The Wedding Reception

Written by Southboy / Sep 10, 2009



My sweet virgin bride, Bridget and I had just gotten married only an hour ago and were going to our reception at a nice club. We were both still dressed in our wedding clothes. Bridget had on a long, lacy flowing white wedding gown, blond hair in a French twist and blue eyes sparkling with happiness and love. She was a stunning, beautiful and sexy 23 year old with one of those fantastically super sexy figures. Her measurements were a firm 38DD-24-34 that turned heads where ever she went. Her complexion was flawless, full red lips and a peaches and cream skin. I was a very lucky man to have found such a wonderful and loving beauty to be my wife. We had dated for 3 years, meeting in college, and while doing some heavy petting we never had sex and were both virgins. We were both so happy and kissed passionately in the back of the car carrying us to the reception.

There were about 300 guests, friends and family already there when we arrived. Many, many bottles of spirits were already open and everyone seemed to be having a good time. A band consisting of 5 musicians had been hired and were playing. I wasn?t paying too much attention for my eyes were focused entirely on Bridget. The band had 5 blacks in it and was playing a variety of different music, we were all dancing, I got the first dance with Bridget as is the custom. Bridget and I were not use to drinking but were constantly being handed glasses with various booze and being as everyone was laughing and acting silly we got into the spirit of the celebration, it was indeed a day of joy and happiness for us both. It didn?t take long of either of use to get a little drunk, well, maybe a lot drunk. We were truly enjoying ourselves.

Within about an hour the band decided to take a break and disappeared off the stage going into a back room. I didn?t know it but they were all smoking grass and having a few drinks themselves. We had the usual toasts to the newly wed couple which made us even drunker. Bridget was going to the bathroom due to the alcohol and vanished from my sight. Hell, I was so drunk that I hadn?t even seen her leave. After about 50 minutes later I then noticed that she was not there. Everyone was pretty well three sheets to the wind by then and no one seemed to know where she was so I went looking for her. There was a small room where the band had gone and being as I hadn?t found her anywhere else decided to see if she was there. As one entered the door there was a barrier before going into the main part so no one could see someone entering. Even though I was quite drunk I didn?t make a sound as I entered.

For some reason instead of just walking around the barrier and into the room I peeked around the edge to see what was happening. I had heard some muffled sounds but didn?t recognize them and could smell the odor of ?weed? and something I was not familiar with. As I peeked around the edge I got the biggest shocking surprise of my life, my eyes opened wide in disbelief and mortification. There lying on a large couch in the room was my beautiful, sexy new bride, my white wife of less than 2 hours, her wedding dress pushed, bunched up to her waist, her white shoes still on her feet, the top of the beautiful wedding gown pulled down exposing her braless large firm white tits. Her white stocking legs spread widely apart and her thong panties lying on the floor. Lying snuggly between her lovely raised white married legs was one of the husky looking nigger band members, his extremely long and thick black cock shoved completely into her no longer virgin white pussy. His black lips were glued to hers in a passionate kiss and he was thrusting this monster black nigger cock up into her rapidly, lustfully and passionately.

A second nigger had one knee on the couch at her beautiful blond head and was flexing his black hips back and forth. I heard the unmistakable sounds of slurping and smacking and stooping slightly was able to see his equally huge thick nigger cock going in between her fully red lips that I had only kissed lovingly a short time ago. She was giving this second nigger a passionate blow-job and seemed to be enjoying it greatly moaning around it.

The other three niggers were sitting around, all totally naked, their equally huge nigger cocks fully erect as they hotly, lustfully watched my beautiful hot white wife getting lustfully fucked hard by their friends? big black cocks. The distinct odor of a lust driven raw animal sex filling the room along with the ?weed? they were smoking. My wife still had her veil on her blond head although pushed back and up and she was hotly thrusting her sexy white hips eagerly up in passion and lust to the nigger as he fucked her, hotly moaning and sighing in pleasure. I stood riveted to the spot, my own much smaller cock getting hard, I knew that all 5 of the niggers would be eventually fucking her, one right after the other, a regular gangbang and suck off. I saw a bloody spot between her spread legs on the back part of the wedding gown and knew that this nigger had taken her virginity, not me, but a fucking nigger, something I had hope to be the one to do. My drunken mind was filled with conflicting thoughts, should I go in, should I just forget about it and enjoy the show, or what? Whether or not Bridget was aware of where she was or who was fucking her I didn?t know but it was obvious that she was totally involved, enthusiastically involved and completely enthralled, in a sexual ecstasy.

The huge nigger cock in her lustfully sucking mouth began to speed up and I knew that it was about to erupt a load of hot nigger cum into her white mouth. The nigger put his big black hands behind my wife?s beautiful head and pulled her closer to his thrusting big black cock. He was grunting and had the look of a man receiving complete satisfaction and was about to experience an earth shaking pleasure, that of shooting his nigger cum into the mouth of a beautiful just married white woman. With one final pull on the back of her blond head he shoved the entire awesome length into her mouth until his huge black balls slapped against her drooling chin. He sucked in his breath and shot a torrent of his not nigger cum filling her mouth till it could take no more.

I watched as I saw his hot cum begin running out of the corners of her mouth and down her white chin. Bridget gulped feverishly trying to swallow the copious load, momentarily gagging but was able to let it flow down her throat. The one fucking her stuffed with nigger cock married white pussy also pushed hard up against her as he put his black hands under her white ass cheeks and pull her tightly against him. He began to moan as he inundated her white womb with his hot, virile and potent nigger seed.

Bridget had her white stocking legs crossed across his black ass squeezing him tightly to her as she reached her own powerful, lustful climax kissing him passionately. The nigger kept shoving, flexing his black ass, as each powerful enormous stream of his nigger cum cascaded up into her quickly filling white womb. She was moaning loudly, sucking in her breath as she felt each have spurt of his nigger cum splatter up against the inner walls of her white womb. I heard her keep calling him darling, telling him how good he felt inside her shooting his cum into her.

This went on for several minutes as they both thoroughly enjoyed the sexual erotic heaven they were experiencing. He began pulling his massive nigger cock out of her white pussy until it made a flopping sound as it exited from between her just hotly fucked married blond pussy lips. An oozing mass of thick nigger cum found its way down between her legs to pool on the back of her wedding dress. She looked gorgeously beautiful, all flushed pink, her firm white tits, nipples erect, rising and falling with her deep breathing. Thru lust glazed blue eyes she looked around the room smiling hotly.

It was then I think she began to realize that it wasn?t me who was fucking her. Just then another of the big black cocks was being pushed up into her white pussy, a look of disbelief and confusion on her beautiful young white face. I heard her telling the nigger who was now fucking her that he had to stop, that she was a just married woman and she didn?t like niggers. She said something to the effect that niggers were dirty and nasty. This just seemed to have the affect of causing the man to laugh and fuck her harder. He told her that it was to late for her to object that she had already been fucked by one, that he was the second and she had given a hot blow job to a third.

Bridget was lost, she knew that there was no way to stop this big black nigger from fucking her, tears appeared in the corner of her blue eyes as she squirmed in a vain attempt to get away. The unwanted sensations that were racking her sexy, beautiful white newly married white body caused her to react even against her will and her sexy white hips began to move up and down in tempo with the niggers? long hard inward thrusts. Her eyes began to cloud over in lust and passion as the huge nigger cock kept slicing up into her to the hilt. I watched as her long sexy white stocking covered legs lifted and were placed across his broad black back, her white arms reaching up under his black ones and going around his back to pull him against her large firm white tits. Her full red lips began kissing his neck and head as he fucked her. She was grunting, moaning and sighing in passion and now fully participating in her first sex orgy with a group of niggers with huge, long and thick black cocks. After the second nigger dumped his black seed into her white womb a third was quickly fucking her until all 5 of the nigger band members had fucked and shot their black seed deeply into her white womb.

About 15 minutes after the band went back into the reception and began playing Bridget came back into the room. She had cleaned herself up and looked no different than when she had left the room to go to the bathroom, she looked even more radiant and beautiful. I couldn?t get the picture out of my mind of what I had seen, of her being fucked by 5 big black nigger cocks only minutes before. I knew that with the smallness of my white cock I would never be able to satisfy her as much as those big black cocks had and I wondered if they had impregnated her for they sure shot enough of their fertile and virile cum deep into her womb.
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