The Road Trip

Written by ety7xx / Jul 23, 2009


The Road Trip By ety7xx

Jane and I have been married for about 28 years. She has been my first and only sex partner as I was hers. Now that the kids are raised and have left us as empty nesters we only have periodic visits by the grandkids which gives us a lot of flexibility in our home life. A few years back I started a trend to get us out of the house for road trip weekends that would take us to various hotels in locations that may be 2-4 hours of driving distance away. What has become our favorite location is the Marriott on the Ohio River located across the river from Cincinnati. It is a beautiful hotel with gorgeous rooms that overlook the Ohio River and the skyline of Cincinnati. They have a great restaurant and in general this is a nice place to get away from it all and focus on us and our sex life.

I have always been small in the cock department and on a good day I used to be able to get up about five inches but as I have aged this has dropped to about three to maybe four inches on a good day. For our entire married life we have always used sex toys or I should say I have always brought in sex toys of various lengths and sizes to supplement our sex life and I might add this has been very successful in keeping us both satisfied. I have always used a road trips to introduce a new toy. Jane doesn?t get that the bigger the dildo and the farther that I get it in her pussy, the more turned on I get. Over the years I have slowly increased the size of the sex toys to the point that I now have a ten inch black thunder in my suitcase that I plan to unleash on Jane during this trip. This is the first black dildo that I have ever purchased but have had this interest over the last five years after visiting websites like dark wanderer and dark cavern. I would love to interject the real thing into our sex life but Jane has not been open to this.

After arriving at the hotel about 4pm and checking in, Jane was expecting to open our traditional bottle of champagne and eat chocolate covered strawberries, however, this trip I upgraded us to homemade margaritas that I carried in a gallon jug. Jane is not a drinker by any stretch of the imagination but indulges in a drink or two on our road trips, a half a bottle of champagne makes her pretty relaxed and I was interested to see what the margaritas would do. I needed her pretty relaxed when I whipped out black thunder later that night. We ate the fruit and cheese appetizer that I prepared for the evening and had just about finished about a half gallon of the margaritas. Jane usually drinks in her drinks in rapid succession to get them over with I think and she had just finished drinking three glasses in about ten minutes. It was safe to say that she was feeling no pain? no pain at all. After a quickie and a short nap we headed down to the restaurant for dinner about 8pm after drinking another round of margaritas.

Jane was dressed in a new sun dress that looked absolutely stunning on her. She recently lost about 30 pounds with a diet and workout program and she looked fabulous. The pumpkin sun dress was just the right length to accentuate her beautiful legs on her 5 foot 4 inch body but most obvious was her 44C breasts just barely being contained by the upper portion of the dress. As we took the elevator down, I rubbed her back as I normally do and noticed that she was not wearing a bra. When asked she responded that she was not wearing any underwear at all this trip. This was something that I had always wanted from her and tonight I had it.

As we sat along the windows in the restaurant overlooking the Ohio River we were ready to place our dinner order when I noticed that Jane was becoming a spectacle in the restaurant. The margaritas were working against her and she was dropping her silverware and in general being very disruptive to the other diners. Disruptive may not be the right work, entertaining would probably be a better term as she would drop her fork then bend over to pick it up which then meant that one of her breasts would plop out of it designated place in the sun dress which would require her to plop it back in before sitting up. There were also problems with keeping her legs together during this time period which was interesting in itself. Needless to say, when the waiter came back to take our order I indicated that Jane was not feeling well and we were heading back up the to the room and would order room service. The waiter actually looked relieved and helped us out of the restaurant to the elevators back to the room.

As we rode up the glass fronted elevators, she laid the biggest wettest kiss on me that I could ever remember. She was hot and this was obvious to everyone in the lobby below that I was going to get laid! Jane was peaking on the margaritas and was really having a tough time standing let alone walking back to the room. As the elevator door opened on our floor, Jane?s legs went rubbery and she fell on the floor right in front of the biggest baldest black man that I have ever seen. ?Hi I am Ron, would you like some help?. I quickly indicated that under the circumstances I did not see how I was going the get Jane back to the room and would really appreciate it. Ron grabbed one arm and I grabbed the other and we started the long slow trek back to the room. Jane kept trying to contain her tits in the sun dress but it was a losing battle and I think she finally gave up to Ron?s amusement.

Ron was about 6 foot 3 inches and was in excellent condition. We talked on the way back to the room and I found out that he worked for a consulting company and was on the road a lot which left him a lot of time to work out. In fact he was heading down to work out in the gym when he was getting on the elevator. Ron was wearing a very skin tight and thin exercise gear that pretty much showed every ripple in his body. About half way back to eh room, Ron said ?you know this is not working out, how about if I carry Jane back to the room?. As we were about dragging her anyway, I indicated that this was a great idea and as Ron picked up Jane in his arms, I walked ahead of them to the room. I could hear them laughing and giggling as they walked behind me and it was obvious that they were both into each other. It also dawned on me that Jane was not wearing any underwear and there was a good possibility that Ron?s naked arm was directly underneath my wife?s bare ass and possibly her pussy.

As we got back to the room, I opened the door and Ron carried Jane into the bedroom. Jane was all excited about Ron?s muscles and kept blabbering about how big his arms were and how strong he was. Ron set her gently on the bed which is where I noticed the wet spot on his arm indicating that he had direct contact with Jane?s pussy on the trip in. It was also hard not to notice that Ron had a huge hard on that you could easily see through the tight fitting gym shorts. Ron?s hard on looked like a 12-inch polish sausage under the skin tight shorts. Without thinking I blurted out? ?Look Jane, Ron is happy to see you? which is my universal sign that I had a hard on and would like to have sex. Jane immediately looked at Ron?s crouch that was directly in front of him and yelled out ?Oh my god is that real?? Ron responded that it was real and grabbed her hand and placed it on the now throbbing member.

Jane kept rubbing up and down on Ron?s cock in disbelief with what she was seeing. ?Would you like to see it? to which Jane responded ?Hell - Yes?. I was very quickly losing control of the situation and was becoming a spectator in this event. Ron rolled down the gym shorts to reveal the biggest blackest dick I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them on the internet. Ron?s uncut member was about ten inches in length and the foreskin still covered the head. Jane grabbed it and pulled it backwards and forwards a couple of time and then something amazing happened?. Ron?s dick doubled in girth and lengthened by about another two inches. Jane was now sitting eye to eye with the purple head of Ron?s cock just inches from her face. Her reaction was immediate and automatic, her back stiffened and her legs automatically spread further apart. I could not believe it? it all happened automatically and fast, probably some primeval sexual reaction but this really turned me on.

For a second I contemplated deescalating the situation but I didn?t, I had always had a fantasy about seeing Jane with another guy and another black guy was the ultimate. Jane?s next reaction startled me as she grabbed Ron?s cock and started rubbing it on her now fully exposed tits. Back and forth then up and down the cleavage. It was obvious that Ron was turned on by this as he stared moaning and talking her how great this felt. Jane then lifted the head of the now twelve inch cock to her mouth and began twirling her tongue around the purple head then began inserting more and more of Ron?s cock into her mouth until she was about halfway there. Jane pulled down the gym shorts and grabbed his ass and was guiding the cock into her mouth in a slow rhythm using his ass. This continued on for about five minutes until he came hard and long in Jane?s mouth. Jane could not contain all of the cum that Ron deposited in her mouth and it came spewing out on her tits, her sundress and her legs.

I could not believe what I was witnessing; within in ten minutes of meeting this black stranger in the hallway, my wife of 28 years had given this black man with the 12-inch dick the most sensual blow job I have ever seen. I had cum in my pants without anyone even touching my dick. Ron was breathless but his recovery was very quick. His first words after delivering about a gallon of cum in my wife?s mouth were ?Would she like to try it on for size?? to which I immediately blurted out ?Hell - Yes?. Jane gave me a terrified look as she was watching the hardness and girth of Ron?s dick grow again in her hand. Ron and I laid Jane back gently on the bed and lifted up her sundress to reveal the reddest wettest mound of pussy I have ever seen. She was literally leaking her wetness onto the bed. Sensing that there was no need to get Jane any readier, I asked Ron if I could have the honor of guiding his dick into my wife?s pussy. He agreed and I felt this was akin to inserting the black thunder dildo into Jane?s pussy which was the ultimate goal for this weekend. Grabbing Ron?s cock and against Jane?s waning protests, I rubbed it up and down her slit then round and round the outside. I have learned all of Jane?s hot spots and I used every trick in the book. Jane?s hips started twitching as I positioned Ron?s cock deeper into her pussy. When I had the head almost in I relinquished control t o Ron who took it slow and steady.

It took about five minutes to get past the head and then the first few inches. Jane was writhing on the bed and she only had two inches in her. Over and over she said ?It hurts?. All of a sudden Ron had 3 inches inserted and things started going easier and faster. Jane stopped whining and started moaning and as more of Ron?s cock was inserted, the moaning turned to grunts. As Ron was approaching balls deep, Jane did something that I could not believe; she wrapped her legs around Ron?s buttocks and would not let him pull out. She held him so tightly that he could only move back and forward about an inch or two and he just bottomed out. My wife now had twelve inches of black cock in her and she was not letting go. Ron continued to pump backwards and forwards within the inch he was allowed and then he started bucking faster and faster and at the same time started screaming out. I?m Cumming?. As Ron came both he and Jane were screaming, then all went silent, Jane released her leg lock and Ron fell on top of her on the bed. They kissed for a while and Ron rolled off of her onto the bed still breathing hard. Jane?s pussy began to make audible noise that I had never heard before. These pussy farts lasted for about 3 solid minutes.

After about ten minutes both Jane and Ron sat up on the bed still kissing. Shortly afterwards, Ron stood up and pulled his gym shorts up, I thanked him for his help in getting Jane back to the room and he indicated that he was heading back to his room as he had already had his workout for tonight. As I closed the door, I turned off the lights and lay next to Jane who was still breathing hard with an occasional pussy fart. We fell asleep cuddling and watching the lights of Cincinnati across the river.

The next morning I was expecting to do some damage control with Jane on the events of the previous night but the first words out of her mouth were? Did you get Ron?s number??. You know in all the excitement of the evening we never exchanged last names, email addresses, or anything. This is the only thing that I regret about this road trip.
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