Wife Knocked Up By Another

Written by Blam Damus / Jun 15, 2010


Sex wasn't great at all. We would do it as an oddity, not that I didn't want to all the time. She simply didn't want that sort of thing and certainly didn't share my obsessions. As time went on I started to expand on my fantasies. First it was a threesome, then interracial, now it had morphed into impregnation. I thought about the futility of my desires as I wanked time and time again to pictures of big cocks sliding into women that vaguely looked like her. It would be my only outlet until the day I came up with the brilliant idea. This idea, which was not even a plan yet, involved getting the sperm from another man to use on and in my wife. How the hell was I going to get it? Then how would I use it? It was a tad crazy! Again, wanking to porn, thinking, planning, I came up with a possible method of using it after I had acquired it. I've heard stories of turkey basters and such, those would simply not do. My plan involved sliding a rubber over my cock, then, with a used rubber filled with spunk, slit the tip of the cum well, and slide the whole thing on top of my own rubbered dick. This way I could simply slide into her, pull down on the rubber, and release the other man's million sperm army inside her fertile womb. Certainly she wouldn't know the difference, she stood a good chance of getting pregnant this way, and the more I thought about it, the more excited i would get.

Now that I had a delivery method, how to acquire another guy's cum? I saw documentaries that stated that a man's sperm can live for three days inside the body of a woman. Outside was a different story, as it only stay's viable for an hour max. So I had a window, one hour to get the load back home, on my double rubbered dick, and into her pussy. Still, how, and also, who? I thought wow, wouldn't it be hot to use a black guys cum? The thought of her belly swelling with a black baby inside was really exciting, and the fact she wouldn't know was extremely erotic. However, being a little scared at what would happen on delivery day, I opted to find someone who looked like me, someone with the same blood type, this way after the delivery, there wouldnt be any suspicion. I would know the child was the product of my wife and another man, but I would be the only one who would know!

So I started advertising on craigs list, "Couple seeking help with pregnancy" was all I had to title the post. Within a few minutes over twenty guys sent pictures and brief descriptions of themselves. Most bore absoluetly no similarity to my anglo features. I corresponded with a few guys, but they all wanted to "deliver" the load in the normal fashion. Again I thought, jeesh, most guys aren't going to just come over, jerk off in a rubber and hand it to me, looks like I'm at square one. Then I noticed an add. "Need my balls drained". I looked and the picture was of a cock being held by its owner. "You come over, just suck me, drain my balls, leave". So I sent a message to this guy, who turned out to be a perfect fit, he was anglo, same eye color, hair color, age even. So after initially corresponding, it was apparent that he wouldn't be interested in any of the details of my plan, he simply wanted to bust a nut. Fuck it, I thought, I'll suck him off and make him wear a rubber. So I contacted him again, explained that I couldn't get out but if he met me behind my house, on the patio, I'd suck his dick off right then and there. He didn't reply for a while, then around midnight that night I received his reply. "I'll be behind your house in about 20 min. Any bullshit and I'm leaving." I looked at the picture again and thought man, my first cock, I never thought I'd do this, but what I'll gain is more important.

I went upstairs and found her lying in bed cruising the internet on her laptop. "Hiya babe, what you up to so late"? "Just reading my manga's, how about a snack?" Giving her a quirky look, I replied, "sure, no problem, if I can get something after? "I'm really tired, maybe." she said. I responded, "I'll go get some chips, be back in a little bit" and downstairs I went. As I headed to the back door to the patio I started imagining what the taste of another cock in my mouth would be like, but then soon remembered the plan of using a rubber to catch his load. I slid open the back door and slowly, quietly closed it shut. It was dark, the neighbors were all asleep and the area was very quiet. Soon I saw headlights reflect off the trees and heard a car stop.

I walked around to the side of my house and saw a man approach from the street. I thought, this is the man who would seed my wife. He saw me and came over directly to me. Without saying a word he pulled out his fully erect dick and pointed it at me. I quickly got on my knees and pulled the rubber out of my jeans pocket. "Man, a rubber? common suck it" he exclaimed. Holding the freshly opened rubber in one hand I looked at the imposing cock in front of my face, and without thinking, opened my mouth and pulled the thick head between my lips. It felt hot, hard and soft all at once. Slowly I started to jack him off as I sucked deeper on his cock, tasking salty precum in my mouth.

He didn't say a word or make a sound, but he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth as I sucked on his large slick rod. I gagged a few times but kept going, then he started grunting for breath. I knew it would happen soon so I quickly rolled the rubber over his cock and dutifully resumed sucking his big dick. Not but a minute later he buried his cock deep inside my mouth and I could feel the shaft pulse with pleasure as he filled the rubber with his cum. As he paused I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled the rubber off his dick. In a flash he had his pants up and quickly made his way back to his car. He was gone.

My cock ached as it had been hard now for hours, anticipating the nights activities and what was to become. I quietly slid the door to the house open and closed it back up again. I opened my hand to examine the used rubber from our sperm donater.

Happily, he had blown a huge load of sticky, still warm baby goo into the well, the whole tip was full of his load. Glancing at the clock it was now close to 2am. I prepared, taking my clothes off, except my boxers. I opened the drawer to retrieve another condom, tore it open and rolled it onto my now throbbing hard cock. That itself nearly made me cum! I then pulled the used rubber around my sheathed cock, ensuring not to waste any of the warm cum that was in the tip. So there I was, hard dick, rubber on, and another mans used rubber over that. I took a small pin from the cork board and pricked a small hole into the full reservoir on the used rubber, and headed towards the stairs. Silently I crept up, waiting to see if my unknowing wife was still awake. As I creaked open the door to our room, lights out, I could tell she had already fallen asleep. Lying on her side, facing towards the wall. I quickly, but quietly slipped into bed behind her. I reached up and spit a little into my hand, reached down and smeared my slippery saliva over my double rubberized dick. Now was the moment. I started caressing her hip, moving my hand over her stomach, hoping soon it would be swollen with another mans baby. She was fast asleep.

With one hand I moved her leg over, then with the other positioned the slick baby injector towards her cunt. Slowly I moved the head over her pussy lips, slick with my saliva and small amounts of the strangers cum. Then I slowly pushed the head of my cock inside her fertile pussy walls, pushing in about two inches, then stopped. I sat that way for a few moments, seeing if she would awaken. She was out, and had probably taken sleeping pills that night. I started pushing deeper inside of her until her hole was sopping wet and my cock easily thrust balls deep into her. After a while I reached down and pulled back hard on the rubber, pushed all the way in, then pulled hard again. I could feel as I was totally buried inside her pussy, the rubber over my cock break open, depositing the other mans sperm deep inside her womb. I stayed in position for a minute, then started sliding back and fourth. It wasn't long and I had shot my load into the rubber that still sealed my cock. Once it was done I rolled to the other side of the bed, quietly slid out of bed and went into the bathroom.
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