Submissive Hostess Training

Written by LeatherZebra / Mar 19, 2010


Submissive Hostess Training

During the years that Ken was granted the use of my slut wife, we had many memorable experiences where he enjoyed using her as his personal white married whore. As far as she was concerned, she was helping her dominant husband retain an important business account, while at the same time satisfying her need to submit to a dominant BBC (see Corporate Slut Training story in DW). One of the most exciting involved Ken using her during a summer party at our home, attended by guests who were not into the IR or B/D scene. This type of scene involves an element of risk, as the risk of discovery would cause embarrassment and loss of reputation. Neither my wife nor I are ?swingers? and our friends and neighbors have no idea as to what occurs out of their sight.

On this particular summer night, we had a small gathering of friends over, and my submissive wife was instructed to wear a lavender spaghetti strap dress, that clung to her sexy curves and showed some nice cleavage. In addition, she was required to wear black heels, garters and black stockings. No bra or panties were allowed. With her long blond hair, and excellent body, she looked very hot. Since the dress was very clingy, it was apparent to all that she was naked underneath her dress. Some of our more conservative guests probably thought she was a bit overdressed for a casual summer night, but everyone enjoyed the view. I told Ken to arrive late, when the party was nearing its conclusion. My wife was graciously serving drinks and snacks to the remaining guests when Ken walked in to our home. He was dressed in casual jeans, tennis shoes and a polo shirt which showed off his imposing physique. I had not told my wife he was coming, so she was visibly surprised and excited by his arrival. He was the only black man at the party. Here was the dominant Black man who had led her around like a dog on a leash, naked on all fours, before fucking her mouth and pussy repeatedly. She remembered how it felt to be whipped and spanked by this black Master, before, during and after his huge cock drove her to intense orgasms. She was momentarily paralyzed as he casually strolled into our home, greeted me, and introduced himself to our friends.

Turning to my wife, I said, ?Hey, be a good hostess and see that Ken has everything he needs. Start by getting him a drink.? As she hurried to the kitchen to comply, Ken admired her sexy ass and gorgeous legs.

?Damn, your wife is making my dick hard!? he said.

We had originally planned on Ken using her after everyone left, but quickly decided it would be more exciting to get started while the party was still going on. I had preset some bondage equipment on the first floor of our home, while the party was on the second floor. I told Ken that the east side of the house, facing a landscaped garden would be the best place to do some outdoor training. Our front door faced the south, so people would be exiting just around the corner.

To calm herself, my blond wife had a few drinks herself, before bringing Ken his drink. I left them alone as I attended to my remaining guests. After a while, I noticed that Ken and my wife were nowhere to be found. After another half hour, a friend asked me where my wife was. I replied that she was probably showing Ken our garden. Finally, curiosity got the better of me, and I snuck away from the party, grabbed my camera, and went outdoors to the east side of the house.

There, I found my wife, squatting on her high heels, her mouth jammed with Ken?s 91/2? black cock. Her dress had been pulled up so that her cute white ass and pussy was exposed. She was moaning in lust as she sucked and licked his black cock. He had put bondage leather cuffs on her wrists, and I took a photo of her left hand (with marriage band) holding his black dick as it drove deep into her mouth. The party was going on just above us, and we could clearly hear people talking and laughing. I wondered if they could hear my wife moaning like a cheap whore with her mouth gagging on a big black dick.

When Ken saw me taking pictures, he took down her straps to reveal her D cup tits, and started pulling and twisting her erect nipples. This brought out a little cry from my wife, but she quickly stifled it, so that people couldn?t hear her at the party. She never stopped her cocksucking.

?Is she attending to all your needs?? I asked.

?Well, your white ho is learning how to be a good hostess at a black man?s party, which is a bit different than being a hostess at a white party. Maybe if she?s good, I?ll have her hostess a party for my black employees?. My slut wife just moaned and nodded her head as she continued to suck her black master.

As I was leaving to get back to the party, Ken made my wife lean over the hot tub for support, bent her over and started fucking her hard while standing up behind her. The force of his thrusts made her tits jiggle and I could hear the smacking of his pelvis as he powered his cock into her poor pussy. She couldn?t help grunting and moaning, and she was so carried away by the intense fucking that she probably didn?t care who saw her at this point. I took a few more photos and hurried back to the party.

When I returned, the party was winding down. It was a strangely exciting feeling to be talking to a group of people in my living room, knowing that just outside the window and 20 feet below, my wife was being fucked by a BBC. Gradually, people started to leave through the front door, walking to their parked cars, not knowing that just around the corner, a black stud was having his way with a naked white wife. As the last guest left, I walked around the front of the house to see how my wife was doing.

My wife had been sucking and fucking Ken, non stop for over an hour. He had been using her outdoors, and while our yard is fairly private, if a neighbor had come out into their yard, it was very possible for them to see everything that Ken was doing to her. I ordered her to describe to us how she had served our guest. With her dress gathered around her waist, my shameless wife showed me the red marks on her big tits where Ken had mauled her tits and nipples. Then, she bent over the hot tub, spread her legs and showed me her red ass, where Ken had given her a rough spanking. While examining her white ass, a slow trickle of semen started to ooze out of her shaved, pierced pussy. She proudly stated that she had drained his cum into her mouth first, and then felt him deposit another load deep into her pussy while he was spanking her ass. Since she had swallowed every drop (like a well trained white slave) she couldn?t show me any of Ken?s sperm on her face. For all the rough use, she still looked pretty good, so we took her inside to continue her training. Ken made her remove her dress, so that she walked around our house in just her heels, garters, and hose.

Once inside, we cuffed her to our custom made bondage bench. Immobilized, she was secured to the padded bench so that she was on her hands and knees, with her mouth, cunt, and ass available for use. Ken then started whipping her with a braided leather cat of nine tails. He also started to verbally humiliate her, making her admit that she was a nasty white married ho, who was a slut for any black cock. The whip started to redden her cute ass, and she moaned and squirmed. The whip handle was about 10? long, with a big leather encased knob at the end. Seeing her pussy juices running out of her pussy, Ken jammed the whip handle deep into her cunt, and started deep fucking her with it. At this point, I put down the camera, and put my 8? cock into her mouth. She eagerly sucked and licked my balls, as Ken savagely used the big handle like a dildo. I could hear the wet slurping sounds as her pussy stretched to accommodate the black leather handle. Then, without warning, Ken yanked the whip out of her pussy, and delivered a perfect whip stroke to her open tender pussy. My wife screamed around my cock in her mouth, and for a moment, I was afraid she?d bite my cock. Instead, the pleasure/pain sent her into a huge orgasm. I quickly pulled out, and with my raging hardon, started to jackhammer her abused pussy. Ken took the whip handle, coated with her juices and the residue of his cum, and ordered my wife to lick it clean. She did so with enthusiasm, as I spanked her abused ass. Ken was drained for the night, but still, my wife worshipped his cock, and licked and sucked each of his big black balls, and cleaned his cock for him. To finish her discipline, Ken started using side strokes with the whip to attack her hanging white tits. She moaned and cried around his black cock, but did not try to get away. In fact, she was so into her humiliation and slavery for black cock that it appeared that she was presenting her abused tits for more punishment. Red stripes started to appear on both of her tits. To finish, he laid a particularly stinging blow that caught her left nipple perfectly, at which point she let out a scream. Right at that moment, I shot my load deep into her pussy, which by now was well used, stretched and very sore. The pain of the nipple being whipped, combined with the sensation of my hot cum exploding into her pussy, sent her to her last orgasm of the night.

When we released her, she could barely stand on her high heels. Cum was leaking out of her loose cunt lips, and there were whip marks on her tits, pussy and ass. It took about a week for those marks to go away, but she told me she really enjoyed the intensity of this IR B/D scene. She started to fantasize about Ken making her serve as a white sex slave hostess at an all black party. A few years later, her fantasy would come true, but by another black dominant. But that will be the subject of a future story.

Corroborating photos can be found in DW Forum, under the section ?IR Extreme?.


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