White Female Slave Horror Auction

Written by Dr. Bone / Jun 15, 2010


By: Dr. Bone

Millicent Ambridge was horrified when she saw the documents showing her family?s fortune came from slavery. She had presented this evidence at the local meeting of the woman?s club where it was revealed that almost all the ?old-money? families in some way had profited from slavery. It was then that Millicent?s daughter Chelsea made a suggestion. ?Mom, I have heard some other women?s charity groups have done a mock slave auction, with the money going to charity.? At first Millicent was horrified with the idea until her daughter explained the ?slaves? were usually the women who ran the auction, and the slavery was usually household work at the bequest of their husbands. The women quickly agreed. Chelsea said she knew of a historical recreation group from her college that put together the whole package. The women voted and with one negative vote against the proposal it was agreed upon. Little did they know the one negative voter, who would not take part in this event would be the lucky one, by far.

A few weeks later the families gathered in a rented mansion deep in the south, servants served drinks as the husbands kidded about what their wife/slaves would do for them; with some men boasting how they were going to outbid other men for their wives. At eight with the bang of the gavel the men took their seats, and their wives, and some daughters, came up onto the stage. The women all wore ?simple? dresses of the period, that cost several thousand dollars to be handmade. The auctioneer asked if anyone wanted to inspect the slaves before the auction began, none of the men did, though a few comments were tossed about, making the wives blush. ?Well if there are no objections on to the auction.? At that moment at least fifty black men , as if on cue came into the auction hall. The husbands, thinking it was part of the show actually allowed themselves to be shackled to the heavy wooden benches they were sitting on, when some realized this might not be part of the planned evening, it was too late.

The wives were stunned as collars were locked around their necks and their hands were shackled. Several bald black women joined some of the men on stage, while the rest of the men rifled the husband?s pockets removing any cell phones found. The auctioneer took a swig from a flask in his vest and then continued smiling, ?Now get ready for a real slave auction.?

Millicent still thought that this was just an auction gone bad, that someone had the wrong instructions. She demanded they stop before something happened. ?Oh something is going to happen, you are going to get a real taste of slavery. You want to make amends? Believe me tonight you will.? With that the men on stage tore off the women?s clothes, except for Millicent?s daughter. She was unlocked from her shackles at the direction of the auctioneer and allowed to go to the side of the stage.

?Excuse us while we get these here fine examples of white pussy flesh ready for proper bidding, and breeding.? The auctioneer said with a smirk. The white women were forced to their knees. The black women took out electric clippers and started to shave the captive women?s heads. The husbands screamed and the women sobbed but there was nothing that could be done. Expensively done and treated hair fell to the floor in big piles as the black women laughed at the tears of the white women. This was followed by straight razors and shaving cream deftly handled by the bald black women. As the husbands watched in shock their now bald headed wives heads were toweled off and an oil was applied to their scalps.

Erica Vanhorroff, slender with nice high firm tits was in tears, her daughter Cynthia tried to comfort her mother. Amy Smithe, a woman with the best curves money could buy yelled angrily at Millicent, though now bald her temper was still as fiery as her former red hair. Millicent?s daughter, Chelsea, appeared on stage again as the wives were having their legs spread apart and their pussies shaved. Her mother through her tears sobbed just one word, ?Why?? Chelsea went into a triad on how this whole auction was a farce, and with the help of Mister Mala this would be corrected. Some of them gasped at the name; Mister Mala was well known as a charismatic sex cult leader. Had Chelsea been brainwashed into betraying her mother, father, and the other men and women?

Chelsea opened the bag she was carrying and showed its contents to all assembled, heavy metal nipple an clit rings. Her mother was held from behind, as one of the women neatly pierced her nipple with a needle, taking the iron ring from Chelsea, the woman pushed it through the opening and locked it in place, this process was repeated with the other nipple. A powder was applied that the black woman said would quickly heal the wound. All the mothers and daughters had their nipples pierced, followed by their pussies, to the impotent howls of protest from their men.

The auctioneer laughed saying that they wanted the authentic slave experience and they were going to get it. ?Come on up and examine these bitches yourselves.? Several of the men went on stage. The women?s tits were grabbed and felt, they checked their teeth, as you would with a horse. One of the ladies spat at her potential owner and was slapped across her face for her troubles. ?Yes mom, see what it was like to be totally degraded.? Said Chelsea laughing wide eyed at her parent?s misfortune.

?Gentlemen if you will take your seats the auction will begin. And let me tell you, some of these women are excellent for breeding.? The black men stood in a crowd around the stage and the bidding began. Ms. Ambridge was the first to be bid upon. The bidding quickly escalated into the thousands. One of the men said he would up the bid if the daughter was thrown in. The auctioneer thought about it for a few minutes and said, ?Why not! There will be a short recesses as we prepare for the daughter to be prepped for sale. Chelsea?s eyes went wide with horror. ?Wait I am on your side. I helped you. No!? The black women seized her and she was dragged off stage. There was screaming and yelling, punctuated by the sound of a few slaps. A half hour later the errant daughter joined the mother on stage, her head was shaved and she had been pierced like all the other women.

The bidding for Millicent and Chelsea as a set went into the multi thousands, after which the other women of society were also sold to the black male bidders. ?Hey before we take them home how do we know they will, uh, perform?? said one of the bidders. There were grunt of agreement from the other bidders as they tossed their cash and checks into the huge wicker basket. The auctioneer said he had a performance guarantee. ?As a matter of fact I will let you test them out before you all leave.? The auctioneer had the black women come back on the stage. The husbands screamed in protest, struggling against their chains. One white man got his hidden cell phone out, the one he called his mistress on, and tried to call, but had it taken away and was beaten for his efforts. One of the black women had a jar full of thick clear fluid and a glass rod with balls at either end, one bigger than the other. The rod was dipped into the content of the jar, then the black woman walked over to one of the society women, a blond, and with the help of two other black women the lady?s legs were spread wide and the rod was pushed into her pussy, then smaller ball end was pushed up her anus. ?What are you doing to me? Oh crap it is so cold. Wait?now it burns.? Her face flushed and her nipples hardened to the point it looked like they were going to explode. ?Oh shit! I want..I need to be fucked now.? She said to the horror of the other ladies, and husbands, but to the delight of the bidders. The process was completed with the other women on stage. They were allowed to wait, to build up the suspense. Chelsea and Millicent were chained together, as they were sold as a set. They fingered their own pussies, then each other?s, to the course of pleading heard from the men in the audience, some now reduced to tears. At that point the bidders got on stage with their prizes and began to strip. An older black gentleman came up to the mother and daughter and began to strip off his clothes.

He held his huge veined cock up and said whoever does this the best gets taken care of first. Both of them dropped to their knees and fought to take his head into their mouths. Chelsea won and her mother got to lick and suck on the shaft. ?Mmmmm! Yes! That is good.? Without shame the women sucked on their new owner?s cocks as their husbands helplessly watched from the sidelines. Finally one of the black men got Patricia, a fat assed blonde onto all fours and pushed his huge black cock into her. Tears rolled down her eyes as she begged to be bred by her black master?s cock.

At that point the fucking of the wives and daughters began in earnest. Millicent helped her daughter lay down on the stage as the man got on top of her. He turned to her and asked her what college was she going to go to. She breathlessly named some ivy league school, and he laughed and said that was before she became his fuck slave. Then he pushed his cock into her formerly tight snatch. ?All those years of bullshit and here you have it, you are doing the most you have ever done for the black man by spreading your white legs and getting taking some black dick.? Said her older lover as he pounded her pussy. He directed her mother to sit on her face, and she did so grinding her burning cunt into her daughter?s cute face. The outraged husbands and fathers could only watch as their wives were used by the new black masters of their wives and daughters. Some of the men to their shame sported wood of their own as they watched the spectacle.

Erica Vanhorroff laid on top of daughter Cynthia as their new master penetrated one, then stopped and did the other while they kissed and sucked each other?s tits. Three men blew their loads all over Amy?s now bald and oiled head making her rub their seed into her scalp as if it was a beauty treatment.

Patricia, whose husband belonged to the all white country club happily bounced her fat ass up and down on her lovers huge cock until he came and then got onto another one with the cum still dripping out of her from the first.

Chelsea, with thoughts of the ivy league life she had planned for herself rapidly fading from her mind was taken from behind by the auctioneer himself. Her father?s attention was divided between her violation and the image of his wife, on her knees, her mouth stretched air tight around a black cock.

The pace of the orgy picked up, cocks were slammed into pussies, asshole were slowly stretched, mouths tightly sealed around huge black cocks. Hands with thousand dollar manicures jerked cocks onto breasts which cost the price of sports cars.

In the early hours of the morning the auctioneer finally asked if the bidders were satisfied. All of them, finally exhausted said they were. Laughing the men took away their new slaves for further fucking and training leaving the humiliated men behind to wait to be unlocked by the police who had received an unidentified call. Most of the women impregnated by their black masters chose not to return. Chelsea and her mother both were enslaved to the auctioneer who sucked milk from their now ruined tits as they would be continuously breed over the next ten years. Mr. Mala laughed as he received the report from his agent. Then he got ready to turn his attentions to the next town.

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