Written by CB Bud / Aug 17, 2000



My husband and I were in Las Vegas for a little R&R. We had recently relocated to Denver from the East Coast and this had been the first time we got a chance to get away. One of the drawbacks of relocating was that we would be leaving my parents, who only lived 15 minutes away from us at our last home. This took away our easily accessible baby-sitter. We have a 2- year-old and we have never left him with anyone but my parents for more than a few hours.

So, we set up a trip and flew my Mom in to stay with our boy. We flew into Vegas in the morning. We then went to the pool to enjoy the sunshine. We were at one of the nice hotels and while we were there sunning ourselves and the pool person kept coming over and feeding us drinks. I must have had at least 4 strawberry daiquiris! Well, finally we had enough sun and decided to go in and get ready for the evening. I got out of my bathing suit and said I was going to jump into the shower. Well, I was in there for a while and started to get myself ready to go out. I had put on a mini-skirt and just threw on a silk-camisole top and came out of the bathroom. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had ordered room service and when I walked out, I almost walked right into the bus boy. He took a look at me and I looked at him, then I realized exactly what I had on. The silk camisole was hugging my breasts very nicely and my hard nipples were easily visible through the silk. I must admit, I have great 36C breasts and my husband always says they're the best he's ever seen! Well, the room service guy, from the way he was staring, was obviously agreeing! I must have still been a bit buzzed because I really didn't care. I just walked around the room letting my breasts sway as my husband signed the tab and the delivery guy left. Well, the next thing I know, my husband runs over to me and kisses me extremely passionately. I asked him what that was for and he said it for what I did. I asked, "what did I do"? He said that I didn't cover up and just let him look and my silk covered breasts. You see, my husband loves for me to go out braless. He loves for men to look at me and to try to see my breasts. We've even talked about maybe me letting someone pick me up and having some fun. My husband always says, "as long as you tell me everything". I'll even admit, I do like the attention I get when the men flock towards me to try and sneak a peak inside my shirt! Well I just said, "anytime" and went back and kissed my husband again. Then I felt it. His cock, which was still inside his bathing suit, was hard as a rock. I said I can't have you like that so I slid down to my knees, pulled his suit down and started sucking him off. He must have really been horny because I only had to suck on him for about 30 seconds and I felt him put his hands on the back of my head start shooting his cum into my mouth. I just took it all in and swallowed every drop! I then went up and kissed him and told him to take his shower!

We finished getting ready for the evening and then we went out. Since my breast show got such a reaction out of him before, I purposely dressed a way that he would love. I had on the mini-skirt and then put on a button up sleeveless top that was an extra size too large for me. Well, since it is too large it is a little "blousy" on me so it gaps really easily so people can look inside my shirt and see most of my breasts. Also, being sleeveless, someone can look inside my armholes and get a great view of my breasts when I move them into the right position. Needless to say, my husband was in heaven. We went to several casino's, gambled a bit and drank plenty. Whenever we stopped to gamble somewhere, it always seemed that there were quite a few men around me watching me play. I don't know why, I'm not a big-time gambler!! Obviously they were enjoying other views! Well, my husband kept looking, watching and smiling. I could tell he was really loving it! Finally, we had enough and went back to our hotel. As soon as we got into the elevator he was all over me. He told me he loved what happened tonight and that he couldn't believe how good it was. As soon as we got back to the room, he just simply attacked me. It was great!!!! He started kissing me and groping me. I felt as he reached up under the skirt I was wearing and pulled my underwear down and off of me. He then pulled me over to the side of the bed, leaned me over so that I was facing the mirror on the closed doors, pushed me forward and took his cock and stuck it into me from the back. As he was fucking me, he reached around and unbuttoned my top a little more so he could look into my shirt, using the mirror, just like someone tonight could have. He was fucking me really good. Every time he rocked me my breasts would sway and I could see him looking over my back and watching them. With all of this going on, he didn't last long as he dumped his load into my very willing pussy. Finally, he pulled out of me and said that he smelt like smoke and needed to take a shower.

My husband went into the bathroom and I decided that I was hungry and wanted to have something to eat. So I called room service and ordered up something for both of us to munch on. I got undressed and put on a little silk robe that I had brought along. Although I had just gotten fucked, I was really feeling super horny. I knew with my husband already cumming twice, he would be basically useless for the rest of the evening. So I just sat on the bed and started to slowly touch myself. I really loved the way this robe felt on me. It was nice and light and it really rubbed my nipples the right way. So, I slowly massaged my breasts through the robe and then traced my hand down to my very wet pussy. I could really feel the wetness, especially as my husbands cum started to drip down between my lips and into the crack of my ass. I touched my lips and started to rub then and then slowly put two fingers into myself and was really starting to get into it when I heard the shower stop. It was then that it hit me. I couldn't believe what I was thinking but figured I could at least get him excited again to fuck me.

When my husband came out of the bathroom, I told him I had a surprise for him but that he couldn't ask what it was or say anything. I told him that he had to go back into the bathroom, turn on the shower and come out and close the door. I said that he would then have to go into the closet and close the door and wait. When he heard a knock on our room door, he had to stay in the closet but that he could slide it open a little bit and look out, but that he must stay in the closet!!! He looked at me kind of funny as to say, "what, are you stoned"? I just told him to trust me, he'd really enjoy it. So, he did like I told him. He went in, turned on the shower, came out, closed the bathroom door and then went into the closet. I could see as he kept sliding the door open but I told him he had to follow the instructions or no surprise. Finally he did what I asked, he closed the door and I got prepared. I looked at myself in the closet mirror, what I was wearing would be perfect. The robe showed my shape very nicely. I open up the sash on it, and retied it, only this time a little looser so it was really opened up the front and you could easily see my cleavage. Finally, it happened, the knock on the door came.

I told my husband, very quietly, that he could open up the closet door slightly and watch. I then turned out the light that was by the door so the only light that was on was the one in the corner of the room, where my husband could see the most. I went and opened the door. Much to my surprise, it was the same guy that I had walked into earlier in the day when I came out of the shower! He was younger than us, probably in his early to mid 20's. Definitely Mexican, but nice looking. As I said hello to him, I noticed he looked right at the V of the robe and he was basically transfixed on the sides of my breasts, which were very much exposed. I let him into the room and I followed him as he pushed the cart in. As I walked past the closet, I said "you'll have to excuse us, my husbands in the shower". And as I said this, while walking into the room, I put my hands behind my back and lifted the robe up so my husband could see that I had absolutely nothing on but the robe. I figured I could at least tease him as he is in the closet watching! The bus boy then started taking the tops off of the serving plates and then I asked him, "do you like my breasts"? I think I caught as much him by surprise as me. I really didn't know what to say or do but that is the only thing that came to mind. I told him that my husband always comments on other women's breasts but not mine. As I said that I pulled open the robe so he could see both of them cleanly. He didn't say a word, he just reached out and started touching them! I couldn't believe it. All I wanted to do was flash him but this has now gone further than I had expected. I thought of first my husband on whether he would come out of the closet and punch him and then I thought of myself, it felt so good!!!!!!! So, since my husband hasn't come out yet, I figured, you might as well enjoy it. The next thing I knew, the bus boy had stepped closer to me and started kissing and sucking on my breasts. It was incredible. He licked and tweaked my hard nipples and sucked on them to the point I thought he was going to leave hickeys! He then started kissing down my chest to my stomach and then I felt him tug on the sash and he opened my robe. There I was, completely naked to him as I felt him start to kiss around my pussy and then he licked it. Unconsciously, I put one leg up on the bed so he could get a better angle at my pussy as he just lapped away. I then looked to my left and seeing the closet, I remembered my husband was in there. He had actually opened the door more so he could get a better view! I then saw his face, he was smiling and trying to say something to me. I finally figured it out, he was saying robe! I then realized that the robe was actually blocking his view! So, I threw my shoulders back and let the robe slide off and onto the bed. He smiled some more and gave me the "OK" sign. I couldn't believe it, there I was, naked and getting eaten by the bus boy and my husband was watching from a closet with a huge grin.

Then the licking stopped, the bus boy stood up. I didn't know this but I guess while he was eating my pussy, he had undone his pants and had taken his cock out. I knew this because when he stood up, with my legs spread and one of them up on the bed, his cock slid right into my very wet and open pussy. My eyes almost bugged right out of my head. I actually came to my senses and said I can't fuck you. He just put his hand over my mouth and kept pumping into me. It felt really good, but I still couldn't do this. So, I reached down and pushed his cock away from me. I had it in my hands, it was shorter than my husbands but definitely thicker. He was so hard and I was still really horny, so I just slid down to my knees and stuck it into my mouth. I just kept sliding my mouth up and down it and I felt him put his hands on my breasts. I then reached up and grabbed his balls with one hand and with my other, I reached down between my knees and started fingering myself. Then, without warning, I felt my mouth start to get filled up with his sperm as he started cumming in my mouth. I took my hands and reached around his ass and pulled him more into my mouth. Finally, I let him out of my mouth, he just put it back into his pants. I stood up, grabbed my robe off of the bed put it on and signed the check. He looked at the tab and said, thanks for the great tip and gave me a personal hotel number for me to call whenever we needed room service or servicing again! I said thanks and he left. As soon as he left, my husband sprang out of the closet and shouted "that was fantastic". "I came twice just watching it"! He kissed me and then just kept smiling at me.

Well, he got what he wanted and I sort of got what I wanted. The idea was for my husband to fuck me, not some other guy but we certainly will have some tremendous memories!! We saw the bus boy a couple more times but nothing else happens. I wonder if he knows how much he spiced up our sex lives!
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