The Apology

Written by Stormbringer / Nov 2, 2009


An Interracial Parody starring Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Copyright 2009 by Stormbringer

Kanye reached out and grabbed the mike from Taylor. The nineteen year old blonde looked on in surprise as Kanye said, ?Yo, Taylor, I?m really happy for you and I?ll let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.?

Katy Perry watched the stunned reaction of her friend Taylor on the stage as the young woman just stood there shocked. She had her cell out seconds later and tweeted, ?Fuck U Kanye. It?s like U stepped on a kitten.?

?Get your hands off me,? growled Kanye, as the security guards escorted him out. Taylor was still stunned as she was led back stage. Her mother was confronting Kanye as he was held by two guards. The guards led Kanye away and Taylor?s mother raced over to her daughter and hugged her. Back on stage someone mentioned Kanye?s name and the booing started.

?Fuck you,? shouted West as the guards threw him out. He stood there pissed off until his people showed up a few minutes later to take him back to his hotel. He had a feeling he wouldn?t be welcome at any of the after parties that night. ?Yo, stop at the liquor store,? he called to the driver.


Kanye?s head was hurting the next morning as he struggled out of his suite and turned the television on.

?Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time,? came from the speaker. ?Later,? said the female anchor, ?Beyonce called Taylor Swift up on stage and let her finish the acceptance speech.?

?Now that was a gracious act,? said the male anchor. ?Lets not forget, Kanye West has a history of throwing hissy fits at these events.?


Kanye turned the television off.

?Morning boss,? said his assistant. He was a big black man who also severed as a bodyguard. ?Phones been ringing off the hook all morning. Media?s wanting statements and interviews. I told the front desk to hold all your calls. They tells me there?s a small army of them downstairs too.?

Kanye nodded, brooding. His private cell went off. He checked the caller ID. It was Jay-Z. ?Fuck,? he growled. Kanye turned his phone on. ?Yo Z,? he answered.

?Bad timing asshole. Our album?s about to come out and you pull a stunt like this.?

Look Z, it wasn?t my fault, I was drunk??

?Shut the fuck up. You make this go away, Kanye. You hear me??

?Yeah Z. I hear you,? said West as the phone went dead.

West climbed out of bed. He was nude and his huge cock swung between his legs as he stumbled over to the desk and turned his laptop on. He went to his blog entry and typed out a short apology for his actions. ?That should do it,? he said. Satisfied, Kanye West got up from the desk and headed for the shower. ?Get me some aspirin ready,? he yelled to his assistant.

Later Kanye dressed, chased four aspirin with a swig of cognac and snuck out the back door of the hotel to avoid the media. His assistant picked him up in the limo and drove off onto the streets of Los Angeles. They were headed for NBC studios to do the Jay Leno show. His assistant turned the radio on.

?In an off the record comment, President Barack Obama, called West a ?Jackass.?

?Turn it off,? yelled Kanye. His eye twitched. Though West had been born in Georgia, he grew up in Chicago and considered Obama a brother. The president?s comments really hurt. He reached over a grabbed his laptop. Kanye reread his apology on his blog, decided it was weak and deleted it, rewriting another one. The comments under his first blog entry weren?t exactly positive either.

Kanye rolled the window down to get some air as the limo pulled up to the gates of NBC studios.

?Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time,? shouted a pedestrian, seeing him through the window. ?Jackass!?

West grabbed the door handle to go kick the guys ass, but his driver smartly hit the door lock button and drove through the gates.


The next morning Kanye?s head hurt even worse. He reached out to the nightstand for the bottle of wine, he?d left there last night. There was still enough for another sip. He killed the bottle and threw it on the floor. He pulled the covers back. His cock was rock hard. He hadn?t gotten laid in three days and whenever he went that long without bustin a nut, his cock would get hard if the wind changed direction.

Kanye reached for the remote and turned the television on. He was sure the incident would be out of the news by now.

?Here?s a scene from last nights Jay Leno show. ?What would your late mother think about your actions?? asked Leno. ?Kanye?s appearance boosted the Leno shows ratings to 17.7 million viewers,? said the anchor.

Kanye changed the channel as he watched himself breaking down in front of an audience of almost 18 million people. The next channel was airing ?The View.?

Kanye got all bug eyed as he stared at Taylor Swift sitting between the ladies of The View. The television was at the foot of the bed, right between Kanye?s legs. He grabbed his cock by the base and lifted it up. The closeup was on Taylor and his cock head was superimposed right over her lips. ?Think you could handle this, bitch? Ever had thirteen inches of black cock shoved down your throat??

?Oh Kanye West is here,? said Taylor on the screen.

?Here in yo mouth. Suck that black cock,? he growled, fighting the urge to play with himself.

?Cool haircut. What are you doing there?' And then, 'Ouch.' And then, 'I guess I'm not gonna get to thank the fans.'" Taylor was asked another question and responded, ?No, he hasn?t apologized personally.?

Kanye released his cock and sat up, watching the rest of the interview. Taylor was beautiful, like a little white kitten in a way. Her skin was almost alabaster white. Something clicked in him as he stared at her. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to integrate her white ass. He?d fucked some white women, but wasn?t really into them. His dad was a former black panther and didn?t believe in miscegenation. Kanye himself preferred darker skinned women and he liked his women voluptuous. Taylor was a bit waifish for his tastes, but he still wanted her. His cock was aching with the need to fuck her.

West laid back and watched ?The View? to the end where they showed the credits. He was looking for the name of the hotel where their guests stayed at.


Taylor Swift strummed a few chords on her guitar and jotted some notes down on a piece of paper. She watched her hand shaking a little as it held the pen. She had put up a good front, but the incident had still bothered her more then she cared to admit. A lot of it had to do with the fact that Kanye was a rather intimidating black man and Taylor liked to think that she was free of racial bias. Some of her county singer friends weren?t as bothered by their bias?s and told her what they were willing to do to Kanye after what he had done to her.

Taylor?s first instinct that night was to call Joe, but the Jonas brother had broken up with her a year earlier and it bothered her that she still missed him. He was the first boyfriend she had truly been intimate with and she hadn?t been intimate with anyone since.

Taylor heard the hotel room?s phone ringing and her mom answered it. ?Oh it?s you,? said Mrs. Swift.

?Who is it, mom?? called Taylor.

?It?s him. He wants to apologize.?

Taylor felt a tear well up in her eye as her hand started shaking more strongly. ?I?ll take it,? she called. Taylor?s legs even felt shaky as she walked towards her mom. She took the phone. ?Hello,? she said into the speaker.

?Yo Taylor, this is Kanye.?

?Hello Kanye.?

?I?m calling to apologize for my actions. It was rude of me and I?m sorry.?

?Apology accepted,? said Taylor. Almost immediately she felt a little stronger and her hands started shaking less.

?Look, I?m still in town and I?d feel better apologizing in person.?

?Not necessary. We?re good. Thanks for calling. Goodbye.? Taylor hung up the phone and stood up straight and tall. She felt magnanimous and quickly went to her laptop to post an entry on her site saying that Kanye West called to personally apologize and that she had accepted. As far as Taylor Swift was concerned, the incident was over.

Taylor and her mother had an early dinner at a rather exclusive restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. Mrs. Swift didn?t eat much, she had a dinner date with an old friend later that evening and would be out late. They returned to her hotel room, her mother showered and reapplied her makeup. Taylor gathered up her clothes and laid them on the bed.

Her mom looked good in a short red dress and black jacket. Mrs. Swift grabbed her purse and Taylor?s clothes off the bed. ?I?ll just drop these off at the dry cleaners. Don?t wait up and try to get some sleep, we?re leaving early afternoon tomorrow. Oh, and don?t let anyone in the room of course.?

?I know the rules, mom. Goodbye, have fun.? Taylor watched her mom leave. Her mom had friends all over the country and went out a lot when they were traveling. The drycleaners was a trick her mom pulled on her, but Taylor understood. Her mom always took Taylor?s clothes when she left her daughter alone in a hotel room. Mrs. Swift had a deep fear that Taylor would sneak out and go drinking or whoring. Taylor was a little bothered by her mom?s concern. She should know her own daughter a little better. Taylor was no Britany Spears or Lindsey Lohan. Still her mom was fascinated by tabloid stories and always took her clothes and usually her shoes so that Taylor was stuck in her room.

Taylor was left with nothing but the clothes on her back. She paused at the mirror. She was wearing a camisole top that was pink and had a red heart centered between the swell of her breasts. The top stopped several inches above her navel. Her bottoms hung low over the curve of her hips. They were long pajama bottoms also pink and covered with ?Hello Kitty?. Taylor went back over to her guitar to work on a song.


?Aren?t you Kanye West??

?No, I get that a lot though,? said Kanye, paying for the bottle of cognac. He sipped out of the bottle through the bag as he walked down the street towards Taylor?s hotel. His posse wasn?t too happy that he was sneaking off alone, but fuck them, they were his employees.

He was almost at the hotel when he saw the bitch that had yelled at him at the VMA awards. Kanye ducked around the corner so that she wouldn?t spot him. Taylor?s mother was coming out of a dry cleaners just outside her motel. She walked past him and flagged down a taxi. This meant she had left Taylor alone. Kanye grinned, almost draining the bottle of cognac with his next swig. He then strolled purposefully towards the hotel lobby.

The woman at the help desk was horrified to see a black man wearing a white tee-shirt and jeans, with dark sunglasses covering his eyes even though it was dark outside. The man was also carrying a bottle of liquor in one hand. ?Can I help you??

?Kanye West for Taylor Swift. Can I have her room number please??

The woman didn?t seem to recognize the name. ?I can?t give that information out, sir.?

?Can you call up to the room and tell her I?m here??

?Sorry sir, but her mother left strict instructions that she is not to receive any incoming calls or visitors. The most I can do for you is to see that she receives any message you would like to leave for her.?

?No thanks,? said Kanye. He drained the bottle and left it on the woman?s desk as he turned to leave the lobby.

Kanye pulled his cell phone out and dialed the motel. ?Let me have the restaurant, please,? he said, when an operator answered the phone.

?Hostess stand.?

?Hello, this is Kanye West. Taylor and Mrs. Swift are staying at your hotel. I?d like to send them a bottle of your most expensive wine.?

?That would be Chateau de Vin, it?s $1000 a bottle.?

?Perfect. I don?t know her room number, but I?m sure you can get it. Here?s my credit card number.?

Kanye snuck back into the hotel avoiding the help desk and reached the elevators just as a porter was pushing a cart inside it. The cart had a bottle of wine chilling in an ice bucket. The porter pushed the number 20. ?Your floor, sir?? he asked in a Spanish accent.

?The same.? Kanye was pleased the man didn?t seem to recognize him. The elevator reached the twentieth floor and opened to a split hallway. West let the porter go first, the man taking the hall on the right, Kanye went left and stopped, peering around the corner.

The porter stopped at a door and knocked. The door opened a crack, stopping at the chain. He couldn?t see her, but a soft feminine voice said, ?Yes??

?A bottle of wine, compliments of a Mr. Kanye West,? said the porter.

?Good heavens, the man won?t quit,? said Taylor as she undid the chain and let the porter in, closing the door behind him.

Kanye quickly strolled past her room and stepped behind a potted plant as the porter left the room. The porter headed in the other direction towards the elevator. Kanye quickly strolled up to Taylor?s door. He took a deep breath and knocked.

Taylor opened the door almost immediately. Kanye was thankful he was wearing his sunglasses because his eyes hungrily roamed up and down her body. The pajamas made her look both sexy and innocent at the same time. His cock stiffened a little in his pants. She looked stunned, her mouth hung open. Her eyes glanced to a spot on the door and he realized she had forgotten to put the chain back on after letting the porter in. ?K.. Kanye??

?Yo Taylor. I?m sorry to come by unexpected and all, but I just had to apologize in person.

?It?s fine. All is forgiven.?

?You got the wine??

?Yes, it just arrived.?

?Lets share a glass then to make amends.?

Taylor finely started to regain her composure. She smiled. ?You realize I?m only nineteen??

?So? I was drinking wine at fifteen. So what do you say, a glass of wine to bury the hatchet??

?My mom?s gone out and I?m not allowed to let anyone in the room. Plus, this is all I have to wear.?

?You look great. Listen, I?m prepared to make a sizeable donation to one of your charities as my way of personally saying I?m sorry. Lets discuss it and we?ll decide how much and what charity. We?ll release joint statements tomorrow and you can tell the press about my donation and that I?m really a very nice guy.? Kanye grinned, his lips curling up a little as she grinned back.

Finally Taylor nodded, ?Come on in, then.?

Kanye entered her room as she stepped aside. His cock twitched in his pants. Not yet, he told it. Not yet. His mind was a whirlwind as it worked out ways to get in the young country star?s pants. So far things were better then he could have imagined. Her mom was gone and she was stuck without clothes. He passed the pail of wine, snatched the bottle up and two glasses.

?None for me, thanks,? said Taylor. ?I?ll leave it for my mom.? It occurred to her that if some of the wine was gone, her mom would either suspect her of drinking it or know that she had guests. Taylor decided to dump it out after Kanye had left. She hoped it wasn?t expensive. Kanye was draining his glass and holding out another glass of red wine towards her. ?Kanye, I?m underage.?

?Just take it and try it,? he ordered. Kanye reached for the bottle to refill his glass.

Taylor took the wine. She sniffed it and tried it. ?This isn?t bad,? she said, taking another sip. She?d secretly tried beer before, but found it bitter, this stuff was pretty good.

?Told you. Have a seat.? He sat on the couch, patting the spot next to him.

Taylor tried to pull her top down to cover more of her midriff, but it only served to tighten over her breasts and make her nipples stand out. She gave up and tried to raise her pajama bottoms up higher, but failed at that too. She sighed and sat down beside the black man. He held the bottle out and refilled her half empty glass.

?You know I?m not a bad man, Taylor Swift.?

?I know, Kanye West,? giggled Taylor. ?You do a lot of charity work yourself and lets face it, Beyonce did have one of the best videos of all time.

?I really felt like a jackass when she won video of the year. Anyway, I?d like to donate to the charity you did for the governor of Tennessee.?

?Yes, the one protecting teens from sexual predators.? She found it unnerving trying to stare into the eyes of a man wearing dark shades, but she tried her best to meet his gaze.

?Yes, that?s the one.? Kanye pulled out his checkbook. ?How?s $5000 sound??

Taylor?s eyes widened. ?That?s more then generous, Kanye.?

?Gotta help protect teens from sexual predators, T.S.? Kanye pulled out his checkbook and set it in his lap. He raised the wine glass up to his lips and? ?Shit!? yelled Kanye as wine poured all down his white tee shirt and in his lap.

?Off the couch,? squealed Taylor.

Kanye stood. ?Fuck! My clothes are ruined.?

Taylor grimaced at his language, but was relieved there didn?t appear to be any red wine on the hotel?s couch. So far it looked like his clothes had soaked it up. ?Get in the bathroom before any drips on the carpet.?

Kanye entered the bathroom and pulled off his tee shirt and then his pants. Both had stains that would never come out, not that he really cared. He glanced around and thought about wearing a towel around his waist. He could accidentally drop it in front of Taylor? Instead, he settled on a short terry cloth robe with the hotel?s name on it. He put in on. It was a girls robe, too tight around his chest and way too short down his legs, but it did leave little to the imagination.

Kanye walked out of the bathroom. ?More wine?? he asked.

?Haven?t you had enough wine?? said Taylor, frowning when she saw him in the robe. It was open on the chest and stopped mid thigh. Something dark dangled under the robe?s hem.

?We should kill the bottle before your mom gets back.? He took her empty glass and refilled it, handing it back to her.

?Where are your clothes??

?Soaking. I?ll have my driver meet me downstairs with some clean clothes when I leave.? This time, Kanye sat down across from her. He sipped his wine and spread his legs. Her eyebrows arched in shock as she stared between them.

Dear god, that?s his penis, thought Taylor. The part dangling under his robe was as big as Joe Jonas? little penis had been and his robe was six or seven inches below his crotch. As Kanye sat, his robe rode up and she could see his entire penis. It was a monster! The thing fell over a large pair of testicles and hung over the rim of the couch. Soft it was seven or eight inches long. He seemed unaware of what he was showing her and just kept talking. Taylor wondered if she should tell him, his genitals were on display, but decided not to embarrass him. She tried to stare at his eyes still hidden by sunglasses, but her own eyes kept getting drawn towards his crotch. As she stared, it even plumped up a bit and extended another inch. Taylor felt her own nipples hardening, pushing out the thin material of her top.

?Yo, Taylor. You need filling up??

?What?? said Taylor coming out of her daze.

?Want a refill??

She watched Kanye stand. His robe fell back down covering all but the ugly head of his huge penis. The head was at least as big as a large plum. Kanye grabbed the bottle and leaned over her. She found herself staring down his bare chest through the gap in the robe. The young country star was horrified to realize, she wanted to see his entire penis again. She felt so confused. Her head felt light and she wondered if this was what a buzz felt like?

Taylor came to her senses as the cool wine fell on her top, splattering. ?Aargh!? she cried. Kanye was holding her glass tipped over above her and he seemed so surprised, he was still pouring the bottle of wine right in her lap. He corrected the bottle, but it was too late for her pajamas. ?Oh crap,? said Taylor, cursing. ?Get a towel!?

Kanye ran for the bathroom and grabbed a handful of towels. He tossed one to her as she ran past him, clutching her soaking wet clothes. Kanye walked over to the couch. It now had several large purple stains on it. He casually flipped the cushion over to hide them. ?Good news,? he yelled. ?The couch is fine.?

?The towels are ruined,? yelled Taylor back. Taylor came out of the bathroom still wearing her wet clothes. Her wet top hugged her curves. ?And I have nothing to wear.?

Kanye stolled before her. ?Then I will be your black knight in shining armor. Your robe my lady.? Kanye, pulled the robe off and draped it over his arm, handing it to her. He watched Taylor gasp as she stared at his completely nude body, but for his sunglasses. He could sense her fascination with his cock.

Taylor took the robe and returned to the bathroom. She pulled off her top, staring at her topless reflection in the mirror, her wet pajama bottoms hanging low on her hips. Her nipples were as hard as she had ever seen them. So hard, they ached. She bent over to slide her bottoms down and was surprised at the dampness between her legs. It wasn?t from the spilled wine either. She was horny!

Taylor hadn?t had sex since breaking up with Joe. Sex with him had been fun, but no big deal and truthfully she had been to busy to miss it. Now, her lightheadedness, this strange situation she found herself in, and seeing a black penis three times as long as Joe?s had her aroused. Yet she couldn?t be attracted to a black man. Could she? On top of that, he was an intimidating, arrogant jerk of a black man who was also probably an alcoholic. It must be the wine, she decided, promising to avoid alcohol in the future.

Taylor belted the robe around her waist as tightly as she could. She shivered remembering how tight it had been around Kanye?s body, touching him just moments before it was touching her own body.

Taylor found Kanye?s jeans in the bathtub. She grabbed them and left the bathroom. The black man was standing in room nude and drinking wine straight from the bottle. ?Here?s your jeans,? she said, forcing her gaze off his penis.

?I ain?t wearing them. They?re still wet.?

?Well, you have to wear something??

?I called room service,? lied Kanye. ?They?re sending up some more towels and robes. I left the wet ones in the hall.?

?Good,? said Taylor. She suddenly felt naughty. ?I guess staying like that won?t be a problem for a few more minutes.?

?I don?t have a problem with it.? Kanye watched Taylor walk over to the couch and sit down. He walked over and sat next to her.

?You should go when the robe gets here,? she said.

?Sure thing Taylor. Lets go ahead and take care of the check now. Kanye grabbed his check book and started writing it out. ?You know some of your country boys have been making some racist comments about me??

Taylor winced. ?I?ve heard a few. They?re not really racist. They?re just pissed off and protective of me.?

?Didn?t you say on ?The View? that you were intimidated by me? Was it because I?m black??

Taylor watched him sign his name to the check and rip it out. ?No, you?re just an intimidating guy.?

?You?re a nice girl Taylor, I hope you?re not a racist or nothing.?

?I?m not.?

?Kiss me.?

?What?? Taylor was aghast.

?Prove you?re not a racist and kiss me.?

?No. That wouldn?t prove anything.? Taylor looked around for a distraction then over at the door. ?Was that room service??

?I didn?t hear nuthin,? said Kanye. ?Touch my cock then.?

?Excuse me?? said Taylor, leaning back away from him.

?Just reach out and touch my cock. Prove to me that you aren?t afraid of touching a black man.?

?I don?t think so.?


?I?m not a racist. I just can?t do it.?

?Fine. Whatever. You?re not the person I thought you were.?

?Aargh,? cried Taylor, infuriated with the black man. ?Alright, I?ll touch it.? Taylor looked over at the monster. It was no longer dangling over the couch edge, but it had risen up a little. She swore it was also an inch longer too. ?What do I do??

?Just reach over and grab it. Tell you what, just touch it until room service gets here and then we can quit and I?ll go home.?

Taylor felt her pale white skin flush as another wave of arousal dampened her legs. She actually wanted to touch Kanye?s scary black penis. She sucked her lower lip in and reached over, grabbing the shaft of Kanye?s penis in the middle. It was so thick, her fingers didn?t touch and she felt the gap widening as his black penis turned even plumper. ?How big is it?? she asked, fascinated.

?Thirteen at it?s hardest. Run that dainty little hand of yours up and down it and you?ll see.?

Taylor moved her fist down to the root and then up to the head. She found herself wishing room service wouldn?t get there until she had seen it completely hard. ?I don?t think my last boyfriend was half as big as this thing.?

?The Jonas kid?? Kanye laughed. ?No shit. That ain?t no little white boy prick you?re holding. That?s a big black cock. Say it.?

?I?m holding a big?? Taylor found herself breathing heavily. ?A big black? I?m holding a big black cock.? It was hard as a rock now and it was thirteen inches if not bigger. ?I?m holding a big black cock,? she said again. Taylor felt a tremble go through her body.

Kanye felt it to. There was something special about introducing white women to black cock. He hadn?t understood why so many black men did it until now. He could see the awe in her eyes as she stared at it. Taylor Swift would not be his last white woman. ?Kneel down there and get a closer look,? he ordered.

Taylor nodded, sliding off the couch and kneeling between his legs. She continued to slowly stroke his long shaft and she now used her free hand to heft and squeeze his heavy testicles.

"What do you think of it?"

Taylor let her hand run all the way up to the head. She rubbed her finger around the fluid flowing from his long urethra. "It's the biggest penis... cock I've ever seen. I had no idea they got this big. It's as big as the microphone at the VMA awards."

"Bigger," laughed Kanye. "Yo Taylor, I told you I'd let you finish your acceptance speech. Go ahead."

Taylor, slightly drunk laughed at the idea. She slid her fist down to his pubes and with some difficulty bent his cock down towards her mouth. "I'm honored to win this award. This trophy in my hands means a lot to me." She stared down the throbbing shaft. It was hot in her hands and she could feel his blood pulsing along the veiny cock. "I'd like to thank MTV and the voters. I'd also like to thank my mother, who is here with me tonight." Taylor paused as Kanye leaned forwards a little. His hand was coming around to the back of her head and resting in her hair. "Most importantly, I'd like to thank all my fans. Without my fa- Mmphmph!"

Taylor choked as Kanye's cock head forced it's way into her mouth. He had pulled her head down over his cock and almost like it was acting on instinct, her tongue started swirling like crazy all around his fat knobby cock head. She tasted the fluid around his urethra on her tongue. The young teen came to her senses and pulled back. His hand held her down over his cock head for a few seconds, but eventually he relented to the pressure and let her off his cock.

Taylor fell forward breathing heavily. She released his shaft and braced her hands against his knees. His cock slid along her cheek. "What are you doing?" she gasped.

"Helping you get started sucking black cock." Kanye looked arrogantly down at the young teen. "I can see it in your eyes, Taylor. You want to suck my cock."

"No... I..." Taylor turned her head and pursed her lips against the long shaft. It smelled of sweat and of the wine he had spilled.

"You ever sucked cock before?"

"Yes, Joe's. Several times. He asked me to do it for him. I... wait no, I've never sucked cock before, just Joe's little penis."

"Very good, Taylor. You are learning. I want you to move your head back and take that big fuckin black cock back between them red lips of yours. Then I want you to start sucking.

Taylor pushed back against his knees, keeping her lips against the shaft. She reached the head and brought her face up so that she was looking down at it. "I don't know about..."

"I know you want to suck it, Taylor. Do it."

Taylor pursed her lips against the head and kissed it. Then she let her tongue twirl around the tip, but still she didn't take him back in her mouth. She did want to suck it. But why? Joe had begged her to take his small white penis in her mouth and she had, but hated it. He peed from that thing for god's sake. He loved it and begged her for constant blow jobs, but she only rarely doled them out. Taylor always suspected that was one of the reasons he had dumped her. Joe had probably found some fan willing to suck his penis every night. However, Kanye's black cock was big and powerful and she felt like he was the one doing her a favor by letting her taste it.

"I said DO IT! Suck that cock, bitch."

And Taylor obeyed.

Taylor took the head back in her mouth, this time without his hand forcing her head down over it. She slurped all around the head making sure it was good and wet. Taylor bobbed her head several times, letting the huge black cock go deeper in her mouth. She gagged as it entered her throat, but she quickly recovered. Taylor looked up at his face to see if he was enjoying it. His face was expressionless and his head was cocked sideways. Her robe was billowing downward and Kanye was staring at her pale white breasts. They weren?t much more then a B-cup, but her nipples were fat and long. They were also so hard, her entire areola were swollen out. Kanye leaned forward and tugged at the robe?s belt. He pulled it all the way through the loops until it came out. Her robe was now hanging open and she had no way to tie it.

Taylor moaned as he reached down and tweaked both her nipples. He didn?t play with them for long. Instead, her leaned back on the couch, at one point leaning forward to move the hair out of the way so he could watch her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. Taylor bobbed her head over several inches of his shaft. She looked up at his eyes, but they were still covered by his sunglasses. Finally, Kanye reached up and removed his shades. Taylor found herself looking into some of the coldest eyes she had ever seen, but they were staring intently at the young white woman.

Taylor quit looking at his face and turned her gaze down the shaft. She guessed there was still a good nine inches sticking out from her mouth. She bobbed her head, relaxing her throat as the big cock head pushed past her tonsils. She breathed heavily through her nose and she fought hard to suppress her gag reflex. Still, she had to pull back several times to relax her jaw, throat, and neck muscles. She continued licking all around the head of his cock during these breaks. Shortly, Taylor found herself able to swallow half his shaft and not long thereafter, three quarters of his cock was sliding in and out of her throat.

?Suck that black cock, white girl,? growled Kanye. ?I think you is a racist, Taylor, but you is doing your part to pay off your debt to the black man. All white women should have to suck off a black man at least once in their life.? Kanye?s eye twitched as something clicked in his mind again. He had never been more right in his life. ?You?re all racists. Them fuckin awards shows is racist. Beyonce did have one of the best videos of all time and they give the award to Snow fucking White. They dissed me before and they?ll diss me again. Once I?m through integrating your mouth, I?m gonna integrate that tight white pussy.?

Taylor was focusing on the cock sliding in and out of her throat and only half listening to his rant. What her ears picked up made him sound like a raving lunatic, but her brain did pick up the integrate her pussy comments. That caused a shudder of lust to start in her pussy and spread throughout her body. Signs of her arousal was flowing down her smooth young thighs and her vagina felt hot. It wanted him inside her, but there was no way that monster would fit and she couldn?t actually fuck a black man. If word of her sucking off a black man even got out, she?d be ostracized in the country music community.

On the other hand, she was so horny, she couldn?t trust herself around his big cock. Her one chance was to do everything she could to get him off with her mouth so that he wouldn?t be able to get that thing anywhere near her pussy. Taylor looked down his shaft. His pubic hair was inches from her nose. With determination, she forced her head down the rest of the way until his pubes were tickling her nose.

?Damn white girl. You swallowed the whole fucking thing. I know some black bitches who can?t even do that. You is one of the best cocksuckers I?ve ever seen.?

Taylor flushed with pride at his words. She trembled with lust again. One of her hands found it?s way between her legs. Her pussy was soaked and it was burning with lust as she pushed two fingers inside her. What was happening to her? She was filled with pride and joy at being told she was a great cocksucker.

Taylor?s neck was starting to ache so she needed to get this over with. It was too difficult to rapidly bob her head over his entire shaft. She pulled her fingers away from her needy pussy and used her hand to grab his shaft. She settled on bobbing her head over the end while stroking the rest of his thick cock with both her hands. Kanye didn?t complain and she was pleased when some grunts started coming from his throat.

Surprisingly, his cock seemed to be growing even bigger. The head moving in and out of her throat swelled up even more and the gap between her fingers grew. The cock jerked when the head was just in her throat. A huge wad of sperm suddenly shot down her throat and into her belly. Disgusted that she had just swallowed a man?s semen, she pulled her head back and the second wad filled her mouth. Her cheeks expanded out so rapidly, sperm shot out of her lips where they were wrapped around his shaft.

Joe had shot a couple wads that might fill a tea spoon. She had cringed at the taste and the fact that a man?s seed was in her mouth. Taylor would get up, go to the bathroom, spit the seed out in a tissue, and then proceed to brush her teeth and swish mouthwash around to remove the taste. Kanye?s cum tasted different. It was hotter and richer tasting. She willingly gulped the mouthful and then she swallowed again when his third blast filled her mouth. His cock kept shooting, but it now took several wads to fill her mouth. Taylor swallowed his hot seed as fast as she could, jerking his shaft to milk it dry of all the remaining sperm. When it finally quit pumping seed, she fell back gasping for breath, but her tongue flickered out to lap up the sperm on her lips.

?Well well, I think the little white girl enjoyed her first taste of black cock,? said Kanye.

Taylor Swift flushed again. She realized she was kneeling before him with her robe hanging open. She held it closed with her hands. Taylor looked down at his feet. ?I did like it.?

?Wait until you feel it in that tight pussy.?

Taylor trembled again. ?I can?t have sex with you. Even if that thing would fit.?

?Can?t or won?t? You won?t fuck a black man, is that it??

?No,? she lied and immediately felt guilty. She couldn?t have sex with a black man and a lunatic jackass over ten years her senior at that. ?It?s not a good time for me.? Taylor thought the softened cock now hanging over the couch again extended an inch at her words.

?Lets just see how much of my cock your pussy can take then.?

?What do you mean??

?Let me put in in as far as I can and then I?ll pull it out.?

Taylor still a little drunk, laughed. ?Sure, why not?? She didn?t believe he could go again so quickly after just having cum. Joe had needed hours to recuperate.

Kanye stood and pulled her to her feet. He grabbed her robe, tugging on it several times before she quit holding it closed. Taylor relented and let him push the robe off over her shoulders. Kanye West became the second man to ever see her naked. He grabbed her waist and turned her around until her back was to the couch. ?I gotta make sure you is wet and ready for me, Taylor.?

Taylor watched as his hand rested between her breasts and pushed her back. She fell to the couch and looked up as he kneeled, pulling her legs apart. He was staring at her pussy. His face was close enough she felt his hot breath along her labia. Taylor stared wide eyed at his patterned hair cut. She was breathing heavily. Kanye wet his lips. Taylor?s entire body jumped when his tongue ran up her slit. ?Looks like somebody is already pretty wet,? he said, pausing. Then Kanye buried his face in her pussy.

Taylor groaned and writhed in ecstasy around his licking and thrusting tongue. Though Joe had gotten her to go down on him, he had refused to return the favor. Taylor had never felt anything quite like it. Kanye?s tongue felt bigger and better the Joe Jonas? penis had. Kanye was thrusting his tongue, licking her labia and occasionally he?d pause to suck her clit between his lips. His hands reached up and squeezed her breasts, pinching her erect nipples. Taylor groaned in pleasure. Taylor found her hands running through his short afro, gripping his head, pulling him deeper into her pussy. He pulled one hand off her breasts and slid it down over her belly. She wanted to scream when he pushed his finger in her, but he quickly withdrew it and replaced it with two fingers. As his fingers pushed deep inside her and his tongue was flickering back and forth over her engorged clit, Taylor came for the first time.

It caught her off guard. Waves of pleasure radiating upward from her pussy, making her toes curl. On one occasion when Joe had lasted longer then normal, Taylor thought she had cum, but she had been wrong. This was her first real orgasm and she wanted more of them.

?There that should do it,? said Kanye, leaning up. Taylor?s arms fell to her sides. Her chest was heaving. Her belly was still undulating. Her eyes were wide open and she had a dazed expression on her face. She looked down and saw Kanye?s reinvigorated cock pointed at her pussy. Instinct had her spread her legs wider for it. He ran the head up and down her wet slit. Taylor?s mind didn?t even have the time to register amazement at his ability to recover before it was pushing inside her.

At first, her pussy tried to resist it. Taylor stared in awe at the huge cock head pressing down on her pussy. It was pushing her labia inwards, pushing everything inwards, and then finally she opened up for it and the cock head slipped inside her. Kanye and Taylor both gasped at the same time. Kanye loved the feel of this incredibly hot, tight white pussy gripping his cock head and Taylor loved the big cock head stretching her out like no one else had.

He worked it around a little, getting the end nice and wet and then Kanye pushed forward. Taylor felt surprised by her body?s reaction. Her hips raised up to meet his thrust. Several inches of cock disappeared in her pussy. ?It?s so big, Kanye.?

?I think there still room for more.? Kanye worked several inches around and pushed more in. Again, she raised her hips to meet his thrust. The huge cock head was an unstoppable force and it thrust it?s was deeper in her pussy. They both stared down at where his cock was now halfway buried in her pussy. Kanye pushed forward again, every inch meeting with resistance.

Taylor wrapped her legs around his back and squeezed pulling him deeper inside her. Kanye was impressed by her desire to take more of him. Taylor Swift was probably just a few orgasms from becoming a cock hungry slut. Kanye leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples between his lips. He paused and let his tongue flick it several times. Her pussy squeezed his cock, then relaxed and another inch slid in. With every new inch, they had to pause and wait for her pussy to adjust to his size. Kanye licked her nipple then ran his tongue up her chest and over her neck. He moved his face up against hers and her lips turned to meet his. They kissed for the first time. Taylor?s lips quivered against his as he kissed her. Then his tongue slipped between them, encountering her tongue. Tongues dueled, hers trying to force his out of her mouth, but giving up and willingly letting it in her mouth. Taylor trembled and her legs tightened around his waist pulling his cock in deeper. ?Ouch!? she cried, almost biting his tongue.

?What?s wrong, baby,? he whispered, still kissing her lips.

?Your cock?s banging my cervix.? Kanye pushed off her and leaned back up. They looked down at the crotches. ?My god, I?ve taken ten inches! I guess that?s it.?

?Not yet it ain?t. Just give it some time.? Kanye flexed his cock, making it jerk in her pussy. Each jerk of his cock forced some of his precum to squirt her cervix. The fluid slowly softened her cervix. Kanye angled down and upward, then pushed.

?Ouch! Ow ow. Too big. Kanye, it?s stretching me out.? Taylor stared in awe as the last few inches easily slid inside. She trembled, eyes rolling up in her head and then she fell backwards on the couch.

Kanye worked a couple inches of his cock in and out of her resized pussy. ?I guess you can take it all,? he said, chuckling.

Taylor raised her hips to meet his thrust each time he pushed forwards. ?I?m going to cum again,? she whispered, still stunned at having over a foot of thick black cock up a pussy that until then had only felt a thin sex inch white penis.

?What do you want me to do??

?Move it around a little.?

?What? I thought you just wanted to see how much of it you could take??

?Please,? she begged. ?I need to cum again. ?Move it in and out of me.?

?What do you want me to do, Taylor.?

Taylor groaned in frustration. She writhed around in lust for his cock. ?I want? I want you to fuck me.?

?Yo Taylor, all you had to do is ask. Like this??

Taylor felt the pending orgasm growing as Kanye worked half his cock in and out of her. He was picking up speed and pistoning more and more of his cock in and out of her. ?That?s it, Kanye. Fuck me. Fuck me with your big black cock.?

?Gladly bitch.? Kanye started fucking her with the entire shaft. He?s pull back removing all but the head, then thrust forward sending his cock head straight into her womb.

?Oh god! it?s happening again. I?m going to cum. Your big black cock is making me cum. Cumming! Oh god! So good. I love it. Keep fucking me. Never stop fucking me. I love your big black cock. Here comes another one.? Taylor quit talking, but her pussy squeezed and milked his cock as she came again. Taylor felt Kanye pulling back and his entire cock plopped out of her. She growled in frustration. ?I?m not done fucking yet,? she said.

Kanye sat up and held his cock up. ?Come ride this cock, bitch.?

Taylor eagerly sat up and straddled his lap. She had to squat over his cock, it was so long. She moaned as it slid inside her more easily this time. Soon she was kneeling over his lap with his entire cock buried in her again. Taylor paused as she got used to his size. She wondered if she?d ever feel a white man again. Would she even bother trying? From here on out, she?d only want black cock. With this revelation, Taylor began riding Kanye?s cock.

Kanye pulled her up so that he could suck her nipples again. She came again as he powerfully sucked one entire nipple between his lips. She came again when his hand came down and spanked her ass cheek. She came again when he quit sucking her nipples and crushed his mouth against hers, Frenching her again. Taylor had more orgasms soon thereafter, but she lost count and they became a blur, running together.

Taylor was in a state of orgasmic bliss as she bounced up and down on his cock. She was aware that Kanye was grunting now. Taylor could tell his cock felt swollen again. Why wasn?t he warning her he was getting close? She?d warned him that it wasn?t a good time. She was right between periods and at her most fertile time of the month. She was close to cumming again, but couldn?t risk it. ?Pull out,? she cried, trying to raise herself off his shaft, but at the same time, Kanye had grabbed her hips and was pulling her down. His cock squirted just as he completely impaled her. His first wad completely filled her fertile womb.

Taylor didn?t have time to be horrified. No one had ever shot sperm inside her. Joe had always used a condom. Jet after jet of his hot seed filled her unprotected womb triggering her biggest orgasm yet. Taylor screamed in pleasure. The orgasm seemed to last forever. ?Fill me pussy,? she whispered in his ear, as her body was still racked by the orgasm.

Kanye felt her body become dead weight. She had actually passed out from pleasure. He felt his mighty cock deflate inside her pussy. The head was soaked and he knew from experience that his cock was plugging a torrent of sperm inside her. He also knew that her cervix was closing up again, holding his seed inside her womb. Kanye wanted to stay there forever, but he had to piss. He pushed her off him and his crotch was immediately covered in sperm. Taylor fell to her stomach on the couch. More semen flowed from her pussy staining the couch.

Kanye?s big cock swung like a banana as he strolled back to the restroom. Cum continued to trickle from his cock, leaving a trail behind him. He cleaned himself up a little after pissing then retrieved his pants. His shirt was ruined and he decided to abandon it. He took his cell phone out of his pants and called his driver, telling the driver to meet him downstairs and to bring a clean shirt.

Still nude and carrying his pants, Kanye walked back out into the living room area. Taylor was groaning on the couch with her ass thrust up. Kanye walked over to her and squeezed the pale white globe of her perfect ass. He promptly turned around returned to the bathroom, grabbing some hand cream. His cock was sticking straight out again as he walked back over to Taylor.

Kanye turned the lotion upside down and squeezed some out right over her anus. He worked it around with his thumb before pushing his thumb inside her ass. Taylor trembled beneath him. ?What are you doing?? she asked, slowly awakening.

Kanye lined his cock back up with her pussy and pushed it in. ?I want to fuck you again.? ?Amazing,? she murmured. ?I want to fuck you again to, but my pussy is too sore.? Taylor pushed back against his thumb once again confirming his suspicions that she was a natural born slut. ?Kanye, what?s that in my ass??

?My thumb,? he replied, using his free hand to squeeze some lotion on his cock. He dropped the bottle and coated his shaft with the lotion.

?Why?s your thumb in my ass??

?I is just stretchin you out, baby.?

?For what??

?For this.? Kanye lined his cock head up with her tiny sphincter. He pushed the head down against the little rosebud and pushed.

?Kanye! There?s no way my ass could t-ah-AKE?? Taylor squeezed her eyes shut as the Kanye?s cock entered her ass.

Kanye watched her ass push inwards like her pussy had. Her ass turned an angry red and his steel hard shaft actually bent a little from the strain. Just when he thought it wouldn?t fit, his cock head slid inside her. It would not have worked if he hadn?t lotioned everything up first. He pressed down and his cock pushed deeper. ?Gawd dammit! I thought yo pussy was tight, girl.?

?Aargh,? grunted Taylor. ?You?re ripping me in two.? Taylor grabbed a nearby couch pillow and bit down on it as his unstoppable cock head plowed it?s way deeper and deeper down her anus. Sweat broke out on her forehead and she strained to bare the pain. His cock hit a point where it just couldn?t go any further and he slowly withdrew it before pushing forward again. Before she knew it, the cock was slowly sliding in and out of her ass. The pain faded slowly. ?Oh god,? she moaned.

?Reach between yo legs girl and rub yo clitty.?


?It?ll make it more bearable. Reach between yo legs and play with yourself.?

Taylor slid her arm under her torso causing her to lose balance. Her head was resting on the couch while her ass was thrust up in the air getting slowly fucked. Her hand found her pussy and her finger began rubbing along her clit. Taylor moaned again, but this one was less pain and more lust. She rubbed her clit harder and sank several fingers inside her still cum filled pussy. Taylor moaned with pleasure. She started pushing her ass back into Kanye?s thrusting cock. She mumbled something into the pillow under her face.

?What you say??

Taylor moaned again. She moved her mouth away from the pillow. ?Fuck my ass, Kanye.?

?That?s what I thought you said.? Kanye began pistoning in and out of her ass even faster. ?The little white slut likes getting fucked in da ass.?

?Oh god, Kanye! I do. I love it. Fuck my ass with that big black cock. Fuck my slut ass. Come on Jackass, fuck that white ass as hard as you can.?

Kanye pumped as hard as could and his cock actually slid in a little deeper. ?Milk that black cock, slut.?

?Is that as hard as you can do it? I want it HARD!? Taylor felt slutty and wanton as Kanye gave her what she wanted. Her fingers were pumping her pussy as fast as they could go. She was a now white whore and there would be no turning back. Taylor wanted to get fucked like this every night of her life from then on.

As Taylor came to the realization that she was a true slut for black cock she found herself cumming again. Her fingers got soaked as her pussy spasmed. Kanye?s cock also wedged deep in her ass as it swelled up. Sperm shot out in jets, filling her bowels. ?It?s so good,? she cried.

Kanye?s cock was stuck deep and he had to wait a few minutes for it to stop squirting and shrink a little before he could withdraw it. He slowly pulled his cock out and it slid down the crack of her ass. Her stretched anus shrunk down to a quarter-sized opening, soon turning white as his sperm flowed to the surface and began running down the crack of her ass. Kanye beat his floppy cock against her ass cheeks several times, then squeezed along the shaft to milk any remaining sperm out of it. Several wads shot out to splatter on the small of her back.

?More,? begged Taylor.

?Some other time,? said Kanye. He pulled his pants on and stepped into his shoes. Kanye gathered up his shades and put them back on before saying, ?Yo Taylor, Here?s my card. Call me.? He walked towards the door before turning back. ?Beyonce did have one of the best videos of all time, but I do apologize.? She heard the door slam as he left.

Taylor Swift remained on the couch. She could still taste flakes of dried sperm around her lips. His liquefied semen was dripping from her pussy and his fresh deposit of sperm was welling up to the top of her anus and flowing out of her. Her throat was sore and her neck hurt. Her pussy ached and her ass throbbed. Taylor had never felt better in her life.

?Apology accepted,? she moaned.


Kanye opened the tabloid magazine. Taylor Swift was the new tabloid sensation. A week after fucking her, the first article appeared about Taylor?s shocking firing of her mother. There were reports of damaged furniture in their hotel room. Kanye chuckled as he remembered the expression of Taylor?s mother?s face when the elevator doors opened and she came face to face with a shirtless Kanye. He ignored her as she screamed at him.

Taylor?s arrest came two weeks later when Kanye and she performed their first hip hop duet. The tabloids described her as being Aguilarized, named after Christina Aguilera, a pretty young blonde woman who tries to look ethnic and starts dressing slutty. The new Taylor Swift had dark streaks in her straightened blonde hair. She wore a bikini top and tight short shorts. Her navel was now pierced and she had KW tattooed on one arm. She claimed she got it in Key West on a weekend vacation. Their song was quite good and soon shot up to number one on the charts as did the new album she released under Kanye?s record label.

She was arrested for drinking on the stage. Both she and Kanye danced and sang while holding bottles of wine. She was charged with underage drinking and intoxication. Her second arrest came after another performance when she was stopped for a DUI. She was filmed by paparazzi drunkenly staggering and cussing out the cops who had stopped her.

The drinking stopped almost immediately and the tabloids wondered if Taylor was straightening her act up. The real reason she quit drinking was revealed when pictures appeared of her in a bikini on the beach with Kanye. Her belly had a slight bulge under her navel and future pictures showed the bulge growing over the months. She temporarily halted her tour when she was eight and a half months pregnant.

Shortly after the baby was born, Taylor and Kanye had a very public break up. Taylor moved to Tennessee and announced she was returning to her roots. She threw a big party for her twenty-first birthday and invited all her friends to it, the ones who had stuck by her like Katy Perry, some who hadn?t stuck by her, and even her inspiration, Shania Twain showed up. Taylor greeted her guests holding her infant brown skinned baby boy in her arms.

The party started out slowly, but picked up when the black men showed up. Taylor was the only one not surprised when Kanye West arrived with rappers and hip hop artists signed with his record label and some other friends.. Pictures were leaked from the party. Juliana Hough was seen leaving with 50-cent. Even Fergie was seen cheating on her husband with Will-I-Am. Others attending were, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Miley Cyrus (now 18), Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, and many more. More then half of the famous female country stars attending ended up signing on to Kanye?s record label soon after that party.

Kanye closed the tabloid and looked down at the brunnette trying to bring his cock back to life. The woman was cock hungry and insatiable, just like he liked them. His spent cock started to stiffen under her ministrations.

?Lets head up to the bedroom,? he said.

Shania Twain eagerly agreed.

The End.

Author?s Note: Wait a minute? Stormbringer doesn?t do celeb stories. The people at whom I have worked with in the past, contacted me about writing some parody stories at their website that they could illustrate. I like challenges and decided to accept.

The Kanye/Taylor incident was breaking news as of this writing (Sep 09) so we decided it would make a good start. The next story will be an interracial Twilight parody.

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