Sally's Shopping Trip

Written by Chris J / Jan 27, 2010


?Come on,? Sally said, one Saturday morning, ?we?re going shopping.? I groaned at the thought. Sally said she wanted some new shoes, then mentioned the fun we?d had with flashing previously and thought we might combine the two and see where it led. I perked up at this so we went to get ready. I sat on the bed watching as she dressed; she wrapped her black six strap suspender belt around her waist, then pulled on a pair of creamy nylons with black seams. I watched her smooth the nylon over her legs and fuss over the seams, all the while my cock was getting harder at the thought of what was to come. This was followed by a pair of skin tight sheer French knickers, which moulded themselves to her neatly waxed pussy. Then came a black plunge bra that barely covered her firm round tits, a wrap over top which afforded a tantalising view of the curve of her breast and a skirt which stopped ¾ of the way to her knees and was sufficiently loose to fall back enough to show her stocking tops if she crossed her legs, or to permit her to open her legs enough to flash.

We arrived in town, parked the car and started to walk around the shopping mall. Sally?s attire was enough to draw admiring looks from most of the men around and more than the odd disdainful one from the ladies accompanying them!

We began looking into the various shoe shops without much joy when we came across one that seemed to have a very good selection of stilettos, amongst others. We ventured in and browsed around for a few minutes, before Sally pointed out some strappy black numbers with a shiny steel heel and an ankle strap. ?What about those?? I said, pointing to a pair of decidedly sexy thigh length boots. ?Mmm.? she giggled ?Let?s see if that nice young man would like to help me.? I moved away a little and watched as she went over to a rather handsome guy in his early twenties, whose name badge announced that he was called Nick. He seemed kind of familiar, but I dismissed the thought. Sally pointed out the shoes and then the boots. He disappeared into the back of the shop and she gave me an impish smile as she sat down to wait. I made as if I was browsing but made sure I could watch the proceedings, as he headed back with the goodies.

Nick knelt in front of Sally as she slipped off her shoes. ?I think we?ll try the shoes first.? I heard her say to him in her best husky voice as she pointed at the strappy shoes. He took them from the box and offered one to her. ?You?ll need to help me, as they look a little awkward to put on.? she said. He glanced up at her and she smiled her most disarming smile at him. ?Uh, sure.? he said. Keeping her legs together, she offered him her foot; he took it and slipped the shoe on, clasping the strap around her ankle. She made a point of leaning over to look at it, her breasts squeezing together as she did, then moved her foot as if to view the inside, parting her legs a little. He couldn?t resist a furtive glance up her skirt and the look on his face as he caught a glimpse of stocking top, was priceless. She offered her other foot, parting her legs slightly again as she did so. As he slipped her foot into the shoe he ran his hand fleetingly over the back of her ankle, before securing the strap. Sally stood and walked away from him towards the mirror; his eyes followed her every move, clearly mentally undressing her as she went and examined the shoes.

She turned and walked back, resuming her seat. ?Now the boots, I think.? She said. He nodded and unfastened the shoes, slipping them from her feet, then picked up one of the long black boots and unzipped it. ?You?ll have to lift your foot a little higher? he said. Sally obliged and separated her knees to allow him to slip the glossy leather onto her leg. As he began to push the zip upward, she had to open her legs a little more, but this, of course, was all in the game plan. Same again with the other boot and he was now practically staring right up her skirt. Once again he never took his eyes off her as she went to examine the boots in the mirror. She returned to the seat again and he removed the boots. ?Mmm, I?m not sure.? she said. ?Um, perhaps there?s something else you?d like to try?? he replied almost too hastily. No, I don?t think so.? she said and he looked crestfallen. ?But I might come back later, once I?ve had a think about them.? she responded with a smile. ?Oh, right, um, I?m on lunch between 1 and 2, so if you?d like to come outside of those times I?d be happy to help.? He stood there holding one of the boots in front of him, no doubt to conceal the bulge in the front of his trousers. Sally smiled and said that she would, then turned and left the shop.

I followed and caught up with her a couple of doors down. ?I think he enjoyed that, don?t you?? she said cheekily. ?I?m sure he did, I know I did.? I replied. ?Mmm, me too.? she said, ?It?s got my pussy all wet!?

?Perhaps you should go back and give him another show then.? I suggested. ?That is the plan.? She giggled. Then she cocked her head thoughtfully and grinned at me. ?Come on, I have an idea.? She dragged me into a clothes shop, where she picked up a skirt and headed off to the changing rooms. A couple of minutes later she emerged and gave the skirt to an assistant and headed for the exit. Outside, I looked at her inquisitively and said ?What was all that about?? She smiled and opened her handbag. Looking in I saw her knickers, she took them out and passed them to me, explaining her plan. When she finished she asked what I thought. ?The answer?s in my trousers.? I said, with which she quickly ran her hand over my crotch. ?My, my, you are excited, aren?t you?? I just raised my eyebrows and grinned.

We looked in a few shops and at about twenty to one headed back to the shoe shop to put Sally?s plan into action. Nick was just finishing serving a customer and looked up as she entered the store. I had come in a couple of seconds ahead of her and taken up a position to view from, pretending to browse the shoes. Another member of staff approached Sally and Nick called over, again almost too hastily ?I?ll be with you in a minute, I put those shoes aside for you.? He finished with the customer he was serving, picked up the boxes containing the shoes for Sally and headed over to her. The other member of staff was engaging a new customer as Nick unpacked the shoes and Sally sat down. He removed her shoes as she asked to try the boots again. He offered up the first boot, cupping her heel in his hand and she raised and slightly parted her legs. From my vantage point to the side, I could see he was pretty well looking right up her skirt, although keeping his head down, so that it was not too obvious. As I watched, Sally raised her leg a little more, widening the gap between her knees and, as she did so, I heard him gasp quietly, little more really than a sharp intake of breath and, as his eyes widened, I knew that he was looking straight at my wife?s naked pussy.

Sally leant forward and smiled, speaking to him in a hushed tone and he flushed and glanced round guiltily to see if anyone was looking. Turning back to her he nodded and she widened the gap between her knees as he zipped up the boot. He lifted the second boot onto her other foot and fixed his stare between her knees as he did it up. She stood and walked over to where I was stood, whispering to me as she checked the boots in the mirror ?I told him I?d taken my knickers off specially and asked if he was enjoying the show.? Then she returned to the seat and repeated the same with the shoes. Finished, she announced that she would take both pairs and Nick gathered them up and led her to the cash desk. As he began ringing up the prices in the till, I wandered over and stood next to her, holding out my credit card, his face was a picture as he looked from her to me. He handed back my card and the receipt and I held out my hand to him, he was unsure of what was happening and Sally leant over and said ?a little souvenir? he took the offering and looked at it, flushing again as he realised I had just handed him Sally?s knickers, which he quickly shoved into his pocket.

We left the shop headed for a nearby café. As we sat chatting, Sally waved and said ?Hi Nick, are you on your lunch break? Why don?t you join us?? He was clearly unsure so I said ?Sure, pull up a chair.? He sat down and the waitress came and took his order. Sally was busy adjusting her position, crossing her legs in order to offer him a glimpse of her stocking tops. ?So, you enjoyed the show, then? I know I did.? I said. All the poor lad could do was nod meekly. Sally leant across and placed a hand on his thigh. ?No need to be shy?? she said ?we enjoyed doing it, don?t feel guilty about enjoying it.? ?But?erm?you?uh, he?s your?? he looked at me dumbfounded. ?Mate, I have a beautiful wife who I like to show off, she happens to like showing off too. Ok, I suppose it?s a bit difficult to understand, but we both like it.? Something Nick said caught my attention. Suddenly I knew why he seemed familiar. It turned out that he had been the young guy who had been passing back and forth then sat close by on our previous flashing trip.

As we chatted over lunch, I noticed an older guy sat a couple of tables off to our right, reading a newspaper. He was getting an eyeful of Sally?s thigh into the bargain, he had adjusted his newspaper so that he could look over it, thinking it was none too obvious. I mentioned him to Sally who smiled across at him and he quickly raised the paper to hide his embarrassment. I looked away but kept watch out of the corner of my eye, as Sally adjusted her legs slightly revealing a little more stocking top in his direction and he was soon watching her avidly again. A short while later a woman came up and sat at his table, suddenly his demeanour changed ? obviously his wife then. He looked a little flustered as he quickly folded his paper and placed it in his lap. Again, Sally and I laughed and he flushed at being caught out, but quickly regained his composure before his wife cottoned on.

We sat and chatted together for the next 45 minutes or so, with Sally changing position every once in a while to keep Nick?s interest firmly below her waistline. As he went to leave to return to work, Sally said ?Would you like to meet up with us for a couple of drinks this evening? I can promise you some more interesting viewing.? He was taken by surprise, as was I, was this leading where I thought (and hoped) it may be? ?Um?? he looked at me and I just raised my eyebrows enquiringly and smiled at him. ?Err, OK.? He said. We made arrangements to pick him up and he left. I was too excited to speak. We finished our coffee and headed off to the car park. All the way there my mind was racing. Since her holiday tales, we had spoken regularly about a threesome, agreeing that the third party would have to be the ?right candidate?. Was this the right guy? He was certainly a good-looking sort, fairly tall, slim and well groomed and Sally had clearly been taken with him.

We reached the car and got in. I turned and looked at her, she smiled at me as I reached my hand under the hem of her skirt, running it up the inside of her thigh. My hand reached the top of her thigh and as I ran it over the lips of her pussy, I felt the moisture of her sex. My finger traced its way over her clit and she let out a soft moan as her body quivered. ?That certainly turned you on.? I said. ?Speak for yourself.? she giggled, as she gripped the bulge in the front of my trousers ?Anyway, let?s get home, I feel so horny, we can talk about it while we fuck.?

On arriving home, we went into the living room and she sat on a low stool. ?Would you like to see what Nick saw?? She asked. I knelt in front of her and she offered up one of her feet. I took hold as she raised her foot and parted her knees, just as she had in the shop. Her pussy was in clear view, framed beautifully by her nylon-clad thighs. I ran my hand up the inside of her leg, until I reached her stocking top, where I gently stroked the creamy flesh of her thigh. ?So, what?s this all about, asking him if he wanted to meet up?? I enquired. She giggled and lent forward to kiss me, her tongue probing my mouth as I pushed the hem of her skirt up; I responded with my own tongue, the question momentarily forgotten. My hands were now roaming over the outside of her thighs, over the elasticated suspenders and on up over her hips. I pushed back the opening of her top and reached inside, my hand wandering over the lacy material of her bra. Her breathing was becoming heavier as I unclasped the front of the bra and her breasts sprang free. I cupped them with my hands, gently tweaking and rolling her nipples between my fingers, then lowered my mouth to one of her nipples and moved my hand to begin working on her clit.

She was describing how she had felt in the shoe shop ??I just felt so horny, he was kind of cute, so I thought, why not give him a show. So, when he came by the café, I just acted on impulse and invited him over. I was so turned on; I just had to see where it might lead.? By now I could feel her juices starting to flow, her pussy becoming moist under my fingers. ?Would you like to watch him fuck me? she asked. I looked up at her and gently slid my fingers into her as I replied ?I?d love to, your holiday tales, the photos and the videos were great, but you know it?s always been a fantasy of mine to actually watch you fucking with another guy.? We kissed again then I moved down to begin licking at her clit. She continued to talk, as I licked and sucked her to orgasm, telling me what she wanted to happen, how the thought of me watching excited her and at what point I should join in. Then, as we fucked, we formulated the plan of attack, acting out the positions. Afterwards, we went to the shower and washed each other as we continued to refine the plan, then into the bedroom to choose the outfit she would wear.

She laid out the six strap suspenders and a little black lacy tie sided thong and then began to fuss over the skirt and top she should wear, eventually settling on a shortish black wrap-over skirt and a halter neck wrap-around which she tied loosely, to create a racy plunging V front. Finally she took out a pair of sheer black nylons with red seams and the new shoes we had bought earlier. I watched as she dressed and then helped her to straighten her seams and do up the ankle straps on the shoes; she looked stunning. We headed out to the car and, as we drove off to our rendezvous, Sally checked the fall of her skirt, to make sure it opened at the overlap to fall back and reveal just enough stocking top; at the next traffic lights, the driver of the lorry beside us got a real eyeful and was grinning lecherously as we pulled away.

We picked Nick up as arranged and drove out to a country pub we knew. It would be pretty quiet at this time of evening and we were confident of finding a table out of the way. Arriving at the pub we went over to a secluded corner booth and Sally sat inside, encouraging Nick to join her as I bought the drinks. I joined them and sat on the opposite side of the table where I could get a good view of Sally?s legs. As I sat down, she was asking Nick about that morning?s events. He was a little unsure at first and kept glancing at me, warily but I just nodded encouragement and Sally laid a reassuring hand on his thigh as she crossed her legs, the flap of her skirt sliding down to reveal the top of her stocking. ?Look, it?s like we said earlier, we both like letting other guys look at me and enjoy the thought that they like looking, you do enjoy what you?ve seen so far?? She said. ?Oh yes, it?s just that I was a little uncertain about the whole thing, I mean it?s not every day that you get a lovely woman showing you her legs like that and her um?? he trailed off ?Go on,? Sally encouraged, ?don?t be shy.? and she ran her hand a little further up his thigh. ?Well, even in my job, it?s not every day you get a flash of a woman?s knickers, let alone have her come back and flash her pussy at you and with her husband watching. Or invite you to join them for the evening.?

Nick started to feel more at ease as and I suggested that we move on somewhere else. We finished our drinks and Sally adjusted her clothing then we walked to the car, followed by the gaze of a number of the men in the bar. I got into the driver?s seat and Sally climbed into the back with Nick. As we drove off Sally asked him if he had been turned on by her show that afternoon, to which he replied he had. ?I noticed you had to hold the other shoes in front of you to conceal the bulge in your trousers.? She said with a little giggle. She had her hand on his thigh again and was half turned towards him, the front of her top gaping, to reveal one of her breasts. With her legs slightly parted the skirt flap had fallen away to reveal the top of her stocking and the beginning of her creamy thigh; he didn?t know where to look first as she asked ?Are you turned on now, Nick?? her fingertips crept onto his lap. I imagined you masturbating after we left this morning, holding my panties as you wanked yourself. Did you?? Her hand was now in his lap and she was gently stroking him. He nodded. ?Well, we should do something about that, it?s wrong to tease and leave you to your own devices like that. Would you like to come back to our place and fuck me, while Chris watches?? She asked in a half whisper. His eyes went wide and he struggled to speak. Sally just looked at him head cocked to one side waiting for his answer. He glanced sideways looking at me in the rear view mirror, I just smiled and gave him and encouraging nod. After a few moments he nodded again saying ?Yes, if that?s ok, I mean I?d like to but are you sure it?s ok?? Sally just laughed and said ?Of course it is, we?d love you to.?

We arrived home and I got some glasses and a bottle of champagne. ?A celebration.? Sally announced. ?Our first threesome!? The cork popped and I poured a glass each. I sat in an armchair and Sally led Nick to the sofa. We drank our wine and chatted for a while. Nick told us that he was a student at the local university and he had needed to get a job for spending money. Then he confessed that he was something of a shoe and foot fetishist, so although the pay wasn?t great, the job also gave him and opportunity to indulge his fetish. Sally took Nick?s empty glass and put it down on the side table along with her own while I settled back to watch. ?Well, you can indulge your fetish with me whenever you like, but first let?s get comfortable.? She leant over and placed her hand on Nick?s chest, rubbing his nipple through his shirt as she moved her face towards his, their lips met and parted as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. He ran his hand up the outside of her thigh, pushing the hem of the skirt higher, his hand wandering over the nylon then the flesh of her thigh, exploring the straps of her suspender belt and back again to the stocking top. Sally had unbuttoned his shirt and, pushing the material back over his shoulders, she bent her head to his chest, flicking her tongue over first one nipple then the other, stopping to briefly suck on the dark flesh. Nick, meanwhile, was moving his hand up and over the curve of Sally?s hip, into the dip of her waist and on upward across her breast. He ran his fingers down the line of the v shaped front, then up through her cleavage and finally ventured under the material, cupping the firm round breast in his hand, gently massaging the tender flesh, his other hand untying the knot at the front. As she raised her head and they kissed again, he slid the material of the halter neck over her shoulders, his hands returning to work at her breasts, and she moaned softly.

Sally raised herself pushing Nick back into the corner of the sofa, moving over him she lowered her breasts to his waiting mouth. His hands roamed over her, raising her skirt over her buttocks, the black T of her thong framing the cheeks, her pussy pouting between her thighs in the flimsy black material. He ran one hand over her stocking tops and suspenders, while the other slid between her thighs, the fingertips pressing into the softness of her sex; she moaned again, louder this time, encouraging him as his hand continued to work at her pussy. Gently, she eased herself up and stood before him. He undid the skirt, the material slipping down to the floor, as it did she took the bows at her hips in her fingers and pulled them apart. His eyes were fixed on her lap and, as she continued to pull, I watched the ?T-back? of the thong slide down the crease of her bottom. Pushing Nick back again, she discarded the thong on the floor and straddled him and, lowering herself, she began to rub herself against the bulge in his lap as his fingers dug into her buttocks and his lips played across her breasts, sucking at her hard nipples. She raised herself slightly and as I watched she put her hand between her legs, from my vantage point I could see her rubbing her pussy. As I continued to watch, she pushed first one, then two fingers inside herself, slowly working them in and out as she masturbated. When she removed her fingers I could see they were glistening with her juices; she offered them to Nick, who licked and sucked hungrily at them.

Standing again, Sally held out her hand and Nick joined her, his hands again roaming over her beautiful body. It was a strange and exciting sight to see my wife standing there in nothing but a pair of stockings, suspenders and shoes, embracing and kissing a semi-naked young man. Sally lowered her head to suck on one of Nick?s nipples, her hands working his belt loose as she did so. Then, her tongue continued down across his stomach as she lowered herself to her knees, her hands quickly unzipping his trousers and pushing them down over his hips. She knelt before him, his erection pushing at the material of his shorts like a tent pole. She looked at me and I smiled my encouragement at her as she turned her attention to his shorts. Pulling at the waistband, she began to ease the material over his hips, licking her lips in anticipation of the bulge filling the cloth in her hands. She continued to pull down and suddenly his cock sprang free of the waistband, standing upright in front of him and she slid his pants the rest of the way down; her eyes never moving from the magnificent beast before her. Sally ran her hands back up his thighs and hips, then back again until they rested either side of his cock. Her hands were trembling as she stroked it. She reached out and grasped it; it was so thick, she could barely get her fingers all the way round. She ran her hand down its length, easily eight or nine inches, it looked huge in her slender hand. She raised her other hand and gripped it just below the purple head and began to massage the thick shaft. She slipped one hand down to cup the large testicles which hung well below, gently rubbing them in the palm of her hand. Turning her head to the side, she glanced at me from behind his cock, then moved her head forward and ran the tip of her tongue over the crown, following the edge of his glans, then down the length, her lips caressing the firm flesh as she went; all the while her eyes on me as I watched. She ran her tongue back up his penis, flicking over the head, her hand moving up and down the length of his shaft. With a final glance in my direction, she closed her eyes as her lips encased his knob, slowly she took it into her mouth, sliding her lips over the purple flesh and the end of the shaft before withdrawing to begin again, all the while one hand massaging his cock and the other his balls. After a couple of minutes she withdrew his glistening member from her mouth and shot me a coy smile as she stood, leading Nick back to the sofa. My own cock was by now bursting at the front of my trousers, but I knew it was almost time to join them.

She sat Nick down and stood with her back to him, straddling his legs. He began running his hands over her hips and thighs, then one hand disappeared behind her. Sally closed her eyes and began to massage her breasts as I saw the fingers of Nick's hand emerge between her legs and begin to stroke at her pussy, his fingertips pressing into the soft folds before disappearing into her. After a few moments of this, Sally lowered her hands and with the fingers of one hand spreading her pussy, she grasped Nick's cock in the other. She looked across at me as she crouched towards his lap, rubbing the head of his cock over her clit, before lowering herself onto his erection. I watched as she swallowed the length of his cock into her pussy, letting out a moan as he entered her. Nick's hands moved up over her thighs and hips, to cup her breasts, gently rolling her nipples in his fingers as Sally began to move up and down on him.

I found the sight of my beautiful wife impaled on this young guy almost unbearably exciting, watching as his cock slid in and out with the fall and rise of her body. Then, as we had planned, she beckoned me over. I stood in front of her and slipped my shirt off as she began to undo my trousers, letting them fall as she freed my cock from my pants. She reached out and twisted and pulled at one of my nipples, then began to suck on the other as her hand slid down the length of my cock, before cupping and massaging my balls. She then bent down and began to lick my cock, before sliding her mouth over it, her tongue flicking at the head. Knowing that I would not be able to withstand much of that, she withdrew me from her mouth and looked up, smiling. I leant towards her and our mouths locked, our tongues entwining as we kissed and I could taste my cock on her lips. All the time Nick was massaging her breast with one hand, while the other was rubbing at her clit.

I stood and took her hand as she lifted herself off of Nick. She turned and placed one knee on the sofa, bending over she kissed Nick and then began to suck his nipples, while masturbating him. Meanwhile, I knelt behind her and ran my tongue over her arse as my fingers separated her labia. My thumb slid over her clit as I lowered my tongue to probe her pussy, sucking at the moist pink lips, all the time my thumb and fingers rubbing the delicate bud between her legs. She was beginning to moan, softly at first, then with increasing intensity as her orgasm approached. I slipped my thumb into her and began to rub at her g-spot as my fingers took over on her clit. Within a few seconds her moans had become quicker and more high pitched and she let out a ?Yesss? which was barely more than a squeal, accompanied by a gush of cum which I was ready for and took full in the mouth. I moved my position again to begin sucking at her clit as I rubbed my now slippery thumb over her arse, probing the opening before sliding it in. ?Oh God! Yes!? She moaned as her hand slid up and down Nick's shaft. ?I want to feel you both inside me!? she said. I removed my thumb from her arse and she stood, once again straddling Nick, but this time she was facing him, her hands propping her up against the sofa back.

He began to suck her tits as I slipped my cock into her sopping cunt to lubricate it for what was to come. ?Oooh yess baby, now fuck my arse.? she said. I didn't need telling twice and as she knelt on the sofa, hovering just above Nick's lap, I pushed my cock into the tight hole. Once I was in, she reached between her legs to guide Nick into her pussy, letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction as he entered her. Then, when she was comfortable, we all began to move; Sally gently raising and lowering herself, as we thrust into her. It was tricky at first, trying to get the movements in time, but after a few moments we settled into a rhythm, then began to move faster, our cocks rubbing against each other, separated only by a thin membrane of skin, and our balls banging together only served to heighten the pleasure. I cupped one breast, my other hand running over her nylon clad thigh, as Nick sucked her other breast and rubbed at her clit. ?Ooooh Yeeessss,? she panted ?Come on, fuck me harder!? We increased the tempo, pushing our cocks in to the hilt. ?Yes, you bastards, that's it fill my cunt, fuck me, Yessss! Yessss!? As she came in a powerful squirt, which sprayed out around Nick's cock, I felt the moisture of her orgasm on my balls.

By now, Nick and I were starting to pant and moan as we neared orgasm. So, pulling my cock out, I stepped back and helped Sally off of Nick. She knelt on the floor and took my cock in her hand, as Nick stood the other side of her she grasped his erection and began to masturbate us. ?Come on boys,? she encouraged as she rubbed our cocks faster, ?I want your cum on my tits.? Nick began to moan, and his cock was twitching in Sally's hand, ?That's it, come on.? She said and I too felt my orgasm building. Sally increased her pace, wanking us harder and Nick let out a grunt as the first drops of his cream splashed onto her tits. ?Yess, that's good, squirt it on me.? She encouraged looking up at us, as I began to squirt my cum onto her. We were both soon in full flow as she continued to milk our cocks onto her tits, the thick jets splashing onto the pale flesh, running down into her cleavage. As the torrent subsided, she pulled us closer and rubbed our cocks over her nipples and against her breasts, swirling them in the splatters of cum. Then, releasing her grip, she began to massage the sperm into her breasts, over her erect nipples and down her cleavage. Finally, she stood and leant towards first Nick then me and kissed us both, before taking us by the hand and leading us to the bathroom to clean up. Nick and I had the pleasure of washing her tits, then Sally washed our cocks in turn, massaging the soap in and bringing us both back to a semi erect state.

Sally led Nick into the bedroom and I followed. She told me to sit in the chair and watch, then led Nick over to the bed. She sat on the edge and said ?So, you have a shoe fetish, well how about taking these off and helping me on with my new boots, only this time, you can let your hands go where they like.? The boots were by the bed; Nick knelt in front of her and began undoing her shoes, his hands running up and down her legs. He picked up one of the thigh boots and slipped it onto her foot, his hand continuing up from the zip, onto her inner thigh. Then he picked up the other boot and did the same, this time his hand went right up and began stroking her pussy. Sally lifted her left leg, putting the foot in front of Nick?s face and he took hold of it and began kissing the patent leather. As he did this, she moved her right foot in between his legs and began to rub his cock and balls with the boot; I could see the toe appear between his thighs as she moved it back and forth; he moaned softly and Sally parted her thighs and encouraged him to explore further. We were now ?off the script?, the events we had decided on ended in the living room and we had agreed to see where things led thereafter, with Sally taking the lead.

Nick?s fingers began probing Sally?s cunt as she continued to rub his cock with her right foot. After a few moments, he pushed two fingers into her and she moaned softly to him ?Lick my cunt.? He dipped his head forward and began working his tongue and lips over her pussy. Gently, she told him what to do, coaching him on how to please her. Nick responded to her instruction and it was not long before he had my wife panting and moaning, heralding her orgasm, which she sprayed over his face. Finished, she moved her right foot from between his legs and had him lick his pre-cum from it. Then she raised herself into a kneeling position on the bed and said ?Come here and let my cuckold hubby watch his wife get fucked doggy style!? Nick stood and moved behind Sally, pressing his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He slipped it slowly into her and began to move his hips back and forth, slowly at first, but then Sally instructed him to fuck her hard: ?I want to feel that lovely big cock ramming into me, filling my cunt and those balls banging on my pussy!? She looked across at me and smiled as Nick obeyed her instructions. I watched as he began banging into her harder and harder, her heavy round tits swaying back and forth in time with the thrusts. I was immensely turned on and began stroking my cock as I watched.

Sally smiled across at me and said, ?Oooh look Nick, there?s no better confirmation that a cuckold hubby likes watching his loving wife get fucked by a well hung young stud that to have him wank while it happens.? Then she beckoned me over to the bed. I wondered what was in store, but was not prepared for her next instruction. ?Lie down under me and lick my clit while Nick fucks me.? I looked at her dumbfounded and she said ?Well, what are you waiting for? I want to feel your tongue on my clit while this stud rams his lovely big cock into me.? They had stopped fucking now and, with a degree of trepidation, I slipped under her. She moved her legs over my shoulders and, as she lowered her pussy toward my face, I ran my hands over her stockinged thighs. I began to suck her clit and she told Nick to fuck her again. The tip of his cock rubbed against my face and mouth as he pushed it into her, then he began fucking her again, his balls now banging against my face; meanwhile, Sally was now sucking my cock. On more than one occasion his cock ?slipped out? and almost ended up in my mouth.

It did not take long before we were all close to orgasm. Sensing this, Sally stopped sucking me. She came first, her orgasm spraying out across hers and Nicks thighs and onto my face. Then Nick?s thrusts became more urgent and he rammed into her, holding his jerking cock there, as he shot his seed into her, his balls resting on my nose. Finished, Sally told him to come round to the front, so she could taste him, then said to me ?And you can wank yourself while you lick me clean.? Again I was not ready for this, but she gave me little room for manoeuvre as her legs held me in place. She gave me just enough leeway to take hold of my cock and I began stroking my shaft as I watched the first globs of Nick?s cum ooze out of Sally?s cunt. As the sticky white jizz trickled down her labia and dripped onto my tongue I could hear Sally sucking Nick?s cock. She pushed her cunt onto my face and stopped sucking Nick just long enough to say ?Come on then my lovely cuckold, lick his cum from my cunt.? I extended my tongue into her and began licking the salty white liquid from her, all the time rubbing my own cock to orgasm. As I licked up the last of his cum I shot my own jizz onto my belly. Sally had finished with Nick and now dipped her head to lick up my cum, then turned and with her face just above my own, she dribbled it into my mouth before kissing me.

We cleaned up again then had a couple of drinks and chatted before heading off to bed. As we lay there, Sally asked if I had enjoyed myself, I responded that I had although I was a little shocked at the last part. She confessed that she had felt a little wicked and just acted on impulse. But she had enjoyed it immensely. We went to sleep happy and fulfilled.

The following morning I rose early and went downstairs. I sat at the computer and began to download the video we had secretly shot in the living room the evening before; the images on the screen bringing back the memories of what had gone on. It was a shame we hadn?t had a camera in the bedroom too, but Sally and I would still enjoy watching this together later.

I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea when I heard Sally come in, she was wearing a sheer black baby-doll which just covered her bum, not that it mattered, because it was completely see through. ?Hello.? she said as she kissed my shoulder. I turned and took her in my arms and kissed her ?Oooh! Who's an excited boy!? she said as my erection pressed against her thigh. ?I was thinking about last night.? I replied. ?The video came out great.? I whispered and she giggled. ?Mmmm. I've been thinking about it too, and I'm afraid I had a little accident.? She said with a cheeky smile. I put my hand between her legs and felt the moist patch on the gusset of her little thong. ?You'd better sit down.? I said. Gently pushing her onto a kitchen chair, I knelt between her legs and began to suck her clit through the flimsy material. I hadn?t been at it long when we heard a polite cough from across the kitchen. It was Nick, he stood in the doorway watching; he was wearing a silk bath robe from the guest bathroom and his state of arousal was evidenced by the bulge in the front. Sally merely beckoned him over and as I continued to suck her, she pulled open the robe. ?Mmmm, breakfast!? She exclaimed as she ducked her head, flicking her tongue over the crown of his stiffening penis, before closing her mouth over it and sucking it in. As I sucked her clit, I watched his cock grow hard in her mouth; it was such a pity that Nick had to go to work, but I had a feeling he?d be coming back to see us again.
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