Unfaithful Wife

Written by Asila Espadilla / Jun 15, 2010


Old familiar sounds were emanating from the master bedroom. Sounds I had heard before when my mother and father made love, had sex, or whatever they called it at the time. They had both long passed away so it was not them making those passionate sounds. It was someone very close to me, someone whom I had known ever since high school. It was a girl, Karle; I had dated all the time and had finally married 10 years ago. She had been the cheerleading captain and had been crowned home coming queen for both her junior and senior years. She was probably the most beautiful, long blond hair, crystal blue eyes and dazzling super curvy figure and a milk and peaches complexion. She had the sweetest deep, Gone With The Wind, southern drawl and a very friendly nature. The only problem with those sounds of passion was that they were not being caused by me, her husband.

I was suppose to be out of town on a business trip, but at the last minute while I was waiting for my flight out of the airport, a call came in on my cell telling, from my office, me that the person we were suppose to see had to cancel and it would be next week before we could get together. So I started home. Within a few houses away from our house, I noticed an unknown car parked out front so I decided for some reason to park my car around the back and investigate. It wasn?t because I mistrusted my beautiful wife, but I knew she had been acting strange in some ways lately. As I entered the house from the back door I noticed that all the lights except for those in our bedroom were off.

Creeping up to the door of our bedroom silently, I carefully opened it just enough to be able to peer inside. What I saw confirmed my suspicion which I had had for several weeks now. But what surprised me was who I expected to be with my wife was not whom I had thought it would be. It, in a way surprised me and yet I found it to be very exciting, stimulating, sexually.. From where I was located outside the bedroom and looking in from the foot of the bed I got a view that really turned me on, for there lying in all her naked beauty, glory, was my extremely , beautiful, sexy, blond, blue eyed white wife and there was a huge, really humongous, long and thick, rock hard, black cock, piston-ing, slipping, thrusting in and almost out of her widely stretched married white pussy. Only the huge black helmet of the extremely long black cock remained inside her white pussy. It was huge, much bigger than mine, at least twice as thick and half as long again . Her arms were circling, clutching passionately, his broad black back, her white legs wrapped tightly around his black hips as he plowed into her repeatedly. I could tell by the moans that he was filling her completely, his huge black tip sticking up against the deep entrance to her white womb.

Karle was, her breath coming in a series of passionately groaning, moaning in ecstasy, an ecstasy I had never heard, except on our honeymoon a long time ago, uttered from her lips till now. They were saying hot words over and over to each other, words that made me, jealous but made me realize that I had not been the pleasure giver she had hoped for, for a long, long time, when we got married. At first it kind of cut me to the quick, but then I realized she needed a lot more than I could ever give her, a lot of hot fucking, in the physical sex department.

I watched as her full red lips kissed him, hotly and passionately. I watched as she thrusts her sexy white hips, again and again, up against his downward thrusting black hips as he drove that huge, monster, black cock into her married white pussy completely, his crotch slapping noisily against her white groin area.

? Oh, God yes, yes, fuck me, lover, with that big, wonderful, beautiful black cock, ssssssss?.so good, ummm so good?..,? she hissed passionately, ? Love, god Love your big black cock in my white married pussy, baby, keep fucking me , keep fucking my pussy??yesss?ohmg..Yesssss.? ?Dat wimpy white man you got ain?t got too much of a dick do he, baby?,? I heard the young black man panting to her as he kissed her neck and full red lips. ?You likes my?s big fucking black cock fucking you, fuckin dat hot married white pussy?..Yeah, baby, yeah so, oh yeah so, fucking tight?.so hot?.ummmmmmm, loves tight married white pussy???

?Yessss?.ohhhh yesss. So much, so much?..love the way your big black cock feels inside me, so gooooodddddddd?.oh, baby, baby, fuck meeeeeee?..fuck meeeeee?.,? my wife moaned as I could tell they were about to reach their orgasms.

I watched in awe as the young black man thrust hard into her a couple times more and then molded himself tightly up against her, his huge black cock completely embedded inside her hot, tight married white pussy.

?Yeah, oh fuck yeah?.cumminnnnn in dis hot white pussy?.sssssss, so fucking good,? he hissed making sure he was completely inserted and flexing his black hips as each spurt exploded out of the tip of his huge black cock.

Karle was hissing, groaning, moaning, words that made no sense emitting from her full red lips as she experienced her own extremely powerful orgasm. She was thrashing, gyrating, herself around on our bed, totally consumed in another exotic, ecstatic passion filled universe. It seemed that every time he flexed, causing his ass muscles to become taunt, his black hips, spewing another copious shot of his potent black semen into her married white womb she and he would both moan and groan in passion, their lips glued together.

This continued for another 5 minutes at least until he slowly withdrew his fantastically, enormous, semi-erect, glistening with a mixture of his sperm and her orgasmic juices, black cock from out of her widely stretched married white, dripping, pussy and rolled over onto his back. Both were breathing deeply, they faces ecstatic, smiling in pleasure. No one said anything for a while, they lay together, he and she were holding hands. Finally, she got up and went into the bathroom and he got up after she came out and did the same.

At this point I crept out of the house and went to a nearby motel and spent the night. I had a lot to think about, a lot to consider. I wondered if this was the first time my, extremely, very southern, beautiful white wife had been unfaithful or was this an on going thing, especially with a black man. After a couple hours I decided to hire a private detective using the latest technical observation techniques and equipment to catch my wife in her unfaithful escapades and to record them. If possible to find out when and how this had all started.

More later..............
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