What A Jerk!

Written by Southboy / Nov 18, 2009


What was I thinking of, I felt so stupid, so out of it, my God what in the hell is the matter with me. First, I had, had too much to drink, and then to make matters worse I had lost my cool and gone off the deep end. What a stupid jerk I had been. Nothing in my life seemed to be going right. I had been married for 12 years to one of the most loving and beautiful women in the entire world. To say that she was the epitome of a perfect woman would be an understatement. She was very smart, sexy and above all, perfection in the flesh.

We lived in a suburban neighborhood, in the outskirts of a large metropolitan city in the south, in the bible belt, one of the most famous cities for the south during the civil war. Many people who lived here still had a dislike or hatred for the north and anything connected with it. The had never really gone along with the integration movement forced on them by the federal government and deeply resented having to let the blacks be placed on equal terms. They felt that their schools were becoming inferior and their old southern culture was becoming more and more undermined by the low class blacks. They still referred to them as ?NIGGERS? which of course was a derogatory term and angered many of them.

While many of the white people tried to make the best of this situation there was always the undercurrent of distrust and thinking for blacks and that they were so far below them on the evolution scale they would often refer to them as jungle bunnies and other such terms. While many of the blacks tried to make the best of it there were many who really took offence. They would try to often put whites in general in humiliating situations. One of these ways was for a nigger man to have sex with good looking white women, especially married ones. Not only married but to have sex with the married white woman in front of her husband.

My wife Sherry was born and raised in this very southern atmosphere, but I was a little bit more tolerant wanting to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. She couldn?t stand to be anywhere near blacks even when we went shopping she would always go out of her in order not be get to close to one. One day we were at a mall and a black man accidentally brushed up against her when she backed into him. I saw a disgust, a hate in her beautiful blue eyes. She was about to say something but I hurried her along so she wouldn?t cause a scene. All the way home all she talked about was that, quote, stupid nigger. That was three weeks ago

Sherry had a bad habit of speaking her mind, telling others what she thought even to the point of talking down to the ones doing the work. She also had the habit of walking around the house, most of the time in short skirts and pull over tight shirts or in a skimpy bathing suit which left very little to the imagination. Her 32 year old figure was beyond description, firm, with large breast with up tilted pink nipples, well rounded shaped ass, long, sexy, well toned, shapely legs and a flat ribbed stomach. She had the look of a female lion, sleek and on the hunt for something to devour.

Needless to say both of these would eventually get Sherry into something that I believe she really didn?t want to happen, but did. What was the most surprise thing to me about it was that she ended up enjoying it and, yes, encouraging it.

We live in a tri-level house, the upper, where the bedrooms are located, the mid-level where the living, dining and kitchen levels are and finally a basement where the laundry, air conditioning and water heater is located. There is also some unused area which I had converted into a small but comfortable office where I did some of my work at night.

I have always been aware of my wife?s routine and was one of those considerate husbands that didn?t want to bother her knowing that it would throw her whole schedule off. So, one day, when I wasn?t feeling too well, I decided to come home, enter through the basement door and lay down on the nice comfortable couch I had in my office. Sometimes when I was working late, I would sleep there rather than disturb Sherry.

When I got there I poured myself a nice stiff drink to try and overcome the ill feeling I had. Sherry had gone to the Mall by herself which was unusual being as she had always wanted me to come along.

On this particular day she had been in a foul mood and there were a group of about 4 or 5 black men, ranging in age from 23 to 28 in that Mall who were bent on finding them some pussy. Once again Sherry?s mouth got her into the trouble that led to her being abducted by them and brought to the house where they planned on having a sex party with this hot looking, sexy white married woman. Not only having sex with her but to put it all on video so they could sell it later to a pornographic distributor.

Well, after a couple good stiff drinks I was pretty much wasted, drunk. There were video cameras placed throughout the house so every room could be monitored totally and I had turned them all on before I got drunk. I woke up just in time to see everything from the beginning.

Sherry had worn a clinging, figure hugging outfit and had that look I mentioned before. Now however there was a look of fear on her beautiful face as she was roughly shoved into the house by two of the big burly niggers. They were telling her all kinds of lewd stuff, how her smart ass mouth and attitude had caused this to be her fault. That they were going to teach her a lesson about interracial respect.

Even though I was drunk to the point of not being able to do anything I was still very much in control of my ability to just gaze in awesome disbelief at what was going on. I could see the fear in her beautiful eyes as they surrounded her, putting their big black hands on her and as they literally tore off her clothes. At that point I knew that Sherry knew what was coming next.

A camera had been set up and she was roughly made to kneel as the niggers began removing their clothing. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she begged them not to hurt her, her beautiful white body totally exposed, her full firm tits standing out from her chest. Her plumb pussy was bare. The men just nickered at her telling her that what she had said to them at the Mall was disrespectful and this was going to be pay back for her wise assed mouth and attitude.

They pulled her to her feet and walked her rapidly into the master bedroom. All 5 of the young niggers were totally naked at this time, each sporting a huge, both long and thick fully erect black cock. I had to do a double take for I had never seen penises that large before, the smallest looking to be twice the size of my poor cock. How in the world could Sherry accommodate such huge cocks was my question. I sat there stunned as they pushed her onto the bed that she and I shared. The very bed in which we made love was now going to be used for these 5 big cocked niggers to rape my beautiful white wife. Sherry was trying to fight them off to no avail as she continued to cry and beg them not to do this, that she was a married woman and was faithful only to him. I felt myself getting an erection as I watched the first of the niggers gets between her held wide open white legs and scoot up until he was into position to shove his huge black monster cock into her tight married white pussy.

There was a constant flow of insults thrown at Sherry, as she squirmed on the bed trying evade the inevitable fate that her smart mouth had gotten her into. I adjusted the focus of the concealed cameras in the bedroom getting a close up just as the nigger shoved the huge plum sized black tip up between her stretching pussy lips. Sherry groaned loudly as the huge tip slipped slowly between her tight pussy lips telling him that he was too big, that he would rip her pussy to which he just laughed and kept pushing more and more of his enormously huge black cock up into her. Sherry kept moaning, groaning at the discomfort of the stretching as he continued to penetrate her. I watched, my own cock as hard as steel as my beautiful white wife took his entire awesome length and thickness completely inside her widely stretched white married pussy until his very large sperm laden black balls rested snuggly against her pussy bush.

I heard him hiss and tell her that she was so fucking tight, that it was so hot and felt so good on his big black cock. Kind of jokingly he told her that I must have a very little cock as he began to thrust his powerful black hips back and forth fucking her with long even strokes causing her to gasp and moan each time he penetrated her to the hilt. He started kissing her full red lips pushing his thick nigger tongue into her mouth as he fucked her there on our marital bed. I saw the other niggers watching intently, their huge black cocks fully erect, lust in their dark eyes waiting for their opportunity to fuck my hot sexy white wife.

Sherry?s moans and groans became less distressful and began to take on the air of something different. I noticed her hips begin to move up and down as he thrust in and out keeping time with him. I heard her sighing and beginning to coo, her white legs were now wrapped around his muscular black hips pulling him closer to her on his inward thrusts. Her beautiful eyes were glazing over with the unmistakable look of pure, hot, consuming lust and passion. Her white arms were now circling his thick black back pulling him tightly against her large firm, white tits; her full red lips were kissing him passionately as he fucked her in total lust. Sherry began to move more passionately beneath his onslaught, his huge glistening black cock slicing back and forth at a fast pace as he hissed through his clinched teeth fucking her hard.

The nigger began grunting, speeding up more, his pace furious and I knew that he was getting close to an orgasm; that he would soon be pumping a copious, hot, thick load of his fertile, potent nigger cum deep inside her white married fertile womb within seconds. Sherry was overtaken by the passion of the moment, a passion I had never seen before and told him something I never thought I?d hear from her full red lips. Breathlessly over and over for him to fuck her, to shoot his hot nigger cum deep inside her. She told him how good his big black cock felt inside her, how she loved the sensations he was creating within her white body, and that he was so much bigger and better than her white husband.

Suddenly with one long final thrust shoving tightly up against her, penetrating and burying his massive black cock deeply into her, he began to grunt and hiss loudly. Sherry started groaning and moaning in utter sexual ecstasy like she had never experienced before, consistently begging the nigger to fuck her harder. I had never seen her so sexually aroused and to think that it was a black nigger giving her so much satisfaction where I had known for years her dislike for niggers in general. Yet, here she was lying on our marital bed, a married white woman who was being fucked so passionately by a big black nigger cock.

It was incompressible to my mind, for I knew that she was very anti-black, what would be called a ?Nigger Hater.? Maybe that was before now, for now it appeared to me that she had become a white woman who was a slut for big black nigger cock filling her married white pussy.

The young black man rolled off her, his slimy, cum coated black cock slipping out of her widely stretched white pussy. A oozing flow of his thick nigger cum seeped out and down onto the sheets of our bed. Her hips were still moving up and down in the continuing orgasm that she was having. Sherry looked up at him, a sexy smile on her beautiful white face, her full red lips pursed in a hot kiss. As soon as he totally moved out of the way a second young nigger was shoving his massive black cock up into her white married pussy and began fucking my beautiful white wife just as hard as the first had.

Sherry began moaning once more, her white legs clamped tightly around his pile driving muscular black ass pulling him hard against her as he shoved his massive black cock into her, her white arms clutching him tightly to her white tits and her full red lips kissing him passionately. She sighed, moaned, groaned telling him over and over, yes, yes, yes baby fuck me with that big black, nigger cock. Fuck my white pussy, nigger, fuck me good?, Sherry moaned it over and over, her sexy white hips rising and falling frantically keeping pace. The nigger called her a white whore, a nigger cock loving bitch who had never really been fucked before.

Sherry kept saying yes, never been fucked before, need black cock, big nigger cocks to fuck my white pussy. She was totally consumed in a passionate lust I never thought was possible. She was completely enthralled and in a state of ecstasy beyond anything I ever imagined or seen as she thrust her sexy white hips up to meet his furious onslaught. God, oh god yes, yes, yes fuck me, you damn nigger, fuck me deep, hard, Sherry spat hotly while kissing him hard and passionately.

Then something happened I had not expected, a third nigger got up on the bed so that his huge, erect, bobbing black cock was pointed directly at her full red lips. A huge droplet of pre cum was poised at the tip and he began rubbing it against her slightly parted lips. Sherry kissed the tip, her pink tongue swiping the droplet onto it and then taking it into her mouth, tasting it. She cooed, and opened her mouth while he slipped the huge plum sized tip between those luscious red lips that I had kissed so many times. Without missing a beat she started sucking the huge black cock, making a humming sound around it. The nigger began to move his black hips in and out, at first, little short jabs. He reached up behind her head and held it steady as he began to fuck her sucking white mouth. The nigger in her pussy was still fucking her hard and she was responding with equal vigor fucking him back.

The one in her white married pussy began to increase his pace as he rapidly reached the point of a terrifically powerful orgasm. Jamming himself completely into her he began to spew a torrent of copiously thick and hot nigger cum up into her already filled with nigger cum white womb sending her into another earth shattering orgasm. She sucked harder then and was soon having her beautiful youngish white married mouth filled with a heavy, creamy load of hot nigger cum, which she swallowed eagerly, moaning in delight at the sweetness of the nigger cum.

It was then that I saw one of the young niggers lying on his back and as the huge black cock slipped out of her married white pussy from the nigger who had just fucked her so thoroughly, he rolled her over and had her insert his monstrous nigger cock into her gapping cunt. She immediately began to ride him like a cowgirl, her firm white tits pressing against his black chest. As she was so engrossed in what she was doing she did not notice a second nigger getting up behind her. This nigger was going to fuck my wife?s hot white virgin ass. He stuck his big black finger into her ass hole, and after several seconds of stretching it, he put the huge black tip against the stretched opening and began to shove forward, grasping her sexy white hips as it slowly slipped inside.

Sherry momentarily paused, her mouth open in surprise as the huge nigger cock slipped up into her ass, she hissed and grunted. Here was my beautiful sexy white wife, the one who had been so furious and angry by just being around niggers, with a huge black cock in her nigger cum filled white pussy and now one in her no longer virgin white ass. She was biting her lower lip as the two niggers fucked her. To top this all off, the first nigger who had fucked her had regained a massive erection and was kneeling at her head and he shoved that massive rock hard black cock up into her gasping white mouth and began fucking it like a second pussy. Sherry was enthralled, enraptured at the triple penetration from the three huge nigger cocks that were fucking her simultaneously.

For the rest of that afternoon, Sherry fucked with the 5 young nigger men, they finally left about 2 hours before I was suppose to come home from work, taking their video recording materials with them.

I watched Sherry, lying in the middle of our material bed, a sheen of perspiration coating her flushed white body, a slick, sticky, slimy looking globs of nigger cum oozing out of her ass hole and pussy onto the sheets. Globs in her hair, on her white tits and body, especially on her face. She looked exhausted, yet had a glow that indicated to me that she had thoroughly enjoyed the gangbang from the 5 young niggers. She was able to roll out of the bed and go clean up in the bathroom, took a bath, stripped the bed and rearranged everything so it looked normal. I wondered though, would this happen again, when, where?
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