Wife Goes To Work For Black Doctor

Written by Dave / Jul 23, 2009



True story......

Almost three years ago now I married Terri. She was a cute waitress at a restaurant I went to lots. I started flirting with her ecah time I went and thought she would never like a guy my age. She was 23 when I met her, I was 40. But I finally asked her out and much to my surprise, she said yes. After a couple of months, I was joking one day and said maybe we should get married, she said ok, when? So we did, just a month later.. Simple ceremony, just family there. For about a year, she was a happy little housewife, I didn't want her to work so she stayed at home, did all the wifey things for me.

Oh, about Terri,, shes short, 5'2?, cute little body, brown hair. Tits when I married her were like 34b. (That would change later) Well after a year or so, she started saying she wanted to go to work, do something that made her feel good. I asked her what she may want to do and she said something in the medical field. So I told her that may be hard to get into unless she went back to school. But she said she would look around.

She did go on a few interviews but it was always the same, no experience, no job. One day when I came home she was all excited and showed me an ad. A Dr's office looking for a medical assistant, and willing to train that person. So I told her to go and at least see what it was about. She set up an appointment, dressed nice for her interview and I wished her luck, not really expecting it would work out. The afternoon of the interview she said she thought things went well and they had told her she would hear in a few days. The very next day she called me at work all excited and saying she had the job, they wanted her there on Monday. That evening I asked her what she would be doing. She told me learning to take blood pressure, weight, height, things like that to start, but later give shots and do other things. Have to say, I was excited for her as well. I asked her about the office, she just said there was a Dr. there, a few nurses and a couple office people. All but the Dr were females she said.

Well she started her job on that Monday, all that week, she told me how much she liked it there, everyone was nice, the Dr. and nurses all said she would do well as she gained experience. For a few weeks, that was pretty much it, her telling me what she had learned and how she really wanted to be as good at her job as possible.

Then,, things did change. I will tell you later how I found out that they did. She told me one evening that she had to work late the next evening, Dr. Evans was doing some after hours work and wanted her there to help out. No big deal, people work overtime sometimes. Also at this time, Terri had made no mention that Dr. Evans was a big, tall, black man, in his early 40's. And that all his staff besides her was black females. Yes, she was the only white person there. At this time, I just assumed everyone was white.

Well the next evening after work,, Dr. Evans and Terri were the only people in the office. Shes the kind of girl that has no clue that anything unusual would take place. By the way too,, the office was a family practice, they saw males, females, older young adults. Well as they were in one exam room, the Dr. asked Terri if she would help him try out a new drug that he wanted to see how it worked. Well she said ok, what did it involve? He said just a shot, it may knock you out for a bit, but nothing that would bother her. So being an eager student, she said sure. Dr Evans said good girl and preceeded to give her the shot. She was out in a couple of minutes. Approx ten minutes later she woke up, on an exam table strapped down and totally nude. Dr Evans was between her legs and licking her tight shaved pussy. She said Dr. what is going on? He said its ok, I hired you because of how hot you are, and being white and married. She was strapped down legs and arms, her legs spread as wide as possible. She begged him to please stop,, but he said no, not now, not till I fuck that tight married cunt. She started to yell but he told her, its no use, no one is around or can hear you, and besides, when I finish, the screams will just be to fuck you harder.

Then he took off all his clothes and she looked down to see a large black cock, around 10 inches long, but as thick as her wrist. She said please, don't do this.. But he just laughed and said no way will I stop now... He walked up to the table and took his cock and placed right at her slit, looking at her and grinning. Then slowly sliding his big shaft inside her. She was saying don't, please don't, but that just made him laugh even more. He grabbed her small legs and continued to shove that cock inside her,, then with a big hard push, sank it in all the way to his balls. Terri was saying ?oh fuck, oh fuck? and he said ?yeah bitch, I sure am gonna fuck you?

He pulled his big black dick all the way out, reached up and grabbed her hard nipples and gave them both a good twist. She screamed again and as she did, he shoved his hard cock back inside her. Thats when she had her first orgasm. Then he began his assult on her married cunt. As he was fucking her fast and hard, he would take her nipples and twist them in a tight circle. She would scream and he would laugh. After about 20 minuts of a good pussy fucking, he let out a roar and unloaded his black sperm inside her. She was in the middle of probably a third orgasm when he shot inside her.

Finally he pulled his black cock out and his cum was running out of her well fucked pussy. He stood beside her and said, now you have two choices. You can tell your husband and everyone what I did, which I will deny. And with my reputation, who do you think they will believe? Or you can do this whenever I tell you to, be my little married office slut. She looked at him and I could not believe, she whispered, ?I will be your office slut?. He said good girl, I knew once I had fucked you like this, then you would want it more.

He unstrapped her and said ?now, you fuck me of your own free will, won't you? ? She said yes I will.. Then he lay down on the exam table and told her to get on top of him and show him what a good fuck toy she was for him. She proceeded to do just that. Her tight pussy was stretched around his big black cock as she rode him. Every time she had an orgasm, he would smack her ass and that just made her bounce even more. By the end of that evening, he had her hooked on fucking him.

As they were getting ready to leave, he told her ?come stand in front of me? She did just that, her at her small height, him at around 6'4?. He told her ? I am going to do something, this will tell if you are my slut now , or not? then he gave her a good slap across the face! She was moved sideways by the slap, but just looked up at him as she rubbed her cheek. He said ?move your hand bitch? then he slapped her again! This time she looked up at him but did not touch her face. He said ?I will only do that if you don't do my wishes, understood?? She said yes, understood.

That was almost two years ago. Since then, Dr Evans had her boobs fixed, now they are a nice size D. When she came home one day and said she wanted that done, I asked why? She said Dr. Evans was getting it done for her free from another Dr. he knew and she wanted them bigger. I just asked if it would all be ok health wise and she said she had read up on it and it was safe and she wanted them done. So I agreed ok then. Later I found out the reason she wanted them done was Dr. Evans told her she was getting them made bigger anyway. She does look great with them I admit.

Well also during these two years, sex with me and her has slowed down some. I can sure understand why. From what I know, the Dr fucks her regularly and has even had her fuck some of the patients that come in. All of the men are over 40, none any younger than that. She works overtime at least a couple times a week. I know no one is there but her and the Dr. ,or he takes her over to his house for a good fuck session.

Well, you may ask how do I know all of this. She has no idea that I know anything, neither does the Dr. And I plan to keep it that way as long as possible. When I found out the Dr was black, and everyone there, I did ask her why she hadn't told me, she just said she didn't think it mattered. One of the nurses there called me one afternoon when Terri was working late and said she had some info I needed to see. I was puzzled but did agree to meet her at a local bookstore. As we met there, and had coffee, she asked, ?do you know why Terri works late every week?? I said to learn more medical knowledge. She laughed and said, ?yeah, on her back on an exam table usually.? I said no way!!! She opened her pocketbook and said go home, watch this. So she gave me a cd and I took it home, popped it in the DVD player and turned it on. It was Terri, her first time getting fucked by Dr. Evans, then more on the DVD of her fucking another black man with Dr. Evans beside her, feeding her his big black cock.

The next day I called the nurse and asked her to meet me again. I asked her how she got a copy of the cd. She said because he brags about Terri being his little white married whore now, and makes a video of her each time they fuck at the office, she has no idea he has made the videos tho. She said she knew where he kept the videos and decided to show me, to see what my sexy wife was doing and really learning. Also she said, if they can do it, why can't we? I blinked and said ?fuck each other?? She said yes, no one will know, he gets your wife, you get me. So I thought a minute and said, ?sounds good to me?. So since then, I get black pussy at least once a week, the Dr, fucks my wife when he wants.

More later..............................

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