Candy Cain

Written by Carol Collins / Dec 20, 2001


I have not written anything in over a year. I do hope that you enjoy.

Candy Cain


Carol Collins

Candace Cain nervously double checked the address before she approached the door of the seedy looking photography studio. The advertisement in the telephone book had been glamorous and classy, unlike the actual shop in this run down part of town. Candy almost turned around and went home. After all, she was a wife, a mother and a Sunday School teacher. She was here only to show her husband that she was not too shy to have some professional photos made that he could look at while at sea. Being the wife of a sailor in the US Navy meant that they were separated for months when his ship was on assignment. Having a quality photo made could not possibly hurt her. And, it would show Billy how much she loved him.

Candy's husband, Billy, had been the one that had suggested that she have a professional portrait made that he could hang inside of his locker on board ship. He had a beautiful and very sexy wife and wanted to be able to have a big picture so that he could show her off to his shipmates. He just knew that he would be the envy of the fleet. Candy was five foot four inches of femininity that could compete in any beauty contest if she just wasn't so shy. She had been a virgin when they started dating in high school and they had known no one else intimately. She was so innocent, yet, so sexy. Her legs were long and shapely. Candy had a very shapely bottom and a narrow waist that denied the fact that she had a two year old baby girl. Candy's breasts were even bigger than they were before they were married. The fact that she still breast fed Sugar, her daughter, also meant that her DD cup sized breasts were full of milk. Her religion taught that it was proper to breast feed a baby and she enjoyed the close bond that formed between mother and child. Candy had lustrous auburn colored hair with natural high lights that shone like gold in sun light. Her face was perfect and, when she smiled, every one in the room with her would be entranced with her beauty. Her green eyes seemed to radiate light when she became happy. Yes, Billy was very, very proud of his beautiful young wife. That's why he had asked her to have a portrait made. He had also asked her to make a sexy pose photo just for is eyes only, but figured that she would be far to shy for that.

Carol used every last ounce of courage to open the front door of the photography studio and go inside. She found herself in a waiting room with thread bare carpet and mismatched chairs. She turned to leave just as an attractive blonde woman with short hair stepped through a curtained doorway from a back room. She called out to Candy just as the young wife was about to leave, "Good afternoon! Don't run off. What can we do for you today?"

Candy turned and saw a friendly smile on the woman's pretty face. She hesitated for a moment before fatefully stepping back inside and releasing the door. The woman said, "You must be Mrs. Cain. I'm Dawn. I was the one you talked to on the telephone about having a portrait made." Dawn held out her hand and Candy shook it as they discussed the details of the photo that Billy had requested.

"We get a lot of military wives in here," Dawn explained to Candy as the young wife filled out the questionnaire. "Between the military wives and the girls from the local college, we stay fairly busy doing glamour portraits." Dawn glanced at the form that Candy was writing on and asked, "I see that you have a two year old daughter, I suppose that she is in day care?" Candy explained about how she worked part time as a secretary at a church operated child center and that Sugar was there this afternoon. Dawn listened as her eyes appraised the young attractive Navy wife as she finished filling out and signing the form. Even though she was dressed in a plain tan cotton dress and flat heeled shoes, there was no doubt that a true beauty had entered into their lair. "If you follow me back to the studio, we'll see about making a few portraits." Candy was so glad that a nice person like Dawn was there. Otherwise, she would probably have chickened out and not have had the courage to have the photos made that her husband had requested.

The studio was not what Candy had expected. Most of the room was piled up with what appeared to be junk. Dawn explained that everything in the room served as props for photos. The only clear space in the room was around an old brass bed that was covered in red satin sheets. Candy blushed as she saw all of the cameras mounted on tripods, including video cameras, that were pointed at the bed. She did not want to know what that meant. She would, she decided, have them take a portrait of her to send to her husband and leave.

Dawn guided the innocent wife to a make-up table in the corner and said, "Step this way and we will make you truly beautiful before your portrait is made." Candy meekly followed the blonde woman to the corner of the room. As she did, she noticed that Dawn wore a too revealing red cropped top that had left her pierced navel exposed and a black very short skirt that left nothing about her attractive black nylon covered legs in question. On her small feet was a pair of out of style stiletto high heels with heels that looked to be over five inches tall. No wonder the woman was several inches taller than Candy. "Sit right here and let me work my magic," Dawn said as she walked over to a coffee maker and poured two cups of liquid. She made sure that the auburn haired wife did not see her slip the white powder into one of the cups before she stirred in a teaspoon of sugar. "Here, sip on this while I apply the make up," she said as she handed Candy the cup. Candy, not knowing the contents of the coffee, slowly drank the contents as the image in the lighted mirror was transformed from a plain but pretty Navy wife and mother to that of a tart. The soothing effect of the drugged coffee prevented her from protesting the heavy use of cosmetics as the transformation in the mirror took place. Dawn prepared another cup of drugged coffee before she called in Jamal.

Candy almost choked on her second cup of coffee as she saw a very tall muscular Black man entered the studio through a back door. Dawn introduced him, "Candy, this is Jamal, your photographer. Jamal, this is Candy." Jamal held out his hand, enveloping her tiny hand, and shook her hand. He continued to hold her hand as he studied her face and body.

Jamal's dark eyes swept up and down the pretty white wife as he though, "Candy? She sure is!" Then, he said, "Good afternoon, Candy. My, but you are a very attractive Lady. I hear you are here for a portrait for your husband. I promise you that he be quite surprised with the photo that we will send him." The words sank into Candy's drug fogged mind as Dawn and Jamal helped her to her feet and guided her to the brass bed. She tried to protest using a bed as her background but they told her that the cameras and the lights were already focused on the bed and that they could shoot her portrait there better than anywhere else.

There were several video cameras that were strategically placed in the studio which had been recording everything since she had stepped into the room. Jamal had sat in the control room and started the recorders before he had joined the two white wives. Now, he turned his back to allow Dawn to arrange their latest victim on the side of the red satin covered double bed. He watched them in the mirror on the far wall and grinned as he saw how the shy young wife was so careful to pull down her skirt to cover her shapely legs as it had ridden up to her knees when she had sat down. Even two doses of drugged coffee were not enough to loosen this wife so that she lost her modesty. He would really enjoy this afternoon!

Candy realized that something was wrong, but found herself compelled to obey the blonde as Dawn had her look up at the camera as a flash went off. Dawn continued to arrange Candy in pose after pose. Candy did not even notice when the top button on her dress was undone by the other woman's nimble fingers. Nor, when the second button was undone. She did notice when Dawn pulled the hem of her dress up to well above her knees. Candy reached down to pull her skirt back to a more presentable position but was told to leave it where it was. For some reason that she could not comprehend, her drug induced haze made her docile and obedient as her skirt was pulled up even farther while several more pictures were taken. She even smiled hesitantly at the camera when she was instructed to do so.

Dawn gently lay Candy on her back and lifted her skirt up to her hips. Beneath Candy's pantyhose, plain virginal white panties were visible to Dawn, Jamal and the cameras. Candy tried to sit back up but was ordered to remain still. The drug forced her to obey even as Dawn lay down beside her on the big brass bed. Jamal enjoyed the show as he took picture after picture as his assistant went about seducing the innocent Navy wife. When Dawn kissed Candy's sweet lips, the auburn haired beauty tried to protest. Having a tongue penetrating her soft kissable lips stifled her protests as Dawn slipped her hand under the hem of her victim's hiked up dress and began rubbing Candy's nylon protected crotch between her tightly clinched thighs. Jamal felt his immense tool rising as he watched Dawn work her magic on yet another attractive white military wife. He knew that before the afternoon was over, he would have his turn at her.

Things were happening far too quickly for Candy's drug numbed mind to comprehend as the blonde woman continued to kiss her lips and her hand massaged her rapidly moistening crotch. Candy prayed for the strength to get up from the bed and run from this evil photo studio but remained docile as the hand moved up to the waistband of her pantyhose, slipped underneath and moved back to her vagina. She still had Dawn's tongue in her mouth and that prevented her from crying out in anguish as a finger slipped into her damp slit and began massaging her already erect clitoris. In addition to the drug induced haze was now the physical need for sex. Candy felt as if her mind was being torn apart as her hips began responding to the fingers moving in and out of the moist folds of her excited labia. Never in all the three years that she had been married had Billy ever made her this sexually excited.

Candy, except for a few muffled whimpers, could only lay quietly on the bed as Dawn sat up and unbuttoned and removed her plain tan cotton dress. Dawn was surprised to see that the young wife wore a nursing brassiere. She smiled as she realized that Candy must still be nursing her daughter. Having a lactating girl as attractive as Candy would be great for their business. Dawn unsnapped the top of the nursing brassiere and lowered it to reveal swollen pink nipples just right for breast feeding. Candy felt as if she were paralyzed as she watched in shocked horror as Dawn lowered her red lips to Candy's milk filled breast. When Dawn wrapped her mouth around the thick nipple and applied suction, she was rewarded with a mouthful of mother's milk. Her reaction was to suck even harder. Candy moaned with mixed emotions as she felt the blonde's questing hand moving under her pantyhose once more. As Dawn sucked on Candy's swollen nipples, her hand manipulated her equally swollen clitoris. Candy felt the unwanted sexual sensations coursing through her body. The drugs had made the auburn haired beauty receptive to the lesbian sexual assault and Dawn was taking full advantage of the situation.

Jamal took many pictures of the seduction of the Navy wife. His big black cock was hard as he snapped the photos of her seduction. When Dawn pulled her lips off the swollen wet nipples, he saw a droplet of clear white mother's milk perched on the tip of an erect nipple. He took a close up shot as Dawn pulled down Candy's pantyhose. Jamal made sure that he got a few pictures of the white panties being removed and was very pleased when he saw that Candy was a natural redhead as her pubic hair came into view. A moment later, he recorded the moment that Dawn buried her face in the younger wife's almost virginal wet pussy. A few shots of Candy's facial expressions documented her range of emotions as the progressed from initial shock, to horror, to amazement and finally sexual excitement. Dawn was an experienced cunt lapper who loved breaking in a young wife for the first time. Candy's innocence dissolved as her pussy was expertly eaten.

Candy went from being horrified at having another woman burying her face in her crotch to excitedly running her clutching fingers through Dawn's short blonde hair about ten minutes later as an orgasm approached. When Billy had once tried to go down on her, she had been repulsed by the idea of oral sex. Now, in her drugged state of mind, she was practically pulling Dawn's face deeper into her excited vagina as her climax came closer and closer.

Jamal took close up shots of the reddened face of the white wife as she moaned in the throes of sexual orgasm. He knew that these shots would be very popular on their web site. Candy's big green eyes rolled back in her head as her entire body shook with her release. She lay on the red satin sheets, panting for breath as Dawn continued to gently suck on her throbbing clit. Had she looked in the direction of the Black photographer, she would have seen him removing his clothing in preparation for the next stage in her seduction.

Jamal passed the camera to Dawn when she raised her dripping face from the no longer innocent young wife's satisfied snatch. She crawled out from between Candy's quivering legs only to be replaced by the very well endowed Black man. Candy was floating on a cloud of sexual fulfillment more complete than she had ever known with her husband. That, plus the effects of the drugs, caused her to not even open her eyes until she felt something impossibly large entering her almost chaste vagina. Candy's eyes opened to see a young naked muscular Black man hovering over her. She looked down between them as he sank his huge Black cock a few inches into her totally defenseless vagina. She could feel that he was nearly as deep in her belly as her husband had ever reached and there was much more thick black cock to go! He was also much thicker than Billy and she felt as if she were being stretched almost as much as she had been stretched when she had given birth to Sugar. If it were not for her being so well lubricated after Dawn had gone down on her, she would be in a great deal of pain right now.

Jamal's cock felt as if it were held prisoner in a wet velvet vice as it pushed past the portion of the Navy wife's cunt that her husband had used and entered into virginal territory. Dawn was taking pictures as his big Black cock sank deeper and deeper into the young white girl's tummy. She snapped pictures of Candy's facial expressions to show the visitors to their web site the look of pain and disbelief as about a foot of Black cock was slowly, but completely, buried in her innocent cunt. Dawn knew from personal experience that the young wife would never be the same after this afternoon. As Jamal began thrusting his huge penis in and out of the young wife, Dawn saw her facial expressions slowly change from pain to sexual excitement. Within a few minutes, Candy had moved her legs up to wrap them around the narrow Black waist as Jamal continued to power stroke his huge tool in and out of the lubricated and well stretched opening. Five minutes later, Candy was crying out in ecstasy as she orgasmed around the only penis to penetrate her other than her husband's. Dawn was grinning as she recorded the auburn haired wife's reaction to her first Black cock. Jamal, just to insure that the young wife would become addicted to Black dick, continued fucking Candy until she came again about ten minutes later.

Billy Cain had been at sea for more than a month. That, plus the fact that birth control pills might affect her breast milk that she fed Sugar, had made Candy decide not to use birth control pills. Thoughts of having unprotected sex entered Candy's drug and lust fogged brain just as Jamal was pumping what felt to be a gallon of potent sperm deep into her belly. Only the approach of another mind shattering orgasm prevented her from trying to push the Black man off of her before he filled her womb with his Black seed. It seemed as if his sperm was scalding hot and penetrated all the way to her ovaries as he came inside of her quivering tummy. Candy blacked out and lost consciousness as she came around his gigantic cock for the third time. That had certainly never happened with her under endowed white hubby.

Dawn took pictures of the huge wet Black cock as it slowly slithered out of the stretched vagina of the unconscious wife. It made her own cunt drool as she saw and smelt the results of Candy's first, but definitely not last, Black sexing. She wanted Jamal to fuck her to unconsciousness, too, but knew that she would have to wait. Business came first. Jamal moved up and straddled Candy's magnificent chest and placed the dripping head of his cock to her soft pink lips. Dawn snapped several pictures as he used his thumb to pry open her luscious mouth and slide as much of the wet head of his cock into her virginal oral orifice as would fit.

When Candy came to, her mouth was stuffed full of Black cock. Her eyes looked up and focused on Jamal's grinning face gazing down at her as he moved his hips forward and backward. Her mouth was causing his still wet with their combined fluids cock to harden once more. The effects of the drugs that Dawn had given Candy had nearly worn off and the defiled wife tried to push the Black man off of her. However, Jamal was sitting on her arms and her efforts were futile. The taste of their mixed juices was a new experience for Candy and was not as unpleasant as she would have thought. Jamal reached behind and began stroking with his victim's clitoris. Within a couple of minutes, Candy ceased struggling as her body surrendered to the sensations of pleasure.

Candy's mind was nearly free of the influence of the drugs that Dawn had slipped into her coffee. It was the endorphins from her incredible orgasms and the sensations coming from her manipulated clitoris that caused her to begin cooperating with the ebony skinned photographer. Her body had a mind of it's own as her crotch began hunching up to meet Jamal's stroking fingers. When he withdrew his now huge and stiff Black cock from her mouth, Candy was ashamed that she wanted to reach up and pull it back to her soft lips. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized that this man, this Black man, was moving back into position between her open legs so that he could make love to her again. Her brain told her to close her thighs to deny him access to her vagina because it should only belong to her loving husband. She looked down between them and saw the immense size of the glistening Black penis that was about to fuck her once more and her body's involuntary reaction was to spread her legs even wider to give Jamal more room.

Jamal reached down with one hand to guide the head of his over sized coal black cock to the dripping snatch of the Navy wife. He saw her trembling thighs spread wider for him and knew what that meant. She wanted him to fuck her like her white bread husband had never been able to fuck her. He placed the domed head of his fence post sized cock at the intimate entrance to her shaking body and slowly put his weight behind it. The large ebony tool sank ever so slowly into the gasping white wife's spasming body. When his coarse kinky pubic hair made contact with her erect clit, she came for him. He knew that he had another recruit as he fucked her once more to another state of unconsciousness.

It was almost closing time when Candy collected Sugar, her pretty curly topped red haired two-year-old daughter, from the church child care center and took her home. Candy had been extremely withdrawn and quiet when they had asked her how her photo session had gone. She was too ashamed of what had happened to even think about it. All she wanted to do was to go home, take a hot bath and try to wash away the guilt that she felt.

She put Sugar in her room and told her to play while she went into her bathroom and filled the tub with hot water. Images of Dawn's head between her legs and Jamal's huge Black cock stroking in and out of her violated body kept replaying in her confused mind as she removed her tan cotton dress. She unhooked her nursing brassiere and dropped it onto the floor, allowing her huge DD breasts to swing free. Next, she peeled her cum soaked pantyhose down her shapely but still quivering legs. Jamal had kept her white panties as a sovereign, forcing her to go out in public without panties for the first time in her young life. Candy stepped into the hot tub and sat down, allowing the soothing water to ease her aching muscles and distraught conscious. She covered her face with her hands as she began to sob silently. How could she have allowed Dawn and Jamal to do those vile things to her? She had wanted to be faithful to her husband. Now, she was soiled goods. She figured that the coffee had been drugged. That meant that what had happened had not been her fault. If she went to the police, they might even arrest Dawn and Jamal for what they had done to her. She decided that, the first thing in the morning, she would go to the police and report what had happened. Then, she realized that she would have to explain to complete strangers about what had been done to her and that they would ask embarrassing questions. Even worse was the fact that she had climaxed several times. If she had to admit that to anyone, Candy would die of shame. She decided to never mention the events of this afternoon to anyone. She would never return to the evil photography studio and, with some effort on her part, she would blank the afternoon completely out of her memory.

Mrs. Billy Cain finished her bath, got out of the tub, dried her violated body, put on her granny style night gown and went to give her darling daughter her nightly breast feeding. She was determined to forget her ordeal. She prayed that she could forget as her body virtually hummed with contentment from the many orgasms that it had had this afternoon.

Three days later, the photos arrived in the mail. Candy was devastated as she slowly sank onto the arm of the sofa. There was no question that the pictures were of her. She saw the passionate expression on her face as the blonde woman buried her face between Candy's thighs. There were also pictures of Jamal's coal black muscular body between her obscenely spread legs. It was the expression of ecstasy on her face that caused her the most pain as she slowly shuffled the photos in her trembling hands.

The note accompanying the photos was simple but terrifying, "7:00 PM Friday. Be here or copies of these pictures will be sent to your place of work and your husband's ship." Candy felt faint as she slid down to sit on the seat of the sofa. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she dropped the photos to the floor and buried her face in her hands. She tried and tried, over the next couple of days, but could not think of a way out of her predicament.

Every minute of the week seemed to crawl by as Friday grew nearer and nearer. Still, Candy could think of no way out. 7:00 PM, Friday, found her approaching the door of the photography studio in the run down section of town. She slowly walked up to the door much like a condemned person would approach a gas chamber. There was a knot in her stomach as she timidly opened the door and entered this sanctuary of evil.

Dawn was waiting for the Navy wife. "Candy, so good of you to come. Jamal bet me that you would not come here again until we actually sent some photos to your church and hubby. I told him that you were smarter than that. Now, since I won the bet, we get to do what I want for the first hour this evening. Come into the studio and we will get the show on the road."

Candy stood her ground and protested, "I will not go back there with you! You drugged me. Then, both of you raped me. I just came by to tell you that if you send any pictures, I will have you and Jamal arrested!" Candy glared defiantly at the attractive blonde. She had just asserted herself and demonstrated that she would not be pushed around.

Dawn grinned prettily as she stated, "Oh, really? Did you notice that you signed a modeling release form as part of the questionnaire you filled out? We can do anything that we want with those pictures that we took of you and there is nothing illegal about that. If we want to send your husband and parents copies of you sucking Black cock, then, Little Mrs. Purity, we can do it. And, if you try to fuck with me in any way that displeases me, I will do it." Dawn continued smiling at the visibly shaken Navy wife as she added, " Now, make up your mind. Get your shapely ass into the studio, or, get out so I can get the pictures ready to be mailed tomorrow morning."

Candy felt her insides crumble as her resolve to take charge of the situation collapsed. She was trapped with no way out. Dawn looked at the young wife triumphantly, "Well, what is it going to be?" Candy closed her eyes and nodded her head submissively. "Good. Follow me back to the studio."

Candy's legs felt like lead as she was led into the back room of the photography studio. She meekly sat down at the make up table when ordered to do so. When offered another cup of coffee, she turned it down, but, was ordered to drink it. Within only a few minutes, she began to feel the effects of the drugged coffee. Dawn, in the mean time, had painted her face with enough cosmetics to make her look like a street walker.

Candy balked only slightly when Dawn ordered her to remove all of her clothing. Not wanting to be sexy, she had worn a sweat shirt and blue jeans. The drug, however, made her docile and in only a few minutes, she was wearing only her plain white brassiere and panties. Under the influence of the drug and following the blonde's instructions, Candy was soon completely nude. Dawn smiled as she handed the wife a pink and white lace trimmed silk garter belt. Candy had seen one once but had never worn such a garment and had to be shown how to hook it around her tiny waist. Rolling a pair of long length nylon stockings up her shapely legs was her next task. Stretching the nylon until it hugged her legs and attaching the garter clips to the re-enforced tops of the stockings caused more sensations than ordinary pantyhose. Next, came a pair of high heel shoes with four inch heels and ankle straps that buckled securely around her slender ankles. Candy teetered precariously as she was ordered to stand up. The heels on these shoes were twice as high as any that she had worn before tonight.

Dawn had to help Candy walk to the big brass bed. When they were in position, she turned Candy to face her and wrapped her arms around the tiny waist of the auburn haired beauty. With such high heels, Candy was only an inch shorter than the dominant yet seductive blonde that pulled her closer into a lesbian embrace. Candy wanted to protest that she was not interested in women as their lips touched but was silenced as Dawn inserted her tongue into Candy's sweet mouth as she passionately kissed the drugged wife. After a minute or two, Candy's lips returned the kiss as if they had a mind of their own.

Dawn broke the lip lock just long enough to shuck her mini dress up over her head and drop it onto the floor. Beneath, she wore only a red garter belt, a pair of black nylon stockings and high heel shoes. What fascinated Candy most was the fact that both of Dawn's gigantic nipples were pierced and had gold rings almost two inches in diameter hanging in each nipple matching her pierced navel. Candy had heard of people having such piercings but had never known any one who had them. Now, as the two young women kissed, their bare breasts were pressed together. Dawn rubbed her nipple rings across Candy's own swollen nipples and made Candy gasp as a new thrill went through her trembling body. She realized that Dawn knew exactly the effect that she was having on the innocent younger wife as she continued to rub their nipples together as they kissed with intense passion.

When Dawn guided Candy to lay back on the bed, she met no resistance from the younger woman. Over the past few days, Candy had tried to drive the memories of her lesbian experience from her mind, but had been unsuccessful. Several times, she had to fight the urge to masturbate as she remembered the exquisite sensations of Dawn's lips going down on her. She had regretted the fact that she had not let her first experience with oral sex be with her husband. Now, however, as Dawn dipped her head down to Candy's big pink nipples, she felt only passion building within her being. Dawn tenderly sucked first one nipple, then, the other. Since her own conversion, she had helped to recruit several other innocent wives to her life style. Until now, none had been as beautiful as Mrs. Candace Cain. Dawn was truly enjoying herself as she kissed down the flat tummy of the young mother, dropping to her knees beside the bed, spreading the nylon encased thighs and buried her face into the very moist vagina of the excited Navy wife.

Candy squealed slightly as she felt a voracious pair of lips wrap themselves around her erect clitoris. Dawn pulled the nylon covered legs up to rest on her shoulders as she munched on Candy's fur carpet. She saw Candy's fingers grasping at the silk sheet as she sucked harder on the little man in the boat. The aphrodisiac in the coffee was doing a great job at increasing the sexual responses of the previously nearly frigid young wife. Dawn knew that once Candy had her bell rang a few more times, such chemical additives would no longer be necessary to keep her coming back for more. About four minutes of eating red haired pussy was all that was required to make Candy squeal as she had her first climax of the evening.

Candy lay in the middle of the bed as she was being tenderly held by her lesbian lover. Dawn whispered in her ear, "You were wonderful. Have you ever been made love to another woman before me?" When Candy silently shook her head, Dawn added, "As pretty as you are, I bet that there have been women that have fantasized about going down on you. You are so beautiful when you cum!" Candy blushed a deep red as she heard the compliment whispered into her ear but did not try to object when Dawn kissed her lips.

Dawn's curiosity won out as she timidly slipped a hand over to touch one of Dawn's gold nipple rings. "Didn't it hurt to have these pierced?" She asked softly as her forefinger traced around the circle of the large ring. Without even realizing it, her delicate fingers ended up toying with one of Dawns over sized nipples.

"It only hurt for a moment. Now, the rings keep my nipples excited all the time. I love it when some one plays with them. Try it. Put your finger through the ring. That's right. Now, twist the ring around a little. Oh, yessss! That's the way to do it! Now do the other one, too. You are a natural!" Candy was barely aware that Dawn had placed her hand on the back of Candy's head and was slowly drawing her lips toward one of her pierced nipples. When the auburn haired wife's sweet lips made contact, Dawn whispered, "Open up, Honey, and take it into your mouth and suck it for me." The drugs made Candy obedient. "Now, take the nipple ring into your sweet mouth and flick the nipple ring with your tongue. Oh, yessss, Baby! Keep doing that!"

Dawn rolled over on top of Candy, making sure to keep her nipple pressed between the younger wife's lips as she slipped one thigh between Candy's thighs. Candy could not remember being breast fed but had wondered, as she had fed Sugar, what it was like. Now, she knew as Dawn switched breasts to feed Candy her other pierced nipple. Both women could feel their nylon covered thighs rubbing against each other's crotches causing their sexual tension to heighten. Too quickly for Candy to respond, Dawn had turned her body around and had straddled the younger woman in a classic sixty-nine position.

Candy had never seen a woman's vagina this close before. What amazed her was the fact that all of Dawn's pubic hair was missing. Not only that, but, there was another gold ring that was protruding from her obviously wet slit. There even seemed to be some writing above Dawn's hairless vagina but Candy had no time to read it before the wet cunt was sitting directly on her startled face. She opened her mouth to protest but it was filled full of horny pussy. Then, Dawn once again wrapped her ruby red lips around Candy's stiff little clitoris and all thoughts of protesting took a back seat in Candy's confused aphrodisiac fogged mind.

Dawn sucked and licked on Mrs. Cain's swollen clitoris for several minutes but stopped just before Candy was about to cum. Dawn lifted her head from between her victim's nyloned thighs and commanded, "Candy, do me! Put your lips around my clit and suck on it. The hood over my clit has been pierced so it will be just like sucking on my pierced nipples. Do it!" The combination of the drugs, and Dawn having eaten her own pussy until she was ready to cum, was too much for poor little Candace Cain. She timidly took the older woman's pierced clitoris between her lips and began sucking on it the same way she had done to Dawn's pierced nipples. Dawn came almost instantly. The thought of having her pussy eaten by such a pure and innocent wife sent Dawn straight to her climax. A moment later, she returned the favor and gave Candy a very strong orgasm.

Once again, both women lay on the silk sheets of the photo studio bed as they tenderly held one another. Candy still could not believe what she had just done to another woman. She wondered if she was now a lesbian as Dawn kissed her soft cream coated lips. He returned the kisses as she tried to put such thoughts out of her mind. "It's just the drugs that Dawn forced me to take that are causing these feelings," she thought to herself as she felt Dawn's fingers exploring the secret intimate places of her feminine form. A few minutes later, she had another climax as Dawn played with her clitoris. A few minutes later, Dawn had moved Candy into position between her own spread nylon covered legs. Dawn entwined her fingers in the curly auburn locks of hair so as to urge Candy's soft pink lips to come into contact with her hairless cunt lips. Candy could plainly see both the clit hood ring peeking out of Dawn's swollen slit and a tattoo above the vagina lips. Candy was shocked when she read the tattoo. "Black Cocks Only!"

Candy had known a few people who had gotten tattoos. Most of them were men. She knew one girl who had a heart tattooed above her left breast. She knew another who had a flower tattooed on the small of her back. She had never heard, nor even imagined, a tattoo on such a private place on a woman's body! Her view of the tattoo was lost as Dawn drew Candy's sweet face into her sexually excited cunt. Candy followed Dawn's instructions on how to eat pussy as her mind tried to comprehend why a woman would have her body mutilated with piercings and tattoos such as Dawn possessed. Laying face down, on silk sheets, with her face coated in the juices of another woman, Candy moved a hand down between her legs and played with herself for the first time in several years as she was instructed in the art of eating pussy. Dawn came twice before she would let Candy up from her position. By that time, Candy had brought herself off to another climax.

With Dawn's nylon covered thighs covering her ears, Candy had not heard the buzzer that indicated that some one had come in the back door of the photography studio. Candy's eyes were shut while her mouth and cute little nose were buried in Dawn's juicy cunt as the four Black men entered through the back door. Their eyes were wide open and their teeth were shining in their dark faces as they saw the progress that Dawn had made with their new recruit. In only a little over an hour, Dawn had turned the white wife into a cunt muncher! Their big black cocks were rising in their trousers as they saw the fantastic ass on the young wife who had her head stuck half way up Dawn's climaxing twat.

The first inkling that Candy had that she and Dawn were not alone was when Dawn finally released the leg scissors lock that she had on Candy's head. Candy had been in danger of passing out as she gasped needed air into her lungs. When she opened her big green eyes, she saw four large Black men grinning down at her as Dawn's cunt juice dripped from the lower portion of her face. Even though Candy recognized one of the men as being Jamal, she felt more embarrassed than she had ever felt in her life.

Jamal exclaimed, "Damn, Dawn! You had this bitch for less than two hours and you have already taught her to eat pussy better than a junk yard dog!" All four men laughed as Candy's face turned crimson in color and she tried to hide between Dawn's still spread nylon sheathed legs. He leaned forward and lightly slapped Candy's shapely round bottom as it was stuck up in the air. "Shit! Girl, don't you go getting bashful on us now! The other day was just giving you a taste of the Black Experience. Tonight, you are going to be served a complete four course soul food dinner!"

Candy thought about trying to run from the room but remembered the extremely tall high heels that were strapped securely to her dainty feet. She decided that if she did make it to the front door of the studio without falling on her face, she would have to move so slowly that they would easily catch her and carry her back. Besides, even if she made it to the street, she was only wearing a pink garter belt, nylon stockings and high heel shoes. Going to her car would get her arrested. She looked up at the four men and saw that each was well over six feet tall. She searched their facial expressions for a sign of compassion as they began removing their clothing but found none. The only emotion that she saw was unadulterated lust. Knowing that she was the object of their lust triggered mixed emotions in the young white wife as the black muscular torsos were exposed.

Dawn climbed up off the bed and helped Candy to stand up on her high heel shoes. Candy modestly tried to cover her gigantic boobs with her too small hands as four pairs of dark eyes scanned up and down her luscious form. Dawn pulled the younger wife's hands down to her sides as she told her, "Relax, Honey. We can not hide our assets from Black men. It's not polite." Candy wanted to tell everyone that she was a married woman and that she wanted to go home. Dawn had moved behind Candy and placed her arms around Candy's diminutive waist. "Pull your shoulders back a little and let them see those gigantic tits. Be proud of what you have and the fact that every Black man that sees you will want to fuck you." Candy blushed even more as Dawn whispered those lewd and lascivious words into her ear.

Dawn turned Candy to face the now nude Black men. Candy's eyes involuntarily dropped to the huge black cocks standing out in front of each of the dark muscular male bodies. She had never imagined that penises could be this big! Candy gasped as she felt Dawn's nipple rings and breast pressing into her back at the same time that Dawn's hands cupped underneath her milk laden breasts and tweaked her big pink nipples. Jamal stepped forward and pulled Candy's hands away from Dawn's as Dawn rolled the big fat nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Candy found herself looking up into the smiling dark face of the only man besides her husband to have had sex with her as her body trembled with sexual excitement. Jamal leaned down and softly kissed the white woman's quivering lips as her nipples were being played with by another white woman.

Candy nearly jumped out of her embrace when she felt Jamal's long thick black fingers caressing her red fur covered pubic mound. She tried to back away from his questing fingers only to grind her round buttocks into Dawn's hairless cunt. Candy was positive that she felt Dawn's clit ring against her bottom as Dawn ground her own crotch into Candy's shapely ass. Candy was caught in an obscene sandwich as her breasts, nipples and clitoris were manipulated by Dawn and Jamal. Even without the lingering effects of the drugs that Dawn had given her, she would have been doomed as Jamal massaged her clitoris to an orgasm.

The other three Black men stood and excitedly watched as the newly corrupted white wife was being seduced. Each stroked a massive black tool in anticipation of the moment when they would sink their rigid flesh into the soft married white body of a Navy wife. Each had already decided on a different orifice of entry into Candy's relatively virginal young body. Jerome wanted to see her suck his big black cock and swallow his load of cum. Marcus had already decided that he loved the shape of Candy's round ass and would travel down her dirt road. Besides, judging from her description, he figured that there was a good chance that he would get her anal cherry. Bull, a name well deserved for the size of his equipment, wanted to stretch the auburn haired beauty's cunt so wide that she would never again be able to feel her husband's puny little dick.

With Dawn's fingers strumming her sensitive nipples and Jamal's tongue probing the recesses of her mouth and throat as his fingers stroked her dripping slit, Candy was quickly approaching another orgasm. Her climax was interrupted when she was picked up in the air and deposited on the silk sheets of the big brass bed. Jamal moved into position between the Candy's nylon covered legs as she lay on her back, looking down at the huge black member that would soon be sheathed inside of her well lubricated vagina. Candy realized that her body actually wanted this man, this Black man, to make love to her as the massive head of his cock nuzzled into the wet folds of her intimate opening. When his tool sank inside of her trembling belly, she cried out in excitement and wrapped her nyloned legs around his narrow waist.

Dawn's eyes checked the video camera's to make sure that the red lights were all on. The events of this evening were going out live on the internet to all of their paying customers. Plus, the video tapes of Candy's first seduction the other afternoon were already being sold. Tonight's video tape sales would pay for the new cars that Jamal and Dawn had wanted to buy. Dawn liked nothing better than the act of corrupting a young white wife and teaching her the superiority of sex with Black men. The fact that it was also profitable only made life even better. Already, Jamal was riding Candy like a drugstore pony ride and Candy was moaning in ecstasy each time his huge black cock hit bottom in her stretched cunt. "Just wait," Dawn thought to herself, "until Bull buries his dinosaur sized bone in her tight little twat. She'll be hooked on Black cock for the rest of her life just like I am!" Since Marcus was to be next, Dawn sank to her knees before him and began to slowly suck his huge ebony tool.

Candy had never done anything so wickedly evil in her life. Here she was, laying flat on her back, dressed in obscene lingerie, while a muscular and very well hung Black man made love to her as three more Black men stood around watching as if they were awaiting their turn to screw her. Not only that, but Candy could plainly see the short haired blonde's lips working up and down on the wet glistening black shaft of one of the men. Candy was gasping for air too much to ask that Jamal not cum inside of her. She was afraid that he might make her pregnant but could not make any sounds other than cries of passion. Candy's orgasms were now cumming fast and furiously as Jamal took long deep strokes into her tender white body. All thoughts of birth control were lost as he hosed her internal reproductive organs down with his thick rich sperm.

Candy was left in a state of semi consciousness as Jamal withdrew his thick wet black cock from her stretched vagina. A thick river of cum ran out of her vagina and flowed between the cheeks of her ass, wetting her tiny brown virginal anus. Candy was just barely aware of the hands that were turning her over and arranging her on her knees on the big bed. Candy was laying face down with her big milk filled breasts pressed into the silk sheets and her cute ass lifted up in the air. Marcus moved into position behind the unsuspecting young wife. Dawn coated his big black cock with a lubricant just before he placed the domed head against the tiny brown sphincter. Candy's eyes and mouth flew open at the same time that the head of Marcus's cock penetrated into her rectum.

Marcus now had no doubt that his cock was gripped by a virgin ass. He shoved two extra inches into the tremendously tight orifice as he heard the white wife moan into the mattress. Five pairs of hands, four black and one white, held Candy down on the bed as another two inches of oversized cock meat was forcibly fed to her resisting anus. When she opened her mouth to scream, Jerome shoved his black cock into her mouth. "Suck on this bitch. And, don't bite if you know what's good for you!" he said as he felt his cock enter the soft wet confines of their victim's mouth.

Dawn let go with one hand to reach underneath the anally and orally abused wife to locate Candy's clitoris. Dawn vigorously massaged the little nub of girly meat as Marcus settled into a steady stroking in and out of Candy's no longer virginal rectum. Candy's cries of suffering were muffled by Jerome's big cock in her mouth. Dawn knew that she could make Candy associate pleasure with anal sex if she played with Candy's clit the first few times that she had a black cock up her ass. It had certainly worked for her when she had been converted to Black cock. Within a few minutes, Candy was moaning not in pain, but, in sexual excitement. As Candy felt Marcus's cock shooting cum deep in her intestines, she started cumming. She was still climaxing as Jerome sprayed her tonsils with his sperm. Dawn was pleased to see the eager way that Candy licked up each drop of thick viscous cum from Jerome's still pulsing black cock.

Candy lay on the brass bed on her back in an almost catatonic state as she panted for air. "How," she asked herself, "Could she be so depraved? I cooperated with them as they had used my body like a common street whore." Her body was humming with sexual satisfaction and did not care what her mind thought. It was then that she felt the presence of the massively built Black man known as Bull.

Candy almost passed out when she looked down between her thighs and saw what appeared to be a Louisville Slugger baseball bat that some one had painted black. It had to be about a foot long and was bigger around that her fist. Before Candy could jump up from the bed and run away, Five pairs of hands grabbed her and moved her body into position. Hands grasped her knees and ankles, pulling her legs up into the air and apart as Bull laid between them. Other hands pinched and toyed with her already erect nipples as the gigantic black cock was aligned with her already well fucked vagina. Candy yelped as the great domed head of Bull's penis was forced inside of her forever stretched twat.

Inch by each excruciating inch, Bull's cock was slowly forced into Candy's violated white body. Candy was panting just as she had done while giving birth to Sugar. Instead of a baby's head coming out of her vagina, it was the head of Bull's cock going in! Candy was experiencing sensory overload as the black cock bored deeper and deeper into her unprotected tummy. She could not control her reactions as her first climax occurred even before the head of Bull's black cock had pushed her internal organs aside as it was buried in it's entirety in her quaking belly.

A steady slow rhythm was established as Bull began fucking Candy in earnest. There was nothing in the world that Bull loved more than having his huge dark meat buried inside of some white man's wife. The only thing that would have made power fucking Candy better was if her wimpy husband were here to watch as Bull bred his pretty little wife for him. Each time that Bull bottomed out in the white girl's twat, she screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Bull knew that if she would never again make love to a white boy without comparing his meager skills and equipment to that of his own. Bull looked into the sweat soaked face of the wife that he had helped to ruin and smiled down at her as his powerful buttocks power stroked his ball bat sized black cock deep inside of her permanently expanded cunt. Candy's arms clung to his broad shoulders as her orgasms came faster than a machine gun's bullets. Her body shook as if she were having convulsions as wave after wave of sensation passed through her abused young body. Candy passed out as her womb was pumped full of thick rich African sperm.

All of the wives and families stood on the pier as the Navy ship pulled along side and tied up. Several had almost stared at the gorgeous red haired beauty and her redheaded young daughter in a stroller. Her lustrous hair was arranged in a mass of highlighted curls which hung half way down her slender back. Her make up was borderline street walker but did accentuate her natural beauty. Her clothing was almost certainly those of a street walker. She wore a low cut emerald green top that left her massive cleavage on display. Her midriff was bare, exposing her pierced belly button. A tight mini skirt molded itself to her hips and ended at about mid thigh. Her legs were encased in black nylon stockings which were top of the thigh length with elastic lace tops instead of pantyhose. On her tiny feet were four inch tall high heel shoes with ankle straps firmly buckled to keep them in place no matter what activities she would engage in while wearing them. Around her right ankle was a gold slave bracelet. Candy used her hand to sweep a curl of hair out of her eyes as she looked up at the men on the ship as many of them looked at her. Her long red fingernails flashed in the sunlight as she smiled sexily up at them.

Billy Cain had been searching the crowd for his wife and child in vain until he noticed that the very sexy redhead in the slutty outfit had a baby in a stroller that looked just like Sugar. That was when he realized that his sweet and innocent Candy had come to greet him in sexy clothes just as he had always dreamed that she would. Billy had Quarter Deck Messenger duty as the ship was tied to the pier. That didn't keep him from hugging and kissing his beautiful sexy wife as she came aboard. Lieutenant Thomas Johnson, one of the ship's Black officers, did not stop his messenger from showing his redheaded wife how much he had missed her. Thomas had already heard some interesting rumors about this wife and wondered if any of them were true.

Candy was told to wait for her husband on the mess deck and pushed Sugar's stroller in that direction. Before she arrived there, however, she was met by two Black sailors who told her to follow them. Cecil and Leroy led the wife back to their quarters. Cecil was Jerome's cousin and had been sent some of Candy's photos. Following the instructions given to her by Jamal and Dawn, Candy followed the two black sailors down to their crew compartment as one of the carried Sugar's stroller with the two year old in it. When they arrived in the deserted compartment, Cecil took the white wife in his strong black arms and kissed her soft yielding lips. His coal black hands molded to the shape of her large breasts and found her erect nipples. A moment later, he had her top pulled down and was sucking some of her milk from her lactating nipples.

Sugar sat quietly in her stroller, sucking on her pacifier, as Leroy lifted her mother's mini skirt and discovered that she wore no panties to protect her from their advances. He was also delighted to find that her pubic mound was completely hairless. The week before, Dawn had made an appointment for Candy to have all of her unwanted body hair removed with a laser. She was told to tell her husband that she had done it because doctors said that it was more sanitary. Next week, she had been told, she would have her nipples and clitoris pierced and get her "Black Cocks Only" tattoo. She had protested about that because she was concerned about how to explain them to her husband. That was when she was told of the rest of Jamal and Dawn's plan for the white couple. She thought about refusing to cooperate but knew that she would not be able to go through the rest of her life without Black cock.

Candy opened the front of Cecil's navy trousers and pulled out his stiff black cock. She bent down and wrapped her ruby red lips around the black love muscle and swallowed most of it down her throat as she gave him a great blow job. He was amazed at how much of his large dick would fit into the redhead's throat as her head bobbed up and down on it. Behind her, Leroy had worked his own hard cock out of his pants and had fed it to the white slut's hungry wet cunt. Even as huge as Leroy's cock was, it went right in without any difficulty. Candy moaned in pleasure as she was double fucked by the two Black shipmates of her husband's.

Cecil and Leroy had been sent explicit photos of Candy in action. Billy Cain had only been sent a couple of pictures and they were both very tame compared to the graphic sexual acts that were depicted in the photos plastered inside the lockers of practically every Black sailor on board this ship. Poor Billy had no idea why all of the Black guys kept asking if they could see the two pictures of his wife. He was so proud to have such a lovely wife, he never turned down a request. If he had only known what photos of perversion were gracing the inside locker doors of these shipmate's, he would not have been quite so proud!

Cecil pumped his sperm down Candy's throat as Leroy coated her ovaries with his potent sperm. She had two orgasms before they had finished inside of her. Candy used some tissues to wipe the excess sperm dribbling down the insides of her thighs before returning to the mess deck to wait for Billy to join her. Several times, some of the Black sailors would stop at her table to tell her how fine she looked. She smiled graciously and thanked them.

Billy had been given a chow break but was more interested in seeing his wife than in eating. He was enthralled with Candy's new look. "Do you like the new me?" she asked her horny hubby. He could only nod his head as they entered a deserted compartment. Sugar sat quietly once again as she saw her mother kissing another sailor. Only this time, it was her Daddy. Billy noticed that Candy's kiss was extra creamy as his tongue probed her receptive mouth. She did not protest as his hand dipped under her skirt. He was absolutely amazed that his puritanical wife was not wearing panties. He was even more amazed when he found out that her pubic hair was completely gone. "It's hygienically better to be smooth down there," she explained to her shocked husband. To her surprise, he seemed to believe her as his fingers caressed her smooth flesh.

When Billy dipped his fingers into his wife's hairless slit, he was surprised at how wet it was. He assumed that it was a sign of how excited she was to see him as he coated his fingers in the thick juices that almost literally dripped from Candy's wet pussy. While at sea, he had heard many stories about going down on a woman. He wanted desperately to try it, too. Before Candy could have time to protest, Billy dropped to his knees and buried his face in his sweet wife's seeping vagina. Instead of pushing him away, as he had expected, Candy spread her legs for him as he began licking her clitoris and dipping his tongue as far as it would reach in her sperm filled snatch. A minute or so later, Candy had laced her fingers together around his head and was pulling his face deeper into her cum laden cunt as her orgasm approached. Billy was glad that his up tight deeply religious wife was finally starting to relax and enjoy sex as he heard her cumming as he ate her wet pussy.

When Billy wanted to make love to his wife, she reminded him that Sugar was in the room and that he would have to wait until the next night when he was off duty to get his jollies. He protested but finally agreed. He would wait till the next evening to have sex with his wife. He had such a case of blue balls that he was practically limping when he accompanied his wife and child back to the Quarter Deck. Lieutenant Johnson told Billy to deliver a message to Seaman Cecil Good immediately and that he would keep Mrs. Cain company until Billy returned. Billy had no more than rounded the corner when Thomas took Candy by the arm, told the Petty Officer of the Watch to keep one eye on the baby and the other out for her husband as he pulled Candy into the Quarter Deck Shack and closed the door.

Candy found herself being pushed to her knees as a big black cock was waved in front of her face. After the past few weeks of conditioning, no orders had to be given verbally. Candy began giving her husband's division officer the best blow job of his life. Candy had grown to love giving blow jobs and it showed as she gobbled the huge black cock of the Navy officer. She had gotten to the point were she would rather suck a dick than eat. That is, as long as the dick was big and black. She hungrily swallowed the officer's sperm, licked his cock clean, lovingly returned it to his trousers, stood up, brushed the dirt from her knees, wiped semen from her chin with the back of her hand and fluffed her hair back into place as her husband returned from his errand.

Billy was still smiling because Cecil had told him what a mighty fine woman he had for a wife. To demonstrate to every one what a lucky man he was, Billy kissed his wife long and passionately before letting her descend the gangway. He grinned at Lieutenant Johnson and saw that his grin was returned with great enthusiasm.

Two Black sailors left the ship on over night liberty at the same time that Candy and Sugar were going down the gangway. They walked along side of the pretty redhead and her baby for a moment before she asked if one of them would be so kind and help her with the stroller. Naturally, they jumped at the chance to get closer to the woman that they had seen only in lewd photos.

Candy knew that Dawn and Jamal would be indoctrinating a new wife this afternoon and that she would have to find her own amusement. The next night, when Billy came home for their first night together since his ship had come back in to port, Jamal and the other brothers were planning a surprise party for her husband. She had been told that they would "convert him into a sissy hubby that would gladly suck their sperm from her well fucked cunt". Since she was no longer interested in his little white cock and there seemed to be a steady supply of Black cock to keep her happy, she did not mind that they were going to teach Billy to wear panties and be their bitch whenever their ship was at sea.

Candy glanced sideways. The two tall muscular African American sailors certainly were handsome in their Navy uniforms. She smiled up at the one closest to her and said, "If you don't already have plans for this evening, how about coming to my place? I can make you a fresh pot of coffee. I like my coffee just like I like my men: strong and black." Both sailors grinned ear to ear as they accompanied the young white Navy wife to her car.

On the Quarter Deck, Billy watched as his wife carried on a conversation with the two Black sailors as they entered the parking lot. He thought to himself, "I had better have a talk with Candy about being too friendly with those Black guys. She probably doesn't how that they just want to get into her pants. Candy is so naive and innocent when it comes to sex!"

The End.
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