The Northern Patrols Raid A Georgia Plantation

Written by Southboy / Sep 30, 2009


    A patrol of Northern soldiers were scouting the area. They consisted of 12 Negroes, otherwise known as ?Niggers? in this part of the country. It was led by two slaves who had escaped from this same plantation a year earlier therefore they knew the area pretty well. They were aware that the men who ran the place were off fighting against the North but to make sure they went to the area where the remaining slaves lived to check.

The war was about half way finished by this time and it was still a toss up as to which side would win. The two who had escaped had been treated poorly and wanted to get even with the whites who lived there. Being as there were no men around, except for other slaves which they discovered when questioning the slaves they decided that they could have their vengeance by taking it out on the white wives who were now living there. There was the Master?s beautiful 33 year old wife and her two equally beautiful sisters who were also married to those who were away fighting. To them nothing would give them greater satisfaction than to ?rape? the women and implant in their white wombs black babies.

Moissan, the oldest, at 25, had always lusted after the young wives, especially the Master?s wife. He had been caught staring, which was considered to be a travesty, at her one day and had taken a server beating because of his staring. Nothing would now give him greater pleasure than to plant his black seed deep in her married white womb. He had this on his mind when they headed for the plantation. All the men in the raiding party were in their early to mid twenties, very strong and each had very large, long and thick, black cocks. When Moissan told them of what he wanted to do they all began to feel a swelling in their uniform pants. All of them had at one time or another been slaves and to them this was pay back. The women, all very beautiful, sexy and full of life, were Maloney, the Master?s Wife, her sister Bridget, who was 26 and Anne, who was 22. They were all blonds, had full firm figures and blue eyes. There measurements were a firm 38-24-36, 36-22-36 and 38-22-36, gorgeous by all standards. They all had never had carnal relations with anyone other than their husbands. This was about to change forever. They had arrived at night and being covered by the darkness were able to make their way both to the slave quarters and then to the house. Moissan knew where the bedrooms were located and that the women would already be in their beds asleep. Before creeping into the house they had removed their boots and most of their uniforms. After entering they removed the remainder of their clothing and silently crept up the stairs to where the bedroom were.

They divided themselves into three groups of four and having been told which bedroom to enter. Some of the male slaves had come along and waited down stairs, six in all. Silently the niggers entered the bedrooms at the same time. Each had full erections. Creeping up to the beds they looked down at the sleeping, beautiful white women, their dark eyes burning with lust at the sight. Each of the women had on a thin ankle length gown that outlined their sexy bodies to perfection. Silently, slowly, Moissan crawled up into Maloney?s bed, his erect black cock bobbing in the air in anticipation of what was to come. At last he would have his revenge for the way he was treated. Slowly raising Maloney?s night gown, he positioned himself between her legs which were slightly spread. She stirred slightly but did not wake up. The moon light coming through the window gave him an excellent view of her face and the golden pussy hair at the entrance of her married white pussy. Lustfully he smiled down at her sleeping form, and then guided his monstrous nigger cock up and rested the huge black tip coated with pre-cum at the entrance to her pussy.

With one powerful inward thrust he shoved his nigger cock into her blond married pussy. She was very tight, and it took him a couple hard thrusts to get the entire length into her to the hilt. Maloney?s blue eyes opened wide and seeing the black face of the nigger above her she screamed. She felt the huge nigger cock slipping back and forth inside her married white pussy. It was so much bigger than her husbands and was stretching her wider than she had ever been. She was beside herself, she couldn?t stop him no matter how hard she tried. This couldn?t be happening to her, she was being fucked by a despised nigger, a filthy ignorant nigger. No matter how much she pleaded for him to stop he would just laugh and kept fucking her with long hard strokes. The huge tip of his nigger cock would sound up against the entrance to her womb, causing her to moan in between her crying for him to stop. She had never felt anything so big inside her and despite her pleas and her attempt to resist, she began to move her sexy white hips up and down.

Moissan felt her pussy squeezing his huge nigger cock inside her pussy realizing that she was beginning to respond to the hard fucking she was getting. He asked her mockingly if she liked being fucked by a NIGGER, to feel a real mans BIG cock deep in her white pussy. He began kissing her full on the lips and sticking his tongue into her mouth as he fucked her. He was really savoring her hotness, her tightness and her awakening passion as she began kissing him back as tears kept streaming down her beautiful white cheeks. He sexy white hips were really moving now, she was having a series of orgasms, something her husband had never been able to give her. She placed her sexy white legs up around his muscular pounding black ass pulling him tightly to her as they lustfully and passionately fucked. Her white arms were now circling his back crushing him to her full, firm 38 white tits, her erect nipples burning against his black chest. She had never felt anything so good, this nigger was reaching depths and places her husband poor little white cock never could.

Moissan felt his own orgasm building in her sperm laden huge black balls and began to increase his pace, grunting and hissing, his white teeth clinched in a grimace. With one final hard thrust, burying his hot black cock to the hilt inside her he began to inundate her married white womb with his nigger seed. Spurt after flooding spurt crashed up into her, as she had her biggest orgasm yet. She moaned and groaned in pure lust as she felt the powerful spurts smash up into her fertile white womb. They lay tightly glued together enjoying the fantastic orgasm ripping through their bodies, their lips locked in a hot passionate kiss. For what seemed to be several minutes Moissan kept pumping load after load of his nigger sperm into her as she hissed and moaned. When he began to withdraw his massive nigger cock out of her flooded white pussy, she clutched him to her telling him she wanted him to stay. She had not seen the three additional niggers in the room that were all sporting huge black cocks ready to fuck her.

When he finally broke away from her grasp, the second nigger was between her spread white legs shoving his big black cock up into her nigger cum filled white married pussy. As he began fucking her Maloney realized that there were other niggers in the room and that all of them were going to fuck her and shoot their nigger sperm up into her white womb also. As the second nigger began fucking her hard, she really began enjoying his huge black cock inside her and fucked him back throwing her white hips up to meet his powerful inward strokes. Again she was moaning, hissing and telling him how good he felt, how she loved his big nigger cock inside her. Moissan stood by the bed watching the Master?s beautiful white wife taking huge black cock after huge black cock deep into her white pussy while begging for more. All four of the young nigger soldiers fucked her and Moissan let her suck his black nigger cock until he shot a load of his nigger cum into her mouth which she swallowed greedily. This went on all night each of them fucking her and getting blow jobs.   End of Part One
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