The Year 3000

Written by Big Pat / Oct 19, 2009


It's the year 3000 and slavery has come full circle. All white women are the playtoys of Black Men, while White Men do all the housework and menial labor. Sex is forbidden between white men and women. White women spend each and every day exercising and beautifying themselves for their black masters. Black women spend their days abusing the white women they own, and also raising their valuable black babies.

Black boys as young as 14 are seen walking around with white women or white girls on a leash. Since blacks had no work to do most black boys spend their days raping and gangbanging the white women and girls they own. White people have no rights. They are at the mercy of their black masters. Even breeding is controlled by the black masters.

From the ages of 16 to 44 white women serve as fucktoys for blacks and have their tubes tied so they can't waste time being pregnant. After the age of 44 their tubes are reopened for the white women selected for breeding the next generation of white slaves. They are inseminated with sperm from carefully selected white men. The sperm is collected by black veternarians as whites are not entitled to doctors or health care.

When whites are too old to be useful to their black masters they are shipped off to Africa where the natives deal with them and use them up. Whites are forbidden to attend any kind of school except for indoctrinatation of the young whites about the superiority of their black masters. Every year whites are required to go to refresher training on rules and regs and their duties to the superior black race.

A typical black household in the Year 3000 is the Rashad family. Their white slave girls are 18 year old Alexis, a beautiful tall blonde, 18 year old Elaine, a nice petite blonde, and Linda a 19 year old perfect brunette specimen. Darnell and Shawonda Rashad were the two obese black masters of these white slave girls. Their hobbies were eating lots of food and sexually abusing their white slave girls.

Every morning when the very lazy Rashads woke up they rang a little bell and the three white slave girls had to suck big black cock and eat black pussy. Rashad loved waking up to a blow job. He loved ramming his cock in Elaine's tiny white mouth. He swore to Shawonda that he could choke her with it but so far she survived even though she passed out a few times.

Shawonda loved getting her pussy eaten by white slave girls. She also loved watching her obese black husband fucking these tiny white fucktoys. She loved spanking them with paddles and leather belts until they cried and then she'd ram their tight asses with an oversized dildo. The white slave girls were also required to service the Rashad's three sons. All three boys were lazy and obese too from never working. The boys were 17 year old Dexter, 16 year old Clyde, and 15 year old Pervis. They always seemed to have hard cocks and they loved fucking white slave girls. Sometimes they got one girl each but mostly they'd just gang up on one white slave girl.

Dexter was turning 18 in a week and he told his obese parents he wanted his very own white slave girl. So Darnell Rashad bought his son a real hot little white girl named Sue. She was only 17 and was nice and petite. She was blonde with blue eyes. Dexter handcuffed her to his bed and spent all day fucking her very tight white holes. She was in agony but couldn't move due to the cuffs. He even let his brothers sample her holes. She got almost no sleep for her first few days. She was only uncuffed to use the bathroom and shower.

Dexter put a collar and leash on Sue and walked her around the house like a dog on her hands and knees. He even let his big pet Doberman fuck her in the ass. He walked her into his mom and dad's bedroom and commanded her to lick his mom and dad's nasty buttholes. He then made her lick his asshole and then his brother's assholes. He made her take a bath with him and kept dunking her head under the water. When they were both dry he cuffed her to his bed again and ravaged her for the rest of the night.

The white men that did menial work were forced to wear womens clothing. They were forced to sleep in large warehouses and homosexuality was rampant among them since they weren't allowed to have sex with women.

The Year 3000 is an era of prosperity for the black man. This era continued for another thousand years.
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