Hot Wife And The Basketball Players

Written by Dhughe4 / Aug 13, 2009




Beth and I met in middle school. We became good friends because we both loved sports. Later in high school, I played football, she played basketball. During high school, we fell in love and got married not long after we graduated. Now we are both 38 and have been married all these years. There have been times I have been tempted to fool around on her, but I always resisted. And I am sure she has been faithful to me, till just recently. We don't have kids, just not able to. Sometimes females have problems that stop that. But also means I never had to use condoms to prevent babies coming along. About Beth, shes still a hot looking lady. Natural redhead, nice trim figure, weighs around 120, 5'5?, with an awesome set of 34D tits. She and I both ride bikes and swim, so we do stay in shape.

Since we both loved sports, we never really stopped going to high school football and basketball games. We don't make all of them, but enough that people still know us when we do go. When we attended the school, it was pretty much all white, a few blacks mixed in. Now its a good mixture of both. The boys basketball team is pretty much just black athletes.. And we know the coach, he finished school when we did.

Well at the start of this summer, he asked us if we could help one of the kids to find some work. Beth said why not let him do our yard work and other jobs around the house that I didn't have time for. I do travel some and stay pretty busy at work. I agreed it was a good idea and we would be helping him to earn some cash. We also knew him from the games and thought he was a good kid that we could trust. He was 17, named Hamid, actually a mix of black and Arab. So he showed up on a Saturday to get started and I could tell him how I liked the yard work done. I showed him where everything was, all the yard tools and other items that he may need. So that Saturday he got to work.

During the afternoon, I took him some water and cold drinks to make sure he had plenty to help keep him cooled down. He mowed, did the weeds, raked and used the blower to make everything look good. Even washed my truck and Beth's car. I knew this was going to make my summer lots easier with a guy like him around. I asked him if he could paint our fence later and maybe even help paint a room or two in the house. He said of course and we said this would work out great. Since it was late that afternoon when he finished, Beth asked him to stay over while we grilled out. He called his mom and asked her, she said no problem. Just about him, tall, like 6'6?, lots of muscle, dark skin. He had removed his shirt while he worked and he was all muscle. Beth even commented about that.

Well the next week or so, he came over a couple times a week to do odd jobs and keep the yard looking nice. I was there each time he came and he was always a well mannered young man. Nothing ever entered my mind about what was to take place.

One day I was at work and realized that I had left some papers at home. Beth had called earlier and said Hamid was there doing some work. I thought nothing of it. I took off home without calling, Beth would know when I got home anyway. Well when I arrived, I noticed the mower setting in the middle of the yard and thought he must have ran out of gas. But as soon as I stepped thru the garage door into the kitchen, I heard Beth upstairs and what she was saying really got my attention! At first I started to rush upstairs, but I had to see just what was making her talk like this. So quietly I went up the stairs. At our bedroom door I could see her and Hamid's reflection in the mirror and I stopped dead in my tracks. I never knew such a position to fuck in was possible. He was kind of squatting down and had Beth with her back facing him, but she wasn't touching the floor. Her legs were on each side of his big thighs, legs spread out very wide. He had his hands gripping each of her arms with them pulled hehind her. And he was fucking her like some kind of jackhammer. So as he pistoned in and out, she was screaming how big his cock was and how deep it was driving into her. Well my cock isn't all that small, or at least I didn't think so, I am seven inches and kind of thick.

So I stood amazed at what I saw. Here was my nice wife, age 38 being pounded by a 17 year old black kid. And I knew she was loving it, every minute. Her nice 34D tits were bouncing with each thrust he made. I continued to watch, and finally he cut loose with a big load of cum, sliding in and out till he finally let her go, just dropping her to the floor. I could see her cunt and it was squirting out excess cum that was in her. Then I saw his cock and realized why. I am guessing it was a foot long and even thicker than mine. Now I was wondering how he got all of that cock in my wife, but he must have.

He told Beth to get up on the bed but she didn't move fast enough.. He grabbed her by one leg and then a handfull of one tit and picked her up and tossed her on the bed. Then he lay down on his back and said ?get up on this black dick you bitch?. She crawled up on him and had to raise her ass up high enough to get on top of his black pole. She slid it inside her and slowly eased down, inch by inch it kept going in. There was maybe three inches left and she stopped. But then Hamid grabbed her hips and shoved the rest in, making her scream but not moving. Slowly she started fucking herself up and down. He started grabbing her nipples and twisting them unmercifully. I never knew her nipples would twist around that much, bur he sure worked them over. Her pace quickened as he worked on her tits,, seemed that just made her fuck even harder. Soon she was bouncing up and down like a rag doll. He asked her ?who owns your pussy now you slut'? She said you do, I am your slave.

Well I made my way back downstairs and waited for a little while. Finally I went back in, shut the door hard enough for them to hear and yelled to Beth that I was home. She said ok honey, be down in a few minutes. First she came down, looking flushed and said she had been upstairs showing Hamid a room we wanted pained later. Then he came down and just said , hello, guess I better get out and finish the yard. I never said a word that I had saw them, but I made plans to check on them again..

The next day before I left for work, I told Beth that I may have to work late but I would call later, she said ok, I will be here all day. But before I left, I made sure to open one living room window just in case I came home and something was going on. That afternoon around three I left work again, without calling home. I parked about a block away and walked to the house. I went to the open window and could hear voices inside. I looked in, making sure I wasn't spotted and there was Beth nude, just some high heels on. With her was Hamid, and three other black basketball players. None of these guys were small either, all over six feet tall. Beth really looked small with them. I noticed her ass had red hand prints all over it and her tits were red as well. Looked like they had been giving them a very hard time.

Hamid grabbed her by the hair and jerked her to her knees, then told her to suck all their cocks or he would punish her. She was taking each one in her hands and licking and sucking like it was her last meal. Then one of them shoved a cock in her mouth and started fucking her face, she offered no resistance at all. She took her hands and grabbed two other cocks and started jerking on them. Here was my little wife serving three guys at once. After a while, Hamid told her to get up on her hands and knees on the couch. He got under her and had her to sit on his cock, where he fucked her for a while, laughing and telling the others that she was his personal slut, and he would let them fuck her too. Have to remember, all these guys were just 17 and one even 16. My wife was fucking underage boys but she sure didn't care.

I watched for the next couple of hours while each of them fucked her. They shot cum in her mouth, her cunt and all over her, with Hamid working her tight ass with his cock as well. Something she would never do for me. I watched her take on three cocks at once, Hamid in her cunt, one in her ass, one in her mouth and she jerked the other one while they fucked all her holes. Finally they all stood over her and jerked off and shot cum all over her.

Before they left, Hamid said she was his fuck toy and he would use her how she wanted, she said yes Sir, I am your fuck slave. She meant it too. Since then, she has fucked all the black players on the team plus a few that aren't on the team. Most times they fuck her at our house while I am gone, or they think I am gone. I have rigged up a camera that turns on when someone is in the room, so I have lots of video of her being used. And when I have been out of town, they have come over and spent the days and nights with her.

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