My First Hot Wife Experience

Written by Andy_FL / Jun 18, 2009



This is true story having taken place back in 1980 when I was attending college. The term cuckold was not being used back then nor was the internet available.

I was very open minded to my sexuality from my young teens. I experimented with everything I could "Finding Myself" sexually so to speak. This period from about age 14-20 involved boyhood masturbation with typical girly porn, Penthouse, Playboy etc but in my mid teens I gained access to real deal hard core printed porn. Magazines including group sex, bi sex, anal, cum shots to woman"??s faces, BDSM even and a huge stash of the old GreenLeaf adult novelettes and short stories. Being written fiction no subject was taboo in these books. Including incest, bestiality, all sorts of perversions to stir the imagination. I tried to even suck myself with some success and even cam into my own mouth. Dildos were not far behind and I learned the best orgasms were when my ass was being stimulated. Fortunately I was able to navigate this porn flood innocently thinking that for the most part it was Fantasy just like Star Wars etc. It wasn't until I went to college that I realized real everyday people actually did this stuff.

Shortly after loosing my virginity to an older woman (I was 18 she was 24) two weeks away from her wedding day!. I seduced her after an Christmas party. She thought it neat I was a virgin. It was relaxed but not bad or great by any standard. After that I found partners more easily and dated a bit but nothing serious as I attended college. When I was 19 I moved into a 30s couples home renting a spare bedroom. I knew the wife Marie as we had a few classes together. Marie was going back to college to better their financial situation etc. About two weeks into my stay we had a party. After everyone left I was sitting with Dan, Marie"??s husband listening to David Bowie records smoking some potent weed when Marie appeared at hallway arch, glowing in back light wearing a sheer black negligee! My jaw dropped open as I had imagined many times in urgent masturbation what she would look like naked.

"Did you talk to Andy yet?" Marie spoke authoritatively. She was a vision of erotic lust and beauty. 5' 1"??, 120 lbs just a bit of chub but great sexy curves. Her huge, dark, puffy areolas with fat nips were dimly visible. The lighting from the candles silhouetting her form.

"No honey I just couldn't bring it up." replied Dan his voice trembling a bit. She gave him a somewhat stern look nodding towards me. Dan turned toward me as my eyes continued to soak up his wife Marie's luscious body.

"Andy would you be interested in joining us in our bedroom for a hot threesome?" He forced out.

My eyes darted first to Dan who looked nervous, and then to Marie who by now had a devilish grin and a coy look towards me. I melted.

"I"??d love too.." I replied in a week voice. Simultaneously images I had created from reading many hot wife stories in the past started flowing into my mind. This was a real hot sexy wife and she had just made her husband invite ME to fuck her!

She bent over and offered me her arm to take and she pulled me close as we walked down the dim hall. Time was in slow motion for me as we were all high on some great pot. I can distinctly remember her perfume and the click of her high heals on the terrazzo floor. Her warmth radiating at my side as she pulled me close.

Marie was an assertive dominant in a sensual subtle way but very feminine. Dan was submissive in a subtle way as well. He had a similar build to me being athletic but not built up. Little body hair and his face clean shaven. His brown hair was cut short for his corporate office job. Both he a Marie were shaved bare below. I had long curly blond hair down to my shoulders being a college surfing bum and my very light golden tan was about all I ever got. There was one obvious difference between Dan and me though. As Marie helped me remove my cloths I was sporting a rock hard hard-on of 7". When it sprang free both of them gave out an audible mild gasp.

"I think we have a keeper..." Marie whispered to Dan

I had only ever viewed soft boy cocks in the gym shower or big hard cocks in porn. I had never seen another guy hard on in real life until now. I was shocked when I saw Dan's hard on was maybe 4"! I'm not kidding. I was so relieved I measured up having always lived in doubt about my size. The whole surreal scene had me so turned on I had to take several deep breaths to stop from spontaneously cumming.

Maria laid back legs spread told me to gently explore her body and stated that my mouth and tongue were required to please her. Dan and I each took a side and started in. I was quivering in and anticipation. She was so turned on her pussy spread open and wet. I could clearly see the wetness and her aroma filled the room. Both my cock and Dan"??s dripped pre-cum as we ran our hands and mouths over her body.

I started at Marie"??s soft full breasts. Her nips were huge and very dark. Her breasts felt so soft too. I could suck the whole nipple area in and she reacted with a lust full moan, arching her back into my mouth telling me to suck harder. I filled my mouth with her nipple and a good portion of the surrounding breast. My finger melted into her gapping wet pussy. Dan initially had Marie suck his small cock hard and I could look up and see her take him in all the way easily. She ticked his little nut in her fingers and he started to pump his tiny penis in and out. Marie immediately slowed her sucking and teasing to keep Dan from cumming she pulled her mouth free.

"??Eht eht eht"?¦don"??t cum yet!"?? she exclaimed at Dan. "??Go site over there and watch"?? she ordered, "??And don"??t you dare cum until I say so."??

She pushed me off her breasts and said "??Lick my pussy Andy"?? I kissed my way down her soft belly which drove her to convulse a bit"?¦Just as I found her clit she bucked up insistently wanton in lust and I sucked it in. I could tell as her pussy contracted on my fingers she was having her first of many orgasms that night. When she came down from her bliss she told Dan to "??get Andy ready for me"?? I figure he was going to get a condom but what he did next was get back behind me and encourage me to get up onto my hands and knees as I ate his hot wife. I was initially shocked when he started to fondle my balls and quickly slipped his own head under me between my legs taking my rock hard dripping 7"?? into his mouth! I was about to tell him to stop but it felt soooo good and Marie was encouraging him"?¦ "??Take him deep Dan"?¦make him hard so he can fuck your slutty wife"?? I tried real hard to not cum right away the scene was so hot. He only sucked me for a minute or so then Marie motioned for me to mount her.

Time slowed again as I took in the candle lit scene"?¦. A beautiful 30s wife spread wet and wonton encouraging me to slide in her eager hubby helping me do the deed. My cock was throbbing and bobbing in anticipation"?¦..I was high on great weed, life is so good.

I slid in balls deep in one easy thrust her pussy was not tight or loose but very wet. She let out a deep guttural moan"?¦"??oooohmmm it feels sooo good Andy you"??re a perfect fit"?¦."?? I stopped and in a moment of frankness told her I needed to wait a moment to let me need to cum pass. We French kissed for several minutes as Dan sat nearby slowly jerking his tiny 4"?? cock tickling his balls as he stroked. "??His penis doesn"??t fill me like I need Andy"?¦yours does"?? she murmured. I turned to look at Dan thinking to myself how humiliating it must be for Dan to have his own wife make such a comment. He just nodded and continues stroking his cock.

Finally I started to fuck her and was happy I was able to show great stamina and resisted cumming for a long time. We fucked in every position possible but ended up back in the missionary after about 20 minutes. Marie announced she wanted me to cum "??For Her"?? she said"?¦calling "??Dan use that wonderful mouth of yours to help us"?¦please"?? Dan came over and got behind us I was again kissing Marie when I felt his fingers gently tease my balls and his tongue in my ass hole.! I couldn"??t believe the pleasure I felt with him tonguing my ass hole. I fucked harder a deeper and came right away grinding and twisting in the best orgasm of my entire life as Dan"??s tickled my balls and never let his tongue leave my ass hole. I kept fucking Marie until my cum oozed out around my softening cock Dan moved lower and tongued the area around Marie"??s pussy and my cock. As Marie and I cuddles I finally slipped out and Dan quickly slurped my soft cock into his mouth capturing a long ropey string of cum that extended from my cock tip back to Maries clit. After he cleaned me gently he moved down to clean Marie. She was moaning and quivering in my arms and really enjoying Dan"??s tongue. He sounded like a hungry dog slurping away down there. I cuddled and kissed with Marie as orgasms waved over her periodically.

Being only 19 I got hard again almost immediately and went another round with Marie and having cum once It was easy for me to energetically give her a very long ride. During our long second fuck Dan decided to leave us alone in their marital bed. He relegated himself to the couch down the hall.

After this adventure we would have three ways every two weeks or so while I stayed with them for about 9 months. Dan got a transfer to another state and they moved away"?¦I"??ve lost touch with them over the years. During our time together they took me to swing parties in Orlando and Daytona where I learned the pleasure of fucking many older wives.
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