Friends Beautiful Mom Pt. 2

Written by Southboy / May 2, 2010


Gwen lay in bed that night next to her snoring husband, her mind going over what had happened between her and her son?s friend Willie. She couldn't figure out what had caused her to let the young black teenage high school boy to fuck her. She had even let him, actually begged him, to shoot his hot virile potent black sperm up into her 34 year old married white womb, not once but twice. She was reliving the hot fuck session in her mind as she lay there feeling herself getting aroused just thinking about it. She kept seeing his tremendously huge monster black cock slicing back and forth in her stretched blond pussy. She thought that she had never realized that a cock could get that big or that she would be able to take it all inside her. She reached down between her white legs and began rubbing her excited married pussy, she had never thought that having sex could be so good as that she had with the black teenage friend of her son. Her poor husband could never, nor had he ever, given her such satisfaction. She finally fell asleep and had one of the most restful sleeps she had ever known.

The next day, dressed in her usual short shorts and tied in front button up cotton blouse, she did her daily chores. Billy left to go to his part time job at the supermarket leaving her alone at home. Close to an hour had past since he left when the door bell rang. She rushed to the door kind of giddy with anticipation. It was Willie but he had someone else with him who he told her was his cousin. He was about the same build as Willie and had a big smile on his black face. Quickly he told Gwen that he had shared what had happened between he and her the day before and he had not believed what Willie had told him. Gwen was a little taken aback about someone else finding out about their fucking the previous day. Willie assured her that his cousin would tell no one about what had happened between them. That really didn?t put her mind completely to rest but knew that it was too late to do anything about it.

Willie walked up to her and took her in his strong black arms and began passionately kissing her, one of his large black hands going up to knead her full firm white tits through her thin blouse. His crotch are was pushed up tightly against hers and she felt the huge bulge shoving against her pubic mound causing her married pussy to start swelling. Gwen took her white hand and began to squeeze Willie?s still covered giant black teenage cock lovingly. Her beautiful white face became hotly flushed, her deep blue eyes glazed over in lust as he backed her into the bedroom. His cousin followed, a huge bulge in his trousers. Gwen fell back onto the bed and Willie began stripping off her shorts and blouse, while Gwen undid his belt, unzipped his pants and started pulling them down. His huge gigantic black teenage cock sprang out, fully erect and throbbing. In a flash he was naked. Climbing up onto the bed he positioned himself between her spread married 34 year old white legs and began inserting the huge black tip between her wet, excited aroused blond pussy lips. Gwen sucked in her breath as it began tunneling its way up into her pussy, awakening every fiber of her sex to astonishing heights of ecstasy.

His cousin had also stripped off his clothing as he watched the fucking couple on the bed. This white married woman was indeed as beautiful as Willie had said and he was overjoyed to know that he was going to get to fuck her also. His black teenage cock was a monster like Willie?s except it was a little longer. He climbed up onto the bed, lying on his side he watched Gwen and Willie lustfully, passionately fuck. He heard them grunting, moaning, their breath coming short but extremely heavy as they fucked. Willie kept calling her names to which she would just say yes over and over. They fucked for a good 20 minutes, a hard lusty fuck, until Willie grunted to her that he was going to burst a nut in her and fill her with his black teenage sperm. With one hard powerful final thrust, his monstrous black teenage cock totally embedded in her married white pussy, Willie began erupting a torrent of virile and potent black sperm deep up into her married white womb. Gwen had an earth shattering orgasm and clutched his black body tightly to her trembling married beautiful white one.

They lay locked together for several minutes thoroughly savoring the wonderful sensations from their hot fucking. Willie looked over at his cousin as wicked smile on his face and winked at him. His cousin smile back and nodded his approval.

Willie pulled that huge monster black teenage cock out of Gwen?s black sperm filled married white pussy, a flood oozing down onto the bed covering. Gwen lay there panting as the cousin got between her outstretched white legs and positioned himself to fuck her. He easily slipped the huge black tip of his huge teenage cock into her well cum lubricated, hot married blond pussy. Gwen grunted as he shoved the full awesome thick length into her for he was about ? of an inch longer than Willie. He then proceeded to fuck her hard which she seemed to love, her long sexy white legs wrapped around his black teenage waist, her white hips flexing up with each powerful inward thrust. Willie had gotten a video camera and unknown to Gwen was filming the whole fucking. Gwen started moaning more as the young black teenage cousin fucked her blond 34 year old white pussy, causing her to feel lifted to new sexual horizons, places she had never been but only dream of going. Willie was recording every second of the hot, passionate, lusty wild sex between her and his cousin. He was able to record all her comments of how much she love having his big black teenage cock in her married white pussy and wanted him to never stop.

For at least 2 hours that afternoon Gwen was fucked hard over and over by the two teenage blacks high school students and Gwen loved every minute of the fucking sex session. Her married white womb was overflowing with potent, fertile black sperm. Her well fucked married white pussy was stretched and there was a constant gooey oozing of their black cum forming a small pool on the bed covering. Before they left she had them promise to come back soon for some more of her hot, big black cock loving, married white pussy.
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