The Day I Came Home Early From Work

Written by Southboy / Aug 27, 2009



I am a 45 year old man who has a, while not beautiful but extremely attractive wife named Lisa who just turned 36 a few days ago. We have been married for 16 years and live in an upscale, middle class neighborhood out side a large southern city in South Carolina. I am the chief buyer for a very large company and work from 8am usually to 6pm each afternoon. It usually takes me about 45 minutes to commute back and forth to my job. We have a 16 year old son who spends most of his time, even during the summers off from school, away with a couple of his friends so is very seldom home during the day. Lisa and I met when we were in college, but due our getting married at that time and her unexpected pregnancy, dropped out during her second year to become a doting mother to Gene our son.

Lisa is a very loving mother and wife. She has one of those curvaceous extremely sexy perfect type figures of which she takes very good care, the kind they guys drool over at the beach. She is blessed with very large perfectly shaped breasts with only a very slight sag and her large nipples point upward. Her hips are narrow and her hips are just wide enough to make her look like a pinup model. Her legs are long and shapely, all this being topped of with raven black hair and beautiful green eyes She usually around the house wears a pair of those tiny, low cut denim hip hugger, the of shorts that button up front and one of those slipover tee type shirts that is cut off to come up just under her very large breasts delightfully exposing her flat stomach and navel..

We live in an older house, one of those tri-levels that have a ? basement that is finished off and my office away from the company is located there. I have a very large couch where when I am working late some time lie down and even spend the night so as not to disturb Lisa or Gene. I had installed one way glass but stupidly installed it in backwards meaning one could look in without being seen but not out which was intended.

Lois and my sex life was fairly active, about once a week, which she seemed to enjoy greatly. She had a very high libido and was extremely passionate during our love sessions which kept me very happy. She was going through that stage in her life when women are at their sexual peak and I was sure that she would have liked more frequent loving but though still relatively a young man was sometimes so worn out from work I was incapable of performing my husbandly duties At the time I was unaware of her needs and her cravings for more sexual attention, that is until I came home 3 hours early one day. Like most older homes it seems that ours always need something repaired so we had some handymen fixing various things. There were two young ?niggers? we had found to do good work and at a reasonable price so we used them just about exclusively. They were both in their early 20? named Wes and Will. Both were rather tall and lanky, but well built and were always very friendly and polite. I trusted them to do a good job no matter what we needed done..

Well, the day I came home early I knew they were suppose to come to fix some of the plumbing. I hadn?t called Lois to let her know I was leaving to come home early hoping to surprise her, boy she wasn?t the one who got the surprise, it was me. I had planned to come in through the basement and go to my office and relax for a few minutes on the big couch.. Quietly, I slipped into the house and started toward my office when I heard voices, those of Wes and Will along with my wife?s. I could her laughing but wouldn?t make out what the conversation was about so I crept forward to look in through the one way glass.

As I looked in my eyes opened wide in disbelief and surprise at what was transpiring there in my office. Both Wes and Will were sitting on the couch with Lois sitting between them. Wes had his long black arm up across the back of the couch behind Lois while Will was kind of leaning against the arm rest half facing her. Lois was acting very coy and coquettish. She was actually flirting with the two nigger handymen. I started to go into the office when I saw Wes put his hand on my wife?s shoulder and plant a hot kiss on her full red lips. She didn?t pull away as I had expected her to do but sat there seemingly enjoying his kiss. I watched as his left hand went up to cup her big breast and begin kneading it through her cut off tee shirt and then drop down and going underneath, kneading it more and tweaking her rigid nipples. He pushed the material up exposing her big white tit and began tweaking her rapidly becoming harder erect huge nipple. She was mewing, still kissing Wes, undoubtedly their tongues going into each others mouth, as she seemed to push her white tit up into his big black hand..

I felt my own 45 year old dick getting hard in my pants and began squeezing it. Then I saw Lisa?s comparatively small white hand go the obviously plainly visible huge bulge in Wes?s work pants and begin squeezing it lovingly. Will got up off the couch and removed his cargo shorts and briefs exposing his huge, I don?t know how really big it was, but it looked to be at least 11 or 12 inches long and very thick, much longer and thicker than mine. I looked at Lois?s big green eyes as she stared in awe, making a ?ooouuuuu? sound, mixed with concern as she gazed at the massive nigger?s cock throbbing before her eyes. He sat back down and took over the hot kissing and tit manipulations from Wes. He took Lois?s white hand and placed it on his erect, exposed big erect black cock. She squeezed it gently and gave it a few short strokes as their hot passionate kissing increased. Wes had gotten up and divested himself of his pants and briefs also revealing another huge nigger cock fully erect. I estimated it to be slightly larger than Will?s black monster but only slightly. Both of the niggers were smiling, a hot lusty, somewhat evil look on their black faces as their lust filled black eyes devoured my wife?s curvaceous sexy married white tits. They looked like to starved lions about to feast on a tasty morsel. Wes sat back down next to my most definitely highly aroused white wife. Bending forward Wes began nibbling on Lois?s erect big nipples which caused her to become hotter and more aroused squirming in her seat. Reaching down he began slipping Lois?s shorts down to expose her hot, wet looking, luscious pussy that only I had ever entered. Previously, no other man had ever violated her beautiful and tight pussy She?d worn no panties and as soon as the shorts were down past her white knees he began slipping his large black finger into her white married pussy and stimulating it more causing her to moan passionately.

Lois was now squirming in a desperate need I had never observed before as she reached over with her other white hand and took Wes?s huge nigger cock into it and began to slowly stoke it. They were both uncircumcised and now the huge bulbous dark red tip was now visible a huge drop of pre-cum poised at the pee hole. . Wes reached up behind her head and slowly began to pull it down to his lap until her face and full red lips were less than an inch from the huge tip. I heard him tell her to lick it. She had never in her life done that, not to me and when I had asked her to, she would look at me with a hurt expression on her pretty white face pouting. She had told me later that this was something she would never do for anyone for she felt it was vulgar, dirty and demeaning to a woman. I suppose due to the intensity of their stimulation and being as we had not had sex in almost a month, she flicked out her pink tongue and a pearly drop of Wes?s pre cum stuck to it. I watched in fascination as she took her tongue back into her white mouth and seemed to savor it, then she began to wash his huge nigger cock with her tongue. He told her to open her mouth which she unhesitatingly did and he pushed her head down and inserted the black monster deeper between her lips. He then told her to suck it as he flexed his black hips up and down actually fucking her mouth which was now sucking greedily, an abundance of her saliva coating it making it shiny black, making a vulgar sounding slurping and smacking sound. Lois was squirming uncontrollably, I had never seen her horny before, so vigorously enthralled and carried away sexually.

Will could wait no longer, he was about to pop with lust so he got up as Lois will still ardently sucking on Wes?s huge black cock and lifting her sexy white legs slid them over, laying her on her back the couch. He looked down at her wet, desiring to be filled, married white pussy, her puffy clitoris. His huge nigger cock twitching he climbed between those long sexy white legs, his enormous, fully erect nigger cock in his hand. He was ready to fuck her and guided his monster nigger cock to the entrance of her married white pussy. Even though she was wet and slick with her copious lubrication, as he began pushing it up between her slowly stretching pussy lips it was still somewhat difficult for him to get inside her due to her lack of having such a big cock trying to penetrate her before. He pushed harder and was able to get the huge black tip into her and then slowly, ever so slowly, the throbbing black stem began to force its way sliding up into her tight vagina. I watched in amazement and disbelief thinking of how she would be able to take such a huge cock inside her and the length was so very long I didn?t think he?d be able to fit it all in. Lois was moaning around Wes?s black cock filling her sucking mouth. I knew that she was acutely aware of what was happening. Will lifted her white legs and pushed them up toward her shoulders as more and more of his big nigger cock slipped up into her white vagina until finally the entire awesome length was completely embedded inside her. Slowly he began to fuck her with long and rhythmic, steady strokes.

Lois was in a sexual world of pure, unadulterated bliss, an ecstasy of proportions surpassing anything she?d ever known before or even imagined in her wildest fantasies. She was bucking lustfully, throwing herself up against Will with each powerful inward thrust of his huge nigger cock into her white pussy, he was reaching the maximum depth he could bouncing the huge dark red tip up against the very limits of her cervix. As best as I tried to keep from doing it, I shot a huge wad of my own cum against the outside wall of the room. It had titillated me so much that I could no long hang back, I had to have release. Looking back through the one way glass I saw Will going faster and knew that he was about to unload his own huge flood of nigger cum into my wife?s white womb. I heard him constantly telling her how hot she was, what a good fuck, his first white woman and she was absolutely the best piece of pussy he?d ever had. I watched as Lois began biting her lower lip and knew that she was also going through her own buildup to a traumatic, earth shattering orgasm of indescribable proportions I heard her keep pleading with him to cum in her white pussy, that he was so good and she worshiped his huge nigger cock and what it was doing to her loving, stretching to the limit, white pussy. She told him that she wanted to feel his hot nigger cum squirting repeatedly, powerfully up into her, filling her. She told him that she liked his big black cock inside her, that he was so big and wanted it again and often. Then with one hard completely totally embedding drive Will holding tightly on to her sexy white ass pulled her tighter against him; began inundating her 36 year old hot married white cervix flooding her with his hot potent nigger sperm. Lois reached her own fantastically enthralling and gratifying climax, squealing loudly and she was pulling his muscular black ass cheeks making him become tightly against her. She was loudly sighing and moaning in complete joy and satisfaction as she felt the spewing mass of nigger cum smashing up into her unprotected married white cervix, filling her white married womb causing her to yell in utter genuine ecstasy as a cascading climax racked her hot married 36 year old white body.

Will glued himself to her, his fully embedded huge black cock continuously flooding, spewing thunderously, her white pussy with his hot nigger sperm. He would forcefully flex his black hips up against her driving himself a little deeper with each enormous copious womb filling, intensified, powerful spurt of his sperm, flooding her white married womb over and over. Lois was practically climbing the walls in sheer delightful ecstasy. I had never seen her so completely involved in the sex act before. Will?s head was off to the side of her beautiful white face nuzzling her white neck, sucking it, kissing it hotly as he continued to send his fertile nigger sperm up into her. I could see her hot flushed white face, her eyes rolling around in her head as she experienced the most incomparable orgasm she?d ever known, she was lost in another world a world of sensual delight. They lay for several minutes locked tightly together as their rapturous state slowly subsided, enjoying the lingering ecstatic fulfilling satisfaction they had attained.

Will slowly withdrew his huge black shiny cum coated cock from out of my wife?s well fucked stretched white pussy. A lavish tidal wave of thick, gooey nigger cum oozed out from between her stretched married white pussy lips and formed a large puddle on the cover of the couch. Lois lay there, her breathing coming in deep and heavy gasps, her large white tits rising and falling, a blissful hot smile of contentment on her full red lips. Her whole white body seemed to glow and glisten in continuing stimulation as she still rose her hips up as if still being fucked. It was then that I watched as she reached up to grasp Wes?s hard erect nigger cock and pleading for him to fuck her too, that she just had to have another nigger cock in her married white pussy. Smiling lustfully down at her, Wes got between her spread sexy white legs and let Lois guide it to the entrance of her hot married white pussy. She pulled it forward seating his huge black tip between her white pussy lips and then wrapping her sexy white legs around his muscular black ass pulled him deeply into her greedy, engulfing married pussy. Wes started humping her, fucking her robustly. My wife once again squealed in delight and told him how she liked his big nigger cock inside her, how good it felt. Wes kept fucking my beautiful white wife there on the couch passionately.

I had regained another painful erection, something I hadn?t done in a very long time, by watching my white wife and the two niggers fuck. On and on went the hot fucking from the two young niggers filling my white wife?s pussy with load after load of their hot nigger cum. Lois was in paradise all afternoon until she noticed the clock. She quickly got up telling the two niggers that I?d be home in about 30 minutes and that they needed to go. She promised them more of her married white pussy later. They both kissed my wife passionately, dressed and quickly left. I had hidden so no one saw me. Slipping out the door I returned to my car and drove around, my mind filled with the hot, lustful fucking scenes I had seen between my beautiful white wife and the two young nigger handymen.

I drove into the driveway at the usual time and entered the house. My beautiful wife came into the room, her skin looking radiant, and she smelled of soap. She had taken a bath, cleaned up the evidence of her fuck orgy with the two young niggers and started washing the clothing she had worn prior to taking them off in my office and getting fucked. I said nothing but relished the thought of her fucking the two niggers again. This time I would have hidden video cameras in place so I could capture the entire fuck sessions. I had the ability to remotely activate them pretty much and knew the time they were suppose to be coming to do the work on the house and of course, my beautiful, sexy, white 36 year old wife with their big black tools.

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