It Was Worth The Wait

Written by TJ Ryder / Apr 6, 2010


It Was Worth The Wait

Well it took about six years for me to convince my wife to at least suck another man off, but it was worth it and here is the way it truthfully happened. This is a real story.

My wife (Lisa) and I have been married for nearly 11 years. We were high school sweethearts. She was actually the homecoming queen. Although we dated all through college, we agreed that it would be in our best interest to also date others. She went to the University of Ohio and I went to Ohio State. Believe me guys, if given a choice, go state! We saw each other as much as we could.

Although she gave me routine blowjobs, she made me wait for 3 years before I was able to fuck her. She wanted to make sure that we were in love. It turned out that she was as reluctant to enjoy her first fuck as she was when she gave me my first blowjob. She can be described as semi-conservative and certainly not a sexually liberated woman.

Well here we are both 33 and have two girls. Lisa is a great homemaker, mother and wife. She has been able to keep her shape through diet and exercise. I got a lot of compliments from other friends my age wishing that their wife looked as fresh as mine did. Her attractive face was not one that needed much make-up and her brunette hair always shiny and soft looking. I am also more satisfied with her greatly improved cock sucking and at least acting out my fantasies. My biggest fantasy has always been her sucking off other men. I get a bigger turn-on with the idea of her sucking somebody else's cock, licking their balls and letting them cum on her pretty face than her fucking them. But she always told me if it ever were to happen, which she highly doubted, she would at least want to be eaten or fucked to orgasm.

It was frustrating that we never got past the bedroom fantasies. It took me about 5 years to even bring my fantasy up to her, it was even longer to get it fulfilled. But one day while we were in lying naked in bed about to make love, I decided to take a chance. I wanted her to know my fantasies. Who knows, maybe she would enjoy at least listening to them. It started when I asked her if she messed around in college when I wasn't there. She blushed and looked away with a hint of a smile that she was trying to hold back. "What do you mean by messing around?" she asked. "Going all the way" I replied. She said that I would have to answer first. At least it was a start. I told her that I fucked about 7 different woman. Even though she had a good idea that I was not "faithful" to her, I thought she would be upset with me, but an even bigger grin was expressed on her face. Now she had me wandering. "Well, do you ever fuck anyone?" I naively asked. "Yes" was all she said. It seemed like she wanted to quickly change the subject, so she started to massage my cock to get it hard, but she was surprised to find it as hard as it ever was (the kind of hard-on that you have when you're a teenager). As she felt my hard-on on she let out a small moan. "Oh I can't wait to have this inside of me. Is this questioning me about my love life excite you this much" she asked. "Guess how many" she said. I was so excited that she was willing to continue and I think she could tell by my now throbbing cock in her hand. My gut reaction was to guess low knowing that she was somewhat sexually inhibited. "Two" I replied. Her facial redness response told me that this was going to be a very interesting conversation. I quickly turned off the night-light that was providing what little light that was available. I figured she would be more revealing if she didn't have to look in my eyes during her confessions.

"Well, am I close?" I asked. "A little higher" she responded as if she were insulted. "Less than 5" I guessed. Instead of playing higher/lower, she proceeded to tell me several situations centering on her fuck life. It was if she couldn't wait to confess in order to relieve herself of "evil thoughts". I will tell you about the best one out of the five that she told me. It turns out that one night she was mad that I was not able to stay the weekend (I had to meet a girl back at Ohio State and I think her woman's intuition knew it as well). That same night she was invited by one of her friends to go to a frat party. She enthusiastically accepted. No she did not gang-bang the whole fraternity, but it did turn out that she was drunk enough to have three different cocks in her mouth that night. She told me that she was determined to get fucked that night; it was just a matter of finding the right guy. After a few drinks (she would get drunk very easily), she found herself in a bedroom with as she describes one of the cutest guys at the party. Shortly after he convinced my wife to remove her sweater, It wasn't long until "Mr. Cutey" had my future wife's lips around his cock. Unfortunately for him, his roommate abruptly ended his blowjob. Frustrated over the fact that Lisa was too embarrassed to finish him off even after his roommate left as quick as he entered, he put his cock back in his pants and told her to get lost. His roommate, who had previously ruined things, went back into his room after he saw his roommate storm out. It didn't take long for "Mr. Console" had his dick down Lisa's throat. And apparently it didn't take long for him to cum partially in her mouth and the rest on her neck. She did not enjoy swallowing cum, although a pearl necklace was acceptable. This guy asked her if she wanted him to get a drink for her to rinse her mouth out. She agreed that a drink is exactly what she needed as she put her sweater back on. Less than 2 minutes later, another fraternity brother entered with her drink. He told her that he heard she needed some company. In no time her sweater was back off and she was back on her knees now sucking her third different cock of the night. This guy however wanted more than a blowjob and got the real thing. Without a fight, her pants and panties were removed and he started pumping her like a machine until he shot his load into her pussy. She decided that she got her revenge on me. She also decided that it was time to leave before the word got out to the rest of the brothers that some girl was giving away blowjobs and more.

Needless to say, I had one of the greatest fuck sessions I had with my wife in the last couple of years. This also to her surprise turned her on as well. It didn't take for her long to figure out that if she wanted me to be crazily horny, she would just have to tell me one of her eight college sex sessions (she told me later about 3 other guys she fucked). Funny thing to her, no matter how many times she would tell me her experiences, I always got hard and never got bored with them. Of course it didn't leave much to her imagination to know that my fantasy involved her with another man. Since our confession night, we have acted at rape scenes, nurse (my wife got her degree in nursing) scenes, repairman skits and even somewhat daring exhibition scenes. I love it when she gives me head in the car while I am driving. In fact, it is this very idea that has lead to my fantasy being fulfilled.

First of all, you must understand that my wife is strong-headed and will not submit to my whims. I respect her for that. I guess that is why it took me 6 years to turn her on to living my fantasy. It started out one evening when we decided after we went to see a play in the city, that instead of going straight home, we still had time to stop for a drink. As I told you it didn't take much for me to get my wife drunk. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves and after our third beer, we both realize our discussions always ended up talking about sex. We decided to leave and got into the car to go home, but my wife surprised the hell out of me. She told me to go the back way home. I was a bit surprised because it was the poorer section of the city and predominately black. Then she did something the made my head spin. She knew I always wanted her to show off her sexy body, 5'6", 122 lbs. and 36C tits. She removed her blazer and started to unbutton her shirt. She was wearing her seldom-worn black laced bra. You could see the contrast greatly against her very fair skin. She then blew my mind by unzipping her pants and throwing them into the back seat. I had a hard time driving. There was my wife sitting in the front seat of our car with her blouse unbuttoned and pants off exposing her black panties and bra. All of my blood was rushing straight to my cock. I decided to show my cool and requested her to take of her blouse. She pretended to resist me as if to maintain some of her dignity. She told me that since we were entering a residential district and that we would be driving slowly, what she did was enough. Well it only took a few of my fingers inside her soaked pussy to change her mind. She threw her blouse in the backseat and we were set to have some fun.

Deciding that it was a good idea to watch the road to avoid an accident, I kept my eyes on the road while my fingers fucked her. At about this time we started to notice some streetwalkers. The first few were alone. My wife felt safer this way. She warned me not to stop as we went by anybody. She wouldn't mind me slowing down; in fact, she enjoyed just sitting there exposing herself. We then approached a stop sign. My wife looked around and saw nobody looking. She told me to pull my pants down in order for her to get at my cock. I am sure you readers are all aware how difficult it is to pull your pants down in a car with a raging hard-on! No sooner did I have my cock out, my wife starting blowing me. She was so concentrated on sucking my cock; she did not realize the number of people (mostly black men) who were out walking the streets. Maybe she did know. At any rate, here we were driving all around and letting men (I avoided the 2 women I saw) take a good look at my wife in her black panties and bra sucking me off. I tried to make it last, but sooner than I wanted I started cumming. As always I would give her a warning, but she did not let up. I finally got to blow my whole load down her throat!

She got up and told me what I wanted to hear. She wanted fucked. What a beautiful sight to see your wife with sticky cum on her lips asking to get fucked. She told me that I could fuck her in the car if we could find a secluded place. I quickly agreed and drove to what looked like an abandoned parking lot. In no time, we jumped in the back seat. There I proceeded to rip of her panties and bra. The tearing of her bra strap sent her into total submission. I guess it reminded her of our play rape scenes. I started fucking her while she lay on her back. But then she requested I fuck her doggy-style. When my wife request this position, I know I have her right where I want her. I was fucking her for almost 5 minutes before I noticed 2 black boys staring at us through the window. With my wife's face looking down as I fucked her, she was unable to know of their presence. Knowing this, I simply smiled back at them approving of them being our audience.

It was at this time that I took my fantasy night one step further. I asked my wife if she was horny enough to have someone else with us if she had the chance. "I would fuck anybody right now, but I would rather continue fucking you instead of finding someone" she managed to say in between moans. "What if they would come to us" I replied. "Yes, yes I would, I would fuck and suck someone else as long as you keep fucking me" she shouted. Just then I reach over and unlocked our doors giving the 2 teenagers the signal that they anticipated. The opening of the door needless to say startled my wife. When she looked up she saw two black cocks being jacked-off in front of her face. She quickly tried to cover up her self, but I responded by throwing her blouse and pants out the door landing them on the boy's feet. My wife did not know what to do. Her fear could be seen from how quickly she jumped back in my arms. But it did not take her too long to get over this initial scare. Because the black boys were still standing there waiting for an invitation instead of attacking her, she felt less threatened. This is when her horny side took over.

With a turn of her head to eye my approval, a smile from me was all that she needed. She responded with a most devious smile and whispered, "All right, I know what you want me to do, but I will give them blow-jobs only. I won't let them fuck me. And in order to guarantee this I do not want them in our car. Agree?" It is not that my wife is a racist, but I think it was more the idea of 18 year olds fucking her. I naturally agreed and quickly shut the door then wound the back window down for them to stick their nice 7 to 8 inch cocks through in order for my wife to service them. With some remaining reluctance, my wife proceeded to stick her face near the window only after I started fucking her again. The 2 black boys could not wait to get their cocks down my wife's throat. The bigger boy seemed to have "pecking order" and with his black dick in his hand, he guided it to my wife's face. She reached out and softly touched the head of his dick. He then gently coaxed her hand with his hand down the shaft of his cock. Seeing that he was "behaving like a gentleman", she started slowly stroking him. Meanwhile, the other teenager was jacking off. She reached out with her other hand and began stroking him as well. I could not believe it; here I am fucking my wife in the backseat of a car in an abandoned parking lot while she is jacking two black dicks in her hand at the same time! Feeling even more comfortable, she put the first cock to her lips and begins to tongue its purple head as if she were taste testing it. I guess he passed the test, because the next thing I know I see my wife's head bobbing back and forth on his black tool. Soon I see the first guy's big black hands covering the back of my wife's head. I can hear muffled sounds of pleasure mixed with some choking coughs. After about a minute of this, my wife backs her head away and moves it to the right. Now a new set of heads forcing my wife's head back and forth resulting in the same sucking sounds. It seemed like each boy got an equal one-minute apiece before she would switch again. By now I shot my second load of the night; this one landing in her pussy. I then quickly positioned myself nearer the window to get a better view.

I cannot describe how much my wife seemed to enjoy simultaneously sucking their black cocks and even licking their balls. I think that is what put both of them over the top. It wasn't much longer after the ball-licking when the one of the left began cumming in my wife's mouth and down her throat. At this time he began to use more force by pulling the back of her head deeper down his black shaft in order for her to swallow all his squirting cum. With a couple of grunts and body shakes, he withdrew his now limp dick from out of her abused throat. But as soon as his came out, his friend grabbed her by her hair and forced his bigger and thicker cock in her already cum-filled mouth. By this time her head and neck was sticking out of the window because of the force of his hands pulling her towards his mid-section. She had to squirm and push him away in order to spit out the remaining glob of cum that his friend had left inside her mouth in order not to gag on it. I thought they reached their limits with her and she would say that she had enough, but I was wrong. No sooner did she spit out what cum she did not swallow is when she grabbed the other unfinished cock and shoved it back down her throat. This excited the boy even more as could be seen how fast he came in her mouth and face. They both started rubbing their limp cocks all over her lips, chin, nose and forehead. My wife did not resist at all; she seemed to enjoy it as she caressed their balls. Both of the boys laughed and gave each other high-fives after their unexpected and enjoyable blowjobs by my cock-sucking wife.

They pulled their pants back up thanked her for one of the best blowjobs they ever had. They even had the"balls" to invite her back whenever she wanted as they slowly handed her clothes back to her.

My wife smiled back and told them that she would think about it. As they were leaving, my wife swung back around. As she was leaning against the seat, I could see small patches of cum glistening off her face. What a beautiful sight. With my big ass grin she knew that she fulfilled my fantasy. I could tell by her reciprocating grin that perhaps she fulfilled one of her fantasies as well. She then took her blouse and wiped their black cum of her face. "It wasn't so bad, in fact I kinda liked it" she said as if someday she might do it again.

I'll let you know if she does!
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