Husband, Wife, Stranger

Written by Virgil / May 2, 2010


She lay between us with her hands wrapped around each of our cocks. She was stroking both of us, placing her soft lips against both of our necks and chests intermittently. I was completely turned on feeling her warm breath on my neck, while hearing the sounds of soft moans coming from the other man at the touch of my wife?s hand in our own bed. I closed my eyes, and contained my pleasure for now.

She placed her lips close to my ear and whispered, ?Do you mind if I ask for more??

?No darling?, I replied, ?this is your night.?

?Please touch me then?, she said as she pulled back from my ear, ?both of you.?

She continued stroking us as we both placed our hands on my wife?s nude body. Instinctively we both began by massaging and playing with her breasts. The stranger?s hand was much larger than my own, and my wife?s large breast looked almost averaged sized, if not tiny in his grip. She responded by stroking his cock harder than she was stroking mine. I must confess, This made me harder than I already was.

I placed my mouth on the breast that I had been stroking, and began by licking her areola, and finished by sucking on her nipple, and pulling it ever so slightly with my front teeth. She moaned and began stroking me again with a little more enthusiasm.

Not to be outdone, the stranger put his large hand just over my wife?s pussy. She arched her back and raised her hips up to greet his touch. All he had to do was just have his hand resting on her clit; she seemed to be doing the rest. Seeing my wife get off like this was a thrill unlike anything I?ve ever experienced.

Evidently, after a while it must have been too much for her too. She pulled away from the both of us and began feeling herself up. I started to get up, but she told me to ?lie still?. The stranger was still sitting up on the bed, and my wife put her hand on his chest and began to rub his pecks. There was something quite beautiful about her painted nails against his muscular chest. They were now looking deeply into one another?s eyes. She rotated her fingers downward towards his tight abs, and began stroking his whole torso until she had his cock in her hand once again. ?Please lay down?, she told him. ?I haven?t yet decided how far this is going to go.?

Simultaneously I felt both panic and relief. My wife and I had on occasion discussed the possibility of a threesome over the years, but never with any seriousness, or so I thought. About a year ago, we began to kick around the idea again, but never really discussing the logistics with any real detail. Naturally I assumed that it would be her, another woman, and me. You know two women and one guy, but she confessed that she couldn?t see herself fucking another woman. ?Besides?, she said, ?if one man can make me feel this good, imagine what two men could do for me.? Reluctantly, I agreed to this arrangement some months ago and let her set up the whole thing, in the hopes that she would reciprocate and we could invite another woman into our bed. I felt it best to ask little to no questions about the stranger. She told me that she had met him in a bar a few weeks back. I just told her that I would trust her judgment on this one, and the less I knew the better. She tried to introduce us when he arrived earlier this evening, but again, I insisted, the less I knew, well you know. Now my wife seems to be getting cold feet about going through with this, and things are really going to be awkward if this is as far as things go. If this is it, I know that my plan of taking on two women is going to be a pipe dream at best.

The stranger lay back down, as my wife placed her lips on his, kissing him quite deeply while still stroking his cock. In spite of the lack of attention to my Johnson, which was still achingly hard. I lay back and watched my wife move her head and jaw in a circular motion as she worked her tongue in and out of the stranger?s mouth. One of the stranger?s hands was cupping a mound of breast, while the other was busy holding a handful of her nice, little round ass. I watched with amazement as she rubbed his long cock. She pulled back from his reach kneeling on the bed, but continued stroking him anyway. She was now facing us and looked at me and mouthed the word ?fuck?. I stroked myself and gave her a reassuring smile.

Given the circumstances, she must have thought that I was trying to keep myself hard, so she relieved my hand of this task. She began stroking our two cocks again, hard and fast. Watching as she performed the tandem jerk-off on the two of us, it was plain to see, just how much larger our guest, the stranger was then I. My wife caught me looking at her hand on the other man?s huge prick, and a smile began forming in the corners of her mouth. I felt one spreading on my face too.

My wife announced at last, ?Only one of you gets to fuck me tonight. I don?t think my pussy is ready for two cocks yet.?

The stranger and I looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Before anyone could do or say anything, my wife leaned over me saying, ?sorry dear, but I need to be a good hostess tonight?, and then she took all of my cock into her mouth sucking on it hard. My head snapped back against the pillow, and my arms slammed down against our king size mattress as if I were pinned down by a pro wrestler. My wife moaned as a bit of my cum ran down her throat, but I was able to control myself holding off the inevitable. I closed my eyes tightly.

When I was able to open them again, I saw the stranger standing behind my wife, taking her hips into his giant hands. He slipped one finger around and shoved it into her pussy, and began working it in and out of her. She began to thrash wildly and moan louder while still attempting to suck my cock. The stranger pulled his sausage-like finger out of my wife?s pussy and brought it towards my mouth. He held it there for a moment until I opened my mouth. I took it, and he began moving it back and forth until I sucked on it. Satisfied he removed his finger from my mouth, and proceeded to slide his huge cock into my wife?s wet pussy easily. Briefly she pulled her lips from my cock and let out a loud moan, but quickly went back to the task of trying to suck the cock of her husband, while getting fucked by a complete stranger.

The stranger continued thrusting his cock in and out of my wife?s pussy harder and faster, until she was no longer capable of effectively giving me head. She finally gave up on orally pleasuring me, and pulled away, allowing the stranger to continue railing away at her. This would actually work out better for me, as I really wanted to get a better view of her taking all of this guy?s meat. After a while, they re-positioned from doggie style to having my wife lay on her back with her legs dangling over the edge of the bed, while the stranger stood on the floor pumping away at her like a jack hammer. My wife?s moans became louder and louder, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, trying to pull him into her deeper. As her body began to shake violently, I knew she was close to having an orgasm.

I was now standing on the side of the bed watching my wife get fucked by this total stranger. I stood there watching with my dick in one hand, and the other touching her cheek as she lay on her back getting used by the large stranger. She touched my hand briefly as I touched her cheek, and then all at once the stranger stopped pumping her and he began moaning loudly. He was finally going to cum. My wife instantly went flush red, and had a hard orgasm herself. I came too, and shot my load on the bed near her shoulder.

The stranger left the two of us to ourselves, and went off to use the bathroom or get a drink of water I think. He never even came back to the bedroom; he just left. I am not even sure if he even dressed before leaving the house. My wife and I lay in bed with our fingers interlocked not saying a word to one another. We lay like that for an hour or so, I can?t be sure. Finally she turned the lights out, and climbed back into bed. She lay on her side and put bare ass against me. I instinctively turned to spoon with her placing my crotch against her ass. Our bodies still glistened with sweat, our sexes touching with the seed of another man spilling from her onto me. I softly kiss her neck before falling asleep with the smell of sex, and the scent of my wife?s perfume and the stranger?s cologne filling my senses.

The End
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