Son Of Cuckold

Written by Subtoblack / Jul 9, 2009



When I was growing up at a certain age I started to notice my mom was not like the other moms. She always was wearing a dress and makeup while going out to the store and my games. At age 12 all my friends started telling me how hot my mom was. She had 36dd tits and was in great shape but with a big ass and thin waist and short blond hair. My dad was kind of a normal guy 5'10" balding with a small pot belly, he worked in sales job downtown.

My dad worked for a guy named Sam who was a nice guy to me when I saw him. He was a big black man about 6'6 250 lbs. He would often come to our house to finalize work he and my dad were working on.

They would go into the office which was connected to my mom and dads bedroom. I was always told not to disturb them they had to finish an important job. I never thought anything about it when they would go into the office and my mom said she was going to take a nap. Once a month my Dad would go out of town day on business and often he would take my mom. I would stay home and at night go over to my Grandparents? house to sleep.

One day when they were away I started to go though my moms and dads drawers looking at all my moms underwear and I also went to there closet, in the closet there was a latter going upstairs to the loft. I went up stairs and started looking around I found a 8mm projector with a box full of about (50) 8mm films. I took it downstairs thinking it would be movies of me growing up or something like that. I set up the projector and started to load the film I picked one up that was dated about 10 years ago when I was 2. Once I got the thing turned on, I saw my mom and dads bedroom. It showed my mom wearing a dress and high heels it then showed my dad going over to her and getting on his knees he bent down and started kissing her feet as she was taking of her dress, mom was saying something to him as she stood in front of him with now just her panties on he raise up and kiss her though her panties and she keep taking and holding his head. Then he took down her panties and stared kissing her pussy. I could not believe what I was seeing my dick was rock hard, but what I saw next knocked me of my feet.

Someone sat down the camera at time I realized someone was filming this the camera was still pointed at the bed and I could still see them. Sam then walking into the picture and started kissing my mom as dad was still eating my mom. Sam starting speaking as my dad looked up at him and crawled to him and started to unbuckle his belt as my mom took off his shirt my dad then took off his pants. We he was down to his underwear my dad started kissing him on his dick thought the underwear mom was saying something and Sam was laughing at my dad.

Then my dad took down his underwear and holly shit. His dick hit my dad in the face it must have been 11" and it was so thick it look as big as my dads arm. Sam slap my dad in the face with his hand and was talking to him he then took my dads head and put his big fat dick in my dads mouth. My mom started kissing Sam as he shoved his dick in and out of dads mouth. My mom then laid on the bed and Sam got on top of her my dad follow and helped Sam put his dick in my mom. After he started fucking my mom dad got behind Sam and put his face in his ass.

I watched another 15 minutes as he fucked her doggie my dad got underneath and licked them both. right before the movie ended it showed my dad take out Sam's dick and kiss and lick it, it was a mess! But he cleaned it all and then it showed my dad licking my mom as the movie ended.

I had already came in my pants without touching myself and there was a whole box full of films left. Over the next 2 days I watched about 20 more films all showing my dad being slapped; sucking Sam's dick a lot! and staying between my mom and Sam's legs while they fuck.

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