Willing Cocksucker

Written by Tiny John / Nov 2, 2009


I'm a 46 year old happily married man, at least almost happily married, you see I have a problem. It seems that after my wife turned 40 she lost interest in sex. I think the main reason for our lack of sex is due to my small cock size. At just 4 inches fully hard I can?t give her the satisfaction she desires.

I love her dearly but after a few years of this I decided to do something about my lack of sex at home. I had always fantasized about giving a blow job and servicing other married guys that weren't getting oral pleasure at home. So, I decided it was time to turn this fantasy into a reality.

I started researching on the net and found several places where I could meet other married men like myself. I decided to take the plunge and ran an ad. It basically said I was a married man looking to service other married men, specifically looking for a dominant guy with a cock bigger than mine.

After a couple of days I got 10 responses. I sifted through all the emails and sent out responses. A few more days went by and I only got a couple of responses back. You'd be surprised how many people respond to ads but really aren't interested at all. After about a month of exchanging emails I was down to one guy, Dave was his name and he seemed to have potential. Below is some of our emails.

John, I saw your ad and am interested. MWM, 48, 7inches. Looking for someone to service me on a regular basis. Not interested in a relationship, just want to find someone to worship my cock and suck me on a regular basis. If you get into cross dressing that would be a plus but not required. Tell me more about yourself. Dave

Dave, I'm a MWM, 46 and just 4 inches. Submissive whose always had a desire to service other men. Sex with the wife has pretty well gone south, so I'm looking to explore my fantasies. Wife doesn't know so would have to be discrete. This is my first attempt at finding someone so I don't have a lot of experience. Hope you don't mind. Also as a matter of fact I do enjoy wearing women underwear. John.

John, Don't mind at all. Like the idea of instructing you on how to care of my cock. What else have you fantasised about besides sucking cock? Maybe we can meet for drink and see if we click. Dave

Dave, I love to fantasise about being cuckolded by a well endowed man. A big fan of interracial porn. Also love the idea if becoming a pussy slave to a large breasted older women.

In this final email I also made arrangements where we could meet. We set up a time, I gave him a description of myself and clothes I'd be wearing, and he did the same.

Saturday rolled around and I was really nervous, but I decided it was now or never. I walked to the pub where we?d arranged to meet. I went into the pub where I had arranged to meet Dave. I was about 10 minutes early, the waiting was driving me crazy and my stomach was churning over and over. All the while my little cock rock hard in anticipation of the meeting that was about to take place.

At the appointed time, I saw a man walk in at the far end of the pub meeting the description of Dave. He walked up beside me and I almost fainted. It was Dave Williams a manager in the place that I worked.

At work Mr Williams always ignored me, in his eyes I was a nobody unworthy of acknowledgment. Now here he was stood next to me. I could hardly look him in the eye, my mind filled with dread at the prospect of sucking his cock.

?Are you here to meet me?, barked Dave in a deep manly voice.

?Yes Sir? I stammered, somewhat ashamed that one of my bosses knew all about my secret fantasises.

?So you?re the little sissy that wants to suck my cock?, he sniggered.

Again I answered ?Yes Sir?. My use of the word ?Sir? somehow confirming my inferiority to Mr Williams

?Good boy, if I'd known about you sooner I'd have done this ages ago.", he roared.

We spent the next hour drinking by the bar, my face flushed with red virtually the whole time. Dave kept asking me loads of personal questions all the while. In particular he kept asking me questions about my wife Melanie. What she was like in bed, did she shave her pussy, etc. Strangely I was enjoying the humiliation of it all, not to mention the fact that my cock was hard the whole time.

After my third drink Dave told me to drink up and that we were to go back to his place. He said that his wife and 2 daughters were out for the rest of the day, and that we wouldn?t be disturbed. The journey took about 15 minuets. As we drove Dave told me that his wife didn?t like sucking his cock, and that he was really looking forward to having me suck his cock.

When we arrived at his house, we both went in. We made our way into his living room. Dave sat on the sofa, and gestured for me to sit on the floor by his feet.

?So how long have you been doing this and what exactly are you into?," he said as he made himself comfortable in his easy chair.

Looking up at him I replied, "Well, I haven't really haven't been into anything yet. I haven't sucked anyone off, I?ve never been with a man, but have always had the desire to get my hands on another guys cock and suck it. I can't explain it, but the desire has always been there. I guess it?s because I don?t see my self as a real man because my cock is so tiny. Even when me and my wife are watching a porn, and the girl is sucking he guy, sometimes I imagine it's me giving the blow job", I answered submissively.

"Hmmm, sounds interesting," Dave said. With that he began to undo his trousers freeing his cock from within the confines of his pants. All I could do was look on and gulp as his cock came into view. For most of my adult life I had fantasized about this moment and it was finally coming true. In it's soft flaccid state it was much longer and thicker than mine. Dave told me not to be afraid, and to touch his dick.

I reached up with my right hand and took hold Dave?s cock around the base and started to stroke it. With my left hand I cradled his big balls and started to massage them. His cock started to grow in my hand the more I stroked it. When fully it was fully erect it looked massive, much thicker than mine and about twice the length.

I bet I've jacked off 10,000 times in the last 30 years and never really paid attention to how it felt to hold my dick. But now with Dave?s dick in my hand it felt so good. It?s large size was mesmerizing. I?d didn?t feel like a man at all, in fact I felt more like a 14 year old schoolgirl.

I sat up a little and leaned forward, taking in the manly scent of his crotch. I rubbed the cock head against my lips, then around them. I took a deep breath and licked the tip, it tasted so manly. I opened my mouth and gently sucked on the head of his cock swirling my tongue on the underside.

Dave said, "That was good start, but no sense in rushing things, My wife is going to be gone all day so we'll have plenty of time to talk and play. You mentioned in one your emails that you like to dress in women?s clothes. What do you like to wear?"

I replied, "Well I've never dressed for anybody other than myself. But when my wife Melanie is out and I get in the right mood I have some stockings and suspenders that I like wear. I love the feel of the nylon against my skin and when I jerk off I have a pretty intense orgasm. But, I have to be in the right mood."

Dave said, "I'd really like to see you dressed up. Would mind doing that for me."

"It's kind of embarrassing but I guess so." Dave told me his wife had some kinky underwear in her bottom draw. He lead me upstairs and showed me the draw. ?Put on whatever you like?, he grinned, making his way back downstairs leaving me alone with his wife?s underwear at my disposal.

I rummaged through the draw and selected a lacy black suspender belt with matching stockings and knickers. I took off all my clothes and put on the items. My tiny cock was throbbing inside the silky knickers, everything felt really good but I was so nervous.

Slowly I made my way back downstairs and into the living room. Dave was now sat on the sofa again watching a porn film where a black man was being sucked off by a young white girl.

"Well come here and let me look at you?, he barked. I was instructed to twirl around for him. He Laughing out load, "No wonder you like to dress up and want to suck cock. Your dick is about the size of a clit."

I was so embarrassed, I pulled up my panties to hide myself. "How does it feel to dress like a sissy for a real man. Does it turn you on sissy?, Dave said.

My mind was really starting to spin but I managed to get out a, "Yes Sir." I was so turned I though my heart was going to burst out of my chest and my little cock was starting to tent my panties.

As he reached forward and began to rub my suspenders straps leg he said, "Would that be your ultimate fantasy, to turn yourself over to another man to be his sex toy. Is that it?"

"I've thought about it and jerked off to it on more than one occasion," I said. His hand rubbing my leg through the stockings was really turning my on. The front of my panties was starting to get wet from my oozing pre-cum.

"Why don't you get on your knees and stroke me a little while we talk."

I knelt down and took his cock in my hand and started playing with it.

"Have you ever thought about dressing totally as a woman, with make up and stuff?"

"I've thought about it but I know I'm not passable so I just get off on wearing the sexy underwear." I leaned forward and gave his cock a nice wet kiss. His pre-cum was starting to flow too. After a few minutes he grabbed my head and shoved his cock right in my mouth. ?Suck me whilst I watch this film?, he ordered.

I would have liked to have watched the film myself for a while, but it was clear all this was about his pleasure and not mine. In fact it was at this point that he ordered me that under no circumstance was I allowed to touch my own cock. To use his words he now ?owned my cock?.

I was now sucking for all I was worth, his cock felt enormous inside my mouth. It felt so humiliating worshiping another man?s big dick as he watched a porn film. Dave was calling me a ?slut? all the while, asking me what I thought my wife Melanie would make of me if she could see me now. I could of course not answer, I guess it would be rude to talk with his cock in my mouth.

For about 10 minuets or so I slurped away until I felt his cock begin to throb. Finally he exploded inside my mouth sending copious amounts of thick creamy spunk everywhere. I swallowed as much as I could, but some still ended up dribbling down my chin and onto my chest.

"Wow, that wasn't bad," he said, "but you could use a little more practice."

I sucked him twice more that day, and not once was a allowed to touch my own dick.

The second time I sucked him he made sure I swallowed the lot. The final time he went for the opposite, shooting his load all over my face and hair. He told me he was ?marking his territory?.

Finally it was time to go, I took of my sissy undies and got dressed. One thing Dave wouldn?t let me do was wash his spunk off my face. It took me almost an hour to walk home, I could still taste his cum all the time. When I eventually got home Melanie was in bed. I sat down stairs in the dark for about an hour, and during that time I shot my load 4 times as I recalled the days events. In the space of just a few hours Mr Williams had turned me into a sissy cum slut.

Several days later in my secret email account I got a message from Dave. It simply read, Need my cock sucked, wife and daughters are going out tonight. I'll give you a call.

I responded back that I wasn't sure I could make it. In days since I?d first sucked Dave?s cock I?d began to regret what I?d done and wasn?t sure if I wanted to meet him again.

Several hours later I got a response back from Dave. When I ask you come over, I expect you to come, see photo attachments.

I opened at the first attachment and it was a picture of me with his big cock in my mouth. The next was a picture of me wearing his wife?s stockings and suspenders. I could only imagine he must have had a hidden camera taking pictures of me.

I guess I have two choices, either be his personal cock sucker or let the whole world know including my wife that I was a closet sissy wimp. The more I thought about it the more I knew I had only one choice, if he called I have to would go.

About 7 o?clock the phone rang and Melanie answered it. She talked for several minutes so I thought was one of her friends, that is until she walked up and handed me the phone. She mouthed the word Dave.

"Hello", I mumbled numerously.

"Hi, there sissy boy. I told your lovely wife I?m your boss from work and that I have some papers I want to show you. She sounds really nice, hopefully I?ll get to meet her soon?, Dave said.

I of course new therew as no paper work to see, he just wanted his cock sucked.

"Yes ok, I'll be there in 10 minutes," I said as I hung up.

"I'll be back in a few hours?, I told Mel. Adding that Dave was my new boss and that he was quite demanding. Well in a way I was sort of telling the truth.

Filled with mixed emotions of excitement and dread I drove to Dave?s house. Once there I knocked on the door and Dave answered it. Dave was standing there completely naked, his cock already rock hard.

"Come in slut, get in here and suck my cock.", he yelled.

I followed him into the living room where he plopped himself down in his arm chair and spread his legs. I kneeled down between his legs and took his cock between my lips.

"OOOOhhhh, yeah. Suck my cock slut. Just think, your lovely little wife Melanie is all alone at home while your over here with my cock in your mouth.", he chuckled.

My mouth and tongue worked the head of his cock, and with my left hand I cradled his nut sack and started gently squeezing them.

"Your getting much better. So does your wife ever suck your cock?", he enquired.

"We used to, but not anymore", I replied as I liked down his shaft to his balls and back up the head again. I sucked the head of his cock in my mouth and ran my tongue around the edge, paying particular attention to the underside.

"Well maybe that?s because she needs a real man, not a sissy cock sucker like you."

I stopped sucking and looked up at him, while I stroked his cock. I had an idea where this was going. I?d told Dave all about my cuckold fantasises in our emails. He knew the thought of another man fucking my wife while I watched had been a turn on for years and I was becoming very aroused.

I decided not to answer him and went back to work on his cock. I could tell he was getting close, his pre cum was really flowing now.

"I could fuck your wife. And, if you were real good I might let you suck my cum out of her well fucked pussy. How would you like that?", he said.

?I would like that very much Sir, but sadly my wife isn?t into any of this? I replied.

"OK, but I bet she'd like a real man to fuck her, wouldn?t she.?, purred Dave, as I sucked on his cock hard.

?Yes Sir?, I mumbled submissive.

With that he grabbed my head and pulled it back on his dick. With him holding my head he started fucking my mouth. Slowly at first and then started to build speed. Just before he shot his load down my throat, he stopped pumping and as I held open my mouth he held the tip of on my tongue so he could watch his come shoot into my mouth. I could feel it swell as each shot of his hot cum hit my tongue. I swallowed that thick creamy goo and it tasted wonderful.

When he finished I suck him into my mouth again to completely drain all the cum from his spent cock. When I was sure he was empty and I leaned back and said, "It's getting late Mel will be wondering where I am.
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