Becoming A Dominant Wife Pt 1

Written by Tanya Bee / Sep 10, 2009



What does a woman do when her husband of twenty years declares he wants to be totally submissive in the bedroom? How does a quiet suburban housewife learn to be a dominatrix? It happened to me, and this is how the changes in my bedroom altered my whole outlook on life.

My name is Lisa, and Tony has been my loving husband for over twenty years.

We have enjoyed a very good sex life, possibly adventurous compared to some, and I have always known how initiating sex, and taking charge, really turns my man on. Gradually this had been happening more and more, I was really enjoying the feeling of being in control, and Tony had been so much more attentive outside the bedroom that I was happy for it to continue. Perhaps I should have seen it coming, but on the night of his 40th birthday, he shocked me when he finally revealed his deepest fantasy.

It took a while before I fully understood what he desired. We had on occasion played around with light restraint and spanking, and of course I had played the strict schoolmistress or doctor a few times, but he wanted something a lot more extreme. Total submission! I eventually realized he wanted me to completely control our sex life, not just as the dominant partner of a couple, but more like a mistress to a slave.

From now on he explained, his only actions leading up to and during sex would be what I told him to do. He promised that he would follow every instruction without complaint, no matter how bizzare. The discussion went on long into the night, hampered by the fact that he couldn't just come out and say what he wanted to do. He found himself hugely aroused by just following my orders, and imagined having to comply with the most extreme instructions. Apparently that was the most important part of his fantasy, I had to order him to do things totally out of character and he could justify it by just following orders. He was so obviously aroused by this prospect, and so sincere in his promises, that as a loving wife, I agreed. But where to start, I had no idea. I must admit the prospect did turn me on, but that night I struggled to form any sensible ideas of how to proceed, so I made him perform oral sex on me until I was satisfied, then told him to masturbate in front of me. It only took a few stokes before his penis erupted over his hand and belly - a hell of a lot more spunk than he usually produced. I sent him off to clean up, and pretended to go to sleep, while I tried to come to terms with my new status. For several days I spent every available hour on the internet looking for useful ideas. There are thousands of websites that deal with domination, but a lot I dismissed immediately - I'm not interested in giving pain, or treating my man like a dog or a baby - but I did find several that showed promise, and some that got me instantly wet! But how to tell which ones would meet with Tony's approval I wasn't sure. At this stage my main aim was to please him, so using one of the hints I found online, I set up a "twitch test" as recommended by many contributors. I had Tony undress, and lie on his back on the floor, legs open and hands well away from his erection. Then I described various scenarios I had found on the internet and what I might do to him, and myself, when I decided which ones to act on, whilst all the time studying his face and body for any reaction.. As the websites suggested, his face got flushed and his cock twitched when I talked about anything that got him excited. I thought I knew my husband well, but I must admit to several shocks. Many of his reactions followed what I already knew about his little kinks, but to my surprise and delight, his cock visibly throbbed when I told him it was too small to satisfy me, twitched like a metronome when I suggested taking a black lover, and I swear it grew half an inch and pulsed out pre-cum juice when I told him I might make him clean me up after my lover had fucked me!

My god!, I had never even considered being unfaithful to him, but here was my husband's body giving me permission to take my pleasure anywhere I wished. That made me a bit nervous, but also, very aroused. My nipples were tingling and I could feel my knickers getting moist, and I wanted - no, needed - to exert my new power over my submissive man. Suddenly all the stories I had read and guides I had followed all joined up in my head to give me a clear vision of how to proceed. It was as though I was following a script from a porn movie, I knew what I wanted to do and was so aroused, I think I may have had a minor orgasm while standing there thinking, and I wanted a lot more.

Standing over Tony's face, still dressed, I launched into my new persona;-

"Well husband, you've given yourself away now haven't you, your cock tells me you want me to fuck another man. Would you like to see that darling, would you like to watch me getting fucked by a well hung lover?" Tony moaned quietly as his erection bobbed up and down, but said nothing. "Would you like to see me sucking another man's cock, maybe a big black one? I have always wanted a really big penis to play with, that little one of yours is cute but hardly satisfying for a mature woman. I want one too big to fit in my mouth, I want my pussy really stretched. I know you would like to see that, I can tell from the way your little friend is twitching. A long thick black penis thrusting hard into your wife's white pussy, just think of it, would you like to see that?"

Tony reached for me, but I stepped away. Quickly pulling off my blouse and skirt I straddled his head again, lowering myself slowly onto his face, at first just letting my sodden gusset brush his nose and lips, then sitting down hard onto his open mouth, grinding my throbbing pussy over his face. The feeling was electric, and I had to pull my panties aside to allow his probing tongue into my aching hole. I came immediately, shaking and shuddering in ecstasy as he lapped at my freely running juice with his eager tongue and lips. All the while I kept telling him what I was going to do with my black lover;-

" When my lover comes here, I'll let you lick my pussy like this, to get me nice and wet for him. I'll need to be well lubricated to take such a big cock inside me. I'll lick it and suck it first, and let you get really close to see me take it all in my mouth. Maybe I'll make you suck it as well, would you like that husband? Your little thing will look like a needle next to a proper man's cock. I think I'll make you suck it just to appreciate the size difference. Maybe I'll take some pictures of you with a big fat penis stuck down your throat" Tony couldn't answer as he had my cunt grinding hard onto his face, but his penis was now a dark red and throbbing fit to burst. I knew it wouldn't be long before he exploded.

"I'll make sure you have a really good view when he puts it inside me. I want you watch closely when he fills my hole, knowing that you will never stretch me like that. I want ten inches of black meat thrusting hard into me, I want it to hurt, not tickle like yours does, I want him to pound my pussy till it's sore, but most of all I want him to fill me with his spunk, to ejaculate deep into my cunt and keep spurting till I've got every last drop."

Tony was dry thrusting his hips, near to orgasm, so I quickly swivelled around and, holding my wet panties to one side, lowered myself until just the tip of his erection was inside me, then delivered the line I knew would push him over the edge;-

"When my pussy is full of his semen, I'm going to hold your mouth open and sit on your face, and I won't get off until you have licked me clean". Then I slid down fully onto his cock.

He didn't just orgasm, he fucking exploded. I felt the hot sticky fluid gushing into me as he bucked and thrust into my sopping hole. Four, five, six times I felt his cock pulsating as it pumped semen, and I gripped him hard as I joined him in orgasm, both of us crying out in ecstasy. As his orgasm subsided, and he lay there limp with a smile of sheer bliss on his face, I finished my scene;- "Open your mouth, you have a job to do" I ordered. I quickly got up and squatted over his face. Again pulling my panties aside, I worked my vaginal muscles and squeezed out a big dollop of spunk onto his waiting mouth. Again and again I squeezed, then sat down hard on his mouth as his eager tongue searched for every drop of spunk, untill I reached another earth-moving orgasm, and I collapsed limply next to him.

I cuddled him close, and whispered into his ear;-

"Next time, it will be for real!"

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