My Escort Wife's 1000th Client

Written by Herpleezer / Jul 2, 2009



I have written before about my beautiful wife. She is a mature, escort who specializes in rimming her clients. She has been escorting for about two years and a major milestone is about to be reached...she will be having her 1,000th client soon.

She tells me that most of her clients cum twice with her and sometimes more. She is in her fifties, but looks much younger. When she got into the business, we were worried that she would have mostly older guys as clients. However they are mostly in their 20's, 30's and 40's.

Over the past 30 years she has rimmed me about 5 times, however she loves to rim most of her clients. This means she has licked about 1,000 assholes of strangers.

I often read about new cuckolds or wanabee cuckolds. Well, i am the real deal. This is 100% true. She also informs me that almost all of the 1,000 have had larger cocks than me. I don't have a puny cock ...a slightly less than normal 5 1/2 inches.

She is also dating a number of the guys she started out with as clients. One guy in particular is her "2nd husband". in another country where she works.I have met him many times and we get along. However i am not allowed to see any sexual activity between them. She tells me his cock is about 3 inches longer than mine, and that his cock head is "bulbous" and big and fat and she loves it when he pops it in her. He has spent many nights with her.

However she is madly in love with a former client whom she rarely gets to see because of his travel schedule. She openly tells me that when she masturbates or cums with me or just about any other guy, she thinks of him as she orgasms.

Her fuckbuddies are all black guys. When we met, many years ago she told me has done dozens of black guys in college. I told her I didn't mind, in fact I wanted to hear all the details.

My fondest wish is to live in a situation where i would be the household servant and she could live with her lover or maybe a series of lovers. We talk about it all the time, and i think it may happen.

i would love to hear from anyone about the true lives we lead. i like to hear from lifelong cuckolds such as i and others whose Wives are escorts.
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