Angela’s Night Out

Written by Amber O'Mara / Apr 6, 2010


Angela?s Night Out

Amber O?Mara

I guess to start this story you?ll need to know a little about my wife Angela and myself. Angela and I have been married for almost five years; we?re both are considered professionals. I work as an engineer for a pipeline company, and Angela works as a Veterinarian here in Dallas.

We pretty much your average couple I guess. We both grew up in Louisiana, met in college; fell in love and after graduating we got married and moved to Dallas. I remember first seeing Angela. God! She was a sight. It was our first semester of Chemistry. I had taken a seat in the back, and I was just sitting there ogling all he girls as they came to class that first day.

Most of them were nice looking, a couple of them were definitely not attractive, and then fewer still were really nice looking. I was particularly taken with a tall slender red headed (really auburn) girl with really nice breasts that came into class at the last minute. The classroom was pretty full, and she picked her way through all the taken rows and slowly but surely she was making her way all the way to the back. She took the seat next to me, and turned her lovely little heart shaped ass around right in front of my face before she sat down next to me. I smiled at her and she smiled back and whispering a quiet little ?hi? to me. Needless to say I was in love with chemistry class. Over the semester I finally got up the nerve to ask her out, and from that point on we dated all thought out college, and of course along the way we decided to get married, which we did right after graduation.

I guess the one most striking thing about Angela is how really sheltered her folks had kept her. It was very clear after we started dating that she really was pretty naïve, and she?s what one would certainly say was ?goody-two shoes?. I guess, was about a year after we had been dating, she finally let me go all the way with her. Don?t get me wrong, before then there was plenty of hot and heavy petting, but until that night I never knew that Angela was still a virgin.

Needless to say, that night the sex was not so great for Angela, it being her first time, but in the following years that we dated, the sex became better and better. Even though Angela had started her sexual travels latter that most girls, she was a very willing and active participant. Those last two years in college it seemed like we made love whenever we got the chance, and to my utter delight, Angela was open to pretty much anything and everything I could dream up. The only exception seemed to be anal sex. We tried it, and Angela did have an orgasm while we did it, which wasn?t a surprise considering she was rubbing her clit the whole time, but that night when we tried anal, she said that while she came, it just seemed too dirty to her to really enjoy that much. I was pretty much OK with that, I mean it was good, but I have to admit it wasn?t as good as when I came inside her tight little auburn haired pussy.

Needles to say, Angela was a dream to me. She was beautiful, smart, and fun; our marriage and life together couldn?t be more wonderful. I thank God for meeting her and marring her all the time.

Once we settling in Dallas and found jobs, we started making our lives together, and as most people do, we were making friends along the way. Surprisingly most of our friends were people for either Angela?s work place or from mine. I hard to imagine it being difficult to meet people in a city the size of Dallas, but it is. I guess that may be because there are just too many people there and no one has time, or wants to take the time to get to know other people and even less time to make new friends.

Anyway, there are three guys I work with that I consider my friends now. They?re all engineers like me, two white guys, Steven, and Mike, and a black guy Jerome. We all get along great at work and away from work too, and the four of us actually play poker once a week. Well, we try for once a week, but with the travelling that we have to do, it usually turns into twice a month, but we all make concerted efforts to try hard to make those poker nights.

Usually the guys bring their wives, or dates in the case of Mike and Jerome, and we all drink, listen to music, and play poker till everyone is stuffed full of good food and generally drinking until everyone is plastered?.Great fun!

Angela has made a couple of friends, girl friends I guess from work too. One girl is Lisa, another Vet that works in the same clinic as Angela, and her other close friend is a vet tech named Katie. Angela and her girl friends how their own semi-weekly ritual where they meet and go out, but like my poker night, that every other week event seems to have been reduced to usually once a month.

According to Angela they usually got out for margaritas and dinner after work, and spend most of the time in the restaurant drinking and talking. Every now and then they will go to the little dance bar around the corner for the Vet clinic, but that only seems to happen when they?ve had to work late on the night when they had already decided to go out together. Those nights are the girls tend to stay in the bar and drink and snack on bar food, and apparently bitch about having to work late on girl?s night out.

Usually when they?ve had to change their dinner plans and settle on going to the bar are long, late nights. I can tell you that on more than one occasion, Angela?s called me on her cell at 2 or 3 in the morning and drunkenly asking me if I could come down and take her and the girl?s home. Like a good husband I get dressed and bitch a little on the drive down to the little corner bar, and pour all of them into the pickup truck and dutifully take them all home.

The only god part, well the only two good parts about having to do that, is that I usually have to practically carry Angela?s friend Katie into her apartment and put her to bed. I should say that Katie is a hottie. She?s 23; maybe 5? even, very cute face and figure. He had the longest, shiniest jet black hair, and nice little maybe 26B cup breasts, and did I say that she had a killer body? I really like putting Katie to bed, I don?t try to undress her or anything, but I imagine my hands roam around that tight little body of hers maybe a little more than necessary when I do have to carry her into her apartment. Lisa on the other hand, while I?ll admit that she?s and attractive too, is a different matter. Lisa?s a natural blonde with big ol? knockers, which is good, but other than her huge tits, she?s rather plain looking, and she really doesn?t hold a candle to Angela or Katie as far as the cute girl with the hot body thing goes. Lisa usually isn?t so polluted that I have to carry her, not that I really could. Don?t get me wrong, its not like Lisa is fat or anything, she just big, like 5?11? big, and I know I would have issues getting her out of the truck and into her house if she ever really did get stinking drunk. Mind you, I wouldn?t mind playing with those big ol? titties for awhile while if I ever had to carry her drunk ass into her house.

Needless to say, but the time I drop of the other two girls and get Angela home, I usually wide awake and usually horny from having to man handle Katie into bed. Best part about have to do all the drinking on my wife?s girls night out is that in her drunken state, Angela is always more than receptive of my advances. Honestly, life is good.

OK?I digress; I guess in hindsight everything started on one of Angela?s girl?s night out events. Angela called to tell me that the had a dog had been brought in right at closing that had been hit by a car, and that she would be working late, which meant that she and the girls would be going to the little dance bar by her work when she finished up with the hurt dog. She had called to give me a heads up to put my cell phone near the bed so I would hear it ring if she and the girls needed a ride. I chuckled at her, and told her to have a good time and to call me if she needed too. After putting around the house and watching TV for awhile I dozed off. I remember being half awake and feeling Angela climbing into bed. I glanced at the clock, it was 2:30, and I knew that Angela was home safe, so I snuggled back beneath the covers to go back to sleep. It wasn?t a minute later that I felt Angela?s hand on my hip gently rubbing me. I was still half asleep, but that didn?t last long. After a couple of minutes of her hand rubbing on my hip, I felt it gently slide down towards my dick, and she gently began to rub and fondle my dick. Before long I felt myself getting hard, and I knew that Angela wasn?t going to stop till we made love. I feigned still being asleep and as I slowly became more awake, I let myself enjoy my wife?s warm soft hand gently rubbing and softly jerking my ever growing erection.

After a few more minutes of playing possum, Angela stopped, then I felt the covers tighten and a cool breeze on my body. I opened my eyes, and in the mostly dark room I could see that Angela had pulled the covers over her head. She still was holding my dick in one hand, but I could already feel her long auburn hairs tickling the side of my stomach, and then I could feel her hot breath as she began to kiss lightly on my dick. Then I felt a particularly warm breath right on top of my dick, which was immediately followed by the top 1/3 of my dick being suddenly covered in a wonderful feeling of warm wetness. I reached up under the covers and bumped Angela?s left thigh, then my hand was soon running up and down her smooth, soft thigh as she started to suck my dick. I wasn?t long before she had all of me in her mouth, deep throating me, which isn?t too hard, I?m only about 6 ½ inches long.

I worked my hand up under Angela thigh, and felt her starting to lift her left leg over my chest. Angela caught on immediately and before I knew it she was straddling me, her thick auburn bush hovering right above my face. I ran my thumb over her slit, and was amazed at how wet she was. She was like sopping wet. My thumb easily slid up and down her slit making her hips writhe every time my thumb bumped her hard little clit. I had just pulled my thumb from my wife?s entrance, when suddenly she pushed her smoldering pussy down hard on my face. I reached up and spread her cheeks and started licking her very wet pussy in time with her bobbing up and down on my dick. She starting bobbing faster and faster on my hard and very much awake dick, and I licked faster as I tried to keep up with her. It didn?t take long at all and Angela ground her furry little pussy hard into my face, letting my dick fall from her mouth and she started moaning and writhing as I ate her out. The faster I ate her the more she moaned, and before long she was actually telling me how good it felt, and then she started twitching on top of me and grinding harder onto my face. Her pussy was undulating and pressing hard down on my tongue and lips, and I couldn?t believe how wet she was. It wasn?t just a little wetness mixed with my saliva, but it felt like she was literally oozing into my mouth. Then Angela raised up the upper half of her body, bracing herself with her arms as she pressed her pussy even harder into my face. Her hips twitched and bucked, and she let out a long low guttural moan as her pussy convulsed and twitched over my stationary tongue.

Angela was still straddling me as she recovered from her orgasm. I had turned my head to the side, and was trying to catch my breath too. My dick was hard as a rock and wanting relief, and I wasn?t about to let Angela come in and wake me up, then get off with out me getting off too. I gave her half a minute to catch her breath, and just as I was pull myself up out from under her legs and take her doggy style; Angela threw the covers off my legs and turned around to face me. She reached down with one hand and grabbed my hard dick then, leaned down over me. As she leaned into me, I could feel her hot breath on my face, and the reek of alcohol as she kissed me on the lips and whispered to me, ?God! I need you to fuck me so bad!?

I was still a little shocked at hearing my wife say that. I mean were usually talk when we make love, but she never says talks like that, never says things like ?fuck??it?s always ?make love? of something less raw like that. I wouldn?t have been surprised if she said she needed me, or needed me badly or something like that, but to hear her say that she needed me to ?fuck her?, well that was really unlike her, and it was a turn on.

While I was still trying to get my mind around what she had said, Angela leaned back, and quickly lowered herself onto my waiting dick. She wasn?t subtle or really gentle about it, once she felt my dickhead at her pussy?s opening she forcefully pushed herself down on me. Then putting her hands on my hips she braced herself, and started pushing her hot wet pussy up and down my more than eager dick at a quick pace.

I reached up and grabbed her hips, and started thrusting up to meet her downward pushes. God it felt good. She was wet, really wet, and oh so warm inside. Angela picked up the pace and to be honest I was having a hard time keeping up. I finally gave up and decided to just hang on and let this crazy woman do the work. Angela was literally pounding her pussy down on me hard and fast, and in the dim light I could see her face contorted in concentration and ecstasy. Then she suddenly changed from pounding up and down to grinding down hard on my dick, and she started moaning. I was just on the verge of cumming myself when she let out a low moan and I could feel her pussy muscles suddenly tighten on my dick the way they do when she starts cumming.

I started thrusting again; I was almost there?almost there. Angela let out another long low moan, and I could actually feel her pussy spasming on my dick. I started cumming; I could feel my dick shoot load after load, as I continued pumping into her sweet little pussy. About the second time I squirted, Angela convulsed hard, and half whispered, half hissed, ?OH! GAWD! YESsss!?

She was writhing now and I was still cumming and pumping into her. Then suddenly she yelled, ?OH GAWD! YES!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!? I was still pumping away, even though I was pretty taken aback by her loud utterance, and her choice of words. Then Angela said in a softer voice, ?Gawd your dick feels so good inside me?.I could fuck you all night.? I was looking up at my wife?s face as she said that, and saw that her eyes were closed and her face was literally glowing at the time. She was grinding slower now, the big orgasm was passing, but it was obvious that she was still enjoying the sensations of it rippling through her.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me, and then softly said, ?I really like fucking. I really like fucking you. You know that??

I wasn?t sure what had gotten into Angela, but I was definitely liking it. I looked up at her, and cautiously said, ?I like fucking you too.?

Angela giggled at that, and then with me still inside her she laid down on top of me and kissed me on the lips, then she snuggled her head next time mine. She turned and kissed me lightly near my ear and whispered, ?I glad.? Then she added, ?Does it turn you on when I talk real dirty like that??

I was honest and told her it did. She giggled again and said, ?Good. I like doing it.?

I was laying there, Angela still on top of me, and all I could think of was what the hell had come over her tonight. Well that, and about how good the sex was.

After a couple of minutes, I could hear Angela?s breathing slowing down?..slowing down way to much. I was actually thinking she was going to pass out drunk on top of me, and I was really curious about what had brought about this sudden change in her.

I said, ?Angela??

She contentedly replied, ?Mummm Humm?

I didn?t know where to start, so I asked, ?I take it you had fun tonight??

Again her soft voice sounded full of contentment as she said, ?Ya. I had fun.?

Short answers, not the best for conveying information. I told her I was glad she made it home OK.

Angela sighed and said, ?We have to get he car tomorrow.?

Now I was confused. I said ?Get the car? Didn?t you drive home??

Angela cooed out softly, ?No?we had too much to drink. Jerome brought us home.?

OK?Now I was more confused than ever. I said, ?Jerome? Who called Jerome??

Angela kind of giggled a little, and snuggled in tighter, and kissed me softly on the cheek.

I waited a second. Angela?s breathing was still slowing. I asked her again, a little louder this time, ?Jerome brought you home??

Angle softly said, ?Ya. Dropped of Lisa, then me, then he was taking Katie home.?

I asked her, ?Why did you call Jerome? Why didn?t you just call me??

She giggled again, and after a second said, ?We didn?t call him?he was there.?

I thought that was strange, and all I could think to say was, ?Oh.?

Apparently ?Oh? worked better than real question, and Angela started taking, well kinda babbling. And she said, ?Ya. He came in late and saw us there and came over and sat with us.?

I said, ?Really?? Thinking it was odd for Jerome to be in that part of town on a Friday night.

I asked her, ?What were Jerome and Keisha doing there??

Angela mumbled, ?Just Jerome?no Keisha.?

Again I said, ?Oh?, followed by a, ?That?s odd.?

Angela said, ?He and Keisha broke up. Just Jerome now.? Then she giggled and her eyes opened up for the first time since I started asking her about how she got home, and she had a drunken, sleepy half grin on her face and added, ?But maybe Jerome and Katie now.? Then she giggled again like a little school girl.

I was surprised. Heck last week was poker night, and Jerome and Keisha seemed happy as clams. I couldn?t under stand why Jerome would have let Keisha go. Keisha is a cutie. She?s black and around 30 years old; maybe about 5 foot 9 with long beautiful legs, a nice butt that?s not too big and huge breasts that have to be 38D?s or maybe even an E. To me she looked a lot like Halle Berry but with longer hair, and she always was wearing really short dresses that were barely below the top of her thighs, and of course she seemed to always be wearing tops with very low necklines that showed her ample bronzy-brown cleavage.

Jerome and Keisha had been dating quite awhile, and whenever I would tease Jerome about marrying Keisha, he would always say that he thought she might be the one. I would often kid Jerome about it he didn?t marry Keisha that I would. Jerome would always remind me that I was already married to a hot little wife, and that he didn?t think Angela would be very understanding of a second wife. This conversation always turned into Jerome marrying Keisha, and then the two of us plotting to share our wives with each other. It was all in good fun. I didn?t really think either of us was serious about it, and I doubted highly that Angela of Keisha would ever go for something like that. Hell, I wasn?t sure I would. I mean I?d like to get into Keisha pants, but I wasn?t really willing to let Jerome get into Angela?s pants are part of the bargain.

Jerome and I both like kid each other like that, and he and I both really like to flirt with the girls. He?s better at it than I am, and when ever I would flirt with Keisha, Jerome was sure to out do me flirting with Angela, but that?s all it ever was; good nature flirting with no real teeth behind it.

I was concerned about Jerome, well that and I was wondering what the hell he was doing at the bar. He knew that Angela and the girls from her work went there every now an then, but this was a last minute thing, and I?m sure he didn?t know they would be there tonight.

I asked Angela if Jerome had said anything about what happened to him and Keisha.

Angela tossed her head from side to side and then she said, ?Nooo Just said he was single now, and wanted to buy three pretty ladies drinks.?

?Hummm? I thought to myself, making a mental note to call Jerome in the morning and get the scoop on why he and Keisha were no longer together.

I still hadn?t forgotten about the way Angela had giggled when she said that ?maybe it was Jerome and Katie now?, and decided to ask about that.

I asked her point blank about what she meant when she said it was Jerome and Katie now.

Angela smiled again and through half closed eyes she said, ?Tired?.Tell you in the morning.?

I said, ?Uhhhtt Uhhh Tell me now.?

Angela said, ?Ohhhhh.?

I kissed her gently and said, ?Pleaseeee??

Angela rolled into to me and snuggled down again. Then she said, ?You know...?

I waited, but she didn?t say anything else, so I prompted her, ?You know?what??

Lazily Angela said, ?You know how big a flirt he is.?

I said, ?Ya?..?

She said, ?OhhhOOOH?Can?t I tell you tomorrow??

I said, ?No??

Angela?s eyes were closed, but a definite pout came to her lips, then she sighed heavily and started talking. She said that Jerome came over to their table and bought them all drinks, and flirted with Lisa and Katie.

I interrupted her and I said, ?He?s too good to flirt with you now??

I saw a tiny smile creep onto Angela?s face, and knew the answer, even though she didn?t say anything about Jerome flirting with her.

She went on to haphazardly tell me that Jerome flirted and danced with them. That was a surprise to me; I didn?t think the little bar even had a dance floor. She went on to say that he took turns dancing with each of them, and being Jerome he had flirting the whole time.

Then she giggled and told me that Jerome insisted on Lisa giving him a kiss when he dropped her off. How it looked like Lisa didn?t want Jerome to go after the kiss. She said that Lisa had actually reached around and grabbed both of Jerome?s butt cheeks and squeezed them when he kissed her, and how Lisa yelled to Katie and her, that next time she was going to be the last one dropped off.

Angela smiled again and then she said that when Jerome dropped her off, that Katie had moved up to the front seat, and yelled at Angela to hurry up and go inside, that she was ready for her turn.

I asked her want Katie meant by ?her turn?, and after some hesitation she finally admitted, that she had kissed and squeezed Jerome?s butt mimicking what Lisa had done.

There was a little awkward silence, and I looked down at Angela to see why she had stopped speaking. Her eyes were open, and she was staring up at me.

She said she was sorry.

I said, ?Sorry? What for??

She said she was sorry for acting that way. Then she went on to add that It was all fun?nothing serious, and said, ?I was just having fun and being goofy like Lisa.?

Then I thought she was going to cry. I could see the tears forming in her eyes. I leaned down and kissed, and took her in my arms and told her it was alright. I told her that I know that Jerome flirts with everyone, and I didn?t think that she had done anything really wrong. I tried to assure her that I thought it was kinda funny, and said I was sure that the girls had put Jerome off his game by acting that way, adding that I wish I could have seen his face.

Angela snuggled tighter into me and kissed me told me she loved me, and was glad she married me.

When I asked her what else, she said, ?That was it. Jerome when back to his car and he and Katie left.?

I laughed and said, ?Well I bet that Katie got more than a kiss and a cheap feel.?

To my surprise Angela just responded by letting out a sexy little, ?Mummm.? Then I could have sworn that I heard her mumbled,??If she?s lucky.?

When I said, ?What??

Angela didn?t answer. I asked her again, but either she was already asleep, or she had finally passed out, I?m not sure which.

Needless to say, I was awake for quite awhile after that. Angela had crashed pretty quickly. Heck, I thought she was going to fall asleep half way through our conversation as it was, and I wasn?t surprised that she had either passed out, or drifted off so quickly.

I was still thinking about how sexy it was that in Angela?s drunken state she had been so vocal when we made love. Angela knows me too well I thought. She knows that I?m a closet voyeur, and that it has always turned me on whenever guys flirt with her. She also knows that it drives me absolutely crazy (in a good way) when she flirts back. It bothered me that she had been so emotional when se was telling me about her messin? with Jerome, and mimicking Lisa?s grabbing at his butt and kissing him. I mean she should have known that it wouldn?t really bother me, considering it was Jerome and all. But the fact that she almost started crying when she told me about it made me wonder what was wrong. I finally chalked it up to her being so drunk, and my mind was more than willing to return focusing and pondering what liberties Jerome probably took with Katie.

I was more than willing to return to thinking about what Angela had said about Katie ?being lucky? for a second. I kind of wondered what Angela had meant by that. I mean I knew she meant that if Katie was lucky, that Jerome would bang her brains out. Knowing Jerome, I would be very surprised if he didn?t screw the shit out of Katie. I mean let?s be real. She?s a hot little thing and no one in their right mind would pass up a chance at screwing her. I don?t know if she was into black guys or not, but it would surprise the hell out of me if Jerome didn?t fuck her; especially if she was any where near as drunk as Angela was. Jerome isn?t only a flirt, but he?s also a charmer. The only way he wasn?t going to nail Katie, was if he didn?t want to, and it?s not like Jerome to let that happen if he?s horny.

To be honest, as I laid wake thinking, I had pretty vivid images of what I thought Katie?s hot little naked body would look like naked, then to my surprise I though about Katie and Jerome together, and them screwing. For some reason, the thought of his black body pressing into Katie?s sexy little white body was a real turn on to me, and before I knew it I was quietly jacking off as images of Katie letting Jerome pound into her sweet little body filled my mind. God, those thoughts were so erotic to me that in no time I couldn?t help but squirt what little cum I had left into the covers.

After I jacked off, I was still thinking about Katie and Jerome, and I guess interracial sex in general. About how taboo it seemed to be, and about how erotic it was at the same time. I tried to decide why I was feeling this way, why it was turning me on so much. Was it because that interracial sex was still so forbidden and looked down on? Was it the contrast in skin colors? Was it the idea of some big black dick plowing into some little white hottie?s box? Hell, I wasn?t sure, but one thing I was sure of was that for what ever reason I sure found it exciting.

My mind began to settle down, and then it circled around to the way Angela had said, ??if she lucky.? It really wasn?t what she said, but more the way in her drunken state she had said it. I wasn?t positive, but at the time it sure sounded like Angela was kind of envious. It was almost like the alcohol had let Angela?s guard down enough that she was letting her true feelings slip out for a second.

I looked over at Angela, She was sleeping soundly, and all I could think about was that maybe my kidding Jerome about swapping Keisha for Angela wouldn?t have been an impossible thing as far as Angela was concerned. Until that slip, if it was really a slip, Angela had never really given any sign that she found black people attractive. Well, maybe not black people in general that she was being envious about, maybe it was just Jerome. One thing for sure, Angela was never reserved about flirting back with him. I don?t think that she ever really initiated the little flirting matches with Jerome, but she always acted like she enjoyed their little back and forth sessions; maybe she enjoyed them more than I realized.

We both slept in the next morning. I woke first and went about my business, letting Angela sleep in as long as she needed. It was almost 11:30 and Angela still hadn?t gotten up, so I decided to go out and mess with the car. I had planned on working on the car this weekend anyway, and since Angela wasn?t getting up, and I was bored I thought now was as good a time as any. The car was due for an oil and filter change, and thought that I might as well get that over with.

I had just finished changing the oil and decided that I?d go ahead and tune it up and see if I could that solved a slight hesitation problem it was having. My car?s a Honda accord. Good car, but like any car it needs attention now and then. I usually change the oil and filters, and that?s about it, that?s usually all it really needs I can check and gap plugs and timing, and do a general tune up, which was what I was going to do to see if the hesitation would go away.

I was still wiping the oil off my arms when Angela poked her head out the door to say good morning. Her hair was still wet from her morning shower, but she looked and acted chipper, the late night of drinking didn?t seem to affect her at all. She came out into the garage and gave me a big kiss. Then she looked at the hood up on the car and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was changing the oil and was going to see if I could get rid of the hesitation problem. For some reason, that seemed to prompt another kiss, followed by her asking me when I thought I might be done. I told her an hour of so, unless I screwed something up.

Angela said ?OK?, and then told me that Lisa was coming by in about 30 minutes to pick her up and take her to lunch, then swing by the bar and pick up her car. She asked me if I wanted to go.

I told her ?No?, and then said, ?I thought Lisa?s car was at the bar too??

Angela said it was, but that one of the techs at work picked up Lisa this morning on his was into feed the animals, and that Lisa was already on her way to our house.

I said, ?Oh? and Angela smiled at me and went back inside to finish getting ready.

I was finishing up gapping the plugs when Lisa picked up Angela. I was just telling Lisa that I would go to get Angela for her, when she came out. Angela kissed me goodbye then went around the car and climbed in with Lisa; they both waved goodbye and proceeded to back out into the street and leave.

I want back to work on the car, and set the timing. I went inside and grabbed my wallet and took the Honda for a test drive. No hesitation, everything was working great. I swung by a burger joint and got a burger and fry?s to take home and then headed back home to get clean and eat.

I came home and went to the kitchen and scrubbed up in the sink, then grabbed my burger bag and headed into the Den to watch the TV and eat.

I flipped on the TV and then sat in the corner of the couch by the end table near the big windows that looked out into the backyard. Angela had left her laptop on top of the TV tray again near the corner of the couch. I shouldn?t say again, like it doesn?t happen all the time; it does. The TV tray and Angela?s laptop were a common fixture in the Den these days. Angela would do her facebook and play games while we watched TV, well while I watched TV. I put the burger bag down and was picking up the laptop to move it when it came out of hibernation. Sure enough Angela?s facebook page sprang into focus. I haphazardly glanced at it as I was putting it on the end table, and then noticed that she had been chatting with Katie.

My mind instantly flashed back to the night before, and Angela telling me about Jerome dropping the girls off. Naturally, I had to look to see what they had said to each other.

I started reading the chat thread, and it was the goodbye, talk to ya later, love you stuff at the end, so I pulled the scroll bar all the way to the beginning.

It was pretty much mundane stuff in first couple of sentences, but apparently Angela was as eager as I was as to what happened after they dropped Angela off.

Katie: ?It was wonderful.?

Angela: "Oh really? Go on?J?

Katie: ?He gave me a real long kiss?long?Like he gave you when he dropped you off. He?s such a good kisser.?

Angela: ?I know. That man can kiss. Whoa Honey!?

Katie: ?J You know it sister.? Then she added, ?He held me tight while he kissed me on the front porch?God did it feel good.?

Angela: ?LOL I bet I can guess what was so good about it. Hehehehe.?

Katie: ?LOL I know! I know! God it felt so hard pressing in right above my coochie.?

Angela: ?LOL GOD! I know. When he kissed me, it felt like he was pressing a fire hose into me.?

Katie: ?I was wondering what took him so long when he was kissing you. Do you feel it??

Angela: ?I was pretty drunk at the time, but yes I touched it. He?s huge!!!!?

Katie: ?You ain?t kidding. I thought I saw you two doing more than just hugging for a minute of two.?

Angela: ?NO you didn?t. I just touched it once that was all.?

Katie: ?Liar! LOL I saw you throw you head back and let him play with your girls.?

Angela: ?No you didn?t. You had your eyes closed. Hehehehe.?

Katie: ??and I saw that you did more than just touch it once. LOL.?

Angela: ?Ok?maybe twice, but that?s all. And I told him to keep his hands to himself too.?

Katie: ?LIAR! lol?

Angela: ?LOL It was innocent fun. Sounds to me like you had more fun than any of us!?

Katie: ?Don?t change the subject. We?re talking about you not me.?

Angela: ?We were?????

Katie: ?I thought you were going to make him take it out and show you what it looked like.?

Angela: ?I should have, but then he would have had to quit kissing me and squeezing my titties for a minute. LOL?

Katie: ?If you would have?It would have scared you.?

Angela: ?Probably. Did it scare you??

Katie: ?To be honest it did at first. Angela?.Girl?.He is bigger than big.?

Angela: ?Really? How big is that? LOL?

Katie: ?I tried to kind of measure it. It went from the bend in my wrist to down past the bend in my elbow. And AND! Its bigger around that my wrist is.?

Angela: ?Wow! Did you do it or did you give him oral.?

Katie: ?Yes and No. I tried to give him oral, he really wanted it, but I couldn?t get it in. LOL He had to settle for the real deal.?

Angela: ?Ouch! Think the real deal would hurt.?

Katie: ?Surprisingly it didn?t.?

Angela: ?Really??

Katie: ?Really. He took his time, and did all kinds of wonderful things to me to get me ready. And when I was ready, he was gentle and patient?..and once we got going?MY GOD was it GOOD!!!!!?

Angela: ?No fair. L?

Katie: ?LOL Awwww! I didn?t mean to make you sad. LOL?

Angela: ?To be honest I?ve always wondered what it would be like.?

Katie: ?Well I?m convinced now. Bigger is BETTER.?

Angela: ?Are you two going to start dating now??

Katie: ?Oh No. My folks would absolutely die if they heard I was dating a black guy. I?m not going to date him?.LOL pick him up every now and then and use him, but definitely not date him. LOL?

Angela: ?OK, but I get him on your off days. LOL Just kidding.?

Katie: ?You wouldn?t regret it if you did?I can tell you that much.?

Angela: ?I thought he would probably be a good lover from the way he dances.?

Katie: ?Oh he much better in bed than on the dance floor?if you can believe that. Yummy good.?

Angela: ?OK now you?re making me feel bad again.?

Katie: ?I could tell you two were having a very good time dancing? Sorry, didn?t mean hurt you by saying that.?

Angela: ?Its OK I?m married anyway. I shouldn?t be thinking about other men.?

Katie: ?You married not dead. Besides, I?m sure Bill thinks of other women all the time. Men are like that.?

Angela: ?I?m sure your right. But I don?t think he?s out doing the kind of things with them like the three of us were doing with Jerome last night.?

Katie: ?I bet he has. You just don?t know it. Besides, it?s not like you?re the one that slept with him.?

Angela: ?Hey. You said you weren?t being mean.?

Katie: ?I didn?t mean it that way and you know it.?

Angela: ?I know. I just pouting is all.?

Katie: ?Well I?m sure he would have tried to sleep with you too if you had been the last one he dropped off. He defiantly danced with you the most, and he didn?t even try to feel up Lisa?s coochie like he did yours.?

Angela: ?OH! MY! GOD!!! YOU DIDN?T!!!?

Katie: ?LOL OMG! I DID! I was there, so don?t even think about lying about it. Only one of his hands was on your girls. The other one was rubbing up and down the front of your jeans over coochie. Don?t EVEN try to lie about that.?

Angela: ?LOL I won?t. Just don?t tell.?

Katie: ?I won?t if you won?t?

Angela: ?Pinky swear.?

Katie: ?Pinky swear.?

Angela: ?I love you.?

Katie: ?I love you too sister.?

Angela: ?Lisa?s coming by in about an hour to go to lunch and pick up the car. You wanta come?

Katie: ?Sure.?

Angela: ?Great. You can give Lisa and I all the nasty little details over lunch.?

Katie: ?LOL Only if you buy.?

Angela: ?I buy?if you?ll tell.?

Katie: ?Well, maybe. Don?t want to make Lisa mad that she got the short end of the stick.?

Angela: ?Humm maybe you?re right. We?ll talk later.?

Katie: ?Ok Call me after lunch and I tell you all the glorious details?.and make you jealous.?

Angela: ?LOL You just might.?

Katie: ?J I will.?

Angela: ?OK we?ll call you when we?re on the way.?

Katie: ?OK loves you.?

Angela: ?OK Loves you too.?

Katie: ?K Bye?

Angela: ?Bye,?

I realized that I had wolfed down my burger and fries without even really tasting them. No wonder Angela was so wound up when she came to bed. Hell! I was dumbfounded. I went back and re-read the whole thing again. Yep, it was all there. My wife kissing Jerome and letting him feel up her titties and rub her pussy through her jeans. Then the lucky bastard went home with Katie and fucked her brains out.

I sat there staring at my wife?s computer with the absolute hardest erection I think I?d ever had. I mean it was more than erotic to me to think of Jerome and Katie, but now those images seemed to be crowded out of my mind with thoughts of Jerome and Angela, my wife. I couldn?t stand it. I got up and went to the bathroom, then grabbing a tube of K-Y Jelly, I went over by the tub, and standing in front of the tub, I squeeze a big gob of KY into to my hand and immediately began beating off. I could see in my mind, Jerome and Angela on the front porch. Angela was kissing him, and rubbing the outline of his dick through his pants. Jerome was squeezing one of Angela?s breasts through her blouse, and rubbing his other large black hand up and down the front of her jeans, making Angela wetter than ever.

I squirted gobs and gobs of cum into the tub, as I continued to milk my dick thinking about Angela screwing Jerome. After the cum stopped flowing, I pulled on my dick for another good two or three minutes, I was still so turned on by the idea of Angela and Jerome. Finally, I cleaned up and headed back into the Den.

I copied and pasted Katie?s and Angela chat to a word file and emailed it to my email account. To be honest I poked around in Angela?s facebook account for a good hour, but didn?t find anything else that was interesting. I even went to far as to go on the internet and download a key-logger file and install it on Angela?s computer. I wasn?t pissed or anything. Hell I was more turned on than I think I had even been in my whole life, and I didn?t want to miss one erotic thing that Angela or on of her friends might talk to her about on the computer.

I guess it was a couple of weeks later when Angela said that she and the girls were having another girl?s night out. It just happened to correspond to my Poker night, so I was pretty confident that Jerome wouldn?t be making an unannounced stop by to visit the girls while they were out and about. I checked in with Steven, Mike, and Jerome before leaving the office and we were a go for 8:00pm at Steven house.

I went home, and to my surprise Angela wasn?t there yet. I puttered around waiting for her, and about 6:00pm she finally came home. We both talked about our day, and generally puttered around the house until it was time for us to go our separate ways. Angela said she needed to leave at 7:00 to meet the girls at the restaurant, and I had to leave at 7:30 to make it to Steven?s by 8. I was watching TV while Angela got ready to go meet up with the girls. It?s surprising how quickly girls can get dressed and go when they really want too. Angela gave me a quick kiss good bye and told me she would call me if they drank too much and then she was off.

I thought about fixing a quick snack before heading out, but I wasn?t really hungry, besides every time Steven hosted the game, he had plenty of food. He usually Bar-B-Qued chicken or brisket and he and his wife Jennifer made what was really a Bar-B-Que dinner for everyone whenever he hosted the game. I plopped back on the couch, and flipped through the channels; nothing on. I was pretty much ready to go, and decided to kill the last 15 or 20 minutes going over the key-logger files that the program emailed to my account. I went through the jumble of text the key-logger sent me from my wife?s computer. Most of it was pretty boring stuff that she and her facebook friends seem to send each other all the time; stuff about their kids, or about some funny survey results from facebook, that kind of thing.

Then towards the end of the text file, there was a note from Angela to Katie saying that Lisa was still feeling sick and wouldn?t be going to the girl?s night out tonight. That was followed by my wife asking Katie is she wanted to reschedule, and Katie responding ?No...She still wanted to go.? My wife apparently had sent her a note saying, ?Good that she could finally get the scoop on Katie?s evening with Jerome; about how she still hadn?t gotten any details of Katie?s night with Jerome.? Katie sent her a note back asking Angela if she wanted her to call up Jerome and have him meet them at the bar so he could tell her himself. To my wife?s credit, she sent a note back saying, ?No... Don?t tell him we?re going out. Angela went on to type that she wanted to hear about her night with Jerome, not from Jerome. That if he showed up she knew she wouldn?t hear anything about what happened that night.? The last entry was from Katie, and all it said was, ?OK?.but you know me?.?

I wasn?t sure what that meant, but I was somewhat relieved that Jerome was playing poker with the guys tonight, and that Katie wasn?t going to try to lure him away with her womanly ways.

I headed out to Stevens, and when I got there all the guys were already there including Jerome. It wasn?t long before everyone had eaten Steven?s Bar-B-Que chicken dinner that he and Jennifer had made. It was really good; Steven knows his way around the grill. We had all been drinking already, and by the time we actually started playing it was 09:30, and everyone was already feeling good. I wasn?t having any luck at all, Jerome wasn?t doing much better. It seemed that Steven and Mike were the ones winning tonight, and before long Jerome was completely tapped out.

Jerome went and got a refill and was standing a little behind me when I heard Jennifer and Mike?s girl friend, behind me. Jennifer and Mike?s girlfriend, Susan had cornered him about Keisha. Jerome wasn?t felling much pain up till that point, but when I turned my chair to where I could see him, he actually had a hurt look on his face. I guess that Jennifer and Susan both recognized the look too, and they immediately started apologizing for asking.

Jerome assured them that it was Ok, that he didn?t mind talking about it. Then he went on to say that apparently while he was serious about Keisha, she wasn?t quite as serious about him. He went on to say that he and Keisha had a long talk and it pretty much boiled down to her wanting to see him and other guys too, that Jerome had agreed to doing that, but that he and Keisha had only gone out a couple of times since that night. Jennifer and Susan both offered their sympathies, and then both hugged him, which did seem to cheer Jerome up a little. Then of course, they both started rattling off names of girls that would be perfect for him. Jerome listened to them patiently until he had finished his drink, and then he thanked the girls for caring, and assured them that he was alright.

I?ve known
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