Tricked and Inseminated

Written by Capt Feg / Oct 10, 1999


Tricked and Inseminated by Capt Feg

For several years I was happily married to Jon - the only man in my life. We seemed to have everything going for us. Then one day Jon began to talk about a black guy at work called Gary. Over the next weeks Jon continually brought him up in our conversations. I got more and more irritated by this. One day I let my irritation show.

"So what", I shouted. "Who the hell is this Gary, why does he have such a say in our marriage?"

Looking both relieved and reluctant, Jon told me that one day, he and Gary had been drinking together. Gary had started to tell Jon that he thought I was real sexy. Jon said he had felt flattered, and encouraged Gary to describe his desires. Eventually Gary told Jon that he wanted to fuck me, and that he fantasised about me when he wanked. Jon had subsequently given Gary one of our home made tapes, showing Jon and I having sex. I exploded. But worse was to come. Gary had turned threatening. He was now threatening to copy and show the tape around unless he got a piece of my ass. I raged at Jon. How could he show our tapes to another man? He then admitted that he'd like to see me getting fucked by Gary and that it would be a big turn on for him. Then I saw the light. Jon had probably started off by encouraging Gary. He was now paying the price - but I was the one who would pick up the tab.

I was staggered. Jon insisted that the only way out of the mess was to give Gary what he wanted. But I could see the lust in Jon's eyes. I knew Jon wanted to see me being fucked by someone else. All right, I thought grimly to myself. You want it - you'll get it. And I hope you like it. With grim reluctance I agreed.

Jon invited Gary round. I was alright at first. I had dressed as Jon instructed me. Lots of black lace, short dress, showing lots of leg and stocking top. And lots of breast. Two shoulder straps were supposed to keep me decent, but without a bra the wobble of my breasts continually slid them off my shoulders. When that happened my breasts spilled about.

In myself, I was nervous and apprehensive about what was about to happen to me. I looked on myself as a faithful, "one-man" girl. In addition, I was suspicious and wary of Gary, as a consequence of Jon's description of blackmail in order to have me. After a few drinks, sitting chatting in the lounge, I felt as if I had unwound enough to let either man touch me.

It was Jon who took the initiative. He led me to our bedroom. Gary followed behind. I didn't look, but imagined that he was peeking up my dress as we climbed the stairs. Jon undressed me. He peeled my dress down my body, kissing my mouth and breasts on the way. He pulled off my panties. Gary stood behind me, just inside the door, watching as my body was revealed. Wearing only stockings, shoes and suspenders Jon turned me round to face Gary. I closed my eyes in shame as Jon pointed out my breasts to Gary, touching and caressing each in turn as he described them. He cupped my breasts, rolled my nipples between his finger and thumbs. I sensed Gary's eyes following Jon's hands. Close to my ear I heard Jon ask Gary to come over and touch me. My eyes clamped shut, I sensed Gary standing at my side. He ignored my breasts. This stranger's hands cooly slid down my belly over my pubes and nudged my legs apart. His other hand moved from the small of my back down the slit of my arse. One finger moved onto my clit and began to stroke it. In spite of myself, my legs turned to jelly. I leaned back against Jon. Another finger found my arsehole and and gently but persistently wormed its way into me. I could feel both their hot breath on me, one at one side, the other on the other.

Both men explored me with their hands for several minutes. To my suprise I began to find the attention of several hands freely wandering over me quite exciting. My eyes still firmly shut, Jon manouvered me into position on the bed - flat on my back, legs wide open, knees in the air. Jon gave Gary a condom which he put on. At Jon's urging Gary climbed onto the bed and moved over me. He took me in the standard missionary position. I felt uncomfortable, and lay there without responding while Gary used me. I could not look at him, and lay with my head on one side. As Gary stroked in and out I opened my eyes a crack. I saw my husband wanking himself as he watched us. Fortunately, in no time Gary was coming. He pushed hard and deep a couple of times then rolled off. Jon kept wanking. He moved nearer and stood over me, looking down at me through half closed eyes.

"Wank yourself" he hissed at me.

Consumed with embarrassment my hand slowly moved to my clitoris. I rarely did this anyway, and would never have dreamt of doing in front of Jon, never mind a stranger. My cunt was dry, my finger created sensations of pain, not pleasure. Tears welled in my eyes and rolled down the side of my face. My debasement appeared to excite Jon even more. Spunk erupted from his prick, large white drops shot from his cock. They splattered my face, sperm mixing with tears.

The whole exercise took no more than twenty minutes and they were soon back downstairs drinking coffee, as I lay on the bed and cried. After Gary left, Jon admitted how excited he'd been. On the other hand, I felt dirty, used and disappointed.

A few weeks later, Jon went abroad for a week on business. I was pottering about, in a very sexless tracksuit, doing some ironing. Suddenly the doorbell rang, when I answered it I found Gary waiting at the door. I was shocked to see him, and embarrassed to know him so little, but to have shared such intimate activities. He invited himself in and apologised for my appearance. I suddenly saw him in a different light. His attempt to put me at ease changed him from a person without feelings, to someone who was making an attempt to put me at ease. He chatted away inconsequentially for a while, complimenting me poking fun at himself. In spite of myself I found myself warming to him. He apologised for his behaviour during his previous visit, claiming that he had been under strict instructions from Jon to play it by his lead. According to Gary, the whole incident had been scripted by Jon, so that he could watch me being shagged by another man.

As we talked I went back to the ironing board to finish my work. Gary wandered about the room, idly looking at bits and pieces of ornaments as we talked. Then he was behind me. He put his hands over my breasts. For a moment I considered rebuffing him, but the thought passed my mind that if Jon wanted me to be fucked by Gary - why shouldn't I? Pity, Jon wasn't there to watch.

Encouraged by the lack of resistance, Gary pressed his cock into my arse. Meeting no resistance, his hands went all over me. He pushed his way past the elasticated track suit bottoms - I watched the contrast of his black skin on my white flesh. My pussy felt wet. He turned me round and gave me a lingering open-mouthed kiss. He suggested that we go to the bedroom. As he followed me up stairs, his hands explored between my legs.

In no time at all we were lying naked on the bed. Gary mouthed my nipples and fingered my cunt. I told him that I wanted to be fucked. I went to the top draw of the beside cabinet and gave him a condom to put on. He wasn't keen to do it and told me that he'd be careful, but I insisted. Wearing the condom he lowered himself into me.

The feeling that he gave me was tremendous. Unlike our first fuck, my belly was burning and churning. Soon, I had an orgasm and Gary quickly followed suit. After removing the sheath, he got between my legs and brought me off again with his tongue.

Then it was my turn. He asked me to suck his cock. I'd never liked doing this, but I braced myself and took it in my mouth. I tongued it until Gary decided that it was time for another fuck. Going back to the top drawer, I pulled out another condom for him and noticed that it was the last one. Gary slipped it on and shagged me doggie style.

Afterwards he asked if he could stay the night and assured me that he'd go in the morning without any fuss. We cuddled up together under the sheets and soon fell asleep. Sometime in the night I became half aware of his hard cock pressing against my cunt. He tickled my clit as he thrust in and out. That familiar feeling began to build up as my orgasm approached. As he quickened his pace I came. Shortly afterwards, he shot his load and fell asleep.

I jolted totally awake, realising that I'd taken his spunk into my cunt. I probed my fingers into my slit and brought out a lobule of white spunk. When I saw how thick and how much of it there was, I started to worry about not having taken any precautions. For all I knew, I may have just conceived a baby. What is more, it would probably be half caste and Jon would know that it wasn't his.

When I awoke the next morning, Gary was gone. For the next ten days I worried myself senseless about the potential pregnancy. But when my period started I knew everything was alright. Life settled down to the usual routine. I had replaced the condoms, so Jon was none the wiser. However, I felt dissatisfied. When Jon made love to me, I thought of Gary. When Jon went away to work for a few days, I found myself yearning for Gary.

In late April Jon went away again. I was getting ready for bed late one evening when the door bell rang. I answered it and there was Gary, but to my surprise he was not alone. He introduced a friend - another black guy called Alan. Gary told me that their car had broken down in the neighbourhood. Could they phone for a repair man? I had no objections. Gary used the phone several times. After each call he indicated that he had no luck. After the last call he shrugged his shoulders and informed us that he had tried all the emergency breakdown garages, and all were busy, or getting no answer. He asked if they could stay the night.

I told him that I didn't think it would be a good idea. But he brushed that off, saying that they wouldn't interrupt me, and that later on he'd bring me a nightcap. I began to protest but he hugged me close to his hard body until all my resistance melted away. I found myself in the kitchen with a rum in my hand. Alan settled down in front of the TV, while Gary began to kiss my neck and nipples. His hand found its way between my legs, slipping into the hairy furrow. I melted. We went upstairs where Gary stripped me and then himself.

Gary wanked himself in front of my face and then asked me to suck him slowly. I knelt down in front of him and licked and sucked his cock. It was only then that I made a comparison between my two men's cocks. Gary's seemed a lot longer and thicker than Jon's. It also had a big purple head and twisty, bloated veins - no wonder I got off when he shoved it up me.

Soon it was time to go to the bedside cabinet for a condom but, strangely, I couldn't find one. Bad thoughts passed through my head and I found myself getting very suspicious. It was I who regularly bought the condoms and I knew that there should be a dozen left. Gary took over and told me to relax. I lay back on the bed and allowed him to take my mind off the matter.

Gary placed two pillows under my arse and licked my pussy until I asked him to fuck me. He inserted his cock very slowly into me and then withdrew. He repeated this process for a few minutes until I could not contain my impatience any longer. Legs wide open, knees up, I reached out and grasped his buttocks and pulled him deep into me. He started ramming me hard, I felt his balls slapping against my arse. My pussy made squelchy noises. I grunted obscenities as I felt the force of my fucking.

I'm not sure why, but suddenly I opened my eyes. There was Alan - stark naked. He sported an erection. I pleaded with Gary. "No, please Gary, no . . .". I begged. "Tell him to go away. I'm not like that . . . please . . no".

Gary cooed reassuringly in my ear, as his cock shafted in and out of me. "All right . . all right . . " he whispered. "You love the feeling of a black cock in you . . . don't you . . " He thrust backwards and forwards in long even strokes, compelling me to focus on the overwhelming sensations he was creating inside me. "Yes . . . yes" I whispered back to him. "You just love black man's spunk. Don't you, slut?" I whimpered at his dirty talk. I wanted to be a slut - and to be used like a slut. "Yes, yes." Gary must have sensed the change in me. He shot his load deep into me.

Alan said, "Yes, give it to her man, give her a bellyful".

Gary withdrew and climbed off. Before I had chance to cover up Alan took his place, as I lay with my legs wide open. Part of me reacted with disgust at what I was letting happen to me. Only a real slut would just lie there and let one man after another use her. My mixed feelings were swamped by the stretching sensation deep in me, as Alan's cock forced itself into me. Gary encouraged his friend, saying "Give her all of it Alan, she can take it.". Alan pounded my cunt without mercy. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, clinging on, trying to get as much of him inside me as I could.

"I've pushed all that spunk up into your womb, slut" he grunted. "Open your legs wider, 'cos now I'm gonna give you the biggest bellyful of spunk that you've ever taken." I obeyed him and opened my legs as wide as I could, holding my knees up to my tits, pushing my womb up to receive his spunk. He jammed his prick right into me. He yelled as he squirted load after load of spunk up me.

The rest of the night was a relevation for me. I had never had the luxury of two cocks to play with before. I pleasured their every whim, as a good slut does. We got no sleep that night, and I felt that I wanted to drown in spunk.

Gary and Alan left the next morning. When Jon returned we got into our usual routine again. I didn't dare tell about my visitors. However when I missed my period and my breasts started to tingle, I knew that I was pregnant. I'd been taken repeatedly that night, without any precautions. I was going to pay the price. I agonised for days over what I would tell Jon. I suspected him of having an affair (because of the missing condoms). Eventually I plucked up the courage to confront him. He then admitted that it had all been arranged. He had not given Gary a copy of a video tape. He had set me up to get pregnant by a black man. The first visit had been to get me used to being fucked by someone else. The second time I should have been inseminated. The third time, two men had been instructed to fuck me repeatedly to make sure that I was caught.

Whilst I had no regrets about what I had done, I could never forgive Jon for the way he had gone about inseminating me. I could not trust him again. Six months later I obtained a divorce.
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