Over the Last Several Years

Written by Subone1 / Sep 30, 2009


Over the last several years, my wife and I have enjoyed the cuckold lifestyle to varying degrees. We were into the lifestyle pretty actively for three or four years, but things have cooled off (much to my dismay) over the last year or so. During those active three to four years, my wife fucked five or six different guys, some multiple times, some only once. All of these guys were white however, and every time I even suggested she try a black guy, my wife quickly balked at the idea. ?I?m just not into black guys? she would always say; at that would be the end of it.

So, up until three weeks ago, not only did I think our foray into the cuckold lifestyle was about over, but I thought my dream of ever seeing my wife get fucked by a black guy was a total pipe dream. That all changed rather suddenly however, but first, a little background before we get back to the present day.

We live in a mid-size, very traditional city in the deep south. After you?ve lived here a while, like we have, you tend to run into folks you know just about any where you go. Because of this, and my wife?s general fear about being seen with men that were not her husband, she would never been seen in public with another guy unless I was there as well. She was, and still is, extremely concerned with being discreet when it came to her lovers. Additionally, inter-racial couples and inter-racial dating are still a relatively rare sight in this city; so of course she wouldn?t even consider going out with a black guy on a date.

My wife is a teacher at an inner-city grade school. The student population is 100% black. The teaching and administration staff however, is about 75% white. It was time for report cards to be issued and her school?s policy is to hold a teacher-parent conference to go over each student?s report card. Her Principal is very demanding and insists that all teacher-parent conferences be completed by Friday afternoon of a certain week. My wife had completed 31 of 32 conferences by Thursday afternoon, but she still had not heard from the parents of her most troublesome student, Tyrone Williams.

My wife decided to call Tyrone?s parents at home on Thursday night in hope of scheduling a Friday conference, thus avoiding the wrath of her Principal. After several tries, she reached Tyrone?s Father, James. Apparently there were problems at home and Tyrone?s Mother had walked out two weeks ago. James was pleasant enough and willing to meet, but couldn?t get off work on such short notice. After much discussion, he suggested they meet for lunch on Friday and conduct the report card conference while they ate. Reluctantly, my wife agreed to the ?working lunch? so she could finish up this last conference and stay off the Principal?s shit list.

They met at a Ruby Tuesday?s close to school and my wife arrived before James did, found a table and sat down to wait. Since this day had been set aside for teacher-parent conferences, there were no classes scheduled for the remainder of the day, so she did not have to go back to school after lunch. She was looking forward to getting some errands done after lunch. She was reviewing Tyrone?s report card when she looked up and saw a handsome, tall, muscular black man standing next to the table.

?You must be Tyrone?s teacher, Mrs. Cook?? he asked.

?Yes, are you Mr. Williams?? my wife replied.

?Please, call me James? he said.

?Okay, I?m Susan? my wife said, holding out her hand to shake hands with him.

He sat down and they made idle talk for a while about the weather and other inconsequential topics. The waitress came to take their drink order and my wife order a glass of red wine.

?Well, well? James commented, ?a little wine before going back to the rigors of teaching??

?Oh no? my wife replied, ?School?s out for today, this conference is my last official activity after a very busy week!?

?Well, why don?t we just get a bottle of wine and I?ll join you?? James turned and ordered a bottle of Merlot from the waitress before my wife could protest ? she really only wanted one glass. James couldn?t help adding for the waitresses benefit ?Your husband won?t mind I?m sure.? The waitress looked at my wife and smiled knowingly, another white wife about to get fucked by a black stud!

With the wine flowing, the uneasiness fell away and soon they were chatting like old friends. Susan found James easy to talk with, charming, intelligent and even handsome. James complimented my wife on her looks and asked her if she worked out, which she does. She had taken off her outer sweater and was now wearing a matching sleeveless sweater, skirt, nylons and high heel pumps. Since she had been at school in the morning, her outfit was fairly conservative, but she had dressed up a little bit for this conference.

Their food soon came and before long the first bottle of wine was empty. Before my wife could protest again, James had ordered a second bottle.

?This has to be the last bottle? my wife said, ?I have things to do this afternoon!?

?I have things to do as well? James said with somewhat of a sly look on his face; ?like spend some quality time with you.? My wife blushed but did not reply either way. The wine was relaxing her way too much and she was feeling very attracted to James. He took her silence as acceptance, or at least not a rejection, so he continued.

Dropping his napkin intentionally under the table, he bent over to pick it up. ?You have lovely legs Mrs. Cook? he said with a smile. Again, my wife said nothing, but just smiled in reply. ?I?d like to see more of them? he continued. By now, she was feeling some moistness between her legs and her nipples began to betray her as they pressed against her sweater. She began to imagine what it would be like to be taken by this large, handsome black man.

?I know a lovely little hotel close by?? he said, the sentence trailing off.

Before she could think it over, she heard herself say just one word, ?Okay?.

T he deal was sealed. She went to the restroom while James paid the bill. They walked out to his car and he opened the door for her as she got in. Their waitress watched them drive off together and again smiled.

It was a short drive to the hotel. Susan had never noticed it before, and it was lovely. James went in and registered for a room. He came back out and got Susan and led her inside. To get to their room they had to go through the lobby, much to the humiliation of Susan and the delight of the young black desk clerk. Susan made eye contact with the desk clerk and he simply winked at her; she quickly looked away. At that moment she didn?t really care what the desk clerk thought or what the waitress had thought earlier. She was horny, buzzed from the wine, and finally wanted to try sex with a black man, her mind was made up.

James held the door open for my wife, closing and locking it after they were inside. ?Take your skirt and sweater off? he said quietly. She did, and was soon standing in the middle of the room in her black, sheer to the waist pantyhose, black bra and black high heels.

?You look wonderful? James told her. He approached her and they were soon locked in a tight embrace, kissing deeply. After a short while he gently pushed her down to her knees in front of him. She unzipped his slacks, reached in and pulled out his cock. Susan had read some of the internet stories on interracial sex at the request of her husband, so she was well aware of how well-endowed black men are supposed to be. James? equipment did not disappoint her; it was large, hard and very black. Soon her red lips were wrapped around it as James held the back of her head.

Over the next three hours James fucked my wife four times and gave her multiple orgasms. She had never experienced orgasms like he gave her. They would have kept fucking, but she was sore and wanted to get home before I got in from work.

As they were getting dressed, James looked at her and said ?you liked that didn?t you Baby??

?Liked it? My God, I?ve never felt like that in my entire life Lover!? she replied.

?Good, so we can plan on doing it again?? he asked.

She walked over to him and threw her arms around his neck, looking him in the eye she said ?Anytime, anywhere Baby!?

James smiled and said ?Okay, I?m gonna hold you to that!?

Over the next three weeks, James fucked my wife at least once a day, sometimes more. She was clearly hooked on his big black cock and simply could not get enough of it. They fucked at our house, his house, the car, the city park, hotels, anywhere they could find to copulate. If there ever was a case of a white wife being addicted to black cock, this was it. Looking back at it, I should have picked up on some of the clues, but this was really the furthest thing from my mind.

So, here we are, three plus weeks later and I walk into our house on a Wednesday evening after a long day at the office. I walk into the kitchen and there I see my wife, bent over the kitchen counter, while James fucks her from behind. All she is wearing are thigh high black stockings and her black high heeled pumps. Her sheer black panties are down around her ankles. James is buck naked and perspiring slightly from the pounding he is giving my wife.

James glances my way but doesn?t say a word. Susan is in a cock-induced daze and hasn?t even noticed I?m standing there. My own cock begins to stir at the erotic sight in front of me. Susan eventually looks at me, or should I say, looked through me. Her eyes were glazed over and she was clearly on another planet at the moment. Her face is flushed reddish pink; she is in the middle of one long, continuous orgasm. Her moans are also continuous, matching her lover?s grunts as he thrusts into her repeatedly. James has both of his hands around my wife, holding her tits like handles, using them to pull her whole body back onto his cock, then off, and then back on again.

Finally, after two or three minutes of this, James breaks the silence. ?Your wife loves this shit man. I?ve been fucking her everyday for over three weeks, she always wants more. Ain?t that right Babe?? he asks her.

?Oh God yes!? she practically screams.

He looks back at me, all the while still pounding away at Susan, and says ?She?ll do anything I ask to get this big black cock. Ain?t that right Babe??

Again, we wife answered ?Oh hell yea!?

?If I called you up at three in the morning and told you I was coming over to fuck you and to kick your husband out of your bed, you?d do that wouldn?t you??

?Uh huh? she said and she threw her head back, here orgasm still gripping her.

I had moved to the kitchen table and was now sitting at a chair. I had never seen my wife act like such a wild animal, like such a willing slut. James pulled out of her and walked toward me, he still hadn?t dumped his load in her yet. He stood in front of me and looked down at me and said, ?Your slut wife tells me you have a fondness for sucking cock, that true??

Before I could answer, he continued, ?You ever suck a black cock? I know you?ve sucked white ones, she told me that.? I glanced over at Susan and she had stood up from being bent over the counter. Her hair and make up were a mess; she took her panties off from around her ankles and walked over next to James. She put her right arm around his waist and her left hand on his rigid cock, which was now just inches from my face. She looked at me and smiled, wiggling his cock in my face.

?Here?s your chance little boy? she said mockingly. ?You?re so obsessed with black men and having them fuck your wife, surely you want to suck a black cock?? She slowly wiped his big dick across my closed lips, back and forth. ?Open wide hubby, let?s see if this hunk of meat makes you as happy as it does me? she said sarcastically. I slowly opened my mouth and she fed me his cock. She grabbed the back of my head by my hair and moved it forward and back on James? large dick.

?Go get your camera Babe? James said to my wife. She grinned and gave him a peck on the cheek.

?Good idea, we?ll want to record this moment for future use? she said giggling as she walked toward our bedroom to get her camera.

She was back in seconds; James had kept his cock in my mouth while she was gone. ?Look into the camera Honey!? she said with a smirk, ?I won?t ask you to say cheese since your mouth is full!? I looked directly at her as she snapped several pictures of my mouth wrapped around her boyfriend?s cock. James then pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped it against my face two or three times while Susan continued to take pictures.

?Let?s get some hot photos of you too? he said to Susan. She handed me the camera and quickly dropped to her knees in front of James, as if she were worshiping his cock. I reluctantly snapped some pictures of my wife swallowing his huge rod; knowing that someday I would probably regret taking these photos. After several photos, he stood her back up and bent her back over the kitchen counter like when I first saw them. He quickly plunged his cock back into her pussy and began pumping away.

?Take some pics wimp. This is how it?s supposed to be done. This is what your wife expects now. Make sure you get her pretty face in the pictures, but no face shots of me? he ordered. ?I want those emailed to me tonight? he continued.

After I took several photos, James turned to me and said ?Okay, get lost while I finish screwing my girlfriend.? I took my leave and went to change out of my work clothes. I could hear Susan moaning in delight all the way in our bedroom, he was fucking her good and she was loving it. After a few minutes, the door opened and she walked into our bedroom, again disheveled and looking thoroughly fucked. All she wore were her black thigh high stockings and her black pumps; cum oozed from her used and stretched out cunt, running down the inside of her thigh. She had a far away, dreamy look on her face. My cock began to stir.

?What the hell is going on here?? I asked. ?For years you?ve resisted screwing black guys every time I mentioned it, now I find out you?ve been getting nailed by James for over three weeks straight!?

?I?ll tell you the whole story later? she said off handedly as she headed for her closet, ?James and I are going out for a little while, I need to get dressed.? Then she added, ?I never knew sex could be like this, it certainly hasn?t been with you, or any of those other guys you talked me into fucking. I never dreamed I would get addicted to his cock, let alone so quickly, but I am and I?ve accepted that. I suggest you do the same, accept the fact that you wife is addicted to black cock.? She then looked at me earnestly, ?Do you understand what I?m saying here? It?s no longer just something I want; it?s something I need, something I crave. I have to get my daily fix.?

?Daily!?? I asked, ?You?re serious aren?t you??

?Damn right I am. Either you?ll be seeing a lot more of James around here or a lot less of me, but we?ll fuck somewhere, you can pretty much count on that? she replied.

She pulled on a simple black skirt and white blouse, not bothering with a bra. I watched her quickly run a comb through her hair and freshen up her lipstick. She didn?t bother with panties or changing her cum soaked stockings. She saw me staring at what she was wearing.

?James wants me dressed like this? was her only response to my inquiring look. With that, she grabbed her purse and headed back out to the kitchen. I followed her out to the kitchen where James was dressed and waiting for her. Without asking, he unbuttoned the top three buttons of my wife?s blouse so her tits were somewhat exposed to anyone who cared to look. She just smiled at him. They headed out the door for their date without saying another word or even looking back at me.
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