Trina's Pet

Written by Carosex / Oct 10, 1999


Trina's Pet By Carosex

Valerie Protnic's 3 mile run finished up about 400 yds from the large brick house she called home. She liked to walk those last yards to cool down. The fact that she shared this home with a man 25 yrs older than her was just a small price to pay for her happiness and comfort. Afterall he did provide for her. This statement being a gross understatement. The 8000 sq ft mansion that came with 5 acres was proof enough.

What Valerie loved most about this lifestyle was the freedom. Her husband travelled extensively and as she became accustomed to the schedule she was able to do what she wanted almost whenever she wanted. Briefly translated this meant she got to sleep with who she wanted, when she wanted. This was all quite easy for her since at the ripe old age of 38 she still looked like the professional basketball cheerleader she was 13 years ago. This was when her husband had met her and taken her as a trophy wife. At 5'-3" about 115lbs she was in incredible shape. She had natural almost platinum blonde hair that ran to just above her shoulders. It was extremely fine and gave an Aryan appearance to her lovely tanned face.

As Valerie approached her home she daydreamed about her most recent lover, Pas. A black man from the West Indies, Pas possessed the three things that she required, incredible good looks, a big dick and staying power. She smiled as she thought about how nice it was to have him sliding that big black cock of his in and out of her. She thought about the irony of all those years as a cheerleader and not dating one black man. Why hadnt she fallen for the mystique that all the white cheerleaders ultimately succumbed too, while now over the past 4 years she had slept with over a dozen black men. The answer was actually pretty simple, Valerie always kept sight of her goal to marry rich and white men had the money.

As Valerie ambled up the steps to the house her trance was broken by the loud barking of a huge dog. Sasha was the gardener, Trina's pet. A massive Greeat Dane that came up to her chest, Valerie hated this dog as much as he apparently hated her.Valerie could be an unholy bitch when she wanted. It was kind of an on demand sort of thing that would unnerve just about anyone. Yet she liked Trina and would spare her, but she knew the dog had to finally go. Trina called the dog and he retreated to her side aobut 100 feet away. Valerie left a note for the pretty young Jamaican woman to see her when she was done with the rose garden.

Valerie emerged from the shower and put on her robe. She always felt so good after her runs, but today that fucking dog had scared her shitless and now she was trying to control her emotions so as not to unleash her fury on Trina. Trina was waiting in the large family room that connected to one of the four porches attached to the house. When Valerie entered Trina could feel her anger and instinctively bowed her head slightly.

"Good afternoon Trina" Valerie said curtly.

"Good afternoon, Miss Protnic" Trina replied shuffling her feet a little.

"I must say I am a little more than purturbed about your dog, Sasha"

The two talked in their distinct accents. Although Valerie's lilting English accent was a hoax. She had developed a quasi accent and told people she developed it when she was at boarding school in Europe. Many of her husband's friends were at society's extreme upper crust. Valerie did her best to keep pace. Unfortunately despite her beauty and pretty voice the discerning eyes of the elite saw through her vain attempts.

"Mrs Protnic I'm so sorry it wont happen again" The pretty black woman replied.

"No it wont because I dont want to see that dog again" Valerie said in a continually rising voice.

"Oh please Mrs. Protnic. You see you just have to get to know him better" And with that Trina opened the door to the porch letting the bog dog come bounding in. Sasha seemed to know his perdicament as he simply whimpered and sat in the corner with his big brown eyes searching for sympathy.

"How dare you bring that beast in here!! When I told you to get rid of it!!" Valerie screeched, now completely enraged.

"Oh please" Trina said in a pleaful voice "You'll get to know him at least as well as my husband." She was standing in front of Valerie. Now it was Trina's face that registered an increasing rage.

"What are you" was all Valerie could get out of her mouth before Trina moved. Valerie was completely shocked at what she had heard. She had no idea she was sleeping with any married men. It wasnt her style. There were plenty of single men to fuck. She was so perplexed that even as she felt her robe lift off her buttocks and slide over her head she simply stood there. Consequently for Trina it was surprisingly easy for her to bring the pretty white woman down to her hands and knees. The robe was now wrapped around her arms and Trina held them tight in her own. This made Valerie a very captive audience as the two women faced each other on all fours.

"My God Trina. How dare you!!" Valerie managed before being cut off.

"You like em black now do you Mrs. Protnic?"

"I havent slept with your ...."

Well I wouldnt exactly call it sleeping but you and my Pas have been working up quite a sweat together doing the nasty!!"

Now Valerie stared in disbelief. That sleazy fucking asshole had told her she was the only one he was screwing. Why else would she let someone like him ride her with out a condom. Valerie snapped back from her thought s just in time to hear.

"So you like to dance with the big black Jamaican donkey dick do you!?! Well I have something better right here you white slut!! Sasha!! Mount!!

Valerie looked back and to her horror saw the dog leap up. She screamed violently as she felt the close crpped fur of the dog slide up her back. She struggled desperately against Trina but her arms were tied up with the robe and the black woman was stronger and in even better shape than Valerie. She had just thought of something to say that might get her out of this mess when she felt something hard press against her vagina. It was a familiar feeling yet she knew it was so much different than anything she had ever experienced before now.

Valerie let out a panicked howl as the first 4" of the dog's cock slid inside her. Now she strained her body every which way to try and escape but it had become much harder with the 150lbs dog now completely on top of her. As she wriggled underneath she felt something large and blunt ram against her vagina. She stopped and looked up at Trina.

"Relax Mrs. Protnic. Its just the knot. It takes a bit to get it inside you." Valerie now struggled fiercely, she had no idea what a knot was but she certainly didnt want it inside her. Yet the dog had an urgency as well and it was bigger and stronger. On about the fourth or fifth thrust, Valerie's eyes and mouth opened wide as the thick lump of flesh, about the size of a baseball, squeezed through her opening. The dog then easily pressed the rest of the large prong dangling between his legs into the woman underneath him.

Trina unwrapped the robe from Valerie's arms and stood up. Her work was done. She knew no matter how hard she tried to get away, this slut would never disengage herself from that big knot buried inside her. Meanwhile Valerie thought that Trina had tired of holding her, yet everytime she tried to stand up the dog's cock got caught somehow and the pain was excrutiating. Besides Sasha was right on top of her. She could feel his panting in her ear.

The next thing Valerie felt was the dog starting to mate with her. She sobbed as the beast began with quick powerful thrusts. She had been under many men that were much bigger than Sasha, but this dog was so much stronger. She still couldnt figure out why she coultn't get away and what this knot holding her in place was exactly. Designed to keep the female dog in place and attached to her male mate, it was now doing its job magnificently. Although she didnt realize it yet, Valerie was exhausted and she began to struggle less and less against the dog.

Trina sat back and enjoyed the show. Valerie was the third white woman she had caught Pas with and the third to be mounted by Sasha. She was especially enjoying Valerie as the other two, while very sexy, were just white trash. Both sluts had actually ended up submitting and having orgasms. She doubted Mrs. Protnic would surrender so easily.

They had been fucking for about 5 minutes. Valerie found that it simply just too much to struggle. She had actually spread her thighs a bit to give the pistoning cock more room to probe her insides and ultimately cause her less pain. She could feel the large knot. It was devastatingly large, bigger than anything she had ever experienced. The dog's thrusts were much shorter than a man's, despite having what would turn out to be an 11" member. Sasha was also brutally relentless. There was no slowing of his rythym, the dog only knew that he wanted to breed with this woman and had to get his seed inside her.

As the two writhed against each other, Trina began to notice how beautifully sexy Mrs. Protnic was. Her skin glistened as the two had begun to lather rather heavily. Valerie's well tanned skin showed a light golden brown which seemed to glow as the sweat poured out of her as she now readily accepted the dog's ruthless lunges. Trina marvelled at the definition in the impaled woman's well toned body, especially her muscular legs. For a relatively small woman she seemed to be taking the dog's huge prong with little discomfort now. That was not particularly true of the first two sluts, both of whom had bled during the ordeal. obviously the high society woman had fucked her share of donkey dicked black men. Her pelvis, in fact, had started to rotate back into each of Sasha's raid fire thrusts. Trina knew that this was just the woman's natural reaction to having an 11" prick buried inside her. She knew that this bitch was far too up tight to actually orgasm from this sort of fucking.

Meanwhile Valerie finally felt accustomed to the unusually shaped dog cock. Her vagina was accomadating it nicely. She had also accepted her fate. Not that she was enjoying herself but there was nothing she could do about being screwed by the big dog. All at once the dog let out a whimper and his huge dick grew even bigger inside her. Valerie knew what this meant and tears reformed and streamed down her face as she bellowed "Oh God, Oh Gawd no!!! he's cumming!!! Dont let him cum inside me!! Oh please no!! Trina smiled as her dog's semen splashed inside Valerie's womb. The dog seemed to cum longer than even her best lovers, but it was finally ending. Valerie's love hole was so soaked with the dog's cum and her lubricant that the shrinking knot eased out with a grotesque plopping noise.

Valerie lay there in a sweaty heap, totally exhausted as the dog climbed off of her and strode off with a triumphant gate. "I'm going to get you for this" Valerie seethed through her clenched teeth as she glared up at Trina. "Why? you seemed to be enjoying yourself in the end." Trina replied with a calm confidence. Then she added a coup de grace "You realize that you are truly a bitch now" Valerie could only gasp "FUCK YOU!!! I am going to the police" " Have it your way" and with that Trina got up and left with Sasha.

The words Trina had said stayed with Valerie all night. She had been traumatized and abused by that cunt and her dog. Yet the phrase "you are truly a bitch now", was paralyzing her from any action. If she went to the police this would get out and she would be known as a dog's "bitch". Even though she knew was used many times to describe her, it was never used so literally.

By the time she had arrived home from the ladies auxillary lunch the next day, Valerie had decided she couldnt go to the police. She would simply get Trina fired from as many gardening jobs as possible. Oh yes, she would also continue to screw that lovely black stud husband of hers. Afterall she was beautiful and rich and it certainly showed today. A $1,500 designed cocktail dress, $75 sheer black stockings and $300 black pumps. Yes she would make Pas hers and watch Trina suffer. She was thinking of how easy it could have been for Trina to simply confront her and tell her who she was fucking. It wasnt like she was in love with the man, there were plenty of other black studs out there to choose from.

It was at this point that Valerie was walking through her front door and nearly walked right into Sasha. The dog backed up a bit and snarled at her. Valerie was so shocked she only thought that it was strange to see him, since Trina wasnt scheduled to work today. It almost didnt register that the day before this very dog had mounted her, that is until he began to bark loudly at her in the foyer. Valerie rushed by Sasha into the living room and the dog followed.

She called out to Trina but no one answered. she was getting real scared and the dog could sense it. Valerie opened a window and yelled for Trina outside. Again there was no answer. She closed the window and turned to see that Sasha seemed to be growling at her. While Valerie stood frozen in her pumps the dog moved quickly and jumped up on her.

Valerie let out a scream as she thought she was going to be torn to bits. What he wanted was completely different. He put his fore legs around her waist and had his face right in front of hers. Ironically, Valerie was thinking that maybe the dog was friendlier than she thought. She felt his body undulating against her and something hard against her thigh. When she looked down Valerie felt sick.

Sasha was humping her leg, his huge penis fully erect was swinging lewdly all over the place but mostly up against her legs. Valerie groaned and tried to escape but she was against the wall and the dog was stronger. So she just stood there and let the dog hump her. she looked down and saw how big Sasha was, especially the pulsating knot of flesh in the middle of the joint. At one point a thick rope of white liquid spewed out of him and splashed against one of her silk encased thighs. Valerie watched, disgusted as the precum ran down her stocking.

It was then that Sasha began barking ferociously as Valerie. "What do you want!?!" Valerie whimpered in utter fear of the dog. Yet to Valerie it was fairly obvious. She reached down with her hand and touched the dog's cock. Sasha relented and lay down on the floor. Valerie got down on her knees and gently took the dog's erection in her hand. If this was the only way to satisfy the dog and get him out of her house she would do it.

She began to gently jerk it. Valerie immediately noticed how big the knot was and how hard. She wondered at how it even got inside her. Valerie also noticed that the dog's skin was much more smooth than a man's and much more sensitive. She had to keep spitting on the big member to keep it lubricated. Unfortunately this wasnt good enough for Sasha and he began barking again. Valerie looked at the dog's growling face. She then bowed her head and took the big prong into her mouth. The smooth skin slipped easily between her pouting lips. The first thing she tasted was the sticky cum. It was extremely sour and she almost retched but managed to keep the cock in her mouth and continued to gently suck it. It was easy actually. While Sasha humped his dick back and forth Valerie just kept licking and sucking. Yet even this didnt satisfy Sasha and he was soon barking agian.

Valerie knew what she had to do. She stood up and took off her coctail dress and then the slip inderneath. She looked down at the cum stained stockings and decided they were ruined so she kept them on with her garter belt. She turned and got into the submissive position on her hands and knees. All at once Sasha got up and climbed on top of her. Valerie had started to rub her clitoris to get herself wet when she felt the familiar hardness pressing against her.

Since she was more relaxed, Valerie took the dog inside her much more easily than the first time. As the knot eased into Valerie's sweet pussy she let out a high pitched sigh and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Sasha began humping immediately. Valerie arched her back to expose her pussy. She was sighing with each thrust instead of grunting in pain this time. And once again her pelvis was pusing back to meet each thrust. It didnt surprise Valerie that the first signals of pleasure began travelling up and down her spine. These signals turned into waves crashing all over her body. Especially in her sweet pussy which was becoming more ripe with her juices and more sensitive to the pleasures the dog's big cock was giving her. As the first orgasm approached, Valerie thought for a second about fighting it. Yet she knew she was alone with the dog and at this point was too far gone to stop it. Valerie's eyes went wide and the tremors in her body became a full scale earthquake. "OOOOOO AAAAAHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHH OOOOOHHH God YEEESSSSS!!!! The woman in heat squealed as she lost control of her body. The dog's knot had to work hard as Valerie's hips and legs convulsed and undulated with a frantic urgency.

Meanwhile the dog kept up his incredible pace unabated. This gave Valerie little time to recover before another orgasm spread through her body. She was completely on fire now. She was moaning, squealing and sighing as she came again and again. She was now a true bitch in heat.

Now it was the dog's turn to feel the ultimate pleasure. Valerie smiled wickedly as she felt the dog cock expand inside her and the first warmth of his cum completing the breeding process. Valerie even urged the dog on cooing "Thats is Sasha, do it to me honey!! Oh yes your such a good doggy, yes you are!!" As she felt the knot shrink Valerie let the dog pull out of her with the familiar plopping noise. She turned and saw that the dog's cock was covered in both their cum. She couldnt let him out of the house that way so once again she took the large prong in her mouth and cleaned it off. She gave the dog's balls a good licking and then sttod up. It was at this point that the video cameras stopped recording.

Valerie did not see Sasha again. She did keep her promise to get Trina fired from as many jobs as possible though and even kept up her steamy sex sessions with Pas. All this came to an end one day when Trina came to Valerie and accused her of getting her fired from her jobs.

"Why whatever do you mean Trina?" Valerie responded in her best superior bitch voice.

"What I mean is that since I have lost about 50% of my gardening jobs I have had to find another sourse of money" Trina replied as she pulled a VCR tape out of her bag.

"What's on that" Valerie shot back. More than a little worried about the ladies reaction at the country club if they got a glimpse of her riding Pas, cowgirl style.

"Why dont we see." Trina repied as she put the tape into the VCR at her home.

Valerie was shocked to see her on her knees sucking Sasha's cock. "You see it really is too late to do much about this" Trina explained above Valerie's taped moans. "You really were bankrupting Pas and I. I only had this as insurance against you going to the police. Yet when I met a pornograhy distributor from one of the few jobs you didnt get me fired from, I felt I had no choice. You should know that I did protect you quite well. The distributor only has the rights to this video in Asia so that is the only place it is being released."

Valerie fell into a chair devastated. She simply looked at Trina with a sad look on her face. "You should know that the Asian market loves you. Something about your blonde hair I guess." Trina went on to tell Valerie that this demand would mean they would need a new video soon. Valerie began to cry as Trina calmly told her that as long as they kept the Asian market happy there was no need to introduce this to America.

Consequently, Today a full year after Valerie was first introduced to beastiality she has made 6 more videos. All in the hopes that she is not discovered here in the U.S. The one she made with Pas (Trina needed her revenge on that asshole too) and the other involving a gangbang with 10 well hung black men are the only videos that are with other humans. Valerie has since been with another dog and several horses. All the while waiting for the day when her high society world comes crumbling down with the inevitable revelation from some horny stranger with a well stocked video collection.

Although the distributor promises to keep these videos sold in Asia, look hard and you may be rewarded. Valerie is a special girl with special talents and it is hard to imagine those tapes staying in the Far East forever.
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