My Racist Wife And Three Black Men In An Elevator

Written by Bhura Lund / Jul 9, 2009



After being laid off from my lucrative job as a wealth manager, I had no luck getting another job. As weeks turned into months, I lost all hope and aspirations. Finally thanks to my wife, I found a job as security supervisor for the building she works in. She also works in a bank but was lucky to have her job despite the recession. The building is actually 50-storyes and I had a nice cosy office in the basement just below the control room on the first level. All the CCtvs monitors were installed in the control room and I had a master screen which allowed me to flick to any CCTV camera feed at the flick of a remote control.

Three months into the job, late one evening I was getting horny. I was on the night shift that week and there was no way I would have got any pussy at home. So when I flicked to inside one of the elevators, I saw my beautiful wife getting in at the 49th floor where she works. I stopped the screen at that feed and enjoyed watching my wife without her knowledge as she massaged her sexy bare shoulder over her dress. Then she adjusted her breast without any inhibition as she was alone in the elevator. Then at the 43th floor, the elevator stopped and a tall black man entered. He was really menacing even though he was wearing an expensive striped suit. Standing next to him, my wife looked like a small girl. They greeted and my wife gave a curt response. I saw my wife?s reaction at his entry. She was definitely not pleased. The bitch is a bit snobbish at times. I really don?t like any racist behaviour and this is one thing my wife just can?t get ? all of us are really same no matter what colour we are born with. Anyway, the elevator stopped again at the 40th floor and the old black janitor got in, having finished his job for the day getting ready to go home. He pulled the cleaning trolley in possible to ?deposit? back in the Facilities office on the 1st floor. While doing so, he accidentally brushed against my wife and I could see the hatred in her eyes. My head flared. Who did she think she was?

Things got really bad when on the 30th floor, another man entered the elevator. Unfortunately for my wife, it happened to be another black man ? who, I think; I had seen sign himself in as the recycle paper collector. The elevator was big and by no means crowded although the janitor?s trolley occupied a lot of space but I was getting furious with my wife?s bad behaviour. She was sniffing around as if there was a bad smell and I could see that the three black men noticed that. But being polite they stayed quiet. The bad behaviour hit the ceiling of my tolerance when my wife pulled out her pink perfumed handkerchief and clasped it on her small nose. Fuck! I was ashamed to say that this was my wife.

The elevator was at the 25th level now when the idea hit me like a bright bulb. Maybe if I made her suffer a little in the elevator, surrounded by three black men she didn?t like, she would understand that we are all same ? humans. So I called my only other colleague Aziz, a Pakistani, to shut the power to the 6A elevator ? the one my wife was in. When he quizzed me I told him that I would explain and rushed up to the control room to join him. He had followed my orders and switched power off for the elevator. He looked at me quizzically but I shared with him about my wife?s bad behaviour. I told him how embarrassing it was for me. Aziz and I had been in the same boat as we were both laid off so we had become very close since we joined and he and I had the same sort of attitude especially when racism was concerned. So he became agitated. ?How can you tolerate this?? he said and supported me in my decision to teach my racist wife a lesson.

Anyway there were not many people in the building so we could just wait and wait. The reason why I had asked Aziz to switch the power off to the elevator as opposed to just stopping it midway was simple ? because with power switched off, no one could even press the alarm button. This mode was for emergencies only when there was a danger of the elevator breaking down completely. There was an emergency light but I asked Aziz to not switch it on immediately. Then we just sat and watched.

After five minutes or so Aziz switched the emergency light on and I saw my wife shrinking away in one corner, her nose still covered with the handkerchief. The tall suited man was trying all the buttons but of course nothing would work. He was very annoyed. The janitor had sat down on the floor and the recycling man was trying his mobile ? little did he know that our elevators have no mobile network reception. Aziz and I looked at each other and laughed. Ten minutes passed and nothing untoward happened except that my wife slowly sat down ? slithered down is more appropriate. The recycling man pulled out a cigarette and lit it up, despite my wife?s protests. ?Well, at the most,? he reasoned, ?the smoke alarm will sound and people will for our help.? Ha.. Little did he know that the smoke alarm went bust last week. My wife was coughing and wheezing and so he stubbed the cigarette just after a few puffs otherwise I would have to get them down immediately.

Fifteen minutes and it was getting a bit boring. I was about to tell Aziz to switch on the power when the janitor said, ?I need to pee badly. I have a weak bladder and if I don?t pee now, it will leak.? The tall black gent said emotionlessly, ?Go ahead and pee.? I saw him and the recycling man look at each other and then at my wife and they grinned evilly. My wife protested again, ?Come on, have some shame. You can?t possible pee in front of me. I would be darned if I have to see a black man pee in front of me.? The tall gent leaned towards her and said softly, ?Just remember sweetheart, if we don?t get rescued, soon you will want to pee too but we will not be darned to see you pee in front of us.? Then he looked up to the recycling man and laughed lewdly. I laughed too, ?Serves the bitch right.? Aziz looked at me quizzically and then joined in.

The old man peeled out a transparent plastic bag and turned to one side to pee as discreetly as possible. The recycling man moved away from the corner to avoid him and bumped into my furious wife. She pulled away from him and that only ended up in her being in the corner directly opposite the janitor. The two black men laughed at the predicament and the janitor asked her to hold the plastic bag while he unzipped his overall. ?No way,? she retorted. The black gent told her, rather ordered her firmly, ?Hold the plastic bag now.? She looked up at him and I was delighted to see that she was afraid. She held the plastic bag while the old janitor unzipped and somehow pulled out his black old dong. He was trying to hide it but it was so bloody big that there was no way she couldn?t have seen his fat black cock. The tall black gent leaned forward and told her again very firmly, ?How can you expect him to hold such a heavy dick with one hand and hold the bag with another, so sweetie, hold it while he pees in.?

My wife looked flabbergasted and disgusted and refused to do so. The recycling man, giggling a little, walked towards my wife and standing just next to her, his big black paw like hand on her bare white shoulder, pushed her down, ?Here my white lady, let me help you. I saw you clamping your nose shut because of us dirty black men, right? So it?s only right that you sit close to the old man, smelly crotch and smell his piss up front. Right bro?? and then he looked at the tall gent, who smiled and nodded. ?Yeah, she?s been acting up since I got in too. Thinks we are all too low for her. White trash!?

My wife looked offended but the look changed to uncertainty of her circumstances and she sat down on her knees, her eyes tearing up as she held the plastic bag in front of her for the old black man to piss. She turned her head away shutting her eyes but the black gent admonished her, ?Hey, look up. I don?t want no single drop of his piss falling down on the floor. You got it??

I was surprised and pleased to hear a very meek, ?Yes? from my wife. The old black geezer sort of put his huge limp cock inside the plastic bag, pleased with the pretty white wife sitting down staring at his mammoth old cock at eye level. Slowly he started pissing yellow stream inside. The speakers in our control room were getting a crystal clear sound. I noticed, Aziz shifting in his chair restlessly and groping his cock discreetly and then it dawned on me that hey, this was my wife. I wanted to teach her a lesson but didn?t want her to be so humiliated. So I asked Aziz to start the elevator. He looked at me and switched the power on pronto. This made the old man?s cock jerk wildly and it hit my wife in her mouth leaving a stream of his yellow urine on her pouting lips. The bag full of piss fell out of her hands and all over her. Oh fuck what had I gotten her into.

Aziz switched the power off again. When I asked why he said, ?Well, can?t you see your wife is in a bad condition. Can you imagine how bad she would feel to come out like this?? I could almost see his logic but how could stopping the elevator again help? We were discussing all this when we heard the unmistakable sound of pissing. As we turned, we saw all three men facing my wife and pissing straight on her. I was speechless and watched with my mouth hung open as three magnificent but ugly cocks splattered yellow tangy urine all over my pretty racist wife down on her knees.

Aziz broke the silence, ?Fuck, man what a hot site.. Hey, your wife?s hot, see you can see her nipples are hard with all that black men?s piss.? I looked and realized that indeed, her white dress had become transparent with all the piss and you could see her pert nipples standing at attention. I told Aziz to switch the power on immediately but he pushed me away forcefully and said, ?Just let me see how does your wife react to. Okay? Five more minutes and we pull it down.? I didn?t say yes, but knew that he would not do as told now. And I was getting curious too as to how she would react.

We had spent two minutes talking this out and when we turned to the screen, I heard Aziz?s horny moan, and I knew why. The recycling man was rubbing the uncut tip of his turgid cock all over my wife?s pursed red lips. We could see her nostrils flaring as if she was inhaling the smells of that musky cock. Suddenly, I knew she would suck them all. I was sad, excited, horny, dejected ? all at same time as I saw her shut her eyes and open her mouth to let the recycling man slide his pulsating and heavily veined black cock in her white mouth. Aziz sighed and rubbed his bulging cock as the recycling man pushed inch after inch of his shiny black cock in my wife?s mouth. I should have seen it coming but I was still horrified to hear Aziz say, ?Wish I was there fucking your wife?s mouth and cunt with my Paki cock.? I remained silent even as my cock became hardest it has ever been.

Voluntarily, my wife?s manicured hands reached up and grabbed the hairy black balls attached to the 9-inch cock fucking her mouth.. I saw she was sucking the black cock like it was her last meal. And she looked like an empty soul for a second or two when the tall black gent pulled the recycling man away and presented his own cock to her. He didn?t push it in or anything but waited as a precious drop of gooey precum dangled from the wrinkled tip of horsecock. My wife looked up hungrily and licked the drop gently and slowly started sucking his cock earnestly. I had resigned myself to the fact that my wife was now officially a black cock sucking wife ? so far something I had only read in porno stories on interracial sites. But there was more to come.

She didn?t even flinch as the recycling man lifted her (her mouth remained firmly attached to the tall black gent?s purple cock throughout) bottom so that now she was in a kangaroo position. He walked behind her and pulled her dress up. Aziz licked his lips as we saw her panty covered meaty pink pussy. Recycling man pulled her panty to one side and rubbed his turgid black meat up and down her visibly very wet hairy pussy. And then he pushed inside. I was shocked to see how easily his man meat slid in stretching her pussy wide. He fucked her slowly as if recycling her eggs to babies...and occasionally she let the tall black gent?s mammoth cock out of her mouth to groan in pain and pleasure. As the recycling man increased his pace, I knew my wife was going to get a cunt enema from his plentiful and strong potent black sperm. The idea was not exciting but my cock jerked nonetheless and Aziz, no longer under any pretension, pulled out his Paki cock ? cut and standing out like a royal soldier. Slowly he started masturbating himself but my eyes were glued to the screen when the recycling man had just finished blasting his baby-making seed inside my wife?s fertile pussy. As he pulled out his never-ending black cock a never ending stream of his thick creamy baby-batter flooded out too.

The janitor smiled at the recycling man and asked for his turn. I thought my wife would scoff at the idea of the old & smelly black janitor fucking her in the raw, but she opened her legs a little more for him as he positioned his fat black uncut cock at her love tunnel and plunged in easily aided by the thick cream already there. He fucked her just for a few minutes and just when he was cumming, the tall black gent pulled out his massive cock and splattered my pretty wife?s face with his black cum. She had gone crazy and was scooping the thick yogurt like cum with her fingers and eating it rather than slurping it.

Once he was done, the tall black gent slapped her face with his deflated but still heavy black uncut cock. She enjoyed it and nibbled on the loose wrinkled foreskin a little. They looked at each other and smiled. ?You look perfect with fat black cock in your white trash mouth,? he said, slapping her cheek with his black paw, ?Anyway, I am Lucas and here?s my card. I am still not finished with you,? he said, slapping her ass, ?So call me tomorrow at lunch time and I will give you a very nutritious and protein-full appetizer of black cum.?

Just then the elevator started moving. Aziz, having switched the power on, had rushed off. Probably to relieve himself in the toilet I thought, but as I followed the elevator to the 1st floor screen, I saw Aziz, waiting with his cock dangling out. As the elevator stopped the recycling man and the janitor rushed out. Lucas, who was stuffing his thick and long limp cock back in his pants, smiled at Aziz, ?I reckon you saw everything. The bitch is yours.? And he walked away.

Aziz went inside the lift and pressed the express button to the top floor and before they reached back he had blasted his Pakistani sperm deep inside my wife?s over flooded cunt.

And I? Well I just thought about whether to get used to this kind of a lifestyle or to leave my wife. Considering she was not a racist anymore, I decided to stay on.

The end.
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