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Written by Patrick S. / Jan 11, 2010


This is a true story that happened when my wife and I visited Negril, Jamaica a few years ago.

My wife Kristyn and I decided to reward ourselves for years of hard work and sacrifice by giving taking a vacation to Jamaica without our kids. It was just the two of us and we were really excited to be getting away for a week. My wife was raised in the deep south and she has never been very comfortable around black people, but I?ve never heard her ever use any kind of racial slur.

A little about ourselves. We are both 40 and have been married about 20 years. I?m 6 feet tall and slightly overweight. Kristyn is about 5?6 and has a sexy, curvy body. She has a great pair of 40dd?s and a fantastic ass. She has the most incredible nipples I?ve ever seen. When they get hard, they are huge and awesome to suck on. We are both clean-cut professionals and while I?ve had several partners in my life, she has only been with me.

When our plane touched down in Montego Bay it was a beautiful , tropical day. We boarded a shuttle bus and headed for our resort in Negril. Once we arrived we were happy to find that we were staying on a beautiful resort and our room was right on the beach. We spent most of the first day walking around the grounds to get familiar with the place and trying to decide what activities we wanted to do during our stay. We ended up at the bar after the sun went down and treated ourselves to more than a few rum and punches. The bartender was a really nice guy named Jamal. He seemed to take a liking to Kristyn and I noticed him more than once looking down her loose blouse. I thought she was too drunk to notice, but once I caught her adjusting her top to give him a better view. It started to get late and we were pretty tired from the travel, so we decided to call it a night. Jamal asked what we were doing the next day and I told him we were just going to relax on the beach. He said that his day job was giving massages on the beach and if we wanted to get one he would give us a discount. I was about to tell him no thanks, but Kristyn said ?sure, we?ll look you up!? I was shocked that she would even consider letting a black man touch her, but I figured it was just the liquor talking. We went back to the room and had the best sex that we?d had in years.

The next day, we were laying on the beach soaking up the sun and once again having a few drinks, when Kristyn asked me if I would be mad if she took her top down. I had already noticed several women on the beach who were topless, so I told her to go ahead and do it. It seemed like the normal thing to do. After a while I decided to run back to the room to get a book I had been reading and I told Kristyn I would put more suntan oil on her when I got back. I was gone about ten minutes and when I returned I was shocked to see Jamal sitting next to Kristyn rubbing oil on her back. I just sat down and watched as he rubbed oil up and down the backs of her legs. She started moaning a little, saying how sore she was from walking and how good it felt. Jamal looked at his watch and said his break was over and he needed to get back to work. Kristyn then rolled over and was pouting and saying it wasn?t fair to tease her like that and leave. I wasn?t sure if she was talking about the massage or maybe something else. I felt my cock stirring around in my shorts at the thought of the something else. Jamal said that if we would like to take him up on his offer from the night before, then he could ?finish what he had started? and laughed. I detected a sexual undertone to his comment, which only caused my cock to get harder.

Kristyn stood up and said ?lead the way Jamal!? With that we all got up and followed Jamal to a large tent that was set up on the beach. Inside the tent was a massage table and a shelf with all different types of oils on it. He turned away from Kristyn and told her to disrobe and lay on her stomach on the table. He told me to put a towel over her bottom and have a seat in the corner if I wanted to stay. I started to sit down, but Kristyn asked me to please go get her another drink. I could tell she was a little nervous and I knew a drink would help sooth her nerves. The bar was crowded so it took me a while to get back to the tent with her drink and as I approached it I had an idea. I didn?t think she would do much if I was there in the tent with them, so I decided to stand outside and listen for a little bit. It was starting to get dark and Jamal had lit some candles and I could see their silhouettes through the tent fabric. I heard Kristyn moaning and saying how good it felt. I could see that he was massaging her lower back just above her ass and it looked like he was getting lower and lower.

When it got dark enough I silently positioned myself next to the entrance so I could get a better view of what was going on. Kristyn was on her stomach with her face turned toward me, but her eyes were closed. I noticed that while she was moaning she was also licking her lips and breathing heavy. I couldn?t believe what I was seeing. She was really getting turned on! I loved seeing the contrast of his black hands rubbing all over her white body. Just when I was starting to think nothing else would happen, I noticed Jamal?s crotch was next to her hand and she was slowly rubbing the back of her hand up and down. She was feeling him up! I could tell by the enormous bulge in his shorts that he was enjoying it as much as she was. I watched as Jamal?s hands were rubbing the backs of her legs and creeping up closer and closer to her shaved pussy. She let out a moan and spread her legs slightly as he finally reached his destination. I watched as he slowly rubbed his finger in a circular motion on her swollen clit. She gasped when he worked one of his long black fingers into her soaked pussy. Suddenly, he told her to roll over on her back and she quickly and eagerly obeyed. Once she was on her back he continued to massage her glistening pussy while she reached out and freed his cock from his shorts. I couldn?t believe what I was seeing! His cock was easily 11 inches long twice as big around as mine. Kristyn grabbed it and I watched her guide it greedily to her waiting mouth.

She started out by licking all around the massive head and teasing it until it was rock hard. Then she slowly ran her tongue up and down the shaft, taking time to lick and suck on his orange sized balls. She then worked her way back to the head and proceeded to try to fit it into her mouth. She was able to get about half of it in and she used her hand to pump the remaining six inches. After about ten minutes of slurping and sucking, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked to the foot of the table and grabbed her legs and pulled her to him. He then dropped to his knees so his face was just inches from her beautiful pussy. The second his tongue touched her pussy, she shuddered as she had her first of many orgasms. I watched as she reached down and held the back of his head as she ground her pussy into his face. As I was watching all of this I became aware of other people behind me and beside me. At some point people had started to gather around to see what I was looking at. Just then Jamal stood up and took his massive black cock in his hand and guided it to her slick pussy. I saw the head press past her swollen lips and disappear as he slowly started fucking her. She wrapped her legs around his dark ass and tried to pull him in deeper with each thrust. After a few minutes another black man pushed past me and hurried to the head of the table.

In an instant he had his 10 inch cock out of his shorts and was already working it into her mouth. Watching these two massive black cocks ravaging my beautiful wife was too much for me and I suddenly felt cum oozing down my leg. Jamal and the black stranger took turns fucking her in every way possible as myself and the crowd watched on. Jamal was fucking her from behind when I saw him start to tense up and I knew what was about to happen. He let out a grunt as he emptied his seed deep in her womb just as she was cumming herself. Within seconds the other man grabbed the back of her head and held her on his cock as he shot his load down her throat. She tried to swallow all of it but there was just too much and several globs dribbled out of her mouth. When she finally released him from her mouth I saw another woman from the crown step forward and clean up what was left from his cock.

The rest of the week was filled with non-stop sex with multiple partners and on a few occasions I was able to join in. It was the best vacation we ever had and we can?t wait to return.
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