Old Man Willie

Written by Carol / Dec 11, 2009


I thought I would share with you my past experience years ago when I first knew the pleasure of black sex. I have yet to repeat it, but wanted to share it with you. I wrote this back then and read it to my self often.

I have to tell you, for the most part I never understood people with open marriages. Letting your souse have sex with someone else always seemed like a sure proof way of losing them and causing trouble. That was up until about 6 months ago. Now when you read that, know that I love my husband dearly and never would want to hurt him in any way.

I am a healthy 36 yr old woman, and am married to a wonderful 38 year old handsome man. I am still a knock out, to me, and others, after 14 years of marriage. Now when I say others, it?s just that people, women and men, tell me! I work hard at keeping in shape, get in the gym 3 to 4 times a week and run some every now and then. I am 5ft 5in, 120, medium length blond hair and still very firm 34C breasts and rock hard abs. I am very comfortable with my body, I don?t not try to hide it and yet I don?t flaunt it with overly sexy clothes either.

We have been looking at moving for abut two years now. My husband wanted to live a little closer to down town so he would not have to drive so much, and I only work part time and usually from home, so it did not matter to me. This would reduce the drive for him downtown to abut 15 minutes instead of the hour he was now doing. And would put him closer to the airport since he traveled out of town usually one to two weeks a month. We have been looking and in April finally found a house we both could agree upon. It was an old house, and although we could move in, it was going to need lots of work. So in April we moved in and made a plan on what we would do first.

We made the house livable and got to know a few of the neighbors witch were mostly older people. We don?t have any children so we fit right in with the older group in that sense since all their children were mostly gone from the neighborhood. We started making some improvements but it would take more than just us to make lots of the repairs.

My husband and I would spend our weekend?s working day and night and things were coming along, but it was going to take months. I told him he should look at finding some help, so we could get it done a little quicker. One day Tom, that?s my husband, came home and said that the nice guy at the local hardware store had recommended a guy who lives near us and that he would be coming over the next weekend to help him. This guy, his name is Willy, was an older black man who has long since retired, but makes a few extra dollars dong just this type for work in the neighborhood.

The weekend came and Willy came over and we all had introductions and he was a nice man. Willy was about 6ft 2in, and you could tell in his day was a very strong and capable man, very muscular, no doubt form a lifetime of hard work. I guessed he was about 67 and worried privately that he might be a little to old for some of the more heavy work. Well, they got to it and will was not fast, but hardly ever took a break and just worked hard into the evening. I had served them lunch and drinks during the day. It was now summer and the heat was bearable, but still, it was hard work. Sunday evening I told Tom how I was very impressed with how such and old man was able to get so much done. Tom laughed and agreed and said that Willy had more stamina than he did and was thankful that the weekend was over, but also that they got so much done.

The next weekend Willy showed up early Saturday and got right to work. This weekend Tom had to work some so was not there on Saturday. When it was lunch time I made lunch for Willy and I and invited him in to eat, and he suggested we eat on the back porch since he did not want to come into the air conditioning. Willy was in his jeans and had his shirt off, and for an older man I noticed was still in very good condition. As we sat and ate I asked a little about him. Willy was actually 71, and was a widower. His wife had died about 5 years ago after a long illness and he had lived alone ever since.

Lot?s of the work he did was as much to keep busy, as it was to be out and socializing. Willy had moved to this town when his wife became ill so they could be near the medial care she needed, so he did not know too many people.

Willy also said he would have to leave early on Saturday, but would be back on Sunday as normal. We finished lunch and he went back to work. I caught him looking at me a few times, even at 71, I realized Willy was still a man!

Sure enough Sunday he was back. He explained to my husband that Saturday evenings there is a bingo game at a nearby church and he goes to meet new people. I guess men can share this as he didn?t tell me. It seems that Willy has only been with one woman since his wife died, and uses the bingo as his way to find a new partner.

This went on for a few weeks and one day I said to Willy how the internet was a new way for him to find someone, and would he like some help since we have a computer and I would be more than happy to help him. I liked Willy and thought he should find someone even at his age. Seeing him work around our home I got the feeling he still had some good years in him, and with how fit he was, I sensed he would make some woman very happy. He did not know much about online dating so I suggested he come over for dinner on Tuesday and we would work on it after. He agreed. Tom would be out of town, so we could spend it trying to find Willy a date.

Tuesday came and he was right on time. He looked different, casual, in shorts and just a bit more relaxed than when he was with us on weekends. I offered him a beer and he gladly accepted as we got down to filling out a profile for him on Match.com. Besides asking him the questions for the profile I took the opportunity to learn a little more about him. Seems he was married to his wife most of his life, and as we had more beers, he shared quite a bit more. They had a great sex life up until she got sick. They had sex 5 to 6 times a week, and he missed it. She was sick the last 4 years of his life and had been dead 5 years now, so he has been without for many years.

I asked him about dating and after the 4th beer, he was more than willing to share. I was not sure I should have asked, but since I was on my 4th beer also, and even though I was blushing a little as he shared with me, I found I was very interested. He said he had dated some, took him a good year to think abut dating after his wife died, but that once he did it was not easy. Our part town is mostly white, and when you?re in your late 60?s there are not a lot of single dating women, let alone some that want to have sex.

He had met a few and dated a few, but once they got a look at his Johnson (as he called it) they got cold feet. So, we are on our 5th beer, its after 9pm and when he said that, I thought I would not stop laughing. I could not help it. He just looked at me, so I said to him, ?what?s wrong with your Johnson? Is it deformed or something?? I knew once those words were out of my mouth I should not have said it, but it was too late then.

Willy started laughing and stood up and said ? oh no, not at all ?as he undid his pants and pulled his pants and boxers down ?see, its normal, its just big, they all thought it would be too big I guess?. There in all his glory Willy stood, and he was right. It was big. My god it was big and he was not even hard. I know I must have been all shades of red as I just stared at it. I had never seen a black man naked before, ok I had never seen a black cock before and there 4 feet away from me was one. Wow. That was all I could say. And I said it out loud before I even realized it.

This cock was a good six inches long, limp, but thicker than I had ever seen, even in the few porn movies hub had rented. He was not circumcised and that was new for me too, but this cock was amazing. Don?t ask me why, but it was. His foreskin covered his cock head, and that was really big. The skin color on his cock was jet black, a contrast from Willy. He was not pale, but not as black as his cock. As I stared he reached down and stroked it a bit and said ?you see, and when I get hard it gets a bit bigger, so I think most just got scared, but I tried to explain to them that it was ok, that my wife and I did it like every day and she loved it?. And as he was explaining this he was stroking it and damn it was starting to grow.

I started stammering, ?ah, ah, I can see how that might scare them Willy. I don?t know too many men that are equipped like you?. Willy said, ?Oh I am sorry Tammy, I didn?t mean to expose myself like this.? You could see that he was embarrassed and by now his cock had only gotten thicker and was now a good 9 inches and growing as he pulled up his boxers and pants. My eyes never left his cock the whole time it was out, I don?t know what got into me but once he was covered up I woke up and looked up at him. ?Oh will that?s ok, must be all the beer, don?t you worry about that?. It was a little awkward for a minute when Willy said he should go and headed for the door. As he was leaving I said ?Willy, you come back for dinner tomorrow, and we will see if your profile has gotten any attention. Ok?? he just turned and smiled and said OK.

What was I thinking, inviting him again, with Tom out of town? That night after I got into bed it was all I could do to get that cock out of my mind. I had dated a few guys before Tom and I married, I was no virgin. But none had any equipment to compare to Willy. Most when hard were as long as Willy when he was limp, but god none were even near as long as what I saw as he was getting hard, and none ever got near as thick as that. I could see why some women would be scared to see that thing and think at 60 some years old, that could hurt you. No, I didn?t really think it could hurt you, but I could see it scaring off some of the women his age if they never had a big man like that. Hell it scared me, but it did more than that. It also made me very wet, and I was confused about that.

Why was I even entertaining that in my mind. I had never thought of black men sexually, although never had anything against them. But Willy, wow! As I thought more and more about that huge cock, my fingers took me to the most intense orgasm I had in months!

The next day my mind was consumed with the image of that black cock. I just could not get it out of my head. I got lots done and went the gym and had one of the best workouts. I was waiting for the day to end for Willy to come by again. I prepared diner, wondering if he would actually come by again, knowing that he was probably more embarrassed than I was.

At 6pm he showed up, this time he had brought some beer with him, saying that since I was making dinner he thought he should bring something. I had only given it a half a thought wondering if there might be more to that gift, but then pushed it out of my mind. We ate, and got to the computer. I showed him and let him use it letting him search the database for women. I was sitting next to him at the kitchen table as we both viewed the laptop. I was drinking a bit more since I was not doing anything as he searched. From someone who never used a computer he caught on quickly. He tried women his age and there were not that many. But what I did learn that was although Willy loved his wife, and she was black, Willy had thing for white women.

We laughed at few of the profiles, and I was kidding him about others, and drinking more and more as we were having fun trying to find him someone. Soon Willy was searching women in their 40?s and 50?s. I jokingly said that I think the would like his Johnson more Than the older women. He laughed and looked at me and said ?you think so?? I said ?yea, I would think so, they are more in their prime than the older women maybe you should look for a younger woman, I think you could make a younger woman very happy with that cock? I was drunk by now, which was rare, I usually don?t drink that much, but I was very much enjoying this, and the words just flew out of my mouth.

He was very interested in the pictures now of the younger women, as he asked me, ?why, your young, why would someone your age like my Johnson, I mean I know it?s a little big, but is it that odd?? For some reason our conversation was just flowing, there was no more embarrassment, and I responded, ?Willy, very few men have anything like what your packing, and there are some women who like larger men. I myself have never had one, so I can?t speak for myself, but I know I had girlfriends who would go on and on about liking an endowed man.? I was so turned on from this talk, it was all I could do to not ask him to see that cock again. As I turned to get up to get another beer I fell off my chair. Falling on the ground, I was laughing knowing how foolish this looked and how drunk I must be to fall off a chair.

Willy got up and helped me up, he was so tall, towering over me as I got to my feet I could barley walk. He held on to me and I said ?I guess I don?t need any more beer do I?? laughing. As he was holding me my arms when around him and my left hand rubbed his crotch, accidentally. I could feel his cock and I looked up to him and drunkenly asked ?Willy, just how big does that thing get? ? he smiled, and said ?do you want to see? Sure!? I said.

Willy walked me up the stairs to my bedroom and put me on the bed. He said? ok you sit there and I will show you, but you will have to help some, ok?? ?Sure? I said. Being drunk, sometimes you don?t put two and two together. Now I knew at that time I wanted to see that black cock again, but I really never thought much past that. I watched will take his shirt off, his still muscular chest strong, for a man of his age, and then he took off his pants and boxers, standing naked in front of me. He slowly stroked his cock, seeing it start to grow, he walked over to me, saying ?you stroke it, that will make it happen much faster.?

I reached out with both hands and was stroking it, feeling it get harder, thicker and long in my hand, seeing his cock head now exposing itself as it grew. My eyes mesmerized on this black cock in my little white hands. Willy moved close, and soon his cock was close to my mouth as he told me to suck it. I licked at the small drop of precum on his cock head, the thick sweet tasting drop. Wondering just how anyone could suck this cock and do it justice. I have always enjoyed sucking cock, feeling it in my mouth, the softness of the skin, knowing how my mouth held such power to make a man feel suck pleasure, knowing how such trust went into him letting me hold that between my teeth, and how I could get him off with the warmness of my mouth and my tongue.

Sucking man off, knowing all that, would always make me wet, make me want to cum, it was such a turn on getting a guy off. But looking at this huge black cock in front of me, I knew I would never be able to suck it right. Not that I was not going to try, lol, but I knew I could never be good with one this large. With hubby's 6in cock I knew I could take 4 inches, sometimes more, with the guys before him, all depending on how thick they were sure some 3 some 4 inches, which was more than enough to make a guy want to cum. One guy I remember had such a skinny cock I was able to take all of him, almost gagging, but enjoying it still the same. But this think, his cock head so thick, and even the rest was abnormally thick I know I would barely get his cock head in my mouth.

Taking Willy?s cock in my mouth, my mouth wide open, my tongue swirling around his massive black cock head as I did my best to take what I could. My hands slowly stroking this massive cock as I sucked him. It had to be all of almost 10 inches long and as I said, abnormally thick. My mind reeling as I sucked this cock, thinking what would my husband think, and my god how did this ever happen, but not stopping.

As I was sucking his black cock I could feel his hands on my breasts, playing with my very hard nipples through my thin top. His cock now was rock hard, as he pulled it out of my mouth. ?so you never had a big cock like this before? ?he said. ?never? I said. ?your going to love it, lay back? and before I could move he had pushed me back on the bed and was pulling down my shorts. He had my legs spread and was fingering my very wet pussy. He said, ?what is that under your pussy hair?? without thinking I responded ?oh that?s a small tattoo I got when I was younger, how can you see that? ? then I realized he was now licking my pussy, and found my clit.. I tensed, his tongue so targeted, making me buck slightly under his attack, so close, he could tell, and stopped. ?NOOO? don?t stop.. oh god don?t stop..? I said, and soon could feel his cock head at my entrance., drunk, but knowing this was not something I should do, yes, I know I had done everything up to this point, and seemingly willingly, so why stop now? I don?t know, but knew that this was a point of no return, that I needed to stop this.

?Willy, let me suck you, really?, I slurred, my hands trying to stop him from entering me. Feeling his thick bulbous cockhead now enter me, feeling how thick he was, as he slowly pushed in. My eyes bug eyed open with the feeling, the sensations. ?OOHHH ? NOOO.. omg omg.. NOO.. ?feeling 2 then 3 inches in me.. as he took his time pushing that fat black cock in me, my heart racing, my breathing fast, my pussy on fire. With about 4 inches in me he stopped, and rocked back and forth, fucking me with that 4 inches, feeling about how far most men I have been with but god, so thick, pushing my pussy walls out, feeling things I had never felt before, his cock so thick, as he then went deeper, slowly.

Laying there, his arms now holding my legs agnast his body, as he stood along side of the bed, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my soaking wet pussy. ?oh god oh god.. slow.. please slow.. oh my god your so thick.. ? I was yelling.. the sensations of a thick cock just so intense and different, and feeling him so much deeper now as he started to fuck me, his cock in and out of me, impaling me, filling me like nothing had ever done, and wondering if I would ever be the same, as I was so close to cumming. His strong arms holding my legs as he penetrates my willing pussy this point, my hips bucking, fucking him back, as he is slow, and methodical, my body unable to take it any more, I am yelling, ?YESYE YES? I AM CUMMING>> OGH MY GOD YES FUCK ME YES YES YES? as I cum on his massive cock. He continues to fuck me slowly, soon I am done, but his cock still going in and out of me, and then he begins to go deeper, I had no clue, he was not all the way in, and the sensations just attacking my mind.

He continued to fuck me for another 40 minutes just like that, taking me to 5 more orgasms, with me begging him to cum and stop after the 3rd orgasm I had. Who would know I could cum like that, that even though I wanted him out, he could still make me cum. He never fucked me hard, or fast, just slow and methodical, and after the 40 to 45 minutes of him fucking he finally came in me, filling me with his cum. Feeling his cum squirt so deep in me, never felt anything like that, never had anything in me that far, oh god the feelings were so intense. He pulled his cock out, and sat on the bed next to me.

?damn girl you got on tight pussy, I am going to love fucking this. But it?s late, and I need to get, see you tomorrow?? He said as he pulled on his clothes. ?next time I will stay longer, ? He said as he leaned down and kissed me. My mind raced, yet still drunk, I said ?OK? I pulled up my legs and curled on the bed, never before ever feeling so completely satisfied. The next thing I knew it was morning, the sun was shining in the window and my head was pounding. OH MY GOD, what did I do, as the memories of last night flooded my head.

As I lay there connecting all the dots of what happened, shame, humiliation flushed through my body. Oh my God, how could I have let that happen. Then remembering the powerful orgasms, oh god what was I thinking.

I move my feet so they were on the floor and I was sitting in the exact spot I was fucked in last night, the bed, still wet between my legs where his cum drained out of me. A puddle on the floor, my god how much cum did this man have? I got up and threw a robe on, went down stairs and made some coffee. What am I going to do? I am will have to talk with Willy, tell him what a mistake that was, he must know, it was not me, it was the beer. Drinking some Coffee, I went upstairs, showered, threw on some panties and shorts, bra and tank top. I did not have a phone for Willy, so would just have to wait till I saw him again.

For the next two days, my mind went from guilt and shame, to basking in the incredible orgasms that old man gave me. My god, how could such an old man have such a wonderful cock and know exactly how to use it. On Thursday evening Tom got home and I was happy to see him, if not pained a little by the incredible guilt. I would never tell him, no way. I had not intentionally done this, so no need to fess up to it. I needed to act normal, but felt anything but as we went to bed. Tom wanted sex, so I let him, we kissed, and he worked his way to my sensitive nipples, turning me on, my mind reeling with the images of Willy fucking me, turning me on even more. As Tom worked his way down to my now super soaked pussy, he thought it all his working, but I was so torn. As he licked me my body could do nothing but respond as soon I was cuming on his tongue.

Tom could always make me cum with his tongue, although that was a record for how quick. His cock, well Tom usually would lick me to an orgasm first, as he only a handful of times during our marriage ever made me cum from his cock only. Not like Willy, my god was it the beer, no, damit, Willy had made me cum 5 of 6 times and only from his cock GOD that was awesome sex. My mind reliving those orgasms as Tom mounted me, his cock sliding in easily with as drenched my pussy was. As Tom was pounding into me, my mind was back with Willy, the differences between the sex was huge, tom like a fast piston, and soon to explode, where as Willy, went on and on.

Toms cock hitting my clit, my mind lost in the sexual lust of two lovers getting closer to an orgasm as I felt Tom cumming in me.. slowing his thrusts, I yelled out ?NOOO NOT yet.. DON?T CUM NOOOOOO I am not there.. oh god noo? but it was to late, Tom had filled me with his cum, pent up from his days without me, and knowing how he must have thought I came so easy from his tongue. I was bummed, and with out realizing it was verbalizing it. ?Damit Tom, why did you have to cum so quick, I was?.? I stopped, oh god, I didn?t mean to say that out loud. ?That?s ok babe, I just thought I might be able to cum again. I had missed you, and was almost there.? I said. He said ?Sorry babe, I didn?t know, I mean you never cum twice, sorry.? We laid there and soon were asleep.

Friday morning came early. I woke Tom was still sleeping, and I felt bad about making him feel bad last night. Yes, I also was still feeling quilt as I looked at him sleeping and moved over, kissing his bare chest, slowly making my way down to his cock. Taking his limp cock into my mouth, its soft fleshy limp feeling, as I am able to take it all. Tasting my flavor from last night my tongue moves around his cock, and cock head, my mouth doing all the work pulling his cock some, sucking it back into my mouth, feeling him start to grow. His cock now only maybe 2 to 3 inches long total, but growing, again, my mind visualizing how Willy?s soft cock was so thick, and already 6 inches.

Sucking Tom?s cock in and out, his cock now hard and at full length and girth, being able to take ? of him in to my mouth my head bobbed on and off, my right hand playing gently with his testicles, I take his cock out of my mouth, allowing my tongue to trail from his cock head to his balls, I lick his balls all over, and then work my way up his shaft, licking it up and down, teasing the underside of his cock head, and then taking his cock back into my mouth as I engulf most of his cock, feeling it against the back of my throat, holding it there, and trying to take more, pushing it, trying to resist the gagging, when I feel him starting to cum, his cock jerking in my mouth then feeling his hot cum in my mouth, the hot sticky goo, I hold it as he cums more and more. Sensing he is done, I swallow the cum, slowly pulling my mouth off his cock. While holding his cock, I lick it from the base up again to his cock-head, his cock twitching as I know he is sensitive now, as I clean all his cum off his softening cock. I look up and smile, he has been watching me and is in his own bliss.

I had done that a few times before, but it had been years. Ok, so hubby was a happy camper, and did not suspect anything, but how was I going to face Willy this weekend. We it was Saturday morning before you knew it and Willy was knocking on the door. Tom was in the shower and I really didn?t want to answer it but knew I had better face it now sooner than later. I let Willy in and said ?Willy, look about the other night, I had way to much to drink, that is not who I am, I am sorry, but please, don?t mention this to Tom. I hope you understand. ?Willy smiled and said ?Don?t fret there Tammy, I understand. You made this 71 yr old man a very happy man the other night. I know I just up and left, and I feel bad about that, I mean I don?t? normally just cum and leave like that, it was bad manors. You know with the wife, we didn?t have any kids, so we had some very special us time. There was a time when I was much younger that I would be able to do what we did 5 or 6 times in a night. But over the years you slow down, and well 2 to 3 times a night got to be more the norm. She was a special person and enjoyed sex, a lot like you did with me.? He said.

I know the look on my face had to be just shock. He would do that 2 or 3 times in a night? My god how? What man can have that stamina? And remembering back, he said they had sex 5 to 6 times a week, my GOD, the poor woman. My mind was reeling as he continued to talk, but I didn?t hear anything. I was doing the math, thinking how my pussy would be ruined being fucked so much. How would one woman handle so many orgasms? Is such a thing possible? About that time I came back to the conversation hearing him say ?I do want to thank you for the help in finding me a date, can I come by again one night this week to see what results and if there were any responses?? he asked. ?um, sure Willy, but just that OK?? and without waiting for a response I said ?Tuesday night OK??

Willy smiled and looked at me and said ?well that will work, but not sure you will keep your hands off me, and if you just have to have me missy, well, I aint gona stop ya.? And with that I could hear Tom coming down the stairs. Willy and I were still at the front door, and you can?t see the door from the stairs when Willy just casually reached up with both hands and pinched my nipples. I yelped in shock, and Willy just smiled and winked. I knew I could not say anything, and I knew instantly that my nipples were now hard and poking out as I turned and saw Tom walking towards us.

Tom was smiling and I could see his eyes looking at my very pert nipples that were poking through the thin tank I had thrown on this morning without a bra. Tom winked to me as he walked over to us, saying hi to Willy and as Tom was standing there he put his arm around me, we were both facing Willy now as Tom was discussing the days tasks. All during this Tom was grabbing my ass, making sure my nipples were staying hard. Not that he knew that was the effect, but it was. After a few minutes I told them I was sure they had lots to do, and said I had my own chores and excused myself.

That night after Willy left early for bingo Tom and I were sitting on the porch and he shared with me that Willy sure thought I was a hot little thing. Tom was smiling as he was saying it. ?Tom, don?t get any idea?s, the man is 71!? I joked as I responded. ?well he might be 71, but from what the folks down at the hardware store tell me ol Willy is little bit more active than he lets on. According to them he has had his fair share of the women in this part of town since his wife died.? Tom Said. I was confused and must have had that look on my face as I looked at Tom. ?What?s the matter?? Tom asked.

?Well, Willy told me he has not dated but one since his wife died he made is sound like he is a lonely old man.? I said. Tom just laughed. ?Yes, well it seems that?s his game. He tells the women how lonely he is, and that at his age he has not had sex, and some of the women give him some pity sex, and others fall for it and have sex with him for whatever reasons, but from what the guys at the hardware store tell me that?s just his way in. It would seem that once Willy has a woman, he has her quite a few times since he, and this is according to the people down there, that he is quite the lover, and although he might trick them the first time, he is invited back. No one knows what?s so special about his love making, but they seem to like it.? Tom Said. ?All I know is he is one hard worker. Doesn?t move fast but damn he gets a lot done and keeps going and going.? I wanted to second that, but thought better of it. So, Willy is a sly old bastard is he I thought. Well I will help him with the online things, but that?s it. No more sex.

That night as hubby and I got to bed, he wanted sex, and my mind was still reeling from his shared story about how Willy is a bit more of a player than he shared. Hubby again played with my very sensitive nipples and then ate me to an incredible orgasm, and was on me fucking me with my mind of Willy fucking me. I so got into the fantasy, I was being vocal, telling him ?yes, fuck me, god yes make me cum fuck me? as I was fucking him back dreaming it was Willy and wanting the orgasms I had that night, when I could sense hubby was abut to cum again. My mouth again open and talking, which I might had is new for me, I am not vocal at all during sex, but again as I was sensing him about to cum I yelled ?NOO not yet no wait.. fuck me hard yes fuck me.. god I want to cum fuck me don?t cum, don?t cum yet?? and about that time could feel him willing me with his cum. I was almost there, so close, the frustration as Tom stopped boiled over again ?Damit Tom, why do you have to cum so quick!?

I regretted saying it, and Tom looked like a hurt puppy dog as he worked his way down between my legs and started to lick my clit. I almost stopped him thinking this not the orgasm I want, but let him. About 20 minutes later I did cum. After we laid there again, going to sleep. I was thinking how I was going to have to stop expecting things from Tom that he could not do. It was not fair to Tom.

Sunday came and went, and Monday morning when Tom was getting ready I saw him packing a bag and I asked what?s up. He did not say he had to go out of town. He said the he had reminded me, but I must have forgot. I agreed knowing how distracted I was this week. I kissed him good by and he said he would see me very late Thursday. .

So Tuesday evening came and Willy showed up, I knew to not drink to many beers tonight, so after dinner to the computer we went. After a bout an hour of searching and e-mailing women Willy said all that woman hunting made him horny and how he had thought of me all weekend, and was sure that we could enjoy some time again. My nerves went on high alert.

?No Willy, we can?t do that, really. I like you, but not like that, and I am married, no, we can?t? I said, he just stood up and walked over to me where I was sitting on the chair, he was smiling, and as he was standing just inches from me, his crotch as my face level. He smiled again and said ?go ahead, you know you want to take it out again.? I was in shock, nervous, turned on, confused, trying to stay the course. ?No Willy, I can?t, really? he just smiled more. Then he slowly took off his shirt, and then undid his pants, and let them drop and then pulled his boxers down, freeing that magnificent black cock just inches from my face. ?You know you want to, I can tell from the wet spot in your tiny shorts your wearing.? Humiliation flowed over me, and desire, and major confusion. ?Willy please you have to get dressed, people can see you through the windows, hurry,? I said as I instantly thought, what would the neighbors think.

?Your right, so you better come upstairs with me so we can do this in private, he grabbed my hand and lead me up the stairs, me protesting the whole way. In my bedroom Willy pulled the sheets down and laid down, his cock semi hard, and so beautiful looking. I said ?Willy no, its not going to happen, please understand I am married, I can?t.? I said.

Will just smiled and said ?let me ask you, did you enjoy the sex we had?? I stammered, buy finally said yes. ?OK, and was it the best fuck you ever had, be honest now Tammy? again, I stammered, but finally said yes. He laughed and said, ?then there ain?t much to talk about except how much more your going to enjoy it tonight Tammy, after all, you would not want me to have to explain to Tom how I know about that little tattoo you got there now would you??

The Tattoo, yes, I forgot he saw it the other night oh dear god, how would I explain that. I mean its only one centimeter above my clit. Its a little heart I had done long before I knew Tom, I had shaved all of my hair down there one night and had that Tattoo done for a previous lover, thank god there are no initials in it? But how would I explain to Tom that Willy knew, he knows there is only one way you can see that, and that is up close. With my pubic hair back, its barely visible, god what I have gotten myself into.

?You wouldn?t?..? I said, looking at him laying on my bed, naked, his beautiful cock laying there, waiting to just please me more than I deserve, oh GOD what have I gotten myself into.

He laughed, ?Tammy you know more than me that you want to get fucked again, its written on your face, you want this black cock in you one more time. You have to know if it was a fluke I would make you cum 6 times before I came, you want to feel those intense orgasms again.? I could not speak, he was not lying, I did I wanted all that and more. ?No, I can?t really, I can?t [please don?t make me do this please, I am married, this is my married bed, no?.? I pleaded as he pulled me on the bed and took off my top, my bra, and then my shorts and panties. me begging him the whole time to not do this, although I did not try to stop him, I did beg him to not do it.

As he pulled me to him, my hands on his chest pushing him, he overpowered me, this large strong 71 year old man, and soon was on top of me, his massive hard beautiful black cock sliding in and out of me. With time going by, his methodical fucking, bring me to orgasm after orgasm till he finally came in me, filling me with his sperm so deep, my pussy so filled with his monster cock. The sensations of his girth and length putting me over the edge many times as my eyes see this black man fucking me, his hands playing with my nipples, breasts. As we laid there exhausted, resting his cum latterly pouring out of me.

?at 71, I have to have ex when I can Tammy, I can?t tell you how much I miss it. I loved sex every day with my wife, but since its harder to fill that void. But with your tight white married pussy, damn I get that feeling back. We both know Tom don?t do this for you, so enjoy it while you can.? He said, and with that he moved up and put his limp cock in my mouth. ?suck that baby, make me hard again?. And I did, energetically sucking it as the best I could, knowing that this cock just fucked me for almost and hour and made me cum over 8 times, my god, that has never happened and I am 36, how could I be 36 and never experience sex like this before In my life?

Here I am being black mailed into sex, yet enjoying every minute of it. Soon he was rock hard and back in my pussy, his slow methodical ways, first with me on my back, then doggie, then with me on top, all the time him controlling the tempo, and making me cum over and over. Forty minutes later, as he was about to cum he told me he wanted me to drink his black cum so I did, taking his massive cock in my mouth, feeling him spurt his cum, gobs and gobs of it, more than twice what hub cums, and I swallowed it all, knowing this man just gave me more pleasure than humanly allowed, it was the least I could do. How was he transforming my mind so easily, I had to remind myself this was all against my will. We both laid there and drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I remember is his cock pushing back into my still wet pussy, it was dark, I was groggy, feeling him behind me pushing, entering me. With his cock now stretching my pussy again, filling me, I pushed back, loving how his cock felt in me. As my eyes opened slightly I could see the close say 2am. He fucked me to another half dozen orgasms over the next 35 minutes before he finally filled my pussy with his cum. We ended the fucking with him on top of me, where he rolled off and laid next to me, again we drifted off to sleep.

When morning finally came, I woke with the sun shining in my eyes, as I opened them the night came back to me. My god, what am I doing. Having sex (ok awesome sex) with a 71 year old man, in my own bed, and him sleeping over. I must be nuts. As I lay there looking at him, seeing that even at 71, he was in great shape, but he was 71, you could tell, but wow, what a lover. No man had ever been able to totally satisfy me like that.

I pulled the sheet down and when to suck his beautiful black cock. Something in me stirred every time I saw it, there was something about it, thick, but oh so black. As I sucked it the best I could feeling it get harder as I know he was awake now. Sucking it, licking his shaft, his balls, making love to this wonderful black tool. After about 20 minutes, taking his good sized load into my mouth, swallowing his seed.

Sitting up, looking at him, looking at me, I said ?good morning? He just smiled.

?Now that?s the way to be woken up, you will make an excellent lover? He said. And then rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom.

We had breakfast and he went home. He continued to work with my husband on weekends, and I heard many more stories about him from my husband, through the people at the hardware store where Willy was sharing them. I only recognized me in one, so knew he had many more in the neighborhood.

He would show up during the week when he knew my husband would be out of town and fuck me silly many times during the night, even though I would protest that I was married and did not want this to happen. He knew I wanted, I knew I wanted it, who would not want to get fucked like that? But I had to make it look good.

This went on for about 4 months. He would come for dinner, search the web for a date, and then bed me for the night, fucking me many times during the night and the next morning. It never seemed to amaze me, the mans stamina. He wore me out.

One week when hub was not traveling, Willy did not show up for work, that afternoon hubby had gone to the local hardware store and found that Willy had died that week of a heart attack. Seems he was with a woman just down the street. The public story was he was there doing some handy work, but the other story was they found him in bed with her, and he was naked. I guess it would not be so bad, but she was married.

My husband never found out, and sex with my husband was only better with all the memories of the sex with Willy. I do miss him. Somehow all the guilt is gone, but I will miss that man, no, I will and do miss that cock!

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