The Farmerís New Young Wife Pt. 2

Written by Southboy / Dec 31, 2009


Ellie?s Black Orgy

Ellie was somewhat in a ticklish situation being as she had a thing for her younger black ?nigger? lover and yet wanted to maintain her marriage to Ed and not let him find out. Whenever he was there at the farm she was always very careful not to even look at him for fear she would just smile, that her recently awakened sex drive would shift into high gear and Ed would get suspicious. So Ellie maintained her distance, not putting herself in any form of suspicious behavior. She was totally unaware that Leroy had been approached by the two other young nigger workers who had seen him fucking the hot, beautiful young white wife of the ?Boss Man,? in the loft that day. They told him what they had seen and wanted to get in on the action and also fuck her. Leroy, who had no real binding affection for Ellie, to him she was just a hot tight white married pussy, just smiled and agreed that the next time he and she got in the barn they were welcome to join in the fuck session and that they would love the feel of her tight white married pussy on their huge black cocks.

Two days later Ed and Andy were to attend a farmer?s meeting in the next state over which would take them away for at least 3 days and nights. While she and Ed had had sex once, usually a month or longer in between sessions, Ellie was not satisfied ever since Leroy had fucked her that day in the barn. She was looking forward to Ed leaving so she and Leroy could get together again and her highly aroused sexual desires could be fulfilled.

Leaving early that morning Ellie kissed Ed goodbye as he drove off with her father, Andy, in the car with him to the meeting. Her mind was on Leroy and she was about to burn up, her needing married white pussy what actually dripping lubricating fluids just thinking about fucking with the big cocked young nigger worker. She decided not to meet him in the barn but to bring him into the house and use she and Ed?s martial bed. Putting on her usual tight short shorts and a low cut, tit hugging blouse she walked toward the barn knowing that Leroy would be there.

She found him standing just outside the barn and told him how she wanted to go into the house with him and fuck in the ?Boss Man?s? bed. Leroy felt his huge black cock lurch in anticipation, fucking the ?Boss Man?s? hot sexy beautiful lusty white wife in his own bed that Ed shared with her. His two young nigger friends were standing just inside the barn concealed but over heard the conversation and decided to sneak into the house once Leroy and Ellie got inside and then to strip down and get in the bed with the two lovers after they had started fucking. That way she wouldn?t be able to object for she had been discovered and wouldn?t want them to tell her husband or anyone else. Kind of blackmail her or would it be black male her. They had bought along a camera to take pictures of Ellie fucking with Leroy and themselves.

As soon as Ellie and Leroy got into the bedroom, Ellie began stripping off her tight short shorts and tight tee-shirt, she was consumed with lust, skin flushed pink in heat. Leroy was quick to remove his jeans and shirt, his massive black cock fully erect, aching to get inside Ellie?s hot, tight married white pussy. Ellie wrapped her arms around Leroy?s muscular young black back and squeezed him tightly to her full firm white tits kissing him passionately. In a passionate lustful embrace they fell on the big bed of Ellie and Ed. Ellie?s long sexy white legs were spread wide apart and Leroy guided his massive huge black rock hard cock up and pushed the huge glistening black tip between her puffy with desire married blond pussy lips. With one long and steady shove he embedded the whole awesome black length into her widely stretching married white pussy. He began to fuck her, fuck her hard and she was moaning, groaning and gasping in lusty pleasure as she shoved her married white pussy up to him with each powerful inward thrust.

Ellie did not see the two other young niggers already stripped naked, their equally huge long and thick black cocks fully erect enter the room, She was so engrossed and focused with the fucking she was getting from Leroy she didn?t even see the camera take pictures of her and Leroy rutting on the bed like wild animals in heat. After they had taken several photographs of the passionate, lusty fucking they crawled up on the bed with Ellie and Leroy.

Ellie looked over and saw the two new young nigger workers lying on their side watching with an evil lusty grin on their black faces. She knew then what was going to happen, she would end up fucking three young niggers that afternoon. She realized that she had no choice in the matter being as they had caught them fucking and would tell her husband if she didn?t let them fuck her also. She resigned herself to her soon to be fate, there was no getting around it. She enjoyed immensely the huge black cock of Leroy thrusting in her married white pussy and after glancing down at the two new big black cocks knew that they would give her the same satisfaction she was getting now.

She was getting so carried away in a haze of lusty passion, feeling the huge black cock getting harder and fuller. She knew that her white married womb would soon be filled with hot nigger cum, something she had come to enjoy feeling it spurt up into her. Each time it gave her an additional world shaking orgasm just knowing and feeling it splatter in thick hot globs inside her. Leroy began to move faster and harder as he prepared to cum inside her, hissing and grunting between his clinched white teeth. Ellie felt her own powerful orgasm rapidly build as she clutched Leroy tightly to her hot married white body, her legs squeezing him tight, her white arms locked around his back crushing him to her firm white tits. With one final hard thrust burying his huge black cock totally inside her, Leroy released a torrent of his hot, sticky and thick nigger cum up into her orgasm racked white body.

After several short minutes, his black cock completely drained for the time being, Leroy began to pull it out. A slick, glistening coat of her pussy fluids and his cum covering it as it popped free.

Ellie, her white tits rising and falling as she breathed deeply smiled up at him and told him how much she had missed his big black dick filling her married white pussy. One of the new young niggers immediately took his place between Ellie?s obscenely spread white legs and holding his huge black cock in his hand guided it up to nuzzle the tip in between her gaped blond pussy lips. He began to push his awesome nigger cock up into her already well lubricated married white pussy and though she had just fucked Leroy to a fantastic orgasm she felt another one building inside her. This new young nigger?s huge black cock was a little longer than Leroy?s and was going deeper the tip poking against the entrance to her married white womb on the inward thrusts. It was giving her a different sensation as it pushed up against her cervix. He was fucking her with long, hard, even strokes, every nerve in her white pussy feeling its knotty veins as it rubbed the sensitive walls of her vagina.

Ellie her blue eyes closed to mere passion filled slits, saw the second new young nigger positioning himself so that his huge young black cock was pointed directly at her white but flushed pink hot beautiful face. She remember what she saw the two young niggers doing with the black girl in the barn. She remembered how while one was fucking her black pussy the other had his huge black cock in the girls mouth and she was hotly sucking him. Ellie had never sucked a cock before not even her husband Ed?s and though she thought it was exciting to see the black girl sucking one, she was not sure that she wanted to put that filthy black thing in her white married mouth. The young nigger rubbed the huge black tip against her full red lips, smearing them with his pre-cum. Ellie was so into the hot sex mode that she couldn?t help but flick out her pink tongue and capture some of the pre-cum. Then she took it into her mouth and savored the taste, which was kind of sweet.

Ellie looked at the huge black cock poised to enter her mouth, flicked out her tongue and licked the huge black tip several times. Each time she would taste the sweet nigger cum she became more daring and while being so hotly fucked by the other young nigger she opened her mouth and let the huge black cock enter. The young nigger began to flex his black hips back and forth moving that massive black cock in her mouth as she began sucking. Slowly, he pushed more and more of his black cock into her mouth until Ellie gagged slightly. It didn?t stop her from sucking him, and even though he had only about a fourth of his black monster between her full red lips he seemed satisfied as he fucked the beautiful, married white woman?s mouth, the ?Boss Man?s? hot sexy white wife. He wanted to cum in her mouth and knew he would and it would be so plentiful that she have to swallow quickly.

The young nigger fucking her married, tight white pussy was still fucking her hard and Leroy was sitting off to the side watching and taking pictures of his black buddies fucking Ellie, of the big black cock in her blond, married white pussy and another big black cock in her sucking white mouth. The fucking and sucking lasted for a good 20 minutes before both of the young niggers almost shot their hot nigger cum up into her flooded white womb and into her gulping white mouth. Ellie was out of her mind with lust, her passion was overwhelming her and within a few seconds as her own powerful orgasm racked her burning with lust married white body, she fainted. She was lying there, nigger cum running out of her white married pussy, nigger cum running out of the corners of her full red lips and down her white cheeks. She only fainted for a very short time, she?d just been overloaded with sexual sensations that she couldn?t quite handle. When she came around Leroy was back between her white legs and was fucking her again. She was in a state of sexual bliss as she moaned, groaned and grunted in lust. She kept babbling for him, for them all to fuck her married white pussy good and hard, to shoot their hot nigger cum deep into her married white womb again and again.

As soon as one of the young niggers would finish fucking the beautiful Ellie another would be between her married white legs fucking her nigger cumfilled blond pussy. One of the young niggers lay on his back and had Ellied straddle him, a second getting up to the head of the bed fucked her lustfully sucking white married mouth while a third got up behind her and with a little difficulty was able to insert his massive black cock into her virgin ass. That afternoon poor Ellie was fucked so many times she lost count, her married white pussy was stretched so very wide, her sexy white ass was also stretched and her jaw was sore from sucking so much young nigger cock. When the three young niggers finally left Ellie lay in the middle of the messy bed, nigger cum splatters everywhere. She was totally exhausted and fell asleep lying in all that mess. She slept for several hours.
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