Vintage 1943

Written by Southboy / Nov 2, 2009


This is the re-write of a previous story, Train Trip to Join Dad??

    My beautiful, very sexy mother and I had been taken to the train station by her father and mother in order for us to board a train in Atlanta and travel to the West Coast where my father was stationed. We had to change trains in Chicago for the one that would carry us to Seattle over the Rocky Mountains. The train would take three nights and two days to make the trip. Often the train would have to be sidetracked in order for a priority on troop or war materials trains to have the right a way. I had just turned 14.

My mother is 32 years old, a true blond, with deep limpid blue eyes, a fantastically curvaceous and firm sexy figure, full red so kissable lips, peaches and cream complexion and a product of the traditional southern belle generation. Her figure was something beyond just measurements, which by the way was a eye popping firm 38DD-24-36 and there was only a very little sag to her luscious looking breasts. Her legs were long, shapely and sexy. Everything about her just seemed to imply, ooze, sex appeal, fantastic, hot and passionate sex. She and Dad were married right after she graduated from high school in Shallowbend, Georgia located in the south eastern part of the state where she had been a cheerleader. She exercised daily keeping herself in top notch physical condition. Both parents were most definitely products of the old south traditions. Both deeply religious and virgins when they got married. As far as integration was concerned it was very much still in force, yet things were very slowly changing due to the war.

We had not seen my Dad for almost two years being as he was out at sea most of the time but his ship had come in for some new outfitting and would be there for quite a while so he made arrangements for us to come there to be with him. He?d been able to rent a home and had everything in waiting for our arrival. Mom was very excited to be getting to see him again for she was a very sensual woman with a very high libido.

We were given a nice private compartment that had a large lower berth and a single one above it in which I was to sleep, a small bathroom and mirror lined walls which where the closets were that had storage and clothes hanging features. After we had settled in we decided to venture to the dining car and have supper. The train was very crowded with every type but mostly military personnel traveling to their various assignments on the West Coast. I noticed a large group of black sailors, dressed in their white uniforms, were also on the train. They all looked to be very young, in their teens right out of high school. They were rather slender but very well toned and by their standards probably handsome. We were use to seeing blacks in the south but had never really gotten to know any due to the still taboo nature of whites and blacks mingling. Anyone who mingled with blacks was considered trashy. The only blacks we had known were those who served as maids or yard workers, laborers. Mom and Dad were both somewhat ill at ease, uncomfortable, around them and often referred to them as ? Damn Niggers.? They were always considering them as being somewhat sub-human, monkeys, dirty, unintelligent and just out of the jungle.

When we went back to the dining car it was crowded and we were ushered to a table where two black sailors were sitting. Mom wasn?t very pleased to say the least and asked the waiter to find us another table, but he insisted that there were no others available. They seemed polite enough and hearing my mother?s southern drawl knew that we were from the deep south. While mom wouldn?t talk to them when they asked where we were from, I blurted out the answer. It seems they were from the same area. Mom kind of kicked me under the table to let me know to keep my mouth shut. The two ?nigger? sailors realized what had happened and just smiled at me. They kept giving my beautiful Mom the eye taking a survey of her ample charms, which would have been a ?hanging offense? if we were still in the south. After we ate and were going back to our compartment, the two nigger sailors were following us going to their seats in the next car. I noticed their reflection in the windows behind me and saw them really looking a my Mom?s shapely ass while reaching down to squeeze the huge bulges most conspicuous as they squeezed them through their pants. They seemed to grow larger. I really couldn?t blame them being as I had already gone through publicity because she was so extremely sexy. As we went into our compartment I saw them looking at the letter on the door and wondered why. They both had a very lustful look in their dark hot eyes. I later discovered that they had just gotten out of basic training which was two months long and had not been able to get home before being shipped out. I knew that they both must be very horny having heard of their supposed reputation for having a very strong sexual drive and nature.

We got ready for bed, I was quite tired and climbed up into the top berth and promptly fell fast asleep. Mom got into her usual sexy night gown and lay in the lower berth, turned on a light and began reading. I have no idea how long I?d been asleep but for some reason I woke up. It was then I heard the familiar sounds of passion coming from the lower berth. Those kind of sounds I?d often heard when Mom and Dad had sex. At first I lay real still not wanting to disturb her for I felt that she was stimulating herself and thinking about having sex with Dad, for it had been so very long for her, when we got to the coast.

It was then that I heard a definitely male low voice and grunting. Due to the placement of the mirrors on the walls, I turned my head and saw a sight that both shocked yet excited me, one I thought I?d never see. There lying naked in all her sexy, beautiful glory, with her white legs wide open was my beautiful, married, sexy 32 year mother being hotly fucked by a very young man. His dick was enormous. That was shocking enough but what really was so much of a surprise was that the young man was ?Black,? one of those subhuman, disgusting damn niggers. He was thrusting back and forth hard causing my mother to moan and suck in her breath each time he fully penetrated her stretching blond married pussy. There was a second young nigger lying on the other side of the fucking couple watching hotly. I looked in awe as I saw how very huge, length-wise and in the thickness of their big black cocks. They were gigantic when compared to what I had observed was between my dad?s legs when fully erect when I had spied on them.

Mom was grunting, groaning and hissing in lustful pleasure as she shoved her sexy married white hips up hard and wrapped her long sexy white legs around his black ass pulling him deeper and hard against her. Her white arms were up under his arms and around his muscular hard black back pulling him tightly against her full firm white, 38DD, tits. Nothing was being said other than the sounds of hot passion and lust. The coming together of the black and white body made an auditable slapping sound. I knew Mom had a high libido for I had heard Dad tell her that he thought she was a nymphomaniac and couldn?t get enough. I still couldn?t figure out how they had gotten Mom to fuck with them being as I knew her dislike for blacks and now to see her lying there as one of them lustfully fucked her was beyond my knowledge and imagination.

The young nigger fucking her began to get faster with his thrusts and finally froze up tightly against her as she squeezed him tightly to her. I heard her whispering over and over the words yes, yes, cum, cum in me, fill my white womb, you damn nigger. He did, gallons of stored up black nigger seed from the time he was in basic. Mom kept kissing him and told him that she had the best orgasm she had ever experienced before, the very best of all. They lay locked tightly together as they both milked every last drop of pleasure out of each other. I watched in amazement as the young nigger withdrew his awesomely long and thick black cock from out of my Mom?s married blond pussy. I thought it would never stop coming out of her for it was so long and thick. The huge black crown popped out and a huge rivulet of oozing nigger cum came out and oozed down between her still spread white legs. Her blond pussy was wide open from the huge stretching she?d gotten from the big black cock. The young nigger climbed out of the bed and went into the little bathroom.

It was then that I saw the second young nigger getting between my Mom?s spread white legs, his equally long, hard and thick black cock in his hand as he inserted the tip between mom?s spread blond pussy lips. I saw Mom hotly smiling up at him as he slipped the entire length inside her, her gasping and moaning in obvious lustful pleasure. They were hotly kissing and then he started fucking her with long hard bone jarring thrusts. Mom again moaned, grunted and hissed, wrapping her white arms and legs around his young black body. She kept telling him to fuck her hard, that he was so good and she loved having and feeling his big black cock inside her married white pussy fucking her. He would grunt and say things like, you like big nigger cock in your married white pussy, to which Mom would breathlessly reply yes, yes. He asked her if she liked it better than her husband, and she said, yes, so much better, keep fucking me you damn nigger stud, with you big black cock.

After several minutes of hard fucking the young nigger, who had two months worth of hot virile and potent cum stored up, began to move faster repeating over and over that he was about to shoot his nigger cum into her white married pussy. Mom who was rapidly reaching her second fantastic orgasm kept saying, yes, yes shoot you nigger cum in my white womb nigger, fill me with your nigger seed.

I watched in absolute awe as the two young nigger sailors fucked my hot, lust filled passionate mother each time dumping a thick heavy load of their hot nigger cum deep up into her white married womb. Their reputation of having the ability to recuperate rapidly and fuck again was well deserved for each of them fucked my Mom several times. Mom never seemed to tire, constantly begging them to fuck her some more, to fill her married white womb with their potent and virile black seed. She would constantly moan and fuck them back just as hard as they were fucking her, she seemed to be insatiable. After several hours of wild hot passionate and lusty fucking the two nigger sailors left. Mom lay on the bottom berth, a steady flowing steam of oozing nigger cum flowed down on to the sheets. She had a contented smile on her hot face and kept rubbing her nigger cum filled pussy, scooping some of it up and licking it with her tongue creating a low moan of satisfaction. She savored it and swallowed some of the nigger cum. After several minutes she got out of the bed and went into the little bathroom to clean up When she came out she seemed to glow more radiant than I had ever seen her, stripping the bed and lying on the uncovered seats she went to sleep, soundly.

The next morning she was happier than I had seen her in a long time. I still wondered why she had done what she did, why she went from a very prejudiced, nigger hating person to what we called nigger lover. Women in the south that had such affairs with blacks were consider to be low life. Later I would find out how it all occurred. When we went into the dining car for lunch the two young niggers, with two of their black buddies, were there and they smiled up at us as we went to another table. I noticed Mom smiled back at them, I had seen her writing a little note which she slyly dropped on their table as we went by. I saw one of the nigger sailors pick it up read it and smile broadly.

After we had supper that night I pretended to be real tire and told Mom I like to take one of her sleeping pills to help me sleep. She gave me one and I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, pretended to take the pill and then climbed up into the upper berth. This was around 9pm. I faked a heavy sleep and around 10:30 I heard a gentle tapping at the door to our compartment. Mom had on a light, almost see-through robe, you could see the out line of her nipples and the swell of her tits nicely, and got up to open the door, there stood the two young nigger sailors and they had their two friends with them. Before Mom could say anything or make a protest, she?d expected only the two, not four, they rushed into the room for someone was coming down the walkway.

Mom stood there not knowing what to do, the sailors quickly removed their clothing and one taking Mom in his arms began kissing her and reaching beneath her thin robe rubbed her blond married pussy. Other black hands were all over her body, they robe laid on the floor, she was totally naked with four equally naked young niggers. Her nipples were tweaked until they jutted out hard, kisses were on planted all over her body as she began to moan. One of the niggers had told his friends that he had never been with a white woman especially one as beautiful as she was, married and from the south. He said he wanted for her to suck his big black cock. Mom was so hot by now I believe she would have done anything. They put my Mom on her knees and the nigger walked up to her his huge black cock in his hand and rubbed the tip across her full red lips leaving a slimy trail of per cum. He told her to open her pretty white mouth and to suck his black cock. Another nigger was kneeling behind her kneading her full firm white tits.

I know that Dad had asked Mom to give him a blow job a couple times and she had refused saying it was nasty and dirty. She briefly hesitated but then opened her white married mouth and took the huge black tip between her full red lips. She began sucking, the young nigger began flexing his black hips literally fucking her hotly sucking mouth like it was a pussy. Mom leaned forward as he got down on his knees and one of the niggers got behind her and began shoving his huge black cock into her blond married white pussy from behind fucking her doggie style. I had been squeezing my 14 year old cock for I was so excited watching this, seeing her fuck with niggers and now two at once. Suddenly, I felt a sensation in my cock as it exploded and caused me to cum in my pajama pants.

The young nigger fucking my Mom?s hotly sucking white married mouth began to pant heavily and he grasped the back of her blond head pulling her harder onto his enormously long and thick black cock. Mom gagged taking as much of the huge black cock into her mouth. The young nigger hissed loudly as he spat that he was going to cum. I watched Mom looking up into his dark lust filled eyes that were tiny slits, tears in her deep blue eyes. She sucked harder and he then froze holding her beautiful blond married head tightly on his exploding black cock. The load of cum was too much for Mom as she desperately tried to swallow it and some oozed out around the corners of her totally encompassing full red lips running down her chin. The young nigger so hotly fucking her doggie style began to grunt as he sped up his blistering pace. He froze as his huge, long and thick young black cock went off like a rocket inundating her white married blond pussy with shot after resounding shot of his hot, thick virile nigger cum. Between swallows Mom would moan in pleasure and lust as her own beautiful white married body experienced her own terrifically fantastic orgasm.

After what seemed several minutes the nigger who had cum in her mouth began to withdraw his black monster cock out. As it left her mouth due to Mom?s reluctance to release it, it made a popping swish sound. Mom reached up and licked the oozing cum that was slowly leaking out of the huge black tip smiling lewdly up into his black face. This was the first blow-job Mom had ever given and she had given it to a young nigger rather than her husband. I knew that there would be more blow-jobs that night for she seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed what she had done.

The young nigger who had filled her married white womb with his ponderous load of nigger cum began pulling his equally massive black cock from between her stretching married blond pussy lips until it sloshed out followed by a river of his hot, thick and virile nigger cum. A hot contented look mixed with a silent plea in her beautiful blue eyes to be fucked again. Two of the young niggers helped her to get up and took her over to the lower berth where she lay down on her back, her long sexy white legs spread widely open, her white arms held up inviting some one to fuck her. A third young nigger quickly scooted up between those inviting spread sexy white legs and inserted his massive young black cock into her well lubricated blond pussy and began fucking her as she responded lustfully, grunting, hissing, moaning and sighing. I had never seen my Mom so passionate, so filled with desire before. Over and over she kept calling them, telling them to fuck her with their big wonderful nigger cocks. To fill her white pussy and womb with their hot nigger seed.

As soon as one would dump his heavy load into her married blond white pussy another would be between her long sexy white legs jamming his huge long and thick black cock up into her fucking her. I lost count of how many times she was fucked but as the night before she seemed insatiable, she was in sexual heaven. Early the next morning the young nigger sailors crept out of the compartment totally empty and unable to get another erection. She had worn them all out. I looked down to see her with that contented glowing smile on her beautiful face as she lay there sighing. Nigger cum was everywhere, on her face, in her hair and on her hot well fucked beautiful white body, a large puddle was between her legs staining the sheets. She must have had gallons inside her, her womb, pussy and stomach. I wondered what the next night would bring.
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