy slit. As he reached the desired hardness he plunged in. Although he was thicker than the previous black man???s cock the pussy was well lubricated with previous precum and the old man slid in like a black knife in white butter. He fucked her slimy pussy for some time before grunting like an old breeding stud and releasing his potent sperm deep inside my wife???s pussy. Then he quickly pulled his pants up, buckled up and left, saying, that his boss would start looking for him.

The black men laughed and I felt infuriated. Without letting the situation slip out of my hands any further I stepped forward, picked up the measuring tape and asked the Scandinavian waiter and the black man to stand on the bed. I then sat down at their feet and measured their cocks one by one from the fat roots to the broad-flared heads covered with white froth from my wife???s over worked pussy. I was in a dilemma as they were almost same length and thickness at 10-inches and seven inches.

Jishan came to my aid by walking just next to me ??? his massive black cock dangling invitingly in my face. He said to my wife, ???Okay, enough of this stupid bet. Let???s change it???now we will see who you can make cum faster. So each cock with fuck you for five minutes and the last guy to cum in your pussy will give you $100.??? With that he pulled the waiter off my wife???s pussy (with great difficulty as the fat Scandinavian cock was jammed tight in her pussy) and pulled my wife off the bed. He then abruptly laid her on her back on the carpet and unceremoniously started copulating with her. Like him, all other blacks had taken off their clothes completely and were slowly huddling together around Jishan. After Jishan fucked my wife for five minutes another man, the owner of the ugliest black cock I have ever seen, wiped my wife???s sloppy wet pussy with the tablecloth and plunged his jet black nine-inch long and nine-inch wide cock in her pussy. He was fucking her with an intensity that made me think that he would win but he didn???t and reluctantly pulled out his massive mancock when the third guy tapped him after five minutes.

I was sitting down on the floor, holding my wife???s head in my lap as black cock after black cock pounded their lusty fury in my wife???s cum- and-cock hungry meaty pussy. The Scandinavian waiter was feeling left out and standing next to me stroking his salami cock slowly. Then his walkie-talkie erupted in a loud call. It was his boss asking him to check another room. The waiter looked so sad not having cum that I had pity on him and shocked him by starting sucking his impressive pale cock. His bleached blond pubic hair looked delicious and I surprised myself by taking every single inch of his 10-inches meat in my mouth. Undisturbed by the blacks who were busy burying their cocks in my wife???s cunt, I pleasured my 18-year-old man to my heart???s content and just as I pushed a finger in his rosebud asshole, he jerked wildly like a cuming donkey and erupted a thick load of ropey sperm in my mouth. Oh the sweet taste of the virgin sperm of a young virile boy! I smacked my lips and swallowed every single drop.

As he pulled his pants up and ran off to see to his job, I threw all caution to the wind and slowly creeped in between the tree trunk legs of Shakal who was fucking my wife now???slowly lying low, I snaked my tongue out and licked his black sperm-laden hairy black balls and slowly started rimming his black anus. Oh, currents of electricity ran down my spine as I tasted his musky ass-ring. And I think my tongue did its magic on his shithole and he involuntarily became the first man to cum in my wife???s pussy (after the bet was changed that is). His ass-ring opened up and my tongue slipped in accidentally, savoring some of his black shit but I was madly in lust of the black body and continued sucking his black skin . I felt every single spurt from his balls like a wild tsunami of sperm hitting my wife???s womb???and my wife crumbled under Shakal, immersed in her own earth-shattering orgasm.

This must have been the start of a chain reaction, because immediately, Shakal was replaced by another quivering angry black cock which fucked my wife relentlessly for three minutes and came deep inside. And then another and then another. Till only Jishan was left with a super load of cum boiling in his big black hairy balls. He bent down but instead of fucking my wife and adding his load in the sloppy cunt, he pushed my head down to her battered and cock-beaten pussy. And I started lapping her cream-pied cunt like a happy dog. Once I had licked her clean, Jishan made me suck his black ???master??? cock till he was rock hard again and then he started a brutal assault of my wife spanking clean pussy.

He fucked her like a mad man, hell bent on impregnating her with his illegitimate black seed as his friend cheered him on verbally and I cheered him by lapping his free-flowing musky sweat straight from his hairy balls and ass-crack. Like Shakal, as I started rimming his crusty shit-hole, he lost all his control over his cock and balls and came like a breeding bull deep inside my cow-wife???s pussy in heat. He collapsed all over her for ten minutes and slowly snaked his purple tongue in her mouth in a deep French kiss like a lover. And I almost had tears in my eyes watching their passionate union.

Anyway, soon one by one all other blacks filed out leaving just me, my wife and Jishan. Once we were alone, Jishan told me that from that day my wife was his mistress and he would fuck her when he wanted and with all his friends. He also told me that I was welcome to fuck her but she would decide whether she wanted me to fuck her or not. ???And,??? he added, ???I am sure she is going to be pregnant sooner or later, while she is unable to service me and my friends, you have to be our cock- whore?????? I understood completely and sat down at their feet slowly nibbling at his flaccid but still 9-inches cock as it slowly started coming back to life???to fuck my wife.

The end.
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