Like Father, Like Son

Written by Tiny John / Nov 18, 2009


Synopsis: 18 year old son follows in his fathers footsteps being dominated by black men

First of all Id like to begin by giving some background information on the various members of my family. Firstly there?s me probably best described as a poorly endowed wimp. There?s my 39 year old wife Sheila, her 59 year old Mother Ann, and completing the trio of females that live in my house my 19 year old Daughter Pam. Finally last but not least there?s my 18 year old Son Robert, who?s small in stature like me, and can sometimes by a bit unruly.

My story begins in earnest some 2 years ago when Ann who?s a widow began dating black guys. At first I wasn?t particularly happy about this, every weekend she seemed to bring a different guy home, and inevitably they were young enough to be her son, and sometimes her grand son. Gradually over time I grew accustom to having these young black men in our house. They all seemed to be so assertive, so manly; I don?t think I could have stood up to them even if Id wanted to. At night my wife and I would lay in bed listening to her mother being fucked half to death in the room next to ours, her lustful cries echoing into the small hours.

Looking back I suppose it was inevitably that my Wife and Daughter would follow in Ann?s footsteps. In fact by the time the pair of them got blacked, Id become so submissive that I actually thanked the black guy who?d took my daughters sweet virginity.

In just over a year so much had changed, I was no longer the man of my own house. I now slept on the landing at night, dressed in a baby doll nightly complete with stockings and suspenders. Throughout the night I was at the beck and call of Mistress Ann, Sheila and Pam, my only nightly role as their obedient pussy cleaner.

During the day I was attired in a tiny French Maids costume, corset, stockings, and 5? high heels. I did all the housework as my wife, mother-in-law and daughter lived a life of luxury. By now all 3 women had regular black boyfriends, in addition to the droves of other black men who came to call whenever it took their fancy. Sheila?s and Ann?s boyfriends were called Wayne and Leroy, as strapping pair in their mid twenties, whereas my daughters lover was an older man in his 40?s called Tony.

Whereas by now Id learnt my place as servant to the superior black race, sadly there was one member of my family who hadn?t, my insolent son Robert. Id tried to explain to him that black men were our betters and that he should show them the respect that they deserved, but he would have none of it. In fact he now held me in such low regard that Id allowed the black men to take over the house, that he even refused to talk to me at all Ann, Sheila, and Pam decided that there as only one thing for it Wayne, Leroy, and Tony would have to take him in hand and teach him some respect.

To put it frankly the thought of my 18 year old son being dominated by 3 assertive black men turned me on no end. Id always loved humiliation and the thought of my own son being put in his place, with myself not being able to a thing to prevent it was an enormous turn on.

It all began on Sunday afternoon when Shelia informed him that his constant rudeness towards the black men was going to be put to right. At first he went into a silent sulk and refused to cooperate in any way, this quickly changed after a hard slap each off the 3 black men. Like a scolded schoolboy he was frogmarched upstairs by his Mother and Gran, I myself had no idea what lay in store for my Son, but one thing was for sure you could bet it was going to be something extremely humiliating.

Much to my frustration that afternoon I was to spend most of my time preparing a meal for all in the kitchen. I wanted to watch the action more than anything, thank god I was having to serve drinks every 10 minuets or so, or otherwise id have missed everything.

My first glimpse of what was going on occurred about 5 minuets after Robert had been brought back down, there?d been loud applause when Sheila and Ann had led him in, what they?d done to him was driving my out of my mind. Entering the room where everyone was gathered with a drinks tray in hand, I was delighted to discover the handy work of my Wife and her Mom. There in the middle of the room stood my poor Son, his face red with same, dressed only in a pair of black stockings and suspenders and a pair of matching high heels. Around his neck was attached a dogs collar and lead which was being held by his Grandmother, with his hands secured behind his back my a set of handcuffs.

Id never seen my Son looking so ashamed, but what really caught my eye was the size of his cock. Since before Id entered the room I guess Ann must have been playing with it, her hand was still tickling his balls in fact. No more then 4 inches it must have been standing to attention for all to see, like father like son it guess.

The next time I got to see what was happening was about 15 minuets latter, again it was time for fresh drinks, and I was pleased to find that things had moved on. Robert was now on his knees between Tony?s thighs sucking upon his fat black monster cock. Looking up at me as I entered the room his face looked a picture as he paid homage to Tony?s 10 inch dick. Luckily for me I?d come at the right time as Tony was just about to cum, spewing copious amounts of his spunk all over my Son?s blushing face.

On my next visit I discovered my son performing the same task on Wayne?s big dick only this time with added pleasure of Leroy kneeling behind him with his cock shafting his bum. To be honest I did feel a little jealous at the attention that Robert was getting.

For the next 3 hours I continued to get glimpses of what was going on, Robert was fucked by all 3 men several times and was forced to suck cock after cock. Inanition to this he was made to lick out all 3 women, and was spanked by all. One thing was for sure life would never be the same for my Son ever again.

The following day Roberts new life began in earnest. Much to my delight Sheila informed me that I would become Robert?s personal instructor.

After the previous day?s cock sucking session Robert had come to realize that black men were indeed his superiors, somehow he?d changed, he was no longer the rebellious teenager that he?d once been, but a submissive little white boy like his dad.

My first task was to decide what Robert would wear, to me it seemed pointless dressing him in a Maids costume like myself, that?s when I hit on the idea of making him wear his sisters old school uniform. My daughter Ann who was about the same height as her brother loved to wear her pinafore quite short, still though a few inches would have to come off its length. What a picture Robert made when id finished with him, his pinafore was so short you could almost see his panties, and stockings and suspenders that he also wore made him look like a right little slut.

Pamela, Shelia, and Ann were delighted when they saw the results of my handy work. Robert was blushing like a beetroot as his sister, mother and gran sniggered and laughed as they looked him up and down. Wayne, Leroy, and Tony on the other hand didn?t just look him up and down, within seconds of seeing him dressed like that his panties had been ripped off, he?d been bent over and was taking a length of black cock. All 3 fucked him in turn, Tony first followed by Wayne and Leroy. God they were rough with him, my son was squealing like a pig by the time they?d finished with him.

For the rest of that day I continued Robert?s training I showed him how to hand wash the women?s panties, this was a task to be his from now on, a task he?d have to do well as the ladies panties were always stained with quite a lot of spunk. Also I showed my son how to polish his black masters boots, this again had o be done to perfection as the black men expected you to lick their boots throughout the day. That night it was decided that I would continue as my wife?s pussy licker, with my son taking on the duties for his sister and gran. As it was Ann got fucked by all 3 black men and 5 more of their mates that night so poor Robert got to clean up loads of tasty cum. Pam?s pussy took less of as pounding, as only Tony fucked her, although he did it 3 times.

The following Ann decided that she was punish Robert with her cane. He hadn?t actually done anything but thought it would be good for him to see what he?d get if he ever did anything wrong. He was bent over panties around his ankles and received a dozen of the best, and if that wasn?t enough he was then spanked in turn by his mother, sister and gran. Finally completing his ordeal Tony, Wayne and Leroy gave him a good hammering, leaving him crying on the floor.
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