Wife Conceives... With A Little Help From Xavier And Blake

Written by Bhura Lund / Jul 3, 2009



We were trying to have a baby for a longest time. And my wife was really gung ho about the whole thing?it was great because she was ready to fuck anytime, anywhere. But when months and then a few years passed by without any sign of a baby, my wife became stressed and depressed. On the advice of a family friend we went to see a fertility specialist who did couple of tests and said that we were both absolutely fine.

The problem, he said haltingly, could be that my wife ? in her late thirties ? may be having some problems conceiving but only because of age. Nothing to worry, he said, adding that he would give her a jab that would help her conceive. ?But,? he added with a grin, ?You must have sex as much as possible during the four days following the jab for it to be effective.? Without as much as batting an eyelid, my wife proffered her big back-side for the injection. Now the heat was on me and I was getting sweaty palms.

We reached home and my wife yanked her clothes off in a jiffy. She couldn?t even wait to go to the bedroom and spread her sexy legs displaying her parted hairy pussy like a whore. I was shocked at myself, who had been dreaming of her to behave like a slut, that when she actually did my kinda behavior, I was seriously turned off. I dunno why but I felt disgusted rather than horny. But not to make her feel bad, I simply held my breath and lapped her funky, sweaty pussy till she was having an earth shattering orgasm. Usually she retracts after an orgasm but today, she only became hotter. She started pulling her pussy lips apart and urged me to ?plow her field?. But my junior only retracted in its foreskin some more and hid behind my wispy pubic curls.

?I have a terrible headache,? I said rather unconvincingly and rushed to my study leaving her dumbfounded. ?Come on man,? I heard her angry voice behind me, ?All you want is to fuck and today when I want you to fuck me, you have a headache.?

A few hours later, she was back. Wearing sexy underwear and nothing at all, she smiled and strutted like a slut trying to attract me but I only got repulsed. When she groped me and found my limp cock snuggled comfortably in its nest, she looked so angry that I could have sworn she was gonna kill me. But she ?humphed? and walked out. I fell asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night by a slithering hand trying to stroke me to hardness. I was petrified of her and when you are scared deep shit, how to get a raging hard on. I disappointed her one more time.

Then my phone rang like a guardian angel to save me. It was one of my buddies. His car had broken down just two blocks from my house and he asked me if I could be of help. Of course I wanted to help. Of all the days, I wanted to help anyone today the most. So I left my wife lying along on the bed with an inflamed pussy and a hurt heart.

I would have done anything to not return home that night so against his desire, I convinced Blake to spend the night in my home after arranging for a tow truck to tow the car to a mechanics shop. ?But what about my brother?? he asked. I said off course both of you could stay with us. And then Blake and his elder brother Xavier hopped in my car.

When we reached home after an hour or so, my wife was nowhere to be seen. I saw an empty wine bottle in the sink and knew she must have drunk herself silly. Anyway Blake and Xavier were pretty hungry so I gave them a few beers to relax and fixed some sandwiches to eat. Blake and I had not met each other for a long time so we started chatting. Xavier was flipping through channels and soon started yawning big time. Not to bore him more, I slurred to him to rest. ?Go upstairs and it?s the second door to the left.?

Then Blake and I started again. We downed a couple of beers before Blake said he was tired and wanted to grab some shut eye. We walked up and I showed him the door to his room and walked to my own bedroom. I tip-toed in so as to not wake my wife but I shouldn?t have bothered. To my shock, I saw the big frame of Xavier between her legs as he pulled out what must have been a humongous black cock. She was purring like a pussy in heat and he was fucking her slowly with that big monster of a cock. I saw with mesmerizing eyes as his thick slab of black meat sliced through her hairy cunt like a hot knife through butter. And all of its 10 fat inches were buried deep inside till his curly black pubic hair meshed with her wispy cunt hair.

The two of them hadn?t noticed me at all ? so engrossed were they in the fucking. But I was shocked by realizing that watching this old black man fuck my wife on a fertility drug was only making my ?impotent? cock harden like steel. The baby-making sperm were boiling in my hairy balls. But right there, in front of my eyes, before I could plant my legitimate sperm in my wife?s willing and strongly fertile pussy, the older black brother of my friend, tightened his black ass and erupted his black illegitimate seed in her. And I just stood and watched as he spurted one after another thick load of his cum in her, my hard cock leaking precum at the erotic spectacle.

I was only shaken out of my reverie when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Blake. Not finding Xavier in the room he had come out to find him outside. And now he found out that his older mature black brother was breeding his friend?s willing wife. Blake sighed and whispered in my ears, ?I wish I could get a piece of that daymn hot pussy of your wife.?

I shocked myself some more as I heard my own voice coming from far away, ?Sure, why not, go ahead and breed her, she is aching for some fertile sperm tonight. She is on fertility drugs and she will definitely get pregnant. Go on mate, plough her field and help me.? He looked at me like I was a guardian angel and quickly stepped out of his boxers to give me a preview of what my wife would be getting shortly. A meaty 8-inch cock hung heavily between his thick hairy legs, and it was still limp. Then he gave me a very hard smack on my ass till it tingled with pain and swaggered off to join his brother. Xavier was already pulling his 10-inch long man meat from my wife?s satisfied pussy. But I think he also wanted to snuggle behind her, so he rolled her towards the wall, her back facing us and spooned her in his naked body.

Blake had to tug at him a few times before getting him to disjoint from my half asleep wife (she falls asleep immediately after a fuck session leaving cum to dry overnight). Then slowly, Blake eased himself behind my wife stroking his fat mumba cock to rock hardness. Since I had switched off the corridor lights it was very dark. But I could still see the action inside thanks to the light filtering in from the ajar bathroom door. My wife slowly turned around and slid down till her face was in Blake?s crotch. Then he slowly started sucking his fat black cock like ice candy. She would lick the whole shaft and then gobble the fat purple head of the cock in her mouth. And then lick the shaft again. Even in the dark I could see the shiny, wet black cock shimmering with her saliva. After sucking his cock for 10 minutes, she turned pushed him down and slowly straddled him, guiding his fat angry cock towards her freshly fucked and hungry for more cunt. I saw as inch by inch Blake?s 11 inches of black cockmeat disappeared completely inside her sloppy pussy.

My wife fucked him bareback for about 20 minutes and then collapsed on top of her in the thick of another huge orgasm. As she lay then panting and quivering, Xavier, whom I had completely forgotten, walked like a monster slowly creeping behind and before I could say anything or she could realize it, he jammed his own monster cock in my wife cunt, already full of Blake?s cock. I was too shocked to utter a word but my own cock was leaking precum like crazy at this freak sex show in front of my eyes. Slowly the black brothers established a rhythm and fucked my wife like a two dollar whore getting fucked by two black horses. After a while, from her moans, I knew she was loving the nearly 12-inches thickness of the two brothers? black cocks. My mind was in a whir of emotions but some part of me wanted to slide my thick tongue between the two cocks to feel the friction.

My urge was hard to control and I slowly sneaked in and zoomed in on the joint of my wife?s stretched pussy and the two angry black cocks, sword-fighting with each other inside my wife?s cramped cunt. My head spun with the heady musky smell of the two bull cocks mixed with my wife?s cunt funk. My eyes rolled in a daze as I slowly snaked my tongue out for a lick. Hmm?I still can?t describe the satisfaction that I felt when I licked the juices of the three bodies ? sweat, precum, Xavier?s cum, my wife?s cum?oh my god, and I was going sex crazy. And I started licked wherever I could. Xavier noticed me and pulled me up. With his big paws he peeled my clothes off and pushed me towards my wife?s head.

As if on cue, she looked at me with sex crazed eyes and mouthed ?thank you? before engulfing my achingly hard cock in her mouth. So far it had been very silent and muffled sounds but I couldn?t hold my cum anymore and within three minutes of her blowjob I came buckets (in the wrong hole!) in my wife?s mouth and screamed an earth-shattering big orgasm. I felt like my life was slipping out of my cock in the form of my thick slippery cum. That must have triggered the brothers too as first Xavier and then Blake let go of the fertile loads in their big black hairy balls and erupted deep inside my wife?s cunt. My wife too curled up and had her 100th orgasm for the night.

Afterwards all four of us collapsed in a heap on the same bed. Ever so slowly I moved till my mouth was just adjacent to my wife?s red and puffed up screwed pussy matted with thick cum. More syrupy cum was slowly seeping out of her cunt and I slowly started lapping at her cunt to savor and swallow all the cum deposited in by my black friend and his brother. It tasted awesome and the sight of my doing this only horned Blake who whipped his black uncut monster in my face and slowly entered my wife?s cum-drenched pussy even as my mouth clasped a good grip on the girth of his black cock. In a few minutes he came again in my wife?s pussy and I got to taste some of his cum straight from his blue black uncut cock. I too managed to add my sperm to my wife?s cum- dump pussy early in the morning. But the brothers stayed the weekend with us and helped me impregnate my wife.

That was not the end of it though. Since we never knew who the father would be, we kept fucking my wife to increase the chances of one of us to impregnate her. Even when her belly swelled up with a baby we fucked her right till the night of delivery. In fact when she was in the labor room, Blake watched the door while Xavier fucked my wife in position to deliver the baby. Just 30 minutes after Xavier had dumped his huge load in my wife?s twat, my daughter was born, with Xavier?s cum on her head. She looks like an angel but she is not as black as Xavier and Blake?just merely brown as me. Now the brother?s are complaining that they didn?t impregnate my wife so we gotta start it all over again. This time, I will not be allowed in her pussy till she delivers a black baby. But I get to eat cock cream straight from her pussy or even from the brothers? massive black cocks.

The end.
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