Paul And His Father With My Wife Under The Blanket

Written by Bhura Lund / Jun 18, 2009



It was raining hard. My wife and I had been sitting by the cozy fire enjoying some quality time together. We were watching a horny movie together about a blonde getting fucked skin-to-skin by three homeless niggers after they found her sprawled eagle in an alley after a drinking binge. We were both naked under the blanket and my hands were dripping with her pussy juice which had been flowing freely. The smell of her musk, mixed with my precum was hanging in the air like an erotic perfume. Just then the doorbell rang. We both froze. Who could it be at this hour?

I quickly grabbed my jeans and answered the door. It was our next door neighbor Paul and his father. They were drenched to their bones and some more. Imagine being wet in the middle of the winter.

"??Hi mate,"?? Paul muttered, in between his clattering teeth, "??Help. My father and I are locked out. My wife has gone to her sister"??s place with the kids and I just don"??t have the keys"?¦to top it all, my car broke down as well"?¦if it were not you, we would be dead soon."??

To not get the carpet wet, I rushed to the laundry to get them some fresh towels.

"??Hope you don"??t mind,"?? Paul said and helped himself to my bathrobe which was lying on the chair. His father too helped himself to another bathrobe which was actually my wife"??s. Since both Paul and his father are like really big boned people, the bathrobes were rather inadequate. Especially Paul"??s father looked really funny in my wife"??s rather small bathrobe. Only when I had ushered them in the living room to benefit from the fireplace, did I realize my buck naked wife was sitting there. But by then it was too late. Paul was saying his hello as he settled down on the couch opposite ours with his father by his side.

Luckily my wife had switched to Discovery channel. She was huddled inside the blanket so it was difficult to tell that she was naked. As I handed Paul and his father their brandy, I realized how, small the bathrobe really was. Paul"??s father was trying his best to pull the bathrobe over his massive tree-trunk thick hairy thighs. The hem of the slightly girlie bathrobe only managed to cover his upper thighs. It was the same for Paul although he was very well covered compared to his 70-year-old father.

They almost gulped their brandy down in one shot and soon I was refilling their glasses. When I was about to take the bottle back to the cabinet, Paul asked me to leave the bottle right there. My wife, already primed with many bottles of wine, and with the lack of sexual activity had fallen asleep. Paul"??s father, I realized, suddenly started shivering like he was having fits. I could see the knuckles of his black hands turning white.

"??Hey mate, quick, can you get a blanket for my father"?¦he is prone to pneumonia and if he catches it now, I"??ll be damned."??

I rushed off to find another blanket. Jesus, housekeeping! I had no clue where my wife kept the blankets and I searched every nook and cranny of our house without avail. Finally after 10 minutes of futile search I went back to the living room and to my surprise found the Paul"??s father was happily snuggled with my wife inside her warm blanket, his big black hand holding a glass brimming with scotch (the brandy was already over!).

"??Hey buddy, what took you so long? Paul inquired, "??I hope you don"??t mind but I had no choice but to let him snuggle with your wife. Hope she doesn"??t mind when and if she wakes up. Although the amount of shuffling we did to get pops in didn"??t even flinch her. She looks like out cold. What have you been feeding the poor thing?"??

"??It"??s okay. Yeah she is pretty drunk"?¦she had like five bottles of wine by herself,"?? I told Paul and sat next to him pouring myself a stiff scotch. My vision was blurred too but I was glad Paul"??s old father was comfortable. Then my eyes landed on my wife"??s bathrobe. He wasn"??t the old man wearing it before I left the room? But then who could blame him, the living room was quite hot and now that he was inside the blanket he wouldn"??t need the bathrobe anymore. Then the vision of my naked wife under the blanket flashed in my head. Oh fuck! That meant that the Paul"??s old father was sitting skin-to-skin with my sexy wife. That sent shivers of sex down my cock"??s spine, and it jerked to attention.

Next to me, Paul had also relaxed. His legs were spread wide and the bathrobe had parted to reveal a long, limp, black uncut cock hanging down. If my wife was awake she would have been able to see it at eye level. But she was slumped down on Paul"??s father"??s shoulder. Very comfortable that"??s what the both of them looked together. My wife moved slightly so that the blanket fell off her shoulder revealing a milky white sexy shoulder. Then her head dropped down in Paul"??s father"??s lap. He was quick enough to catch her head in his big black arms, but not quick enough to cover her up as the entire blanket folded over slipped down.

Now there in front of me and Paul was my wife "?? her magnificent big breasts juggling like mangoes waiting to be sucked. Paul"??s father looked embarrassed but somehow managed to cover my wife. Her head rested in his lap. Then I noticed that Paul collapsed next to me and started shivering just like his father. I touched his hands and they were ice cold, like someone had just rubbed some ice on them. They were also wet. Anyway, his father quickly opened the blanket and asked me to help Paul get inside.

"??Paul too is prone to get pneumonia, like me,"?? he grinned, his white teeth shining against his jet black skin, "??runs in the family, I think."??

I had no choice but to help Paul get in the blanket together with his father and my wife. Now Paul was sitting behind my wife and his father was on his side, my wife was sprawled all over both of their laps like a sushi spread. My eyes wandered off to the TV screen. Ironically a documentary on African tribes was going on. Black tribal men with their penises covered by dried gourds were dancing, their big black hairy balls bouncing invitingly. I was so immersed in the scene when Paul spoke.

"??Poor thing,"?? he said to his father, "??Pops, let"??s help her get more comfortable."?? With that he lifted my wife up from her armpits and hauled her up to a sitting position. For a fraction of a minute her entire nude body flashed out of the blanket and within minutes the father and son had covered her up again. Now she was sitting comfortably, her head resting on Paul"??s broad black shoulder. To prevent her from falling down again, Paul held her with his arms around her chest. Must not have been easy on the guy as my wife has massive titties but to give the poor black man credit, he managed pretty well. Once she was propped up properly, I think the body heat must have become unbearable for Paul, for he pulled his bathrobe off and threw it over to me. I neatly folded it and kept it besides and went back to the documentary about black tribes. It was fascinating to see their gigantic black balls swinging as they went by their daily chores. In one scene, one old black man was milking the cows and the cow kicked her legs so that the gourd came off and his snake-like black cock fell down. The camera moved away to the cow but not quick enough for me to not see his cock. Later the camera focused on how he was pushing his cock back in the gourd. Half of his black meat was still out but he somehow pushed it in"?¦and pulled on his hairy black balls to fit the cock neatly inside the hollow tube.

Just then I noticed my wife had turned around and had put her arms around Paul. The blanket was off her back and I could see Paul"??s black hands circling around her creamy white back. One of her big white breasts was also getting crushed between her and Paul"??s hairy black chest. If my judgment is correct, her brown nipples must have been resting straight on top of Paul"??s black nipples surrounded by kinky nigger hair. Her nipples must have got tweaked accidentally by Paul"??s hard chest because my wife was squirming on her ass as if she was adjusting. I noticed Paul"??s hands had slipped down to my wife"??s sexy ass and he was holding her to steady her backside. Her head was still rolled down on Paul"??s broad shoulder.

I don"??t know why but my wife was slowly moving up and down"?¦like she does when she rides my cock sometimes but of course, Paul being such a good neighbor would never do something like that to my wife.

I know he often teases me for having such a hot wife to myself. I remember once I heard him talk to two of his colleagues over a BBQ to which my wife and I were invited too. He was telling them something about giving my wife a black sausage to chew on. I was amused because there was no black sausage on the BBQ pit unless he was planning to burn a sausage for my wife. During another BBQ party with his friends, I heard him telling them (I had just joined their conversation so I didn"??t hear what they were talking before) that he was planning to make me eat a pie. I interjected and told him he was welcome to make me eat a pie as long as it was free and there was no meat in it. Then they all laughed heartily at my sporting spirit and he just muttered something like, "??I will make sure that the meat is taken out and fresh frothy cream is added to the pie before you dive in to cherish the flavor. And yeah, buddy, for you I will make sure it"??s free."??

So I knew he was a good neighbor and a great buddy. That"??s the reason why I trusted him to sit with my wife naked under the same blanket. And of course, how could he be randy when his own old father was in the same blanket with him?

So I just ignored my wife for randomly moving up and down in my black buddy Paul"??s lap and concentrated on the Discovery documentary about African tribes and their lives. Actually I was kind of hoping they would shed their little natural things and start fucking"?¦I love interracial fucking movies and my wife and I were watching one before Paul and his pop walked in"?¦I just wanted to see the final scene of how the hot blonde got creamed. Just then, quite accidentally Paul"??s father pressed the TV remote back to video. Whoa! The screen came ablaze with the white chick bouncing up and down two black cocks jammed in her infinitely large pussy. Not only was she enjoying double penetration, her pretty mouth was also impaled on a long, thick black cock. She was chewing on it like it was a black sausage. Hey wait, wasn"??t that what Paul had said about my wife? Never mind, I must be watching too much porn.

"??Oh no,"?? I exclaimed, "??I am sorry guys. Just that before you came in; we were enjoying a little nookie. Maybe I should switch it off."??

"??No son,"?? Paul"??s father bewildered me as my own father would have barfed his curses on me if in a similar situation, "??Leave it on. I haven"??t seen such a flick for months. Anyway, your young lady is fast asleep, she won"??t mind. Would she?"??

Of course, although I felt my wife was still moving up and down I doubt if she would have seen the porn flick together with two naked men "?? none of whom were her husband. But like Paul"??s pops said she was asleep. And in any case, my dick was dying for release. My nuts were churning overtime to make sperm inside and sperm was just bubbling to flow out of my penis. The head of my penis told my head, go buddy go for it. Let the precum lose. And so I smiled and let the old geezer enjoy a porno flick in months.

So together the three of us men enjoyed the porno flick of three niggers fucking the blonde senseless. Paul"??s father was the most excited. I could see that he was aroused big time. Anyone could see that. His cock was rock hard and it was bigger than the cock on any of the three guys in the flick"?¦so there you have a 12-fucking-inches of black cock! It was resting on his chest like anaconda. It"??s flared glans of head peeking from under his black foreskin. Big dollops of precum were leaking and trailing down the spine of his monster cock. Soon there was a big puddle of his precum on the bottom of the blanket. Just then Paul spoke to his father.

"??Pops, I gotta go and take a leak. You wanna handle her or shall I just let go?"??

"??Sure sonny, you think your pops gone already? I ain"??t a wimp you know. I can handle her pretty well. You do what you gotta do"?¦take a good long piss and let it all go,"?? and then pops laughed, a phlegmy, throaty laugh. Paul hauled my wife up and planted her on his father"??s torso. He was not very careful because her breasts landed straight on the old man"??s face and her pussy landed just inches away from the old man"??s cock. My wife"??s pussy looked bloody red. It"??s normally meaty cunt lips were puffed up like in heat"?¦and her pussy hole was stretched wide. The pussy hair was matted and wet but it was getting hot in the room and even I was sweating a little bit. My wife"??s breast probably blocked the old man"??s breathing. Because as she landed on him, he started jerking uncontrollably and the purple tip of his giant cock which had been lying dangerously close to my wife"??s pussy got sucked inside the pussy by the jerking action. To ease his breathing he pulled my wife down a little and this cased his cock to slide in her pussy some more. The fact that his cock was rock hard made it easy for it to slide inside my wife"??s sweating pussy. Since her heavy breasts were still resting on his chin, he pulled her down some more and that pushed more than two thirds of his thick black meat to be jammed inside my wife"??s hairy pussy. Slowly, then he pulled the blanket all over my wife"??s back to cover her modesty.

Having settled my wife on his father, Paul got up and take a leak. As he got up, I noticed how thick his own black cock was "?? almost six inches. It was uncut like his father and although it was not 12 inches, it was almost 10 inches long and its mushroom head had slipped out of his black foreskin. It looked an angry purple and was slowly deflating. Pearly white strings of precum, or was it cum?, were dripping down his purple piss slit. And his low-hanging big black hairy balls were slapping against his thick thighs as he moved towards me.

He walked to me and I came eye-to-eye with his one-eyed black monster. I was sure it was cum. I could smell it. The bastard. He was fucking my innocent wife under the blanket. I was so angry at him for ruining my life"?¦our life. The black fucking nigger. He was so damn proud of that bloody fucking black cock! Huh! What if there was no cock? What if there was no fucking damned black cock? What if I just bite his cock off him? I was fuming with anger when I opened my mouth to bite hic black superior cock off him to teach him a lesson. There was no better punishment for such a bastard who fucked his neighbor"??s wife in such situation. I opened my mouth and lunged at his cock. I felt the taste of my wife"??s pussy coated all over his massively girthed cock. It seemed very familiar. Accidentally, rather than biting his cock off, I linked my wife"??s pussy juice clinging all over his black cock. It was indescribable"?¦the taste of my wife"??s familiar pussy on the cock of my nigger neighbor. There was something to that taste "?? superiority. A manliness. A sense of macho. An overwhelming desire flooded my brain to be of service to such a superior man"?¦with such a superior taste. And automatically, I bent down on my knees and started sucking his cock "?? the same cock which had fucked my wife"??s innocent pussy just few minutes ago "?? just like I always want my wife to suck mine. Paul loved it. I knew by the way he grasped my soft hair and ears and pulled my face to meet his thick cock. Soon it was rock hard again and was plowing the depths of my deep throat.

I saw from the corner of my eyes, his father"?¦yes, his 70-year-old father was now earnestly fucking my wife as he saw me service his son"??s cock. The father and son duo were fucking us wife and husband duo like two bulls breeding their cows. Their long, thick, fat and uncut black cocks shined with my wife"??s pussy juice and my saliva and they dived in and out of our servicing holes slowly, reentering almost immediately. I sucked till my jaw was sore and my cheeks ached but my heart, my belly hungered for something. And that something was soon delivered to me straight down the gullet. I did manage to taste a little bit of his breeder bull sperm "?? its tangy and bitter taste"?¦but he forced my head down and I had no choice but to swallow every single drop"?¦just when his old geezer of a father pumped his 70-year-old senile sperm inside my wife"??s warm, moist, and fertile pussy.

Paul, after he was done with us husband and wife, pushed me to his father"??s side. There he pushed me further down so that I was eye to eye with the cream pie "?? oh jeez how naïve had I been. This was the cream-pie he had offered me for free and it was right here in my face as he had promised "?? freshly baked, without the meat (of course the meat was just a few inches away), and full of frothy cream. I had just enough time to lick my lips before Paul pushed me head down to eat my favorite dessert in the whole world.

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