The Farmers Wife

Written by Steve / Jun 15, 2010


My name is Steve and I love recalling the summer of 1979. I was a 21 year old black guy, two years out of high school and was driving for a local freight company. One of my many deliveries was a corn grinder at the Roy farm. It was in a remote area, but a very beautiful farm in a scenic valley. Once I pulled up to the big white farm house, I was met by a modest dressed lady. Her name was Faye, and the wife of farm owner Alvin Roy. Her husband had gone to town and there was no one to help me unload the 500 pound machine. She said her husband should be back in an hour and would use his tractor to unload the grinder. She seemed a little nervous but invited me in to wait.

It was a real old time farm house, and Faye seemed like the typical old time farmers wife. She was a big bone lady, around 5?6 170 and dressed in a white, conservative dress and apron. She however was a pretty lady, with brown hair, blue eyes, and a baby face. I had to chuckle when she said she had never had a black man come by and guessed it was okay to invite me in.

After treating me to a glass of cold well water, her husband Alvin called and said he could not make it back for at least 2 hours. It was my last stop of the day so Faye began talking and showing me pictures of their 4 children. Lynn was 22, Ginger was my age, Jane was 19 and Don was 17. All were married except Don. Her three daughters were beautiful and as Faye talked, I could see a nice looking woman under that old style dress. I told her that I was born and raised in Washington, DC and was trying to get used to living in a small rural area. Faye told me she was born and raised on a nearby farm and met Alvin when she was 16. He was 29 at the time, but she waited on him until he was out of the Army. They were married in the farm house, which Alvin inherited and had lived there ever since. Then she began telling me how lonely she gets with her kids grown and gone. She seemed to regret that Alvin never took her anywhere. She said that Alvin Roy was a good man, but took her for granted and that she wished that he was more her age. ?That is too bad,? I said. ?I think Alvin should realize that he has a beautiful wife and take you out on the town now and then.?

?That?s not going to happen,? she laughed. ?Alvin does not know that I exist and he thinks far more of this old farm than he does me.?

As Faye excused herself to hang some clothes on the line, I began to admire the pictures of her three daughters. Two brunettes and a blonde, and as I starred, I thought how good they all would look with a black cock in their country white pussies.

Alvin returned and he was a thin man, gruff and not very friendly, but he did bring his tractor and loader to unload the grinder. I thanked Faye for the water and conversation and bid them good bye.

As I drove out of their long winding dirt road, I seemed to have Faye more on my mind than her three pretty daughters. I had sex with older white women in DC, and all enjoyed my 7?.

Two months had passed and I still had Faye on my mind. She was actually 39 and I felt that maybe I should visit her and see just how lonely she really was.

I was off the next day and as I drove back out to their farm, I knew old 52 year old Alvin was probably there. I saw Faye coming from the garden in one of her early 1900 dresses. She was of course surprised to see me, but invited me in. She told me that Alvin was baling hay a few miles away and was not expecting him until supper. ?I just feel bad,? I said as I walked toward her. ?I think it is a shame the way he neglects you. Have you ever thought about another man, Faye??

?I don?t know what you mean,? she said as I walked closer to her.

?I can look at Alvin and tell that he has never satisfied you,? I said as she began to frown. ?Have you ever thought about being satisfied by a black man??

?I think you?d better leave!? she said as she walked to the kitchen.

?I bet under that old dress is a sexy body,? I said as I laid a hand on her shoulder. ?And under my pants is something you may like very much.?

?What kind of woman do you think I am?? she said in a mad tone. ?I?ve never cheated on Alvin and if I did, it certainly would not be with a Negro boy!?

I knew I was not only taking a big risk, and playing with fire, but I knew it was either pay dirt or bust. ?You can fight me Faye,? I said as I began to unbutton her blue dress. ?You can call the cops or yell for Alvin, but I know you need more than Alvin. Have you ever thought what a young black man can do??

?No!? she said with a whimper as I slid her dress over her shoulders as it dropped to her feet. ?Steve, you are a nice boy! Please don?t do this!?

As she hid her blushed face in her hands, I starred at a nice plump, but well built body. Two nice sized tits under a big bra. A big belly full of stretch marks and an ugly stomach scar! She had two nice plump thighs with spider veins, and a nice fat pussy under her large panties. It was a body many may deem as non sexy, but my cock was stone hard. ?Let me remove that bra, Faye!? I said.

?Oh my gosh!? she said as I unhooked and watched a nice set of big tits fall out. ?I want you to leave because Alvin will be back anytime.?

?Alvin likes to farm,? I said. ?But I?d rather run my black fingers and lips over those plump, flat, pink nipples. Faye, let me suck them honey!?

?Oh my gosh!? she said again as I took a soft, plump nipple in my mouth. ?I can not believe this is happening! You are going to rape me, aren?t you??

?No Faye!? I said as I pulled down her big panties. ?I am going to give you something that you will love, and we both know Alvin won?t be back soon.?

She put up no fight, just embarrassing whimpers as I led her to the living room sofa. ?Does Alvin have one this long?? I said as I pulled out my hard black cock. If he is this long, I know he is not this thick. And Faye, it is all yours!?

?Please don?t do this!? she said as I asked her to sit on the sofa. ?If my parents knew I was with a colored man!?

As I opened her big legs, I not only saw a hairy pussy, but a big red slit that could handle a thick black cock. ?If you don?t like it,? I said. ?I?ll never come back.?

?Oh Alvin, I wish you would get here!? she said as I pushed her thick white body back on the sofa. ?Steve, for the last time I ask you to please not do this.?

I knew that the farmer?s wife needed a boost, so I pushed my tongue in her big pussy. It did not taste like honey, but more like pee. It was not fresh, but it was white pussy, and the strong scent turned me on. What I liked best was when I saw her hunch and make a groan. I knew my tongue had found a weak spot, so my tongue went to work. A minute later she was moaning, as I felt her hands rubbing my head. ?Oh my goodness!? she said with both a laugh and a whimper. ?What are you doing to me? I?ve never felt like this!?

?Then I?m going to give you what you need!? I said as I opened her big thighs. She frowned and even tried to push me away. But as she felt my dick entering her, she gave me this hateful and serious stare. But as I pushed deeper in her big pussy, her expression changed. ?You want it don?t you Faye?? I said.

?But you are colored!? she said looking confused. ?I am Alvin?s wife!?

?Yes, I?m black!? I said as I pushed on in her big love tunnel. ?And you are Alvin?s wife, but you want to be fucked by a black man. Just let it happen!?

Not only did I see a confused, but stimulated expression, but I saw first hand a devoted 40 year old white wife losing her devotion to her older white husband. As my thick black dick passed the hubby?s mark, I saw her pretty big blue eyes dilate and her mouth drop open. As my black dick began to pound her big white pussy, I saw and felt her white arms embrace her young black lover. ?Oh my goodness!? she yelled with a deep groan. ?I did not want this to happen, but you are making me feel so good. Oh my goodness!?

?You are not only great Faye,? I said as I kissed her big white tits. ?Your pussy is so good! And you are beautiful out of that old fashioned farm dress. You?ve got a beautiful face, big soft white arms and shoulders. You?ve got two nice big white tits that need to be squeezed and sucked by a younger man. You do have an ugly belly scar, but your chubby white belly and big navel is just what I like. And you pussy is so warm and so sweet, and it is made for black dick. Now wrap those big white legs around me so I can take your mind. Fuck me, Faye!?

For the next ten minutes I watch her moan, cry and whimper as I fucked her brains out. ?This is so wrong!? she moaned as I put my tongue in her mouth. ?I feel like I am going to orgasm. Oh Alvin, please forgive me!?

?Don?t cum yet, Faye!? I said as I pulled by dick from her big warm hole. ?I want some more of this farm fresh pussy. Turn over for me.?

As I stood up, I saw Alvin coming up the road with a load of hay. Faye became alarmed when she heard the sound of Alvin?s old tractor.

?Its Alvin!? she said as she got up. ?Gooooh, will you please leave!? ?No!? I said. ?It looks like Alvin is going to unload his hay. He?s not coming to the house. Come over here Faye and get on this chair by the window. I want to watch Alvin unload that hay while I fuck his wife!? She whimpered like a bashful school girl as I put her big white naked body on all fours on a wing back chair. As I watched him load the first hay bale on the hay elevator, I rubbed the head of my black dick around her big red opening.

?Oh my goooooooh!? she groaned as I push by black dick back in her warm pussy.

?That?s it Faye!? I said with a laugh. ?Groan! I love to hear those deep groans as I fuck your white, innocent body with this hard black dick. Old Alvin probably is thinking his wife is cleaning house and cooking dinner. He has no idea that a young black man is giving his wife what she has never had. That?s it Faye, drop you head and enjoy this young black stick. You may feel bad what you are doing on Alvin, but your body is on fire and you are going to cum!?

?Oh my goooooooooo!? Faye moaned as I saw her big white body shaking. ?I am going to orgasm! I feel so ashamed, but I can?t help it!?

As I felt her warm substance on my dick, I pulled and saw her white mayonnaise oozing out of her big pussy and down her fat white thighs. I let out a yell as I shot my load on her big white back. ?This is only the beginning, Faye!? I moaned as I leaned down and kissed her big white buttocks. ?I want some more of this good farm pussy, and I know you like black dick.?

?I want you to leave!? she said as she got up and grabbed her dress and bra. ?You have shamed me and ruined over 20 years of faithful marriage! If you are not out of here when I return, I will tell Alvin or call the cops!?

?You won?t call the cops, Faye,? I laughed. ?You want some more of this black dick! And if you tell Alvin, then you will only damage his old ego, because I?ll tell him how you moaned and blew an orgasm to my young black dick.?

As Faye walked naked up the stairs with clothes in hand, I looked out and saw old Alvin still unloading hay. As I walked over and looked at the pictures of her three beautiful daughters, I made not only a vow to fuck Faye again, but fuck her three daughters to. Lynn looked innocent and submissive with her sexy mouth and brown hair. Ginger?s slim, blonde body looked tight and needed stretched by a big black man. Jane looked like a tiger so she needed tamed before she was fucked by a huge black stud. Then her son, Don! He looked like a guy who would be furious if he knew a black man fucked his mama and sisters. But where were they? How would I locate them? As I began to rummage through drawers looking for an address book, I heard Faye coming down the stairs. ?What are you doing?? she yelled. ?Are you still here??

?I?m leaving!? I said as I tried to kiss her. ?But I?ll be back, mama!?

?You must never come here again!? she said. ?And you must never tell a soul what happened here today.?

?I?ll be back!? I said as she pulled away from me. ?And when my tongue gets through with that big white body, you will beg for black dick!?

As I walked outside, there was old Alvin coming toward the house. ?What?s going on?? he asked in a gruff voice.

?Oh, I just stopped to ask directions,? I replied. ?And your wife was very helpful. Say there Alvin! I saw the photos of your three pretty daughters. Are they around here now??

?Two of them are!? Alvin said as he removed his cap and wiped his brow. ?Lynn lives up near DC with her husband Charles and daughter and son. Ginger and her husband Jay live about 10 miles south of here. She was paralyzed awhile back in a bad auto accident. She?s in a wheel chair, but gets along okay. Jane just lives over the hill there in a log cabin with her husband Brett and two kids.?

?That?s interesting!? I said. ?I?d like to meet them sometime. You take care!? ?Okay!? Alvin said as I jumped in my car and drove away.

Part II of ?The Farmers Wife? did not happen for several more years, but when a black man makes a vow, there are ways. And I knew the many brothers who would help as I masterminded one of the greatest black men, white family seductions ever. So stay tuned as Part II, III, IV, V, and VI, as Lynn?s beautiful teenage daughter, Cara helps us crack her mother. Ginger?s husband Jay wants to see a black man with his handicapped wife. Jane?s prejudice ways cause her to give way to black cock. And over the next two decades, black men prove that mother Faye must just be the favorite of all.

So read on ?The Farmer?s Wife II? and learn that when there is a will, there is a way. You won?t be disappointed.
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