Dad Shared Mom With Men... He Just Didn't Know It

Written by Michael Wolf / Mar 4, 2010


A TrueLife Confession by

{M/F, Interracial/Racist?, cheating}



I use the 'N' word alot and this will offend some readers I know. I don't really wish to offend anyone. I find the word 'NIGGER' to be an exciting word. It is controversial to be sure... but to me, it excites me to see it in print. I use it intentionally, and I will take the shit if any comes my way for using it. I do have history... reasons for using the word... reasons for being so excited by the word. I will explain it if anyone asks... or just enjoy the little story here if you wish. This is a true story... my best recollected accounts of a situation I grew up involved in with my mother. I don't really wish to totally humiliate her by exposing her in a way that can be recognized too easily by people that might know us in real life. Please understand if I am not forthcoming with more names... places... times... etc... but she was a little fuckslut that cheated a hell of a lot on my dad. I don't mind humiliating her a bit by sharing her tale as I know it... so without further warning, on to the story...


I became an instant fan of the entire cheating wife/slut wife thing when I discovered for the first time that my mom was cheating on my dad throughout their marriage I guess. I was lucky enough to play hooky from school the right day... and I spent the day at home to watch some afternoon baseball on the TV. Mom was working at a drug store as a cashier at the time, and would come home on a lunch break... so I knew I would have to 'keep quiet and sneak that I had cut class' while she was home... and this was when the phone rang for her and I got to listen to her end of the conversation.

What got me interested in the phone call right away... is that Mom was talking dirty. It was so wild to me. If anyone has asked me about my mom, I would almost never have guessed she would ever do dirty talk even with my dad. She just really seemed so squeeky clean to me... even though she was really built fantastic for wetdream whanking fantasies.

I will quickly mention that Mom is white as is the rest of my family... she is five foot two inches and tips the scales at around one hundred pounds most days. She has always kept her weight pretty consistient. The tits aren't very big as you can imagine from her size... but I can vouch with personal knowledge that they respond well during sex and get rock hard stiff nips. The Nipples are very pinkish... lovely. Mom trims the bush I guess... leaving a patch above the cunt lips. I love to see her naked. I loved to see her fucked too, so back to the action of this little telltale.

Like I said, it all started the first time I skipped school to watch some baseball bascially... and Mom came home on her lunchbreak and got into a dirty talking phone call. I guess I probably thought it was with Dad as I stood at the bottom of the stairs and listened. Mom was saying stuff like she was masturbating. It was pretty hot... I wish i could remember everything she was saying but this is a few years ago now. At some point, she was starting to talk about when the guy was going to be in town... and whether or not she was off work that day.

Suddenly I realized this guy Mom was dirty talking on the phone wasn't my Dad... and she was doing more then just voice sex with the fucker too... it was a real meet that was being planned... real life sex going on!

So I had to quickly go pick up the extension. The guy seemed a bit of a loser to me to be honest... and I am sad to say I can't remember exactly what was being said. There was a lot of calling my mother a little slut... little tramp... little whore... etc...etc... and some telling her what a good girl she is. There were some questions about how much she wanted his cock... some begging he wanted her to do. Mom was saying how much she wanted that cock. It was pretty damn nice... and Mom promised to be off the following Monday to get that cock. I nearly had a heart attack as I heard the date get made.

The best thing was, that Mom asked if he was going to have a hotel room... and he said he wanted her in our home instead. I could watch it if she agreed... so I prayed for him to get his way. Mom's very first answer was that she was too worried to take the action here at home... but the guy said a motel would cost too much. He told Mom doing it at home here would be a lot more thrilling... and then she said it would be okay. I just mouthed the words 'thank you God, thank you God, thank you God!'

So I guess I don't need to tell anyone that I had another unexcused absense from school the next Monday. Mom actually acted like she was going to work as normal while Dad left first for his job... my younger brother shane left next for school, and then I faked it myself that I too was leaving the house. I carefully went around back and in through a basement window I had left open... and it was ready for the party.

Mom had time to grab a shower and then not bother dressing after it was done. She was naked as she waited for the guy I would soon find out was named Tyrone. The wait was just under an hour and then his car pulled in the driveway and that was when I found out that in addition to being named Tyrone, this guy coming to fuck my mother was also a freaking dark skinner NIGGER too.

I tell you... that the very first impact of seeing such a dark skinned thug get out of the car, was pretty damn overwhelming on me. I've had time since this day to become quite a fan of little white wives taking NIGGER cock behind their husband's back... but I got the traditional redneck raising from my own father. I sort of thought of black men about the same way I thought of shit at that younger time in my life. Seeing that Mom's fuck was going to be a NIGGER almost was enough for me to freak out and blow the whole damn shabang by running up and telling her that I'd blow the whistle if she went through with her slumming.

I was thirteen though... and had seen a little porn, but never any live sex. I was horny as hell... and the entire idea of seeing my very own mother cheat just had a really super hot perverse thrill about it to me. I just couldn't forgo this opportunity to experience such a wonderfully unique share with my mother. The NIGGER didn't waste anytime waiting for whether I would or wouldn't freak. He didn't even know I was home of course... as he just went right up to the front door cocky-as-you-please and got himself greeted by my naked mother like it was the most natural thing in the world for a naked white wife to be accepting such a visit anyday she wanted.

Our home was a split level... so the first greeting was on a little entry way. I could peep up from the basement as I had left the door mostly shut to shield my presence. Mom was naked and was quickly given the tongue with the very first kiss. Mom then surrendered her own tongue to be sucked on. The kisses were wet... passionate... pure sex. The NIGGERS dark hands were around Mom onto her ass. Mom was going to tiptoes... lifting a leg... kissing with passion. She was clearly all-systems-go for the fucking and was having no second thoughts at all.

I hoped that Mom would drop to her knees and administer a professional style blowjob to that big NIGGER cock so I could get a real good show of it... but unfortunately that wasn't my luck for the day.

After the kisses... it was time for a trip to the bedroom... and then the door got shut on me. For the first time I knew Mom was cheating... all I could do is listen to the sounds of it through a closed door. The bed squeeked... the headboard hit the walls... it was a loud fuck. I heard that there was some slapping going on... which was a real education to me. I never realized some girls liked to be smacked around until this time. I heard Mom call the NIGGER 'Master.' I realize there was a BDSM element going on. I didn't know exactly what BDSM was at the time... but it was exciting as all hell to imagine just what was involved with the slapping and the 'Master' talk. I hadn't heard it on the phone... so it was really captivating all my wonder as Mom took her fucking.

After what I think was two turns... I heard that they were going to take a break. I headed downstairs and heard them hit the shower. They were talking sweet now... and Mom seemed really happy. Mom continued to be naked but the guy dressed... and Mom made him a lunch. As she served it, she finally performed a blowjob too... at the kitchen table. I heard the guy order her to 'swallow it cunt' when he had his third cum. I wondered at that moment if the first two loads had gone into the pussy. The idea of Mom being pregnant with a little NIGLET was so freaky to imagine.

Things were getting to the end of the first date though... the guy was going to be leaving after breakfest. I decided I would head out myself to avoid Mom accidently discovering me at home. I waited to see the goodbye kiss at the door... hot... Mom still naked... then Tyrone was gone... and I was gone...

I had so many thoughts in my head... I went to a little clubhouse us kids had and whacked off 3-4 times through the afternoon before I could get home. I tried my best to get as close to Mom as I could for the rest of the day. I wanted to know if she had NIGGER SEED dripping out of her cheating slut married white pussy. I wanted to smell the stink of sex on her. I had lost A LOT OF RESPECT for my mother for sure. I was picturing her naked every time I looked at her... wishing I could have seen the slut spreading her legs for that BIG BLACK COCK.

Unfortunately, as I snooped... I found two used condoms in the trash. I was very disappointed to realize that Mom hadn't been impregnanted. I did take the seed from the condoms... which is kind of gross to remember now... but I was thirteen.

I desperately did want Mom to get another visit from Tyrone. I skipped a lot of school trying to catch her in the act for round two. The school finally called my parents and I had to go in for some counsling. They all thought some shit was going on at home to make me miss so much class. I actually almost thought I should tell them my slut mother was fucking a NIGGER and I just wanted to see the shit happen. Of course, I bit my tongue though.

I found condoms in the garbage about a month later. There was two of them again. I was really happy that Mom had gotten more action. I was just understandably very disappointed I wasn't home to see it. I had the thought I should blackmail Mom... tell her that I would tell Dad on her unless she let me know when she would be taking that NIGGER COCK and unless she was going to be giving me a front row seat.

I did love her my mother though... as a normal boy loves a normal mother. When she wasn't fucking a NIGGER, she was a very good mom. I didn't quite have the nerve to pull the blackmail trick on her.

Luckily, I didn't need to. I found condoms again the second day in a row... and then I thought maybe the NIGGER was in town for a third day possibly too? It was risky to skip another day of school... but it was a day that my mother was working the afternoon shift. If I was real lucky, I could get into the closet in the bedroom and watch a fuck with my own eyes. Even if I got caught... what the hell could Mom do about it anyhow, I figured? She would be in more shit then me if they found me in the closet.

It all worked out great. I had a camera I borrowed from my friend. I got into the closet when Mom did her shower. It was starting like her first time with Tyrone... her naked and waiting. I didn't see the hello kiss at the front door of course... but soon Mom was bringing that NIGGER into bed and I was getting to see what I really wanted to anyhow.

It started with a good hot blowjob. The door was pushed shut and then the NIGGER grabbed Mom by the hair and told her 'on your knees bitch.' Mom obeyed... and that big cock came out. I would guess Tyrone was about nine inches hard. He was definitely way bigger then my dad anyhow. I wonder if my dad is even my dad though... now that I know Mom was a slut.

Mom could certainly suck a good cock... even a nine incher. There was almost no hint of a gag... and she got down to the balls. She was willing to do the ass. She licked... and sucked... and drooled spit. Her hair was pulled... and speaking of spit, that NIGGER dropped a goober right between Mom's eyes as she worked it.

I am sure I would have blown my load if I was the one with my cock in my mother's mouth... but that NIGGER was able to hold out for a fuck. Sadly the condom went on before that BLACK FUCKER got into my mother's baby hole again. I am also sad to say that the condom didn't have a timely malfunction moment either. It was still damn good sex to watch though. Tyrone was a forceful fuck. I haven't even seen porn that was any more studly then the job he did on my mother with his nine inches of taboo dick.

Mom took it missionary... legs spread wide up around that NIGGER'S Ass. Mom got on top and bounced like a total little fuckslut should. Mom got it doggy style but not in the ass... just pussy. Finally there was some more missionary with Mom really bent in half... legs up around the head... and that accounted for cum number one.

The NIGGER ate Mom out a bit as he recovered... not my favorite part of the show...

Then the NIGGER spanked my mother which was an amazing sight to see... Mom was on the knees and she really got worked. Her ass was reddened... and she teared up. It was so fucking hot to see that NIGGER actually abuse my mother in our own home. I loved it... and I felt Mom did deserve it too.

The Nigger next told Mom he needed to piss... and to get to the toilet. So that was like the absolute topper to it. I guess he went and pissed on Mom in the bathroom. Probably the NIGGER pissed right into my mother's mouth even. I couldn't hear it from the bedroom... and I sure as hell didn't want to get caught at this point with my video.

So... I guess the second fuck took place in the shower too. Mom came back anyhow for the condoms after serving as the NIGGERS piss toilet I guess. It was just so fucking hot, but then the show for me was basically over. I knew I better not take chances on a them returning to the bedroom... just had to get out safely while they were busy in the shower. They didn't have the door shut and I had to sneak past to get outside.

It was the only time I was ever lucky enough to see Mom fuck. I had a chance to find a diary of hers a couple years later. In it was a well documented list of her lovers. There was quite a few little entries about how she felt about things... some regrets she had... the pleasure she got from her sinful betrayal of my dad.

I only found condoms in the garbage a couple more times... I guess Tyrone and her had broken up soon after I saw that NIGGER do Mom. She had a few more BLACK LOVERS over the next couple years according to her diary, but she also had a white guy and an asian even I guess... so she wasn't one hundred percent into just NIGGER COCK.

There was a broken condom mentioned in the diary but it was with the white guy, and I guess it didn't result in a pregnancy or maybe she aborted or miscarried. There was no little baby anyhow.

To this day, I still hope someone knocks my mother up... but shes older now. I think she still cheats, but I've had to move out of the house... to another province... I can't check up on the slut as I used to.

I hope that you all got a bit of a thrill out of my share here. I have meant to do it for awhile. I am a huge fan of slutwife/cheating wife sex. I am married now myself. My wife and I are professional phone sex operators. As a cheap plug, I am going to share my yahoo name with everyone... and if you want to say hello, I am on duty signed in 12 or more hours each day. I might chat for free if I enjoy the chat... I might even do phone for free if I enjoy the person I am talking too... but my wife will only join the call if we are being paid. For her it's a job we do to pay the rent and buy groceries. My yahoo is

I really do love to chat... so this is the end of the story for now unless you do decide to say hi and I'm back seeing just who all is online. Be well.
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