The Cow

Written by Dommairona / Nov 2, 2009


My wife and I have a great relationship. Our sex life was good with lots of playing and occasional kinky fun. Let me say at this point, I am also a bit of a submissive. I used to fantasize about my pretty wife dominating me and encouraged her to use her imagination in our sex play. I even went on line and found a whole lot of interesting suggestions by Googling ?female domination?. After pestering her for awhile, she finally agreed to go on line and check them out herself. Janet is an adventurous lady in bed and apparently she liked what she saw because after a week of research, she told me she was ready to fulfil my fantasy, but she insisted on doing only those things she thought would be fun and that I wasn?t allowed to complain if I didn?t like it.

Firstly she told me that since I had asked her to play a dominant role, she was the one now wearing the pants which meant I was not allowed to wear any pants at all around the house, unless she told me otherwise. At first this seemed quite fun as it allowed her to squeeze my balls and pinch my butt whenever she liked, something I enjoyed anyway.

But then she told me about a new kind of tease and denial game she wanted to play, promising me a special surprise at the end of the game involving her friend Lisa, who she knew I had always had the hots for. That prospect had my mind racing. She told me the game involved me masturbating in front of her, whilst she flaunted her naked breasts and cunt, to get me excited. But whenever I got close to ejaculating, she made me stop. Each time after I had calmed down a bit, she had me resume masturbating, but each time I was not to come without telling her. And each time again just before ejaculation, she would stop me. To enhance the excitement, she brushed her naked breasts against my face, telling me know that Liza might do the same and that I could kiss and lick them, as long as I did not come. She even moaned a little as I kissed her breasts with my lips, my hand stroking my shaft, as a way to encourage me to continue playing, but watching me closely all the time so that I didn?t go over the edge and actually come. That first night as I got closer and closer, my throat became dry and I could barely move my legs. She brought me to the brink of ejaculation on six consecutive times, before she stopped the game, wary she would push me beyond control.

"That was the most amazing feeling I've had," I told her when I caught my breath. ?It was like six little orgasms.? Janet seemed pleased with the result and told me she was going to bed. She forbade me to jerk off however.

The next day the game started again. She continued to tease me and exhorted me to get closer and closer to climax, higher and higher each time. But again whenever Janet thought I was on the verge of coming, she stopped me, not allowing me actual release. On the second night Janet made me reach ten consecutive occasions without ejaculation, stopping only when she could see I was almost a wreck. She could see my cock was quite literally swollen after the constant stimulation. I was horny, frustrated, sore, and still unsatisfied. But again she retired for the night, forbidding any unauthorized wanking.

The next night the game resumed. And the problem became that the more I was stimulated yet denied, the hornier I became. And the hornier I became, the tougher it was for me to stop at that critical moment. But each time Janet urged me on to greater heights of arousal whilst still maintaining control, just short of orgasm repeatedly. The first night they had played the game, it had seemed fun to me but not any longer.

"Oh, stop complaining Ben," she told me, "it's only been a few days and eventually all the saving up and stopping will make it so much better when you do come. It was your idea and a few more days will prove to me how much you love me. Besides, you said it was like multiple little orgasms!"

As the days went by, I was more and more reluctant to play along, but Janet knew how to taunt and tease me so I could not refuse. She would lightly run her long finger nails along my balls and cock, getting me erect. Or she would take off her top, exposing her breasts. Or she would speak sweetly to cajole me.

?Please, for me,? she would say.

Each time I would resume the game, stroking the shaft of my penis, gradually speeding up my tempo until I was ready to come.

Then Janet would blurt, ?Stop, on my command, as we agreed.?

I was crestfallen at having to stop each time, but she would just shake her breasts to keep me excited.

"Too much?? she would ask, "Want me to hide them?"

Each time I shook my head, barely able to speak. "No," I moaned and resumed the game.

As the days progressed, Janet encouraged me to stroke my cock in front of her both by day and by night, seeming to love to watch me masturbate. During the week, I found myself hugging her, brushing up against her, fondling her breasts. I couldn't get enough of her, but the more I felt her, the crazier it made me. Janet knew of course the amount of sexual tension was increasing and resumed the stroking game, each time taking me to the very brink time and again. Wanting her was constantly on my mind. By day 6, my balls were swollen and sore, and as she dragged her hand over them, they ached.

"Oh, honey, I need to come. Can?t I come yet?" I asked her desperately.

She shook her had sadly at my predicament, ?No," and withdrew her breasts from my sight, playfully pushing me away, "Because then it wouldn't be special for you. And won't it feel good when you finally get to come?" I couldn't argue with her final point, as I paused for a few more minutes to hold back.

"I am so proud of you and a bit frustrated myself," she said. However I thought she couldn't be too proud or frustrated, because each night she was sleeping in a few minutes, unlike me. My desire was unabated however and I woke up early each morning with a rock-hard erection. One morning I started to stroke my cock when suddenly Janet woke up. She reached over and grabbed hold of my swollen balls. "You're very naughty," she said, suppressing a smile, "I didn't give you permission for that."

"What, for getting a nice hard cock,? I asked.

"No, that was OK," she replied, "but I don?t want any unauthorised wanking, in case you lose control and come.?

She gave a threatening squeeze to my balls, "Just wanted to make sure their still full," she said, giving me a little kiss as she tugged my cock.

After two weeks of constant arousal and denial, I was almost frantic when one day Janet told me that Lisa was coming over for afternoon tea. She grabbed my exposed balls and again squeezed them, chuckling. "I just want to make sure that your balls are still completely full for the surprise I have planned.?

That afternoon, aware that Lisa was about to arrive, I went into the bedroom and put on my tracksuit pants to cover my southern exposure and came back into the lounge room.

?What are you doing?? Janet asked. ?I didn?t give permission for you to put your pants on?.

?I just thought with Lisa coming over, you would want me to get dressed?.

?Well, you thought wrong, now get them off!?

I dutifully returned to the bedroom and emerged a few minutes later wearing only a shirt, awaiting Lisa?s arrival.

Soon after the door bell rang and Janet went to answer it. I stood behind a chair when Janet and Lisa came back into the lounge room. Janet said: ?Ben, can you make us both a cup of coffee,? knowing I would have to leave the safety of the cover of the chair. I darted off to the kitchen and heard Lisa giggle and then from the lounge room I heard Janet say: ?Don?t worry Ben, I have already told Lisa who wears the pants in the household and who doesn?t. She thinks it?s a great idea and she wanted to see how it actually worked for herself. Ben stood in the kitchen stunned until Janet followed up with, ?Ben, get your cock out of your mouth and hurry up with that coffee.? I hurriedly brewed the coffee and carried the tray with two cups of coffee back into the lounge room to find Lisa sitting down gazing at me with a broad grin on her face. As I put the coffee down, Janet explained she liked to keep my butt and stomach slim and attractive by making me attend the gymnasium daily.

?Show Lisa your butt, dear.? I turned around to show my buttocks and then began to experience a strange feeling. Although humiliated, I could also feel a strange quiver of excitement and my penis started to harden. A small amount of pre-come even dribbled from the tip of my penis. As he turned around to face them Janet said: ?See Lisa, although he pretends to be embarrassed, he really loves it. You can see how he is getting excited,? she said. ?Did you put sugar in the coffee? she then asked Ben.

?Sorry, no,? I said, scampering back in to the kitchen and returning with sugar cubes.

?Would you like milk with your sugar, Lisa? I?m having some?, Janet asked.

?Yes please,? she said.

I dropped in two sugar cubes into Janet?s cup and turned to go back to the kitchen for the cream, but Janet suddenly grabbed my wrist. ?No. We?ll have your milk, dear.?

I froze at first, not understanding what she meant. ?Why do you think I have been teasing you and then denying you release for the last two weeks? Well you said you were fascinated by the reference to male milking on that website, so I did a bit of research.?

I looked uncertain. To put me at ease for what she had planned next, Janet stepped towards me, reached a hand out to my face and finding my cheek, caressed it. I felt the warmth of her hand and the contact was electric. She put her arms around me and drew me close, kissing my ear, my neck. I inhaled deeply, savouring every moment of close contact, the submission to a dominant partner. Then she tweaked my nipples gently.

?Good boy. Now my little cow, get up on the coffee table on your hands and knees.?

I stammered, ?Wh-, what??

Janet pressed her finger over my lips, silencing me. ?It?s going to be all right,? she said after a pause.

I clambered onto the coffee table on all fours, still uncertain. A delicious fear gripped me, the sense that a barrier in our relationship was about to be passed. I tried to relax but couldn?t and the humiliation of being in this position in front of Lisa, hardened my penis even further. Janet leaned underneath me and used her hand to grasp my shaft, moving it backwards and forwards, masturbating me. ?Tell me when you get close,? she said gently. Janet knew that when I masturbated, I could feel the sperm first accumulate at the base of my cock and then gradually travel up the shaft with my increasing state of arousal until I spurted. Over the last two weeks Janet had taught me to recognize higher and higher levels of arousal with the semen rising up my cock but stopping just short of ejaculation. So when I felt the very first sensation of my sperm at the base of my cock signalling an ejaculation was beginning to build, I told Janet. She paused for a moment, letting me enjoy the sensation and so that my arousal could subside a little. I knew pre-come was now issuing from the tip of my penis quite freely.

She resumed stroking, but when I felt the sperm rise above the base of my shaft, closer to climax I nodded again.

?Excellent, Ben. We don?t want any accidents after all the work you have put in the last two weeks?. Again she paused letting my state of arousal subside a little.

She resumed stroking me and again when I felt the rise of my sperm up my cock, I nodded to Janet and she paused again.

She resumed stroking, but this time when I nodded, she took off her blouse and undid her bra, freeing her large breasts, knowing that with any man, such visual stimulation would further enhance my arousal. Her reference to me as a cow was indeed appropriate. She seemed totally in control of me like one might control the functions of a farm animal.

?This will get him really excited,? she sniggered to Lisa. I leant forward and sucked on her breasts gratefully. After a few minutes Janet re-clasped her bra covering her breasts.

She stroked my shaft up and down and again and I Ben could feeling the sperm start to rise closer to climax I nodded to Janet. This time when she paused, Lisa also removed her top and undid her lacy bra as well. She had quite large breasts too and I was now presented with four breasts in a row. They both leant forward to let their breasts hand down seductively, like udders, driving me crazy. Then they both wiggled their chests back and forth seductively and the four breasts wobbled deliciously.

?So many nipples. Do they remind you of udders, Ben?? Janet laughed. ?Good, because I want you in the mood for milking. You are free to look and touch and suck. Correct Lisa?? Lisa nodded and Ben leant forward and sucked on Janet?s breasts. Then he moved to suck on Lisa?s, her hands lingering on Janet?s at the same time. With all four breasts receiving my attention, I was in a state of bliss as judged by my pre-come flow. But all too soon, the mammary spectacle was covered from my view. Eventually she resumed stroking me and this time I felt the sperm rise almost to the top of my cock before I nodded, just short of ejaculation. Janet reached for my glans and squeezed out a large amount of pre-come. ?I think his pump is now well and truly primed, so to speak,? she giggled to Lisa.

Then she smeared a dab of vaseline over my anus and after putting on a latex glove, inserted her finger, probing my virgin asshole. Initially my anus resisted entry, but she lubricated her finger as well and before long she was able to insert her finger to its hilt without resistance. When the finger was fully inside me, I could feel her finger starting to wiggle back and forth inside me at the base of my penis.

?I am just giving your prostate gland a little massage,? she explained.

I was aware of a mildly pleasurable sensation deep inside and then an urge like the need to urinate. When I looked down I could see I was dribbling a steady flow from my cock down into a milk jug Janet had placed under my now flaccid organ. The flow continued and it took about three minutes for me to be ?emptied?.

It was not uncomfortable, but I did not get any real sexual satisfaction, apart from the humiliation of the procedure. When the flow was finished, Janet squeezed my penis until every last drop was extracted. When finally when I was dry, Janet removed the jug and made me get off the coffee table. Then she poured some of my seminal ?milk? into both coffee cups.

?And stir it in with your dick, please Ben? she added firmly. I was wary but slowly I dipped my penis into her coffee cup. It stung badly as the hot coffee made contact with the sensitive skin of my glans. I pulled out suddenly but Janet said firmly, ?Don?t be such a baby.?

I dipped it in again, stirring it quickly. My seminal fluid floated to the surface, making a rich cream for the coffee. As they sipped their cups, Janet said, ?Ben found a reference to male milking on line so I did a little research. I have found out quite a lot out about it. The reason it is called ?milking? is not only because the procedure involves getting the milk from a ?male cow?", she laughed, ?but also because, like milk, its full of protein and hormones. The milk can also used as a beauty product.?

?The secret is to bring the male cow to the very brink of orgasm and then deny completion. You have to force them to return to the very edge of orgasm over and over again. Then, you massage the prostate to clear the load of seminal fluid that has accumulated. And the best part is there isn?t any pleasure attached to the act for the male, so it readies them for another round of arousal and denial, which makes them ever more attentive.?

?What else can it be use for,? asked Lisa, fascinated.

?Well, apparently, male milk can also be used to increase breast size if you rub it over them. It is also said to increase the intensity of the female orgasm.?

Lisa was impressed.

When Lisa left, Janet said, "Thank you, Ben, for a playing this game over the last two weeks. Its been so much fun, I think we might start again next week."

"You mean that I have to get used to this milking without ever getting to actually come?"

She looked down at me, smiling.

"Silly, what do you think?" was her only reply.
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