Turned Into A Sissy Cuckold

Written by Throne / Oct 19, 2009


Glen always got kidded about how young he looked. Even on his wedding day, three months ago, someone had called him 'the baby-faced bridegroom'. He took it all good-naturedly. After all, he was quite short and slender, and really did appear to be in his teens. At 21 he still got carded in liquor stores. He didn't get carded in bars because he never drank there. Even the neighborhood place, which was completely tame, seemed too rough to him. Maybe that was why he felt so comfortable with Leesy, as Lisa was called by all her friends, because she was as short as him and shied away from bars.

They had a brief period of dating, got engaged, and were wed. It all went smoothly. Well, almost all. Leesy played the innocent girl and declined to have any sort of sexual relations with Glen before they were married. He was old fashioned enough to appreciate and accept that though, at the same time, he was achingly eager to experience intercourse. He had gone out with other girls in the past. He had even gotten a few of them into his apartment. The problem was that, when they saw his underdeveloped penis, a mere two inches flaccid and only four, and proportionatly skinny, erect, they suddenly lost all interest in going to bed with him. Two of them even laughed at his inadequate member, one who tried to contain her reaction and the other, a rather trampish girl, who pointed at it and didn't bother to hide her amusement.

Of course, he internalized his failures, and became extremely self-concious about his tiny endowment. He told himself that the girl who laughed openly did that because she was so slutty. What had he been thinking in the first place, going out with such a trashy female? He hated it when women were obvious about their sexuality. At the same time, he conveniently blotted out the fact that he had been thrilled to be with her because he imagined that she wouldn't reject him. Glen was desperate at that point to lose his virginity.

On his wedding night all of his insecurities rose up and gave him a terrible case of nerves. He had a small house he had inherited and that was where they went, with the plan to postpone their honeymoon until they were more financially secure. Glen was also obsessively frugal. Leesy wasn't happy with that but she did appreciate the idea of starting out with a home and a secure situation, so she made no complaint. She went to the bathroom to remove her wedding dress -- Glen had talked her out of getting an expensive gown -- and he headed for the bedroom to undress. He was so nervous he was almost shaking. He had just lowered his jockeys to his ankles when she walked in sooner than he expected. Glen froze, not even retaining the presence of mind to step out of his shorts. He had intended to turn off the overhead light and leave on only the small lamp by the bed. Instead, he had to stand there, hands uselessly at his sides, with his mini-dick in plain sight.

All Leesy had on was her garterbelt and stockings, along with her heels, wedding headpiece and veil. She stared at his crotch and her expression turned stormy. He unwisely tried to take a step toward her and was tripped up by his shorts, nearly falling before he caught himself on the edge of the bed. Glen belatedly discarded the jockeys but still had no way to hide his inadequacy.

He said, his voice shaky, "I... I'm sorry, Leesy. I mean, I didn't want to upset... or, you know..."

"No, I don't know," she said with cold calm. "What didn't you want to upset me about?"

She wanted him to say it. He felt his cheeks grow warm as he blushed. "I just mean that... You know. I'm not... big... down there."

"Not big," she repeated acidly. "That's an understatement. You weren't honest with me, were you?"

"I guess not. I mean, no."

"Then I think you should make it up to me -- husband. I think you should use your mouth on me -- between my legs -- to satisfy me, since you obviously can't do it with that baby dick. I'll bet you've never given any woman an orgasm with that little weiner."

"N... not... no," he said, shamefaced.

"In fact, I'll bet you've never even had it inside a girl."

Without thinking he said, "No, but..." Then he realized what he had just confessed.

"Which means you're a virgin, doesn't it, Glen?"

"I..." He hung his head. "Yes, Leesy."

She sneered at him. "Then I hope you're really good with your mouth. Or haven't you done that, either?"

"I haven't but..." He made a pained face. "I can't. I mean, just the idea disgusts me. I'm sure if you let me, you know, have intercourse..."

"That's not going to happen. And I don't care that the thought of licking my pussy, and sucking on my clit, and pushing your tongue up inside, makes you sick. Condsidering what you've done to me, getting me to marry you under false pretenses, you deserve to suffer. And I'm going to see that you do. Onto the bed, shrimpdick. NOW."

He scrambled onto the mattress, his heart racing, his stomach rolling. She laid down and threw her legs apart lewdly, exposing the pink gash of her pussy as brazenly as she could. Glen gagged slightly as he brought his face down. She told him to start slowly and then gave him detailed instructions which she told him he had better remember. Leesy kept him down there for nearly an hour. It excited her that he didn't want to do it. He eventually gave her three orgasms and left her sated. She didn't permit him to wash his face or rinse his mouth. Instead, he had to lie alongside her desirable body while she stroked his chest, teased his receptive nipples, and mocked his unimpressive erection. After an hour of that he was thoroughly frustrated and so demeaned that thoughts of trying to coax her into real sex became impossible.

For the first three months of their marriage that was the pattern they followed. Plenty of oral sex for Leesy, lots of teasing for her new husband, and no release for him at all. Then she got the phone call that changed everything.

She told Glen, "I'm having a visitor tonight. An old friend. I can't wait for you to meet him."

It was a Friday and he had finished early at the office. That left him with several hours until his wife's guest arrived. Tense and concerned, he ran to the liquor store to get the half dozen items she wanted. All the bottles were the better brands, and cost Glen a lot. He was used to picking up a single bottle of inexpensive white wine and wasn't happy about the increased cost but, with the state of his marriage, he had learned by then not to object to anything she wanted. He still believed time would fix their problems.

When he got home Leesy called to him from the bedroom. "Just line up the bottles on the kitchen counter. Make sure there's plenty of ice, too. Then come in here."

He did as he was told. When he entered the bedroom he was shocked to see the transformation his wife had wrought on herself. Her medium length blond hair, usually worn down, was teased up and sprayed into a slutty rat's nest. She normally wore almost no make-up but now she had on a triple dose, which made her appear trashy. Adding to the effect was the snug sleeveless top that she wore with no bra under it, as well as the tiny wrap-around skirt that barely reached beyond the tops of her smooth round thighs. Completing the whorish outfit was a pair of tall heels in bright red, with open toes that showed off matching nail polish.

"W... what are you doing? You can't have anyone see you like that. It would embarrass me."

"It's not how you feel about me that matters. I want to impress my friend. You just worry about our drinks."

He wanted to protest but felt defeated. After three months of regularly being teased but denied sexual release, and of having his laughably small dick ridiculed, he had almost no self respect left. Glen simply wanted to get this evening over with and move on. At a few minutes after eight they heard a firm knock on the front door. Unhappily, he went to answer it. As he swung the door open, Glen was stunned to find himself confronting a towering Black man with broad shoulders, his heavily muscled arms shown off by a purple pocket-T. He glanced down at Glen and smirked.

In a deep commanding voice he said, "I'm here to see Leesy."

When Glen didn't move aside the hulking figure pushed past him, nearly knocking him off balance. Glen stumbled after him. Leesy was in the livingroom. When she saw the newcomer she opened her arms and the two of them hugged passionatly. To Glen's horror, she turned up her face and opened her mouth. The huge Black stud pressed his fleshy lips to hers and they shared a long, deep kiss. Then the bull of a man turned to Glen and glowered.

"Make me a 7 and 7. Leesy here'll have a rum and cola." He asked her, "That still your drink, baby?"

"Sure is, Turk," she answered. "Though it's been a while since I've had one. My husband only drinks white wine. Or I should say, he sips it, like a girl."

They both laughed. Turk sent Glen scurrying to the kitchen with a hard look. When the frightened husband returned with their drinks, and nothing for himself, they were sitting on the sofa, close together, having an intimate conversation. As Glen sat across from them on an old armchair, he heard terrible news.

Turk wanted to know, "Leesy, what are you doing with a nothing like him?"

"Well, he has this house and a decent job. You know what a party girl I was when we were together. I guess I got burned out and needed a break. I started wearing conservative clothes, lost my make-up bag, and acted like I was as dull as him. After we got hitched and I found out he has a pinky finger where he should have grown a cock, I got pissed off and knew it was time to go back to enjoying myself. You don't know how much I've missed having a monster cock like yours in me, Turk. His is so small that all I'll let him do is go down on me. And wait'll you hear this. The idiot's a virgin." She chuckled. "And as of right now, I intend to keep him that way."

Glen was aghast. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. Then his wife began to open Turk's pants. She got his cock out and it was enormous, about eight inches soft. Her soft small hands massaged and stroked until his organ swelled to an amazing ten inches hard. Glen sat there trembling, knowing he had no chance to compete. But that wasn't the worst of it. Leesy lowered her head and fitted her overly reddened lips around the large knob of his tool. She sucked it happily and then demonstrated that she could swallow the entire shaft, right up to his heavy balls. Glen was sickened but couldn't look away.

After ten minutes of that they moved to the bedroom, making Glen bring them their drinks. They happily undressed each other and were soon on the bed. Leesy lay there smiling up at Turk, her thighs apart, his massive rod aimed at her moist cleft. He shoved into her and buried himself all the way, then began pumping her hard. She responded by gripping his shoulders, squirming her hips, and thrusting back at him.

"That's it, Turk," she urged. "Jam that log into me. This is what sex is supposed to be like. My jerk of a husband doesn't have the equipment or the know-how to do it right. He's a big waste of time in bed. But you're incredible." She went on and on like that, praising her lover and insulting her spouse.

They shared an animated bout of sex that lasted over a half hour before she had a loud climax and he let himself unload into her. When they had at last finished and come down from their heightened state, they lay next to each other, whispering softly. Glen sat there sniffling.

Turk declared, "We've got to do something with your sissyboy there so he won't ever get any crazy ideas about having any rights to your body. What we've got to do is show him what a wimp he really is. What a wussy. And I know the way to do it."

They got up and he made Glen sit on the caf? chair in front of her vanity table. Turk annoucned that she was going to make Glen resemble what he really was, more girl than man. He told her to start with lipstick -- "Lots of it." She chose a tube of 'Mad Magenta' that she had bought on impulse and never used. A liberal application, along with lip liner to make his mouth appear larger, achieved the effect Turk wanted. When Glen saw himself in the mirror he felt swoony. It changed the look of his entire face. When she followed that with heavy eye make-up, including blue shadow on his lids, he looked even more feminine. A little shading here and blush there finished the job. She was already getting ideas of how to make the results more extreme. And she was getting turned on by how unmanly and miserable it made Glen appear.

"Real good," Turk declared, nodding his approval. "Now see if you have a sweet little nightie and panties for your new girlfriend. And he's got little feet, so let's try an old pair of your shoes."

Delighted, Leesy selected a pink, see-through babydoll set and high-heeled bedroom slippers. Glen had almost no hair on his legs, and it was very light, but to hide what little there was she also had him don pale red stockings with elastic tops. The total effect was incredible. Glen was gone and a slutty party girl had taken his place. Thrilled with her success, she also teased his hair and sprayed it into a field of spikey points, not too punk- rockish, but more cheap-whorish. Glen was appalled. Leesy was wildly amused. Turk was interested -- in a very personal way.

The imposing Black man snapped at Glen to stand. Then Turk got behind him, brought his hands around and pressed them to Glen's narrow hairless chest, and shoved his naked crotch against the feminized husband's naked backside. When Glen felt that huge cock insinuating itself between his buttocks he instinctively tried to squirm free but Turk held him effortlessly. That massive Black cock was getting hard again, even after its owner had just had sex. Still restraining Glen, Turk got the victim's nipples between his rough thumbs and forefingers and rolled them, making Glen's little penis rise.

"Looky there," Turk observed with a laugh. "Your faggy husband likes being touched by another man. I wonder what else he likes."

"Let's find out," Leesy said breathlessly. "I want you to push him as far as you can, lover."

"Yeah. That's what I want, too." Turk tugged downward on Glen's nipples, making him sink to his knees. Then he moved around in front of the distressed cuckold, putting his frighteningly large Black cock directly in front of Glen's face. "Open those girly lips, sissy, and stick out your little pink tongue."

"P... please, d... don't..." Glen said falteringly.

"Awwwww," she's shy, Turk said with a chuckle. "Come here, Leesy. Let's show him I'm nobody to be afraid of."

She went to the stud immediately. He put one hand on each of her breasts, covering the rosy nipples, and fondled them freely. They kissed and his cock stood up like an iron bar. He ran his hands all over the sexy woman as her defeated husband knelt there watching helplessly. Then Turk turned back to Glen.

"See, Miss Prettymouth? I treat girls real nice. That's how I want to treat you. If you'd rather, I can put you over my lap and swat your cute ass until you scream, and you won't be able to sit down until tomorrow. But I don't think you want that. I think you want to trust me and do what I say. Right?"

"Y... yes. Yes, Sir."

"Quick learner. I like that. Here's one more thing for you to learn. When you talk, I want you to sound like the sissygirl you are. You know, all lispy. Try that again."

"Y... yeth? Yeth thir?"

Leesy laughed at her ridiculous sounding husband. Turk grinned down at him. In a soft, approving voice he said, "Good girl. Now I won't have to hurt you. So let's see that eager mouth opened wide and that nimble tongue sticking out." When Glen haltingly obeyed, Turk observed, "That wasn't difficult. Now just kiss my big old balls a few times. Come on, sissy."

Closing his eyes, aware that his wife was watching avidly, Glen forced himself to lean forward and press his brightly colored lips to Turk's drawn up balls and kiss them half a dozen times.

After that the powerful Black man told him, "Next you're going to lick that big yummy cock all up and down its underside. Go on, now. Don't stop making me happy."

Glen pictured himself over Turk's lap, being spanked like an unruly girl. He couldn't bear that, especially since afterward he knew he would have to do whatever Turk demanded anyway. Even though it would make him appear weak in front of his wife, he extended his tongue and lapped his way up and down the bottom of that stiff cock. With every contact he tasted the mingled sperm and female juices from their coupling. It made him ill and humiliated him to the depths of his being, but he didn't stop.

Finally, Turk told him, "That's a gooood wussy. Now you just got to do one more thing for Daddy Turk. You gotta put your mouth over the head of my cock and give it a thorough sucking. Don't worry, baby, I'm not going to make you try to swallow all that meat. I'm not a bad guy. Go on, now, get your lips around that tasty knob."

Hating every second of it, Glen did as he was told by 'Daddy' Turk. He managed to fit his mouth over the business end of the Black tool and began sucking. Leesy watched with her eyes glistening, and licked her full lips.

She said, "Turk, honey. How about if I get down there and use my hand on you? How about if I stoke you until you shoot a load of your precious cream into my sissy husband's mouth, all over his tongue? I want to turn him into a cocksucker. I want to see him suck your Black shaft and swallow your thick salty sperm. Please, Turk? If you do that for me, I'll do anything you want. Anything."

"I'll only do it if this pretty sissy tells me it's okay. How about it, sissy? Do you want your wife to jerk me off until I blast a load into your hungry mouth? I think you do. I think the right answer from you is 'yes'. If you don't nod your cute head it's gonna be like you're telling me I'm wrong, and that'd make me angry. And you DON'T want to make your Daddy Turk angry, do you? But it's your choice, sugarlips. You decide. Tell both of us if you want a big helping of my paste in your mouth."

In fear of upsetting the dominant Black sex machine, Glen could only nod. Turk had him nod several more times, saying he wanted to be sure of the answer, and also because it felt good on his rampant cock. Then he gave Leesy the go-ahead to kneel and begin handling his cock. She happily curled her small pale fingers around the thick rammer and worked her hand up and down. submissively licking and kissing Turk's muscular thigh. Glen was in terror of having the weapon in his mouth go off, knowing that once that happened, he would be forever branded in his wife's mind as a sissy cock-gobbler and weakling cum-gulper. He wanted to cry but instead just kept sucking, even running his tongue over the lower portion of the cockhead, where it was extra sensitive, and around its wide corona. He didn't want to give Turk a better blowjob than he had to, worried that the Black man would then want more, but he also knew that doing less than his best might earn him the spanking that had been described -- or something much worse. Glen's cowardice was getting him deeper and deeper into this predicament.

Turk was silently gloating over his victory. In one short lesson he had reduced a straight husband to wimpy cockslave. He was already imagining how much further he could bully the pathetic worm. Turk had a taste for sissys like him and now he could have one of his very own, along with the fabulously sexy wife, who was as pleased with the transformation as he was. Glen was the only one who didn't want that to happen, and his misery only fueled the other two's desire to go further, further, further.

The tall Black man grunted. He was close to finishing. Glen began to weep as his wife continued stroking, increasing her speed to bring off the man she was cheating with. Turk gritted his teeth and moaned loudly as he pumped out a generous helping of rich semen, filling his cockslave's mouth so fully that some leaked out at the corners. Glen made himself swallow, twice, and then just knelt there, tonguing his new Master through a long afterglow. Turk finally popped the end of the club between his legs out of its warm receptacle.

Leesy hugged him. "Thank you for absolutely ruining that sissy as a man." She kissed Turk deeply. "He'll never be able to even look at me without knowing that I watched him suck cock."

"You mean suck cock the first time." Turk laughed. "With some training from you, he could go professional." He told Glen, "Lick your lips, sissyboy. There's something on them."

After that they kept Glen in his new feminized state every minute that he was home. He had to continue to speak in a sissified voice, lisping and sighing. When Turk entered the room Glen might say, "Mathter, I'm thoo gwad to thee you. Do you wike my new thithy pantieth?" and follow it with a hopeful sigh. Leesy made him do all the housework, usually wearing just heels, stockings and some other bits of girly attire, like a gaudy necklace, earrings, or a big flouncy bow in his hair.

They decided he needed a more appropriate outfit for cleaning and serving, so a maid's costume was ordered. It would be pink and red, decorated with big hearts. They called him their sissymaid and promised that there would be other versions of that uniform to wear. For his part, Glen hated every second of his new life, but he began to accept it, even to respond to it. Because he was almost never allowed to ejaculate, he got stimulated by any sort of sexual contact, even if it was pampering Turk's cock or eating Leesy's ass.

The worst, however, was always her infidelity. She made a show of foreplay with Turk and verbally trashed Glen during sex with her lover. Poor hubby had to prepare both of them for screwing with his mouth and then, even more disgusting, clean them up the same way after. His old life was gone, except for going to work so he could bring home a paycheck, which he promptly turned over to his wife. Even at the office, everyone could see changes in him and how unmasculine he acted. He was looked down on by all his co-workers.

Glen had been turned into a sissy cuckold and nothing could ever reverse that awful transformation.
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